Old Aunty Jean

John is off to a gardening day out with other inmates
from our home and I have a day to myself to relax and
pamper myself.

After doing my normal cleaning I am just about to sit
down for a coffee when there is a knock at the door. I
am pleased to see it is our newest resident Rita, a
lady of my own age and single. Inviting her in I offer
her a coffee and within minutes we are sat chatting. It
transpires she is a spinster and former headmistress
who had spent most of her life looking after her
parents and never found time to get married or even
develop a relationship with anybody. However she seems
a happy sort and quite content with her lifestyle and
loves it now she has come to Cranford.

As we chat I learn that in fact she is 79 and I think
how good she looks for her age; a little on the chubby
side but still with a good figure and steel grey hair.
Her dress sense is smart but staid, with a check tweed
skirt and grey blouse. Glasses perched on her nose
giving her the air of a retired school marm.

I tell her about John and I, our family and we sit
exchanging tidbits of information for ages. I even get
round to telling her about Mary and Jonathan and how
good they are to us and even venture the fact that
Jonathan now has a key so that he can pop in without
having to buzz the bell or in case of emergency. I find
myself so free with her that I am tempted to tell her
about the real reason for him having a key; so he can
come round and service me but feel that that would be
taking things too far as my in built sense of propriety
takes over.

I had just got some photos out and was showing them to
Rita at the dining table when I heard the door go so I
moved into the lounge again to see who it was. Imagine
my horror to see it was Jonathan; with his huge cock
projecting out of his flies and standing stiff in front
of him, a wicked grin on his face.

Before I could say anything he had grabbed me by the
back of the neck and bent me forward toward his cock
and as I opened my mouth to tell him I had company he
thrust it into my mouth and with my head held firm
began to fuck my face in his inimitable style.

“Morning Jean, I knew John was at cricket so I thought
I ought to pop round to give you a little cream to go
with your morning coffee. Now be a good Aunty and give
me a good sucking, this won’t take long as it has been
a couple of weeks since your last mouthful so there is
lots of that lovely come to fill your mouth and cover
your face.”

All the while he was saying this his incredibly thick
and long tool was sliding in and out of my mouth,
butting against the back of my throat and I was
desperately trying to pull away to warn him as he could
not see Rita sat round the corner but because of our
position I knew she could see me with my mouth full of
cock and hear every word he said.

So unsteady was I in this position that I had to hold
onto his thighs to prevent myself from falling forward
and c*****g myself on his gigantic member.

Jonathan clearly took my actions as part of our games
and held me hard against him my nose pressed into his
pubic hairs as he managed to deep throat me.

Suddenly I felt him start to thicken and his movements
speed up and I knew what was coming.

“Oh God Aunty hear it comes, ooohh yes, oooohh yes,
swallow it down, swallow it down.”

My mouth was suddenly inundated with his spunk and he
is pulling back: “Now let me paint your face with the
last of this load before I give your cunt a good
fucking.” and I see and feel 3 more jets of the stuff
spray over my face and glasses.

Then he is spinning me round; still bent over and I
have to hold onto our new coffee table for support as
my skirt is flipped up over my back, my knickers pulled
down to the top of my thighs and before I can say a
word he has presented his still stiff cock against my
vaginal opening and thrust all 8″ deep into my belly.

I cannot help but let out a low groan of passion as I
am filled again and he starts to fuck me.

Hands at my waist and my sweater is being rucked up
then my bra is pushed up over my breasts which now hang
down and his hands are squeezing them; pinching the
nipples and causing me to groan again.

“I just love the feel of your tits Aunty. For a
septuagenarian they are still quite full and heavy and
the nipples lovely and long as well as firm. They
really fill my palms. Just wait ’til later when I can
get them in my mouth. For the moment though you are
just going to have to be frustrated while I give this
lovely cunt of yours a good fucking.”

Swallowing deeply to empty my mouth of come I at last
find my voice.

“Jonathan stop, you must stop, I have a visitor.”

He stops but remains fully inserted in my vagina and
looks round to see Rita sat open mouthed at the table.

I remain bent over head hanging in shame, with his come
trickling down my face and dripping onto the coffee

I have to admire his cheek as without a blink he
introduces himself.

“Oh hello, I am Jonathan, Jean’s nephew in law, well
not strictly in law as I am not married to her niece
but what the heck. I don’t suppose she has told you
about our little arrangement, so this must be a bit of
a shock, sorry if it embarrasses you but I have been
thinking about what I was going to do to Aunty Jean for
the last couple of weeks and if I am honest never gave
a thought to the fact she might have company.

“In fact thinking about it, not being married to Mary
at least adds a bit of respectability to me fucking her
dear old Aunty, don’t you think? Any way I won’t be a
minute then you can carry on chatting or if Jean can
manage it feel free to chat away while I am doing it to

With that he began to fuck me again and despite my
embarrassment and the sensations running through my
body I feel compelled to explain. “Oh Rita, I am so
sorry and so embarrassed what must you think of me
carrying on like this. Oh yes, oh yes, deeper, yes
harder, fuck me harder. Oooh sorry, where was I?

“It must seem disgusting to you. It has only been going
on for the last 12 months and I know I shouldn’t but it
is so wonderful and so different to what I have been
used to; I cannot give him up. I just love the feel of
his cock thrusting in and out of my belly and filling
my mouth.”

And try as hard as I might I started to respond and a
couple of minutes later we both came and I cried out in
passion as my orgasm ripped through me; “I’m coming
Jonathan, here I come, aaaaahhhhh, yes! Yes! Yes! Fill
my cunt with that lovely come of yours!” And then I was
enjoying the sensation of his juices spraying the
inside of my fully distended vagina.

I feel my legs start to give as he withdraws from me
and I turn so I can sit on the couch my skirt
fortunately covering me but nothing can hide the state
of my come covered face. Not only that but my sweater
and bra are still, hiked up over my breasts, leaving my
nipples exposed and naughtily turgid.

Slowly I raise my head and look at Rita who is sitting
there mesmerised; her mouth gaping and a look of I am
not sure what in her eyes.

Jonathan is still stood there his cock hugely erect and
glistening with our juices; a look of total
satisfaction on his face.

Silence fills the room and I feel tears of
embarrassment fill my eyes and I lower my head to avoid
her gaze.

At last she speaks. “Mmm, no, Oh my goodness yes, what
can I say, never have I, no never have I seen anything
quite like that before in all my 79 years. The site of
seeing you treated like that, having a man’s thing in
your mouth and all that stuff all over your face well I
never. I mean, you sort of see it on the telly and I
have read it in books but assumed it never really
happened in real life and if it did then only to
youngsters. Then the sex, never having had sex I could
not imagine what it would be like.

“Well I could imagine but assumed it usually happened
in a bed and under the sheets. Then this, you at your
age being taken like that, just bent over and taken.
Tell me Jean, what did it feel like having something
that big inside you. I have never had anything inside
me and as you can gather I am still a virgin at 79. Did
some of that stuff go in your mouth, what is it like,
does it taste nasty?”

Her reply was a relief as I had visions of all sorts of
awful repercussions. John finding out, the home with
the inherent embarrassment and all sorts of things. I
decided to take the bull by the horns and told her how
wonderful it all was and how sorry I felt for her that
she had never had any sexual experiences.

What happened next should not have been a surprise but
it was. I watched Jonathan walk over to the dining area
and taking Rita by the head pushed her head back
slightly and presented the head of his mighty cock to
her mouth and told her to open wide.

At first her lips clamped into a thin line but I knew
Jonathan would not now take no for an answer.

“Well Rita as you can see I am still up for it so why
don’t I start your education here and now. You’re still
a rather tasty old spinster and as you will have
noticed I have a pension for the more mature woman so
come on dear, open wide and let me fill that prim
little mouth with some man meat. Jean will not mind
sharing and it will do you good to get a taste for cock
and feel one bumping up against your tonsils, so be a
dear, sweet old lady and open your mouth!”

And open it she did while I stared fascinated as he
slid a good 4″ into her mouth.

I watched as her eyes bugged. This was clearly
something new and very different for her as she
struggled to breathe.

He held her head firm then gave a couple of thrusts at
which she gagged, just as I had the first time.

“Be gentle with her Jonathan, remember my first time.”

He pulled back a little and held still. I could never
tire of seeing someone’s mouth stretched round a cock
since I had seen my daughter giving Jonathan head. It
was an image of total subjugation and illustrated the
power he had over me and Jane and soon to be Rita I

“Well there you are madam, your first taste of cock.
Not quite the norm as it tastes of both Jean and I but
you will get used to it. Once I have fucked your face
for a couple of minutes, I think that while I am still
hard we had better rid you of that pesky virginity of

With that he pulled out of her mouth until just the tip
was touching her lips.

“Lesson one is to treat it like your favorite ice
lolly. Lick it all over with the tip of your tongue
then suck it back into your mouth and then you just bob
your head back and forth keeping your lips tight round
it and being very careful with your teeth. Now I am
going to let go of your head and you can practice
giving me a blowjob.”

With that he let go and to my amazement she did just as
he had told her; her pointed tongue tracing all over
the throbbing length of his penis from the tip to the
base where it entered his trousers. Then she opened
wide again and almost inhaled him and I stared in
amazement as she took nearly seven of his 8″ into her

For three or four minutes she sucked on him, her head
bobbing, her eyes closed and her tiny fist clasping his
tool. I could see him getting close to the edge.
Jonathan stopped her by taking her hand and pulling her
to her feet then he bent and lifted her; a simple task
as she was relatively light and sat her on the dining

Next he bent and taking hold of her ankles raised her
legs causing Rita to lie back on the table and her
full skirt to fall back down her thighs to round her
middle exposing her bottom as the back draped over the
edge of the table.

She was clearly too shocked to move as she just lay
there looking at me, her eyes pleading for me to do or
say something.

“Tights, I do hate them,” he said, sticking his fingers
into the front of them and literally ripping them

I could clearly see her pale blue nylon knickers cut
full and very “granny-ish” with some lace inserts round
the legs.

“Jean, I will need some help. I want you to present my
cock to her cunt while I hold her legs up and apart. I
do not want her wriggling. Come along Aunty, hurry up.”

So hurry up I did. Getting up from the couch I slipped
beside them and with my right hand I pulled aside the
crotch of her knickers and then taking his cock in my
left I presented it to her sex.

“You will have to open her up just like you did Jane.”

Had I sunk this far? Yes I had, and just as I had
already helped him take my own daughter here I was
about to open up a perfect stranger.

Like mine her pubic hair was quite dense, grey but with
a hint of ginger black but the gap between her legs was
greater and I slid my fingers down and parted the flaps
that were protecting her sex and slid his cock between
them and up against the tight opening of her virgin

Rita was beginning to struggle as the enormity of what
was about to happen hit her, just as it had me all
those months ago.

Jonathan, as he had with me, completely ignored her and
spreading her legs wide apart thrust.

Rita gasped as I watched an inch slide in and then he

“She is a virgin I can feel her hymen. Never mind, I
will be through that in a second or two. Now why don’t
you hold her hand, this may sting a bit as she is so

I looked at her, spread eagled on my dining room table
an inch of cock in her sex with another 7” to go. It
would hurt; I knew that from my first experience with

“Please Jean hold my hand. I am somewhat scared as it
already feels huge inside me but I can see he only has
a bit in at the moment. Now Jonathan, go ahead and do
it to me, I am ready and hopefully able.”

He dropped his hands to the front of her thighs to
stabilize her and give him something to thrust against.

I grasped her hand and felt her wince as Jonathan
began, just a gentle pressure at first and then a
wicked twist of his hips and a vicious thrust and he
was through. Rita cried out and I had to put my hand
over her mouth to stifle her screams as she was taken.

Now he was inside her he wasted no time in trying to
shove all 8″ up her tight unused sex.

“She is quite wet for a first timer; all that cock
sucking must have got her rather excited.”

As he pulled back I could see her hymeneal b***d on his
cock and her whimpers made we want to tell him to stop.
I knew however it would do no good so I just clasped
her hand until all 8″ were home and his pubic hairs
mingled with hers.

“There now Rita that was not too bad was it. So let us
get on with it and I will give you a good seeing to.”

I looked at her face and could see she was trying to
say something but the sensations she was experiencing
down below were so intense she could not force the
words out.

A good seeing to was what he gave her, which loosened
her vocal chords and I watched as he slammed his cock
in and out of her sex and her cries of pain soon became
ones of passion. In minutes she achieved her first
orgasm and I could see her belly tremble under her
knickers and the remnants of her tights; her hand still
clasping mine mimicked the contractions of her newly
awakened sex. Then he was pulling out of her and
rolling her over so she was bent forward over the table
edge, her skirt dropping to cover her bottom.

Jonathan grasped the hem and flipped it over her back
exposing her bottom still covered by her tights and
pants. Hands gripped her tights and this time shredded
them and then he took the waist elastic of her knickers
and ripped them down to the top of her plump thighs:
where mine still lay, just as he had left them earlier.

Stooping slightly he fisted his cock and brought it to
bear on her portals, then with a huge thrust back up
her cunt he went and the room was filled with his and
her groans and the sound of his belly slapping against
her behind as he fucked her to several more climaxes
before pulling out of her cunt. Pulling her up from her
position over the table he span her round and f****d
her to her knees in front of him, pushing her head back
and making her mouth gape.

He then masturbated his cock so he could come into her
mouth and all over her tear stained face. It was a
mighty climax and as he finished he wiped his cock over
her face spreading his come everywhere then pushed it
into her mouth forcing her to swallow the spunk that
clung to her lips, teeth and tongue and to lick him
clean as he always did with me.

I felt a tinge of envy as I watched her swallow his
juices and lick her lips.

“Now how would you describe the taste?” I asked as he

“Salty and somewhat slimy; but not bad. Can we do this
again sometime or are you not going to share?”

Looking at her come streaked face I know it mirrors my
own and I suggest we go to the bathroom to clean up but
as we move off together Jonathan takes my arm and pulls
me back, not into the lounge but this time into the

“And where do you think you are going, Aunty? I haven’t
finished with you by a long way. If Rita wants to go
then I understand as it is her first time; but you know
better, and as I know your knickers are still at half
mast I think a little spanking is in order lest we
forget who is in charge here.”

This I could not believe, surely he wouldn’t spank me
in front of my new friend, surely he would spare me
that embarrassment.

I was of course fooling myself as I watched him pull
the bedside chair into the middle of the room, opposite
the mirror; its usual position reserved for my

Slowly he slipped his penis back into his trousers then
seated himself, adjusted his trousers and patted his

“Jean, what is going on, what does he mean a little
spanking surely he does not intend…?”

He looked her straight in the eye and in measured tones
told her exactly what he intended for my bottom.

“Now Rita, sometimes even in our latter years we have
to learn the meaning of discipline. Jean has now almost
learnt but clearly your presence has made her forget
her manners. Firstly she did not thank me for fucking
her and coming in her mouth and cunt. Secondly she went
to clean up before I had given her permission. In my
book that warrants a spanking. Only a small one in
deference to your presence but she IS going over my
knee and I WILL smack her bottom. If you want to stay
and watch you are more than welcome; in fact I think
you should as we want to broaden your horizons as much
as possible today, don’t we?”

Without further ado he patted his knees again and I
meekly walked over to him and with a bit of a struggle
placed myself across his lap.

“Right, first we lift her skirt to uncover the target
area. Then under normal circumstances I would pull down
her knickers and tights but as you can see her knickers
are already at half mast after her fucking and today
she is wearing holdups; she must have known I was
coming. Next I take a firm grip round her waist and
then Jean has to look in the mirror to watch herself
getting spanked and then I begin. Note how her cheeks
wobble after each smack and how the glow increases from
a pink to a red as her spanking proceeds.

“This is how one would normally deal with a naughty
schoolgirl but it seems to work just as well for
disobedient Grandmas and maybe even the odd spinster or
two, if you get my meaning. Do you not agree? As you
can hear Jean does tend to get a little vocal while she
is being spanked; it is a good job the walls are nice
and thick as I doubt if all her neighbors would be as
understanding as you are.”

This was the weirdest spanking I had ever received as
whilst he was giving Rita a commentary he was spanking
my poor defenseless bottom and as the heat built up so
I started to wriggle and cry out at the indignity and
pain of it.

I counted 103 smacks and then at last he stopped and
helped me to my feet where I just stood clutching my
poor bottom.

“Oh Jean; does it hurt? You know I have never had my
bottom spanked even as a c***d; it looked jolly
painful, are you alright?”

This of course was an extremely stupid thing for her to
say as I knew exactly what was going to happen next and
Jonathan did not disappoint me.

Before one could blink he had taken Rita by the arm and
hauled her across his lap, head down bottom raised and
completely helpless.

In a trice her skirt was flipped up over her back and
he was pulling her knickers and the remains of her
tights down again. Somehow she had managed to rearrange
her clothing since he had fucked her. No doubt while
she was watching me having my bottom smacked.

His arm went round her waist and he began to spank her
naked bottom. Her cries echoed round the bedroom
despite the fact that he only gave her twenty and those
not too hard.

“Well madam how does it feel to have your bottom
smacked for the first time?”

“How dare you! That really hurt and I only got a few.
Jean your bottom must be on fire.”

I nodded then was surprised when Jonathan told me to go
and get the love balls out of my draw as he thought
Rita ought to experience their pleasure while he
continued with me.

Not wanting another spanking I hastened to comply and
moments later he was slipping those wonderful orbs into
Rita’s still tight pussy and helping her to her feet.

“You enjoy what those little beauties can do whilst I
attend to Jean. Right Aunty up on your knees on the
edge of the bed, bottom up and head right down.”

I knew exactly what this meant: please I thought; not
up my bottom, not now, not in front of my neighbor.
Buggery the most perverted of his pleasures. I knew
though that I had no choice so I lifted my skirts again
and knelt up on the edge of the bed and dipping my
back, spread my thighs so my knickers were a tight band
stretched between them, presented my well spanked, red
and naked bottom for his attention.

“Come over here Rita, I want you to pay particular
attention to this as when I have finished with Jean it
will be your turn and I do not want any surprises for
you. First, however, can you go into the bathroom and
get the tube of KY jelly you will find in the bathroom
cabinet and then you can lubricate my cock, ready for
its’ next port of call. ”

I heard her move off toward the bathroom then heard
Jonathan undo his zip and in a couple of seconds felt
that familiar feeling of his cock sliding into my cunt
which was still full of his come from our earlier bout.
A couple of hefty thrusts; for lubrication and then it
was withdrawn and his fingers were parting my buttocks.

“Now Rita, first I want you to squeeze out a good
handful into the palm of your hand, then anoint my cock
so it is covered all over and well lubricated.”

The sound of the lid being flipped open and Jonathan’s
moans as she works his cock. The remembered pressure of
his cock against my anal opening and then the thrust
and I am opening and with a groan from me and a cry of
shock from Rita; all 8″ slide into my bowels.

“Jonathan, what are you doing? That cannot be right; it
is in the wrong hole, you have stuck it up her bottom.
Take it out, take it out at once.”

Take it out he did and I am left high and dry; bottom
raised and exposed my anus gaping and no doubt
glistening with KY whilst the room is filled with noise
and movement.

I dare not look up but soon the sounds of a hand
slapping down on a bare bottom and cries of pain fill
the bedroom. This time it isn’t a warm up; I count 50
substantial smacks and I can imagine how she must be
feeling as the heat and the pain grows to an intensity
you feel is unbearable. Then silence fills the room,
punctuated by Rita’s sobs and gasps for breath. And
still I do not look, fearful of the consequences for my
own bottom which is still red and tingling from my
earlier spanking.

More movement and I am joined on the bed by Rita who is
on her knees head down and bottom raised and no doubt
exposed to his lustful gaze..’

“Ooohh that is cold, what are you doing?”

“Just preparing your bottom madam, we do not want to
rend you asunder.”

More sounds then a gasp next to my ear as Jonathan
presumably presents his cock to her anus prior to
taking her anal virginity just as he had done mine all
those months ago. Her crying out and pleading for him
to stop.

“No, no! NO! Not up there, not up my bottom. Oh please
no, please no. AAAGGHH!!”

He has clearly penetrated her anally. I know just how
she feels as her rectum is stretched for the first
time. You imagine that you are about to be rent
asunder, that you can feel yourself splitting and that
he is almost in your throat.

“Oh Sweet Mary, mother of God, make him take it out
Jean, make him take it ouuuut, it hurts so. Oh, please,
no more, it is so big I am splitting in two.”

I risk taking a look and am rewarded by the sight of
her anal muscle stretched tight just under the head of
his prick. She only has an inch in her bottom so far.

Jonathan smiles at me, “I wondered how long it would be
before you took an interest. Well make yourself useful
and spread her cheeks, she is rather a tight fit which
is not uncommon with an anal virgin as both you and
your daughter well know.”

With the fingers of both hands I pull her fleshy cheeks
apart and watch fascinated as he bears down on my
neighbors exposed bottom.

“Jesus no not another…. Christ that hurts, surely it
is all… God that was another foot or so it feels. No
deeper, please; Jonathan have some pity. Oh Jean, why
are you helping him? Make him stop!! Pleeeease!”

At that he began to bugger her: the bed vibrating as he
thrust in and out of her bottom; his cock going ever
deeper into her back passage, filling the hitherto
unpenetrated depths of her bowels stretching her anus
almost to the point of splitting as he arse fucks her
for the first time.

“Just try and relax Rita, it gets easier I promise you.
After a while you will even start to enjoy it, I did.”

I whispered softly to her, even as the last inch
disappeared through her back door.

“Chrrrrist!!” she screamed. “That’s easy for you to
say, you don’t have a tree trunk stuck up your bottom.”

The sound of his thighs slapping against her bottom
then the feel of his hand between my legs and two
fingers are sliding into my sex and his thumb
penetrates my bottom. The bowling ball approach as he
loves to call it. As he continues to bugger my
neighbour so he massages me internally bringing me to
new peaks of passion.

“My poor bottom, my poor bottom. First he spanked it
and now he violates it. I will never be able to sit
down again. Owwww! Not so hard, please not so deep.”

The room is filled with the musky smell of penetrated
bottoms and the liquid sound of his penis gliding in
and out of her well lubricated back passage to the
accompaniment of her ever faster and louder groans that
mimic the pace and depth of her buggering!!.

The movement stops and I hear a pop as he withdraws
from her backside and moving behind me again thrusts
his prick hard through my back door and starts to
bugger me again.

“Do not move lady, I have not finished with you yet.”

For 5 minutes he sodomises me then pulls out again and
thrust himself back into her rectum for a couple more

“Jean, go and get the harness, the one we used on
Sheena, and put it on; then come back here.”

My god, he cannot expect me to do that, or can he? Of
course he can and so I go to my secret place and take
out the box that has remained hidden since that day. I
open the box and take out the contraption; 10 inches of
black shiny rubber connected to a red harness. I
undress removing my clothes, folding them neatly before
placing them on the chair that only minutes earlier had
been the site of mine and Rita’s spanking.

Time to get ready. Opening up the harness I stepped
into it and drew it up my legs then tightened the
straps round my waist before adjusting the dildo so it
sat squarely and snuggly on my pubic mound.

My mind went back a few weeks and I recalled the
sensations this same piece of rubber had created as
Sheena had taken me vaginally and analy. By then I had
had months of Jonathan’s cock up me and was more
prepared. Would my intended victim be so lucky or would
I split her apart.

My reverie was heightened by the sounds coming from the
bed. Rita’s cries muffled as her face was f****d into
the duvet by the vigorous thrusts of Jonathan’s huge
cock as he drove it ever deeper between the spread
cheeks of her bottom. The sound of the bed springs as
he pounded her anus and the slap of his naked flesh
against hers as he buggered her senseless.

I turned and looked at myself in the mirror and despite
my shame liked what I saw.

The dildo looked huge and menacing as it reared out and
up from the base of my belly. My breasts still retained
some fullness in the confines of my white lacy bra. The
only downside being my belly; always swollen as a
result of my diveticulitis something though that
obviously did not put Jonathan off. He often spent a
long time caressing and stroking it in the aftermath of
one of our sessions or as a prelude to him thrusting
his hand between my legs and a finger into my sex prior
to him mounting and fucking me in either my cunt or my

I am now ready and turn back to the bed where Jonathan
continues to bugger poor Rita; who judging from the
sounds she is omitting is now achieving anal orgasm
after anal orgasm. Her pleas for mercy long since

“I am back, what do you want me to do?”

A grunt from Rita as Jonathan hilts his cock in her
bottom and then rolls off her back taking her onto her
side and with a whirl of legs and arms I am presented
with an amazing tableau of poor Rita sitting impaled on
his massive penis a look of total bemusement on her
face. Her legs are wide apart and I can see the ring of
her anus stretched to the limit by his mighty weapon
with her pussy lips pouting as a result of the
stretching going on just a centimeter below them.

“Simplicity itself Jean; as you can see I am firmly
ensconced in her back passage and I want you to take
her by the front door and fill her with that dildo,
Just as you did Sheena. I will hold her legs apart and
keep her still as I suggest it may be a bit of a tight
squeeze as you will no doubt remember. Right-ho Aunty
get on with it.”

Rita stared up at me as realization of what was about
to happen struck her. Her eyes opened wide pleading
with me and she started to struggle but Jonathan kept
to his word and held her spread-eagled and open to me.

I moved onto the bed between their spread legs then
reached out for the KY and squirted a liberal amount
into my hand then worked it along the full 10″ of black
rubber that would soon be stirring the insides of my
new neighbor.

“Jean no, not this, you cannot, you must not it will
hurt terribly, I just will not be able to take it!!”

I moved in closer and brought the tip of the strap on
to bare and then opened her again with my fingers
before trying to press the first 2″ into her sopping
wet vagina.

“Jean, Jean, this Sheena that did this to you, was that
someone here?”

This caused me to pause before looking sheepishly at
her and admitting that I had fucked and been fucked by
my lovers cleaner.

“Get on with it Jean, you know you want to and have
done ever since that cleaner of mine both fucked and
buggered you. Remember how hard she made you come. Well
you can do the same for Rita hear. Now get it all up
her and ignore her squeals she will soon get used to
being the meat in the sandwich.

Actually, a thought before you fuck her. I want you to
go down on her and eat her out; the same as you did for
Jane. When she is really coming, then you can do her
with the strap-on.”

“Jane? Not your daughter, Jean, surely not!!” came a
startled cry from Rita.

I was past caring and admitted that I had had oral sex
with my own daughter and while I was making my
confession I remembered the love balls that he had
previously slipped up her cunt.

The sheer perversity of it. Bad enough I had gone down
on my own daughter; but to eat out a stranger.

Still, needs must when ones master commands.
Withdrawing the offending article I knelt between their
spread legs and opened my friend’s sex with my fingers
and grasped the slippery chord that was all that was
visible of those little marvels and then bending
forward ran the tip of my tongue along her exposed

Oh the taste and smell instantly drove me wild and I
was soon forcing my tongue into the soaking interior of
her vagina.

“You mean you’ve done this with your own daughter, how
could you, how could you?”

Lifting my head I answered with a simple yes then went
back to work with a will bringing Rita to a swift and
noisy climax as she writhed on the cock filling her
bottom; her thighs clamping round my ears. My tongue
teased her clitoris and probed her vagina lapping all
over and inside her tight little cunt.

As I worked her I slowly withdrew the shiny objects
enhancing her pleasure.

Now I had admitted to incest I lost all my inhibitions
and getting to my feet re-presented the tip of the
dildo to her gaping sex and set to with a will. Despite
her screams and cries for mercy I managed to work the
full thick length up her until we were joined pubis to

As I paused and looked down on her tear streaked face I
watched as her hands came up and took me on either side
of my face then she raised her head and kissed me hard
on the lips mashing our mouths together then to my
amazement she stuck her tongue into my mouth forcing my
lips wide apart and kissed me as if I were a man.

At first I resisted but suddenly realised that this was
quite pleasant and started to respond and soon we were
mouth to mouth, breasts to breasts and I began to fuck
her as if it were the most natural thing in the world.
Her hands came up and began to fondle me which caused
my movements to increase and as I slammed the final
inch home we both came to a climax and I thrust my own
tongue into her mouth.

I hear Jonathan moan that he is about to come and
seconds later we are on our sides, the dido still deep
in her cunt and Jonathan is by our heads and suddenly
we are covered in a spray of his juices which fill her
mouth until it drips from the corner and covers both of
our upturned faces in an ocean of spunk all over my
glasses up my nose and into her hair.

In seconds my tongue is back in her mouth lapping up
his outpouring then she carefully licks my face clean
of the sticky white goo that I have come to so enjoy.

In the distance I hear Jonathan’s voice.

“Now that is what happens to naughty old spinsters who
do not do as they are told! I suggest that now is the
time to go and wash then we can have a nice cup of

The following Week:

I’d like to think that everything had returned to
relative normality after that but it hadn’t. It had
soon become quite clear that our new neighbour was most
definitely bi-sexual. A couple of times during the week
she had popped round to borrow things from me and on
both occasions had felt me up and even managed a quick
thrust of her tongue into my mouth as we “kissed”
goodbye right in front of John.

It was on the Tuesday that things really got out of
hand. John had gone to the hospital for a check
something that usually took a good 6 hours so I was
busying myself cleaning and tidying when the doorbell

It was Rita who pushed straight into the hall and shut
the door then taking me by the hand pulled me into the
bedroom and f****d me down onto my back and then got on
top of me and began kissing me. I struggled to push her
away as I was very unsure that a lesbian relationship
was what I wanted. It had been OK as part of my fun
with Jonathan but this was too close to home.

Eventually I pushed her off me and made to get up but
she proved to be incredibly strong and before I knew it
she was sitting on the side of the bed and had me
across her lap. Hands pulled at my skirt and in short
order it was folded up over my back and fingers were
tugging at the waist elastic of my panties which were
soon down round my knees.

No pause; nothing, just the immediate application of a
hard palm to my bare bottom and I was being soundly

She may have been a novice a week ago but had soon got
to grips with the art and she proceeded to give me a
damn good hiding that had tears running down my cheeks
and pooling in the lenses of my glasses as I hung head
down, bottom raised over her lap. It seemed to go on
forever and I could feel my bottom turning redder and
redder as she belabored my defenseless backside.

At last it stopped and I was soon gasping for another
reason as she began to probe my sex with two thick
fingers that were quickly slipped between my thighs and
into my vagina.

In seconds I was coming and as I lay gasping for breath
over her lap she whispered in my ear.

“Up onto your knees Jean and do not move. Rita is going
to give you such a fucking you will be coming forever.
You clearly enjoyed doing me; I wonder how much you
will appreciate it when the boot is on the other foot
or the dildo is up your cunt; so to speak. Oh and by
the way I have bought my own so be prepared for a

As if in a dream I got up from her lap and positioned
myself on my knees on the edge of the bed. I heard her
open up my secret draw and then the sounds of clothes
being removed and elastic being snapped into place.
Fingers part my thighs and slide into my sex again.
This time they are cold and slippery with KY jelly. I
feel the pressure of the huge end of the dildo against
my cunt, my hips are clasped and with a grunt Rita
thrusts and all 12″, as I later learnt, are rammed into
my sex filling me, stretching me causing me to come to
an instant climax.

She doesn’t pause but straightway begins to fuck me and
the room is filled with the sounds of our lesbian
coupling as she fucks me long and hard bringing me off
time and time again. I cast a glance at the mirror and
see us in action; I on my knees skirt up round my
middle, knickers round my lower thighs. Rita in a black
basque stockings and high heels; just like some of the
tarts Jonathan had shown me on his computer.

I had thought some of Jonathan’s love making had been a
bit on the rough side but this was something else.

The next thing I knew she had pulled out of me and
flipped me over onto my back; my legs are lifted and
spread as far as my knickers would allow and in an
instant she has engaged my sex again and is fucking me
for all she is worth. Her hands grasp my blouse and
literally rip it open and my bra is pushed up exposing
my breasts which she grabs and fondles and squeezes as
she continues to work the dildo in and out of my cunt.

Her hands are rough and my breasts soon become sore and
tender and then she is biting on my nipples causing me
to squeal in pain as she flicks them with her tongue.

I am scared of this woman but strangely turned on and
as my fucking continues so my body begins to respond
again and I start to climax my vaginal muscles
squeezing on the thick invasive piece of rubber that is
my tormentor.

Then another voice fills the room; “Mother, what on
earth is going on? I never knew you had lesbian
tendencies and who the hell is this?”

The world stopped as here I am on my back with 12″ of
thick pink dildo threatening to burst out of my throat
and I had forgotten that Jane was popping in for

The curse of the elderly, short term memory loss.

What could I say? What could I do? My questions were
answered by the woman who was so successfully fucking
me senseless. Keeping me firmly impaled I hear her
answer my inquisitive daughter.

“It would appear you are Jane and unless you are losing
your marbles you must realise I am rogering your
mother. Would you care to join us as I am getting to
enjoy this and a bit of younger meat would be
wonderful? However as an ex school headmistress I
cannot really condone your incestuous activities so I
think before I give you a good seeing to I should spank
your bottom in the same way as I have just spanked your

I gasp as the dildo is brutally withdrawn from my cunt
and watch as Rita pulls out the “spanking chair” seats
herself; dildo still in place; and pulls Jane across
her lap. In a trice my daughters skirts are up around
her middle and her black winter tights and white cotton
knickers are being tugged down to just below her knees.

The room is soon filled with that familiar sound of
palm being forcibly applied to bare buttocks and Jane’s
gasps of indignation are turning to gasps then howls of
pain as I watch her pert bottom cheeks turn from pink
to fiery red.

After 50 or so smacks she is hauled to her feet and
then flipped onto her back on the bed. Rita grasps her
legs and lifts and spreads them then I watch in
awestruck fascination as she gets between those widely
spread thighs, positions the dildo against Jane’s well
furred pussy lips and thrusts. In it goes as Jane opens
to her and the lubrication from my own cunt is
sufficient to help its’ passage into her unprepared

From my position on the bed I have a wonderful view of
my daughter’s cunt being filled to capacity and enjoy
the site of her being “raped” as my lusty neighbour
fucks her for 20 minutes bringing her off time and time

Memories of our previous session flood back and I move
across the bed and straddling Jane’s head I lower
myself to give her agile tongue access to my well
fucked pussy.

As she tongues me to a climax I lean forward and Rita
and I embrace and kiss as we do my dear daughter.

I could get used to this but still I feel a real cock
is still more preferable to one made of rubber no
matter how much bigger it is. Maybe Jonathan can get us
an even bigger one to try for comparison.