Marie Clair Goes To the Wrong School

“Why sure, you may sit here, Sir.” Marie Clair said to the kind-looking, middle aged gentleman. She was glad to have a “gentleman” sit next to her on the train, considering there was some “riff-raff” getting on behind him. She sure wouldn’t want to sit next to one of them. Her aunt had warned her

Passion’s playpen

Kate was taken to breakfast. She was washed first, again in milk, this time by the old woman, who did her hair and her face for her, washing her like she was a small c***d, with Kate resisting, but not completely, for she knew she must let the woman do her work lest she be

My Professional Spanker

I awoke when I heard Deanna come in the house from her evening shift at the facility, as she calls it. She’s a discipline administrator at a little-known institution for probation violators. Anyway, I’d been asleep for a couple of hours and was extremely groggy, so I just closed my eyes and waited for her

Spanking at school

I thought I’d start with a little bit about myself. My name is John Wilson, I am 6ft 1ins tall, with a slim athletic build. Short dark hair and a clean shaven face. Whilst not a Brad Pitt contender I am fairly hansom with a rugged non nonsense look about me. I taught science for

Pleasing my slave girl

She sat on the bed, wearing just bra and panties. He came into the room, wearing only jeans, and holding a pair of handcuffs. She stood and crossed the room to kiss him. They kissed gently at first, then more roughly, sucking and biting each others lips and tongues. He slowly backed her up against