A brief history of my wife’s busy beaver

My twenty two year old wife Patti gets real horny mid cycle. She has an IUD and knows when her egg is dropping. She has a strong urge to get fertilized so she really wants sperm injections then, although they always seem to be welcome! The IUD keeps her from full pregnancy but her desires

Norma Adams the slutwife

Norma Adams never wanted to cheat, and certainly never would have cheated with her husband’s father, who everyone called Gramps Adams, but the man gave her no choice. Rape might be the correct definition of what happened, but uncontested rape in Adams eyes is simply fucking, and a wife can’t charge her husband’s father or

Casino Night Turns to Sweet “Dee Lite”

Each and every time I travel on the New York state Thruway, especially around New Years I fondly remember an event that still excites me to a pleasurable erection My name is Randy and I am a businessman who travels extensively throughout the northeast with an eye open for a sweet wet pussy for company.


It was a happy homecoming party. Steve had returned home after four years of traveling the less explored parts of the world. As a talented writer and photographer, he’d paid expenses by doing articles for magazines and other publications. He’d become a bit of a local celebrity. Plus, it was his twenty fifth birthday. He

Truckstop Nuns

“Hey there sexy sisters! What’ll it take to make you break your vows?” called out the young black man. The two young nuns ignored him as they walked by the cheap hotel room. His friend, who was sitting on the car out the front chimed in, “Come on baby, you didn’t need to become a