Pleasing my slave girl

She sat on the bed, wearing just bra and panties. He came into the room, wearing only jeans, and holding a pair of handcuffs.

She stood and crossed the room to kiss him. They kissed gently at first, then more roughly, sucking and biting each others lips and tongues.

He slowly backed her up against the wall as his hands began to explore her.

He then pressed her against the wall, His hands finding her ass and squeezing it. She could feel his hardness through his jeans, pressing into her loins. It made her start to get wet.

He then reached up and grabbed her by the hair, pulled her forward and turned her to face the wall. Pushing her up against it he demanded, “give me your hands.” She did and he cuffed one, then the other.

He began to kiss and bite the back of her neck, working his way up it then over to the other side as his hands came around to caress, then squeeze her breasts. Her nipples growing erect under his touch.

She began to rub his now hard cock through his jeans as he slipped his hands up and under her bra so he could rub, then pinch her nipples, She moaned softly and began to grow even wetter.

He then slid one hand slowly down her belly, and began to gently rub her pussy through her panties. He could feel a little bit of moisture through the panties. She began to moan harder as he found her clit and began to genly run at first then harder, faster.

He was grinding his cock against her ass as he fingered her through her panties. He was getting turned on but he knew he would wait. He wanted her panting for it, begging for it before he let her have release.

He took his hand from her breasts and grabbed a fistful of hair, pulling her head back so he could kiss and bit the soft part of her neck, and her lips. His hand finding it’s way into her panties to find they pussy hot and soaking wet. He slid a finger into her cleft and brought it back out, finger covered with her juices.

He then brought it up and rubbed his finger across her neck, then on her lips. He then Licked it up, loving the taste, and kissed and licked it off her lips. He went back for more and asked if she would like a taste. She nodded and moaned out “Yes.” He stuck his finger in her mouth and she sucked all her juices off it.

He slid his hand back into her panties and started to rub her clit, Gently, teasingly at first, then a little faster.

She started to buck her hips slightly on his hand and then he slid his other hand around and under her panties, Sliding a finger into he wet pussy, and started to slowly finger her as he rubbed her clit in circular motions.

He began to speed up both, sliding a second finger into her, then a third. She began to moan and he could tell she was getting close to orgasm.

He began to bite her neck and then whispered into her ear, “your my slave tonight and im not going to let my slave cum yet,” then stopped finger her when she was right on the edge.

She let out a frustrated moan, But he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her back towards him. He then turned her around and told her,”Get on your knees slave.”

She wasn’t fast enough so he reached out and slapped her on the ass hard.

She lowered herself to her knees.

His hands reached down and he undid his belt, then button, and unzipped his jeans. He pulled them down and off. She could see his hard cock pressing against his boxer briefs. Her hands itched to reach out and touch him but they were confined behind her.

He walked forward till he was just inches from her face. He reached out, took a hand full of her hair, Then pulled her face into him. She felt his hard cock pressing into her lips and cheek through his underwear, and she began to kiss it and gently bite at it through them.

He grinded himself against her face for a min, then with his free hand reached into his underwear and pulled his 7 inch hard cock out.

She could see precum glistening on the head as he took it in his hand and using her hair, pulled her face towards him.

He rubbed the tip of his cock around the outside of her lips, Rubbing precum all over them. “Lick my precum off your lips slave” he said, she did as she was told. She loved the taste.

He then rubbed his cock back across her lips and said,”open your mouth,” she did but not wide enough. He Slapped her ass hard again and said ,”Wider bitch.” She opened wide and his slid the head of his cock into her mouth.

He then pulled it back out, rubbing it from her lips across her cheek, Then back to her mouth and back in. He gripped her hair more firmly, pulling her head back, and leaned in and kissed her mouth, then neck roughly, biting. Then he pulled her head back down and slid his cock back into her mouth.

“Suck,” He ordered.

She closed her lips around his swollen shaft and began to suck the head of his cock. She could taste his precum as she did.

He began to thrust slowly into her mouth, Every thrust a little deeper. Till he hit the back of her throat. She tried to pull back but he held her hair tight. “Your mouth is so good to fuck slave,” he said. She was moaning as he thrust into her mouth, almost enough to chocke her but not quite.

He was getting close so he pulled out of her mouth, and pulled her to her feet by her hair. He then turned her around and shoved her onto the bed, onto her belly, with her legs hanging over the bed.

He slapped her ass hard enough to leave a hand print then got onto his knees. He started to kiss her ass, then bite. he worked his way down to her legs and licked and bit his way along the inside of her thighs.

He did this for awhile, every time coming close to her now dripping wet pussy, but moving away before his mouth found it.

He pulled back, Slapping her ass again, Then taking her hands by the cuffs with one hand, he used the other to slide her panties down.

He stood up, taking care that his hard cock would brush against her pussy as he did. She moaned and tried to press back into him but he slapped her ass and said, “Not yet, slave. Get on you knees doggy-style.” He then slapped her ass and using her cuffed hands helped her to get into the position.

He then knelt down, and started to kiss then bite her thighs, working his way slowly to her pussy. He brushed his lips against her lips as he passed and could smell her sweet pussy. He couldn’t hold back any longer and wanted to taste her so badly. He dived his tongue into her wet pussy, sliding it up into her, and then sucking her lips into his mouth. lapping up her sweet juices.

His tongue began to swirl around and dart in and out of her, fucking her with his tongue. She began to moan and push back against his face.

His tongue worked it’s way down and found her clit. He began to lick it, then flick it. Finally taking it into his mouth and sucking on it, flicking it the whole time with his tongue.

She was moaning and grinding back against his face, Getting close to orgasm again. This could not be allowed yet. He pulled back away and she let out a frustrated cry and he asked,”How badly does my slave want to be fucked?”

She moaned and said, “Please fuck me Sir. Please master. ”

He then took his cock in hand and began to rub the head against her pussy, and into her slit, She tried to push back on him but he slapped her ass again harder than ever.

He slapped her ass, and then again, “Beg for it.” he said

With a slight whimper she said,”Please fuck my pussy master, I need it. Please, Im begging, I beg you, Sir, Please fuck my cunt.”

This was what he wanted to hear, and he slowly slid his cock into her, going deep, all the way into her. She let out a moan as he began to slowly thrust in and out of her sopping wet pussy.

He reached out and grabbed her hands by the cuffs and pulled back, Starting to fuck her a little faster and a little harder.

“Do you like having your cunt fucked, Slave?” he asked. “Is this what you wanted?”

“Yes master she moaned out,” Panting “I love it when you fuck me from behind, Sir.”

“Who’s cunt am i fucking,” he asked

“Yours master, it’s all yours.”

“that’s right, slut, Your cunt belongs to me,” he said

He Slapped her ass as he picked up his pace. She could feel his balls slapping into her clit with each deep thrust.

He was spanking her as he fucked her, making her cry out loud every time he slapped her ass.

He leaned forward and grabbed a fist full of her hair and pulled it back very roughly, using her hair for leverage to slam into her harder than ever, but keeping a steady rhythm. She was moaning and starting to scream as she got close to her orgasm.

He decided she could cum finally and Kept up the pace. Fucking her deep and hard with every thrust. She Cried out and began to scream in extacy as her orgasm hit her, her legs shaking. He didn’t slow down a beat and just kept fucking her as she came on his now extremely hard cock.

He spanked her while she was cumming and loved how loud he made her cry out.

He barly held back as her pussy clenched down on his cock but made it, He wasn’t done yet.

After her orgasm subsided he slowed his pace to hold out. and began a slower steady rhythm. Her pussy felt amazing.

“Did you like that slave?” he asked

She could only moan out and he laughed. And kept on, He wanted to make her cum again.

She began to press back into him and keep the rhythm up. Her sensitive clit feeling his balls slap into it with every thrust. almost hurting but still driving her wild.

He leaned forward and with one hand took a hand full of hair, and with the other put it around her throat, gripping tight but not enough to c***e.

“Your pussy feels so good around my cock,” he panted into her ear, ”

“Oh, god, Yes, Yes!,” she moaned out.

He picked up the pace, Getting close himself, She was starting to buck back into him wildly and he met each buck with a deep hard thrust.

He began to moan with her as both grew close. He was pulling her hair hard and spanking her now and then hard.

She reached orgasm and screamed out, Her pussy clenching down on his cock.

He couldn’t take it anymore and with a last deep thrust he came. Shooting spurt after spurt of cum deep inside of her. Both of them moaning and pressing hard into eachother.

After They Recovered He asked, “Is my slave satisfied? Did she enjoy being fucked and used like a whore?”

She said in a shaky voice, “MMM i did, But it’s my turn to cuff you next…”