Playing cards with Shirley and the boys

My wife and I were discussing some of the things that we did when we were younger. I told her she usually lost control when she was drunk or tipsy. She said that she didn’t do anything she didn’t want to drunk or sober.

This got me to thinking back to when we were living in the apartment.

Let me described what Shirley looks like. She was 29; 5′ 2″ and very petite. Her tits were very small but were firm and perky with no snag. Her measurements were 34A-22-34. She had very long dark, almost black, hair. She shaved her legs and under arms, but only slightly trimmed her bush. She was beautiful, especially when she wore the styles of that time which were mini-skirts and short dresses. When we went out all the males couldn’t keep theirs eyes off her. She radiated sex appeal.

We were in a rut playing cards and drinking every weekend with the same couple, Bob and Carol who were a little older than us, and just as dull. I was bored to death.

I love to photograph Shirley in the nude and had quite a collection. I usually kept two or three snapshots of her in my wallet. One day, and I still don’t know why, I showed a couple of her pictures to two of my co-workers Matt and Hank. Both were about my age. Matt was taller and Hank was about an inch taller than Shirley. Both wanted to see her pictures over and over again. The next workday I took a bunch of her pictures with me. At lunch we went through them. Matt said she was absolutely beautiful. After they had looked at the pictures for a third time, Hank asked if I had ever thought of sharing her with other men. Up to that time it had not crossed my mind. I thought about for a few minutes and finally said I wouldn’t object, but Shirley would not go for it. Matt said too bad because he would sure love to fuck her. Hank agreed. We left it at that.

The more I thought about Matt and Hank fucking Shirley the harder I got. One night Shirley had had two margaritas to many and was a little tipsy. I asked if she had ever thought about fucking another guy. Her face got the look when she was in deep thought. She finally said she had fantasized about it a couple of times, but she would never do anything like that.

The Friday before the weekend I got a call from Bob saying that they would not be able to make it that weekend. I was still at work. I asked Matt and Hank if they liked to play cards? Both said yes.

When I got home I told Shirley about Bob’s call. She was disappointed since she loved to play cards. You might say she was a fanatic about it. I told her I had invited Matt and Hank over to play cards. She was very happy. I knew she liked Matt and Hank. She had met both at a company picnic

Both arrived together and brought two bottles of tequila, Shirley’s favorite hard liquor.

We started playing cards sitting in the living room. The card table was a low coffee table, which meant we totally visible to each other.

Shirley started drinking her margaritas and was soon very tipsy. We played a few rounds and I was getting bored again. I said I was tired of playing for nothing. Matt said he was broke so playing for money was out. I said what about stripping? Shirley almost choked on her drink and said no way. I said I dare you. Now Shirley can not take a dare. We played another round and she had that look of deep thought. Finally she said OK she would do it. She had on socks, blouse, bra, panties, and shorts. We boys had one less item than her, socks, t-shirt, jeans, and briefs. Laughing, Shirley said that it only fair. She said if one boy lost, then all the boys lost. We all agreed to the ground rules. Shirley had won most of the rounds so far.

On the first round Shirley lost and she removed her socks. She won the second round and we took off our socks. Shirley was on her third margarita, which is one drink above her usual.

Boys lost the third round and off went the t-shirts. Both Matt and Hank worked out and had a good physiques. Shirley was constantly looking at them and I knew she liked what she saw.

Shirley lost the fourth round. She set there a couple of minutes and you could tell she was very reluctant, but she unbuttoned her blouse and took it off. Her bra was not very sexy. She had always been self conscious of her small tits.

Boys lost round five and we stood up and took our jeans off. We all had an hard-on which were straining against our briefs. It was easy to tell Matt was bigger than Hank and I. Shirley had a slight grin on her face.

Round six went to the boys. Shirley stood up and slowly slid her shorts off. Her panties weren’t see through, but her dark bush was very apparent. She set back down keeping her knees tightly closed.

Round seven went to the boys. Shirley set there for at least 5 minutes trying to make up her mind. She reached up behind her back and undid her bra and took it off. Matt told her tits were beautiful. Her face was red.

We were all down to one piece of clothing. I dealt out the cards and the tension was very strong. As we turned over our cards Shirley gasped. She had lost. She looked at me for several seconds, then stood up and slid her panties off. Matt’s and Hank’s said the same thing at the same time – you are beautiful. I didn’t think Shirley’s face could get any redder.

She reached for her clothes and I said were weren’t though yet. She gave me a puzzled looked. I said if she won the next round we would take our briefs off. Shirley’s eyes went immediately to Matt’s very apparent erection. She said what if she lost. I said then each of us get to kiss you. Ok, she said, but that she was dealing.

As we showed our hands again she lost again. I went over and gave her a deep kiss with my hand on her hip above her ass. Hank was next and you could tell he was a good kisser because Shirley’s hands were locked behind his head. His hands were on her side just below her tits. It was Matt’s turn and again her hands were locked behind Matt’s head. I think Matt’s tongue was working overtime. They finally broke the kiss and you could see Shirley face was flushed and she was very aroused. Fluid was slowly leaking out of her pussy and her bush was dotted with her juices.

I said ok it was Matt’s turn to deal. Shirley said what were they playing for. Again, I said if she won then off comes our briefs and if she lost we each got to kiss and play with her tits. She thought for about for a second, then said ok. When the cards were shown and she had lost again. I when over and took her right tit in my mouth while my left hand squeezed her left tit. She moaned and she pulled my head into her chest. As I rolled her nipple with my tongue she had opened her legs and I knew Matt and Hank were getting a good view her very wet pussy. Matt went next and she was moaning louder and her legs were wide open. Hank just added to her pleasure and her hips were squirming all over her chair. When we each had had our turn she was sitting back in her chair and you could see she was so turned on. She had not closed her legs.

Hank started dealing and Shirley asked again what we were playing for. I said if she won then she got to see our cocks and if we won we got to lick her pussy. She just looked at me, then at Matt and Hank.

You would think that the odds would eventually be in Shirley’s favor, but again she lost. I told her to scoot up to the front of her chair and spread her legs out. She moved up and waited. I told Matt he could go first. He got on his knees and slowly put his facedown to her pussy. With the first lick Shirley’s legs closed around his head and she put her hands on the back of his head. She was moaning and thrusting her hips. When Matt finished, her body was covered in sweat. Hanks dove in and again Shirley was moaning and moving her hips. When Hank finished I went down and licked her quickly.

Again I started dealing. Shirley looked at me and I think she knew what was coming, but she asked anyhow. What now she said. I again said our briefs. She said if she lost? Then I said Matt and Hank get to fuck you. She again looked at their erections straining against their briefs. She was quiet for a few minutes and then she said Ok.

I started dealing slowly. She was on the edge of her chair watching each card fall on the table. I finished and said ok, let’s show. The cards were turned over and Shirley moaned. She had lost again.

I told her to go lay on the couch. She did and was laying straight on the couch. Her legs were tightly together. She was as stiff as a board. Her hands were down to her side. I told Matt and Hank to draw cards as to who would go first.

Matt won and I heard Shirley moan. He went over to the couch and kissed her lips then moved down to her tits. Matt spread her legs until she had one foot on the floor. I saw Matt position his cock at the entrance to her pussy and slowly entered her. Matt was a lot bigger than me in length and width, but Shirley’s pussy was so wet, and he had a lot of pre-cum. He had no problem getting it all inside her. He quicken his thrusts and I could see Shirley was trying to match his thrusts. She was moaning and saying oh, oh. After just a few minutes I saw her thrust up and hold it for a few seconds then dropped back down and her whole body relaxed. She had had her first orgasm. Matt was still thrusting as hard as he could, then he made one final thrust with a grunt and collapsed on top of her

It took Matt a few minutes to collect himself enough to get off her. Hank went over and asked if she wanted to continue. She just reached up and grabbed his cock. Hank is about the same size as I was. Shirley was well lubricated with her own juices and Matt’s cum. Matt had also stretched her pussy out. Hanks thrusts were fast and deep. Do you remember the energizer bunny? That is what he looked like. He was going so fast, pounding into her. It only took a few minutes before Shirley was meeting each thrust with her own. Hank then buried his cock deep in her. As with Matt, Hank took a few minutes to collect himself after had finished. He reluctantly pulled out of her.

Shirley laid there a little while. She then asked me to get her some tissues. I gave her the box and she started sticking them in her pussy. She got up unsteadily and went to the bathroom.

Matt and Hank were cleaning their cocks. Shirley came back and was still naked, which surprised me. She looked at Matt and Hank with a grin and said well I finally got to see your cocks. We all laughed. I noticed both guys were beginning to get hard again. I asked Shirley if she want them to fuck her again. Shirley was also noticing the raising cocks. She spread her legs and spread her pussy lips. Her inner lips were red and swollen. She said she wanted to, but her pussy was too sore. I know they were very disappointed, but perked up when she said maybe next time.

As they dressed and were about to leave Shirley gave each a long and deep kiss.

After they had left I was sure Shirley was going to be mad as hell. Instead she smiled and said she had had a great time and wondered if we could play cards again next weekend. I assured her it would not be a problem. As we walked to the bedroom she asked if I knew anybody else who would like to play cards. I told her there were probably a dozen guys I could invite. All she did was smile and say “good.”