My first trip to Le Cap

My name’s Angela. I’m a slut and a swinger and I make no apologies for it. I’ve read many stories on the ‘net about Cap d’Agde Naturiste Village and have enjoyed them. Not because they were funny or outrageous but because they were so very similar to my first trip. A strong feeling of deja

Partnering with an old crush

Let’s start off with a little about me: My name is Matthew, I am a lawyer in the midwest. My main area of focus is corporate law. I travel all around the world helping large businesses acquire/merge with other medium to large businesses. I married my wife Lex 3 years ago. I spoil the hell

Blonde is a warm color

It’s dark on the streets of Munich. The weather has gotten cold. Not too cold for this time of the year, but cold. I have been wandering the streets for an hour now. Trying to sort my thoughts. People pass me by, tourists, couples, families. Family. My face darkens again. I rub my eyes and