Power Trip

The instructions were simple, handwritten by myself and taped to the front door, where he’d see them easily once he got home from work. Come in, hang your coat. Take off your shoes, get comfortable. Head to the kitchen, pour yourself a big glass of water; be sure to drink it all, then head up the stairs to the bedroom. I was sprawled out on the bed when he finally slipped through the half opened door, strumming the freshly lotioned skin of my stomach, waiting as patiently as possible.

I smiled warmly when I saw him, all the while trying to seem cool and nonchalant. I could see the questions tossing about in his eyes as he slinked in, stepping cautiously over the carpet, clearly wondering what the hell was about to happen. The questions quickly gave way to excitement as he noticed what I wasn’t wearing–the usual jeans and random forgetable sweater were absent, a short red fishnet dress and matching thong in their place.

“Hey, baby!” I chirped. “Like it?” I stood and gave a quick twirl in front of the bed and he answered by gathering me in his arms. “Oh, my God,” he whispered as his hands ran over the material criss-crossing at my shoulders, then down to my collarbone and stopping at my nipples. I placed my hands over his and pulled them away.

“Ah-ah, not yet. Did you drink your water?” He nodded. “Good. Gotta keep you hydrated! Come with me.” Against the wall at the foot of the bed, I placed chair and sat him there. “Hold on to the arms.”

“Uh oh!” he said, laughing. “Is it strip tease night, again? No-touching rule??” I giggled thinking of how elementary a strip tease seemed when stood against the night I had planned.

“No, it’s not strip tease night.” I walked over to the chest sitting next to the chair and produced two pairs of padded handcuffs from the top drawer. “This will be a bit different. Grab the arms.”

I secured the cuffs on each arm, tight enough so that he couldn’t touch himself or me, but loose enough that they wouldn’t hurt him.

“What the hell, where did you even get these?” I feigned irritation and rolled my eyes.

“Shut up, will you? You talk too much. Since I gave you such a terrible Christmas present last year, I’ve been trying to think of a good way to redeem myself, so I have something for you that I really hope you’ll like.”

“Where is it?”

“In the bathroom. Come on out, present!”

I watched his face as he watched the door slowly creak open. She stepped timidly out from behind it and stood next to the bed. His eyes expanded to the size of nearly half his face as he beheld her; at about 5 foot 4 she was a tiny bit taller than me with long, raven black hair and oiled skin the shade of a deep brown chestnut. She wore an outfit identical to mine in a shade of white that comprised a perfect contrast to her skin. I sat on his lap and whispered in his ear: “This is way better than a board game, huh?” He tried to speak, but the concept of a complete sentence seemed to baffle him at the moment.

“What, are you… where did you–I don’t understand, who is… what? What is goin on here??” I smiled at his boylike excitement. He squirmed, unable to sit still. I straddled his lap in reverse, draping each of my legs over each of his so that they were spread wide.

“Isn’t she gorgeous?” I whispered.

“Who is she? What’s her name?”

“You can just call her ‘ours’ tonight. Completely at our disposal.” I turned my attention to her. “Show my baby what you’ve got,” I ordered. Without a pause, she lifted the fishnet dress and let it settle above her plump tear-drop breasts. “Take the thong off; let us see that pretty pussy.” She turned, and with her back to us she bent forward as she pushed the panties down her legs. We got a quick peek as she gathered them at her ankles; stepping out of them, she spread her legs and bent over, leaning her elbows on the bed. She was definitely gorgous; her dark brown nipples pointed sharply towards the ground, as hard as tic tacs; her pussy lips were fat and plump, perfect to lose one’s tongue in. “Mmmm, nice… spread it so we can see how pink you are.” She obliged, and as she parted her lips with the first two fingers of her right hand, a small silver stream dripped from her slit. She was as wet and pink as new watermelon, and my mouth quivered, hungry for the taste of summer. I glanced at him and for a moment was unsure if he was still breathing. “Baby?” I said, trying to get his attention. “Baby, what do you think?”

“Oh, my God,” he said again. “Is this really happening?” I giggled and decided to give him time to comprehend everything, but I wasn’t keen on waiting to get the show started. I again turned my attention to her. “Come here and give Daddy a kiss,” I instructed her. She stepped gingerly in her patent black stilettos (we wore matching pairs) and, putting her hands on my knees for support, leaned forward and kissed him softly and innocently on his lips. He bit his lip in response, still unsure as to what he should do or ask for. I ran my fingertips up and down her left arm; she felt like a newborn flower petal. I motioned to her with my eyes and she pushed her lips to mine, innocent, as she had kissed him before, but then slid her tongue slowly between my lips, inside my mouth, back out, and in again. “Oh, my God,” he whispered again.

“Kiss the other ones,” I told her, and she slid instantly to her knees, settled between both my legs and his, and began to kiss my lips, just as swollen and wet as hers, through the fabric. My back arched instinctively, grinding my ass into his growing erection, and he moaned. She kissed the side of my thigh and I moaned with him; soon her tongue was slipping inside the crotch of my panties, then out again to peck and kiss, and in again, teasing. Then she grabbed hold of the top of my panties, right beneath the elastic, and with a gentle jerk pulled the fabric up as far as she could without hurting me, keeping the clit covered but exposing my pussy lips. She flattened her tongue and gave them long, deliberate licks, then took them in her mouth, one at a time, sucking gently. I moaned loudly in his ear. “Mmmm… she’s good, babe… this feels reeeaally good.. don’t you want to see?” He hesitated.

“I don’t… is it okay? You don’t care?”

“No, I want to see,” I assured him; “I want to see what your dick looks like in her mouth. Please?”

“Oh, my God,” he said again. I put my hand in her hair to get her attention and motion for her to stop. Once her face was out of the way, I rose from his lap, turned to face him, and unzipped and unbuttoned his pants. He was ready; rock hard and wet at the tip. Selfishly wanting the first taste, I lowered my mouth and paused for a moment, feeling the heat emitting from his midsection, then sucked the tip like a straw, swallowing as much of him as I could. I then turned to our friend, took her by the hand and positioned her in front of him. I put my hand on her shoulder and gently guided her down to her knees.

“Kiss it,” I whispered. She gave his dick a few sweet pecks before taking the head into her mouth. I was riveted. I couldn’t take my eyes off his dick, entering into her mouth dry, coming out slick and glinting. I nearly uncuffed him, driven by a longstanding desire to see him take charge of another woman. Watching them, my mind drifted and I imagined his hands gently gripping her head, fucking her mouth and telling her what a good little whore she was for taking it. In time, I told myself. I’ll get to see it in time.

I kneeled behind her and took her ass in my hands. It was luxurious, smooth and soft and firm. She smelled of vanilla and rosewater and curiosity got the best of me–did she taste as good as she smelled? The answer was there before me, but still, I hesitated.. I’d never done anything like this before. Was I sure I was finally brave enough? Can I go through with it? As I turned it all over in my mind I happened to glance up, and my eyes met his. The anticipation was evident; he’d always wanted to see me eat another girl out, and now, so close, I couldn’t bear to take his dream away from him. I took my finger deep into my mouth, getting it thickly wet, then brought it to her asshole. The two of them moaned in unison. I kept rubbing, gently teasing, never losing his gaze. “How does that feel, Daddy?” I asked. “You like it? She suckin it good?” He bit his lip and nodded his head, apparently unable to speak. Keeping my eyes locked with his, I gripped her asscheeks, spread them gently, lowered my face and d**g my tongue from the top of her asscrack down to the dripping mound between her legs, leaving a glistening trail. I dipped my tongue in deep, then brought it out and swallowed deeper; she smelled like fresh rain and tasted faintly of citrus and nickel. I grew drunk; I thought I knew what watermelon tasted like. I had no idea.

In spite of my lack of experience, I took to her pussy like a familiar kitchen; I knew where everything was, where everything was kept and where to go to get what I needed. I gave her slit long, light licks from the top of the opening to the bottom, then sucked at her outer labia before moving to her clit. I licked gently, coaxing it to ome out, asking permission to get a little rougher. I was given the green light; I felt the hard little knob warming up to my intruding tongue, and when I felt her legs spread just a bit more, I put my head fully beneath her body and encircled her clit with my lips. With the slightest movement of my neck, I pulled them to and away from her, and soon her she was thrusting her hips, riding my face. I reached around and pressed a finger slowly into her pussy, then another, and she bucked a little quicker. After a few moments, I heard him gasp “oh, fuck,” and then “oh, shit,” and “oh, shit,” again; I raised my head to see what was going on to find her going crazy on his dick, inspired by the job I was doing on her. Her head was bobbing madly and his hips thrusted with a mounting fever. I stood and gave her a tap on her rear with my fingertips.

“Don’t let him cum yet, you hear?” She slowed her movements and breathed deeply, but didn’t answer. I reached down and gave her hair a light tug. “Do you hear me?”

“Yes,” she said with a bit of surprise in her voice. I looked at him.

“Don’t cum yet. Okay?” He nodded. I kneeled beside them both and watched, enjoying the view. Soon it seemed they had forgotten that I was there, and I took that chance to slip out of the room and into the bathroom where I had hidden the new strap-on I’d just bought. I took off my panties, left on my heels, and put the strap in place. Returning to the room, I noticed her pacing herself, moving her neck up and down with slow deliberancy, and I smiled. She took instruction well, and it pleased me. I caught his attention as I walked toward them, and his eyes grew wide.

“Oh. My. God,” he said again. “Are you serious? Is this happening??” I smiled.

“I’ll have her tell you in a second if it’s really happening.” I kneeled behind her and grabbed her hips, just to get a feel. I then took my right hand, pressed it to her pussy and rubbed, getting my fingers wet enough to lube up the dildo. I rapped gently on her left cheek with it before positioning it at her slit and then, returning my hands to her hips, pressed in gently and slowly. She threw her head back and moaned loudly; his eyes were fixated on me. I smirked. I smirked, feeling a growing boldness in my belly. I was in control of the both of him, her through the strap and my hands on her hips, and he through the things I did to her. I gave her a light smack on the ass. “Don’t stop,” I instructed, “get that dick back in your mouth. Work that shit; make my baby feel good.”

She went back to work, and so did I. I started with slow, deliberate, slightly timid strokes, then increased the speed as my confidence grew. Soon the room was filled with the sound of her ass smacking against my thighs, of her mouth slurping and slobbering, of him calling for God with every other breath he took. The more I gave her, the more she gave him, and the more she gave him, the more control he lost. She bucked against my strokes and he bucked against her mouth. I reached down, grabbed her hair and held her head still so that he could fuck her mouth without her working against him. He balled his fists and went to work, rolling his hips in a familiar way that made me smile. I knew exactly what she was feeling, and if she was anything like me, she was loving the sensation.

I let go and returned my hands to her hips. I grew feverish watching him work her mouth. He was getting comfortable; I could because he was talking to her now. He had a quick wit, an acid tongue, and a dirty mouth. Listening to his words in moments like this always threw me into a frenzy, and watching his mouth move I expected to be two beats from crazy any moment now.

“Yeah,” he was whispering, “suck your jaws together, make it tight… yeah, just like that… mmmm you like that? Hmm? Does that dick taste good?” She gave a muffled “mmm-hmm” and I lost it. He was the gentlest, sweetest person I knew, but there was a strain of arrogance and an innate need to dominate in him that drove me absolutely mad. I felt as if I was at another of his shows, me in the audience, he onstage in the spotlight, controling the crowd. I grabbed her hips and pulled her into me as I plunged away at her pussy, driving deeper and deeper into her with little regard to how she wanted it. When I felt her tense up and try to move away, I dug my fingernails sharply into her left hip and gave her a hard smack with my right hand.

“Take this dick, bitch,” I hissed at her. She moaned, arched her back, and sucked harder; he moaned and began to speak to me.

“Yeah,” he said, “fuck her.. fuck her pussy good, baby, make her cum all over you.. she likes it, I can see it in her eyes.” My ego was on fire.

“Mmm, really?” I asked. I wanted to hear it from the horse’s mouth. I grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth off of his dick. “That feel good? Hmm? You like it?” I burried the dildo inside her and held it there until she answered. She said nothing. I grabbed her neck. “Fucking answer me, you little slut!”

“Yes!” she screamed. “I want it harder!!” I smacked her ass harder, in the same spot.

“Fuck that,” I said; “This is my pussy right now, I’ll fuck it the way I want to; you don’t have a say.” I was surprised at myself. I had never been high before, but I knew that that was what it must feel like; I could hear the air swirling about around me; I could feel each movement that my hair made in each of the follicles of my hair. The walls were waving at me, the floor became a raging sea, flinging me about, and I struggled to keep my balance. I was in heaven; I owned everything I saw and did with it what I liked, and they loved it, the both of them. I could barely stand it.

I lost more and more control as the two of them grew louder and came closer to orgasm. I still had her hair in my hand, and I kept it there. He kept egging me on:

“Fuck her, baby.. break her. Fuck her like the whore she is, she loves it… she fuckin loves it, baby, fuck her til she cums all over you… get rough with her, manhandle her, she loves it… fuck the shit out of that pussy, baby… yeah, just like that… good girl…”

That was my weakness. The one thing I wanted to do was any and everything he wanted me to; when he called me his good girl, it was confirmation that I was doing just that. I went crazy; before I knew it, my hand was out of her hair and around her neck.

“Tell me you like this dick, whore!”

“Mmmm, I like it!”

“Yeah, you do, I know you do.. filthy fuckin slut.. open your mouth.” He looked at me a bit puzzled. I tightened my grip slightly and turned her head towards his. “Look at him and open up!” I gave her a sharp stroke with the dildo to show her I meant it. She opened and I looked at him; “Spit in her mouth.” He paused, surprised at my request. I glared into his eyes to how him I meant it, too. He leaned forward as best he could and obliged; it fell from his mouth into hers as a long, stretched out teardrop. Before it reached its destination, I told her not to swallow it; once it did, i said: “Now spit it on his dick.” She did. “Good girl,” I cooed, and rubbed the spot on her ass that was now red due to my smacks. “Now suck it off. Let’s make Daddy cum, okay?”

She went to work on him, and I went to work on her. I returned both my hands to her hips and adopted a steady driving rythym, reading her moans, fucking her faster as her pitch climbed. She did the same for him, wrapping her hand around the base of his shaft and twisting it as she bobbed up and down, periodically spitting on it to get it wetter, slurping loudly to get the tightness of her mouth as comparable to a pussy as she could. His hands balled up and his breathing increased and I knew it wouldnt be long. I fucked her harder to get her to work him faster. “Tell me when you’re close, okay, baby?” I said to him. He nodded as best he could.

A few more moments and he stammered it out: “I… I…. oh, God I’m..”

I reached down and grabbed her hair, pulling her mouth away from his dick. “Stroke it,” I commanded, “make him cum in your face.”

That was enough for him. He threw his head back, hitting it on the wall by accident, and his whole body shook as he released. As his body began to seize, I plugged away at her pussy as fast as I possibly could, and she was cumming just as the first spurt hit her left cheek. Shaking and unable to focus, she moved and aimed his dick towards her ear. Soon her neck and chest were pearlized, slick, smooth, and glistening with the blessing just bestowed upon her.

He collapsed into his chair and she collapsed into him when it was all over. I slowly pulled the dildo out of her and sat back on my haunches. I smiled. “Good girl,” I said to her, then to him: “and good boy, too.”

He smiled, exhausted. I decided to let him rest up and regroup. She needed a rest too, but after watching two of the most beautiful people I had ever seen explode in front of me, I needed some attention myself.