Norma Adams the slutwife

Norma Adams never wanted to cheat, and certainly never
would have cheated with her husband’s father, who
everyone called Gramps Adams, but the man gave her no

R**e might be the correct definition of what happened,
but uncontested r**e in Adams eyes is simply fucking,
and a wife can’t charge her husband’s father or even
tell anyone. Aside from being a determined rapist,
actually a forcer-of-sex, Harvey was a dear sweet man
with so much goodness and such a fine reputation – too
fine to tarnish.

The Adams family home was an open house for Adams family
members, extended family, visiting family, friends of
family, and anyone pure of spirit down on luck and
needing a family. At any given time, the sprawling
complex of room additions added to room additions,
attached travel trailers, butted-up mobile homes, and a
general purpose medium Army mess tent played home to
three dozen and at least as many visitors, day guests,
and sleepovers.

When Norma first saw the commune, beehive sprang to
mind, but a warm hive, full of love and happy people run
by a benevolent queen, a great place to get a struggling
marriage on its feet until she got stung by the king
bee. That kind of sucked.

People don’t want to know what Santa does with Reindeer
and Dwarfs, and nobody wanted to know that Gramps Adams,
Harvey to his friends, does to a grandson’s new wife. He
didn’t deserve exposure simply because he could not
control his perverted sexual urges, at least not with a
girl like Norma.

His weakness was young, built, beautiful, sexy, living
under his roof, and not in any way related by b***d.
Norma fit that bill about as well as any NFL
cheerleader. She was not one, but she would fit the bill
until a real one stopped in to see him make toys in his

THAT…! THAT… what is that?

Secretly, Norma could not help but be flattered by a man
who got that horny for her. After all, a stiff dick is
the sincerest form of flattery in her view. Harvey took
that flattery one step further. A copious load deep in
the cunt was his sincerest form of flattery. If anyone
ever found out how much and how often he flattered
Norma, they would be amazed and think she were a slut.
No one could possibly believe what Gramps was really
like – how nasty, how vulgar, how hung, how hard, or how
bold and daring he could be.

Norma took the same risks because she had no choice.
When he decided to go for it, resistance only dragged
the act out. The best course was to work with him to get
a copious load deep in her cunt and pray that no one
caught them.

For eight months following the wedding, no one did. No
one even suspected. For the first six, he took care, but
the seventh, he grew careless, and for the eighth, he
seemed to be throwing caution to the wind and was
horniest when the risk of discovery was greatest.

Norma stopped wearing panties to make the act go faster.
She also got better at getting him off. She didn’t care
how that made her look. She had to keep their terrible
secret a terrible secret and saw no other way but to
make the way as easy as possible, thus saving valuable
time in compromising situations.

Norma knew she was fighting a losing battle. They had so
many close calls in just one week. People were getting
suspicious, and people did notice her absence of
panties. Those who hadn’t were hearing from those who
had, then looking for themselves until the community of
friends and family, dozens and dozens of all ages, knew
and accepted that Norma shaved her pussy and didn’t like
to wear panties under her short skirts.

Norma thought that fact, when it became general
knowledge, would cause a major disturbance in the hive
and send some lady bees right through the branches, but
it didn’t. They were all amused, the drones in
particular, but even the worker bees – elder ladies and
women with c******n who were getting regular doses of
naked adult pussy owing to their size and willingness to
simply look up a skirt, lift a skirt, and in some cases,
push a seated woman’s legs apart to stare at a bald cunt
– seemed amused by it all.

Norma was the most disturbed, but even she stopped
caring if no one else cared. No one seemed to. If they
wouldn’t control their own kids and grand kids, she
wasn’t about to. The kids were exposing all the pussy.
Adults were seeing pussy because kids were showing them
pussy. Matt, Norma’s husband, thought it was great.

Matt was proud of his wife’s bald pussy. Everyone
thought she took pride because he wanted her to be
proud. With that group, a wife who was willing to go
that far was a cool wife, so Norma relaxed and got cool,
received praise and vaginal compliments. She kept on
getting cooler and cooler until there was no reason to
wear anything among family and friends – nothing.
Absolutely naked was very cool.

At Matt’s urging, Norma entertained the idea of giving
very cool a shot. She may as well for she had gone
bottomless for twenty-four hours on a dare and topless a
number of times before taking the bottomless dare. They
had seen it all, just not all at once. Still, it wasn’t
easy to be that cool around so many.

Gramps wasn’t the only man raping Norma, but he was the
one she most worried about anyone finding out about.
Norma had to be on guard around any male in that hive.
They all wanted her.

Two or three would sometimes go in together to get her
off in a quiet place to vent sexual frustration. Gramps
always worked alone and didn’t care for quiet places. He
was a big problem, a real thrill seeker, and no one
would buy the r**e excuse. Norma could and did live with
being a popular victim, but not a slut, or worse, her
husband’s father’s whore.

Norma was not a slut, had never been a slut, had never
been easy, and when she took her vows, she meant them.
Others were making her be bad, and Norma resented that –
somewhat- sometimes. She felt like everyone thought of
her as a slut, an easy slut, and she very much resented
that, though they didn’t seem to mind having one in the

An easy, shameless, uninhibited slut was as welcome as a
faithful church lady. To each her own. If the husband
was okay with it, where was it for anyone else to
object. That was their feeling, and they were pretty
cool people in general. Norma didn’t know a faithful
church lady, but knew she’d be welcome.

Norma wasn’t raised that way, but the Adams family had
their own code of ethics and family values that Norma
slowly came to accept. Norma grew up with only one type
of marital role model, and the wife was chaste and
modest. If any ever cheated, no one knew about it. If
any ever failed to put on panties, it would take one
hell of a wind or tumble down a flight of stairs to
reveal that fact. No c***d would dare lift a skirt to

Norma and Matt finally sat to hash it all out, and that
chat was a true eye-opener that was eight months
overdue. She finally told Matt about his father, but he
knew. He knew about all of them. He knew everything she
had been suffering through in silence. Not only did he
know – everybody knew everything.

With the Adams clan, cheating was cheating if someone
minded, complained, or got hurt, otherwise that was
sharing. R**e was r**e only if the female got hurt, but
forcing sex on a female who was old enough to grow pubic
hair was okay and a great way to get pussy off the
unwilling. Norma was unaware that they felt that way
even late in her eighth month as an Adams. She still had
a difficult time accepting their way, but was greatly
relieved to know that what she lived in mortal fear of
was actually no big deal, even for Gramps.

That took a tremendous load off Norma just when she
thought she could not go on and had to tell someone. She
had to tell Matt that Gramps was getting impossible.
Giving him more and making things as easy as possible
only made him want more as often as possible. What she
was really doing was teasing him, and by teasing him,
she teased everyone with an interest in NFL quality
pussy. Adams friends and family had a general interest
in that type. Losing the panties wasn’t such a bright
idea. Shaving the pussy wasn’t her idea at all. Gramps
did that. Matt kept it up. Little brats showed
everybody. The sexually frustrated took it out on the

This wasn’t the marriage Norma thought she was getting
into, and Matt wasn’t the guy she thought he was. The
Adams family wasn’t the family she thought they were,
and she had to learn everything the slow, hard,
torturous way. Someone, Matt in particular, should have
sat her down in the beginning and given her a briefing
along with a handbook. They seemed to get off on
watching new bees learn the slow hard way.

It took Norma eight months to wise up, but she still
wasn’t wise, she was just catching on. Matt made her
wise. She wanted to wring Matt’s neck. He could have
spared her so much worry and anxiety; then again, she
should have gone to him when she first thought she had a
problem. That wasn’t the way her family did things. Bad
wives hide what they do and pretend they are not being
bad wives. They do not take their panties off and show
everybody their bare ass, along with their most private
of private places denuded of hair in the style of
whores, sluts, and beaver magazine centerfolds.

Their husbands sure don’t encourage them to, but Matt
did each and every day until she had nothing to hide
from anyone, and anyone with the slightest interest had
that interest satisfied, often by Matt saying, “Check
this out. Now, I ask you. Is this a sexy pussy, or is
this a sexy pussy?” All agreed, that was a sexy pussy,
but the choices were always between sexy pussy and sexy
pussy. Norma always wondered what the answer would be if
offered a choice between vulgar cunt or sexy pussy.

Now he wanted her to go about naked all the time because
it wouldn’t matter and who would mind. True enough, but
that wasn’t the point. The point was…the point
was…well, Norma didn’t know what the point was, but a
husband shouldn’t want a wife to do that among so many
who lusted after her nude body and saw her as a sex
object with a sexy pussy.

Matt stopped her angry pacing by taking her by the
wrists and sitting her down on the bed. When she tried
to pull free, he gripped tighter until she stopped
resisting and sat prepared to listen. Only then did he
say in a cool calm voice, “Norma, we all love and adore
you. Yes, you’re my wife, and I did bring you into this
family, but you are now an Adams family member to be
loved and admired by all. You’re not being treated any
differently, but you are by far the most desirable
female with the sexiest pussy, the best tits, and the
finest ass. Because you are, and because you’re new, you
are getting a disproportionate amount of attention.
That’s all you are seeing and experiencing. We’re not
picking on you, and you’re not the family fuck.”

She pouted, “Then why do I feel like the family fuck?”

“Mostly, because everybody wants to fuck you, and you
are a great fuck, so once they do fuck you, they want to
fuck you again even more. If you didn’t fuck twice as
good as you look, your dance card wouldn’t be half as
full. If you are getting tired, stop dancing so damn

She couldn’t help but smile, but said, “So, how do I be
a lousy lay?”

“Why would you want to be? Norma, you love the attention
and you love sex, so stop pretending you don’t. Honey,
we all agree that you look so fine, you should never
wear anything. We have never had a nudie, but we’d like
to try this. If this goes over well with you, others
will follow suit. We, all of us, want you to break new
ground and try something new. We feel it’s a crying
shame to hide any part of you when everything about you
is such a joy to look at.”

“The women would run me off if I did that.”

“The women want this as much as the men. Many of them
would like living nude, too, but they need someone like
you to break the nude barrier. You already have in bits
and pieces, just go all the way. That’s all we’re
asking. Just try it, but give it a good try – give it at
least a week. By then, you are sure to have company. If
it turns out you don’t like it, put your clothes back
on. You will at least have made it possible for others
to enjoy that lifestyle.”

“What about the c******n, Matt?”

“The c******n have driven this process all along. How
can you even ask that. We know what they want. They want
to gaze upon the perfect adult female form. We want to
hold up the perfect example and show the many ways to
bring about happiness, joy, and pure ecstasy. What
should they not see? What should they not know? What
secrets should we keep from them?”

Norma thought about that, then said, “I don’t know, but
decent society thinks we should.”

“We disagree. You are a part of WE now, and WE wish
you’d start acting like US. Take off all of your clothes
and leave them off except to go into town, and we would
prefer you never went to town. We will bring the town to
you, piece by piece. Just tell us what pieces you want.
Reach for something to wear and ten people will offer to
go get it for you. Ten others will gingerly take that
thing from you and try to get you to relax and lie

Norma laughed, and said, “Oh, stop it, Matt.”

“They would, Norma. Everybody adores you, or they would
if you’d let them. They want to worship you, but you are
too busy trying to be helpful, useful, trying to fit in
to a place that is trying to fit you, but you won’t keep
still, and you won’t lie down. Adoring you is like
trying to change a flat tire on a moving car. Fucking
you takes a team effort for everyone except Gramps.”

“This is so hard for me, Matt.”

“Honey, if this were easy, someone else would have
already done it and you’d have an example to follow. We
know it won’t be easy, but it’ll be easier for you than
for anyone else – far easier. Let’s face it. You are the
family fuck.”

“I knew it! Now, I’m hearing some honesty.”

“Yes, but we don’t want a family fuck, and we don’t want
you to feel like one. We need to bring the other
fuckable females up to your level.”

“Don’t you mean down to my level?”

“Up… down… over… under… out… in, whatever it
takes to make a Norma in the Norma model. Think role
model, Norma. That is what we are begging you to be –
the female role model of a great new society. We want to
replace Normal Society with Norma Society. All we want
to do is drop one lousy L, that’s all, just lose the L
and you have a perfect society.”

“I like that.”

“Then be open to any and all sexual advances, but don’t
be too easy nor too difficult. We believe males have the
right to take sex from a female, and females should
submit to physical superiority or numbers, just as
nature intended. We want our young people to see that
example. Again, someone like you could lead the way.”

“Matt, society doesn’t work that way, not civilized

“Norma, civilized society brought us world war, the
Holocaust, the Inquisition, Gladiator sports, and
organized religion. We’re not impressed. We look at
nature and see a better way. Our way is working for us.
We are a very close and happy family, free of all the
taboos and sexual tensions that plague so many other
families. What we love most about our way, is we enjoy
so much more sex without guilt, all types, even the
kinky types. Our women don’t suffer the guilt because we
force sex on them. We males have no problem with doing
that because taking sex is in our nature.”

She thought about that, then said, “Is it in the nature
of women to want their sex f****d on them?”

“Females are the weaker sex, and the reality is, the
strong impose their will on the weak, so sexually, yes,
that is in their nature. Given a choice, no, they’d love
to pick and choose, and be picky, and pick one, stick
with one, and have a lifelong mate to help raise the
offspring. Civilized society and organized religion
conspired to give females the right to pick and choose,
but most aren’t happy, not as happy as our women are.
Few are as picked on as you have been lately. Be honest,
Norma, are you miserable or simply confused?”

“I’m not miserable. I’m mostly confused, mostly because
I should be miserable but I’m not. I mean, I get gang
raped ten times on a slow day. That should be enough to
make any woman miserable, don’t you think?”

“Norma, you have never been raped, not here, you
haven’t. You like to call it that, but r**e is not a
sexual act, it’s an act of violence against women. Here,
you have been taken sexually by those who adore women,
you in particular. We will not tolerate r**e or rapists.
I wish you’d stop using those terms, because they hurt
those who love you. I don’t think anyone loves you more
than my dad. If he ever found out that you thought of
his sex as r**e and he a rapist, he would be crushed.”

“I’m sorry, Matt. You are absolutely right. I have never
told anyone except you, and I never will again. I do
understand the difference. I would not enjoy r**e, and
one r**e a month would be enough to keep me miserable,
on edge, and frightened. I am none of those things here.
No, I am very happy here. It just seems that I shouldn’t
be. I feel guilty because I am so happy, and happiest
when I get gang ra… I was going to say gang raped a
lot. What should I call it?”

“Sex. What you are getting is sex. You are getting sex a
lot. Whether freely given, tolerated, or taken by lusty
groups, you are getting sex. You love sex, Norma. You
are a normal woman. Normal women do like getting a lot
of sex. They are happiest when they get a lot. Those of
us who like seeing happy women, do what we can to help
them get a lot. I want you to stop wearing clothes,
because I know that will get you a lot more sex out
where we can all see and enjoy it.”

“WHAT! You’re not serious – are you?”

“We are thinking that would be best.”

“Think again.”

“We are now ready to bring sex out in the open. That is
the next logical step, and a step that goes well with
females going about with nothing on.”

“You people are fucking nuts.”

“We don’t think so. What we aspire to is living in a
state of nature within our closed society. We see you as
the catalyst that could bring that state about simply by
going about naked. Norma, you come across as a female
with no inhibitions or very few.”

“Maybe I do, but I assure you, I have all the normal
ones. Having sex in public is a biggy.”

“Hide it. Pretend you don’t. Actually, you don’t need to
hide or pretend, just go about naked. The sex will be
f****d on you, only you won’t be taken to a private
place. You’ll get sex where you are. In all likelihood,
Dad will be the one who breaks you in. He wants that
honor and he’s doing that now. You think no one has seen
you. Guess again.”

Norma pondered that with a finger stroking through a
very slimy and excited slit. Matt saw that and smiled.
She said, “Just go naked, huh?”

“That’s all you have to do, Norma, just be your free and
uninhibited self. Nature will take its course.”

“How many people have seen us fucking?”

“A better question is, how many haven’t. A few of the
infants haven’t.”

“That isn’t possible.”

“You were videotaped, Norma. We have been taping you and
Dad from day one. You have some nerve calling that r**e
and him a rapist.”

“Oh god! From day one?”

“Okay, day one was classic f****d sex. Week one was
fairly classic, but for the past few months…how can I
put this delicately?”

“Don’t spare me. Tell me what it looked like.”

“Well, it looked like cheating would to an outsider.”

“What did it look like to the family?”

“Great sex, Norma, great sex. You do make sex look great
and cheating look fun. You are an inspiration.”

“I feel like such a slut, Matt, but if that’s what this
family wants, I know I can be that and be happy being
that. I’ll lose the threads.”

“Lose the birth control pills, too. We like your genes.
Your genes will make our gene pool sparkle. We’d like to
keep you barefoot, naked, and pregnant.”

“Oh, you fucker! Now I’m gonna cum. Put a video camera
on this, you pervert, peeping Tom, whore merrier… you
wife impregnating, barefoot, naked, pregnant keeping,
mother fucking sweet bastard… ughhh… YESSSS!”

He wished he had a camera to put on that sight. She fell
back on the bed and wailed on a wide beaver. Matt had
never seen her masturbate. She was good… shameless…
very entertaining. Yes, that would make a good video.

Norma slowly recovered from that climax, then set her
legs down. She looked to Matt by rolling her head,
smiled, and said, “Barefoot, naked, and pregnant…
always… from now on… you want your wife to be a
breeder slut for a new society?”

“Any objection?”

“Fuck no. I’m not my wife, and I think your wife is a
fucking slut with absolutely no shame or inhibition. I
say, fuck the slut.”

“No, Norma, we will worship our queen.”

“You do and I’ll spit in your face. I am not your damn
queen. Norma society abhors placing women on pedestals
of varying elevation. They should all be horizontal and
laid equally with no fucking choice in the matter. If
you are going to do this, do it right. Take away my
clothes, Matt. Strip me naked and send me out there.
Force this on me. I don’t want to be treated like a
queen or look like a slut, Matt. I want to look like an
obedient wife f****d to live in a state of nature. If we
are to create a new society based on nature, let’s set
the proper example.”

“Right you are, Norma. Stand up.”

Forty-three were present to witness a wife being f****d
to live in a state of nature, and forty-two saw Gramps
fuck hell out of her. He was the forty-third, so you
couldn’t say he saw it. He did it.

They saw much more of that over the next few days.
People came out of the woodwork to see it – close to two
hundred saw it. Others joined in. Other wives were
f****d to live in a state of nature, as were daughters.
Before a week was out, they all were. They built a
compound, brought in more mobile homes and modular
homes, drafted bylaws and agreed to a set of principles
that had as their foundation the goal to make all
females as happy as could be.

When the females are happy, everybody is happy. If you
don’t believe that, marry one and make her unhappy.

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