Kinky Stepsis

It was early morning and almost summer time. Joshua had just graduated high school the previous week and was enjoying not having to wake up on time anymore. He would inevitably spend the majority of the summer applying for colleges, but he wanted to relax for a little bit first. However, this morning he could

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“What are you wearing, Diana asked”? Uh, I was just going to wear my board shorts and a Hawaiian shirt, why do you ask? Jack answered. “Because guys have it so easy, you just wear anything, whereas us women need to think about weather, what if I get wet, what will I wear if we

My Wife and Her Uncle

I froze. My lips were dry, again. My hands kept trying to open the lid of the water bottle, but they were sweating, I was always sweating here. What is happening? I thought. I remembered my step-father, commenting what had become my new personal mantra: ‘You can’t escape the sun there’. I didn’t remember his

Granny’s farm

My Grandma, Hazel La Forge was a farm girl who grew up in New Madrid County, a small farming community in the southeast Missouri bootheel. The family farm was just over 2000 acres of prime fertile land bordering the banks of the Mississippi River. The property was flat and easy to plow. Each harvest was

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Sometimes stereotypes are accurate. Take me, Finn. I fall into the nerdy computer geek category. I’m short for my age, skinny, lank dark hair and I spend most of my free time online playing games. The only sports I play are those f****d on us in phys ed class at school. Then there’s my older

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“Ah-Augh!” A feminine voice cries out, moaning loudly over a rhythmic clapping. Her eyebrows knit together as waves of pleasure flows from her sore muscles and throbbing pussy, overlapping the pain of sore muscles all over her body. Surrounding her are four older gentlemen resurrecting her sex life, something that died years ago. She thanks