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Hijabi slut Eni had a special talent, a dirty secret, her naughty passion hiding under her colourful headscarf – she loved giving blowjobs. Eni was about 5’6” tall, light skinned Pakistani with full lips and big eyes and a mole on her face, she wore her Hijab and colourful Asian clothes. She didn’t hold back

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It was a Monday afternoon. I had flown into the town where my mom lived for a two week visit. It had been about 18 years since seeing each other, and this was the first time I was able to come and visit. We had chatted via E mail, and talked on the phone from

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Enzos Niki Saso was riding the city bus home from work. She had graduated the year before and was still undecided about college. She was a very attractive young woman with long wavy blonde hair. She watched the world through eyes that were sky blue and hidden behind copper framed glasses. The bus was about

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Stephany was a very young, petite and skinny, dark complected Latina, with brunette hair, and even though she was 18 years old, she was flat-chested, but did seem to have a little something there. She had a great little figure and even though she had skinny little legs, she really had a nice firm little

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“You’re shitting me! Gary Franks actually came over to talk to you?” Trish scribbled another shorthand notation on her pad to help her remember the story. “He did better than that. He was accompanied by the most beautiful blonde that I’d ever seen in my life. As they joined us at our table, he introduced