Dominant Family

Looking over the fields of hay at the back of our house, I remembered the many happy memories. There was and still are lovely, lush, green fields and woods, with many different paths you can take, all different but all beautiful. I used to spend many happy hours running nearly naked through the hay and

My Old Granny

I had never thought of my Old Grannies in a sexual way, but for some reason everything changed. My granny went into an old folks home because she was getting on a bit so it was better for her and safer if she went into care. I can tell that this was very hard for

Curly and his Mom

Curly watched his mother as she washed her cunt. He wanted to fuck her so badly that his dick burned. He had to have some relief. He wrapped his fist around his bulging rod and stroked it tenderly. He was careful to cup his hand so that the sensitive flesh of the of the dickhead

A brother and sister

At first I didn’t know it was her. Just a brilliant spill of bright blonde hair and a small slim body in a pink blouse and snug faded blue jeans, standing in line at the coffee shop. I was behind her and I looked her over, admiring her lovely hair and her cute little ass.