Public Rebound

Jane had just signed the divorce papers. It was both sad and a relief at the same time. Her husband, now ex-husband had become increasingly manipulative, his emotion regulation skills seemed to be degenerating and every time he was angry or sad he blamed it on her, as if it was her job to shield him from emotions. For a while she’d tried, but it was impossible to predict what would make him angry. It could be that someone had parked in his parkingspot, or that the dishes hadn’t been done, or it could be the other way round, that he got angry because she had done the dishes and he now couldn’t find his favorite mug, that was just in cupboard where it was supposed to go.

Well now it was all over anyway. Still there was still some snippets of love left and it was painfull to see him walk away from the courthouse without even looking back. She knew she had a lot of healing to do, she had to grief and process this all before she could dive into the next relationship, yet she didn’t want to wait. She wanted to have a big rebound, she wanted to feel sexy and loved, she wanted to feel admired, she wanted to numb the pain and emptiness with a cock filling her pussy.

It was only two o’clock in the afternoon, yet she went into a pub and ordered a beer. She texted a few friend but they were still at work, they would come by after work though. She took her beer into a booth and just played with the coasters for a while.

‘Are you alright?’ There was a woman standing next to her table. She appeared to be in her thirties, her hair dyed raven black and she had a bunch of tattoo’s on her arms.

‘I’m fine.’ Jane said.

‘Really?’ The woman tilted her head. ‘Not to be rude, but you look like someone who’s trying to drink away their pain, and let me tell you that’ll only leed to addiction and…’

‘Yeah, whatever.’ Jane said. ‘I don’t need a peptalk, I just need a friend.’

‘I can be your friend.’ The woman said. She sat down next to Jane and slid closer. Her thigh touching Jane’s thigh.

‘I… that’s…’ Jane stuttered.

‘I’m Angel by the way, well my parents actually called me Angela, but I like Angel better, don’t you?’

‘Sure.’ Jane said.

‘So what’s the pain you’re trying to drink away?’

‘I’m celebrating.’ Jane said. ‘I just signed the divorce papers.’ She didn’t know why she pulled the papers out of her bag and showed them to this strange woman. ‘So…’ Jane shrugged.

‘O dear.’ Angel said. She put her hand on Jane’s thigh and slowly stroke up and down as if she was trying to sooth Jane. ‘So now what?’ She asked. ‘What’s next for this little lady?’

Jane lifted her glass of beer. ‘This.’ She said.

Angel started laughing. ‘Fair enough.’ She said. ‘You know what, I’ve got something even better.’ She was figdetting under the table and secretively showed her a little bottle.

‘Eye drops?’ Jane asked.

‘It’s Kizomine.’ She whispered.

‘Never heard of it.’ Jane said.

‘Just a few drops and you’ll be…’ Angel crossed her eyes and stuck her tongue out of her mouth. ‘You’ll forget all about, Cheaty mcFart-face.’

‘My husband didn’t cheat on me.’ Jane said.

‘You want some?’

‘A moment ago you’re warning me about alcohol addiction and now you’re trying to get me to use drugs?’ Jane said.

Angel shrugged and gave her a cheeky smile. ‘You want to try it or not?’ She asked.

‘What is it anyway? Is it dangerous? Is it addictive?’ Jane asked

Angel started laughing and shook her head. ‘It kills less braincells and it’s less addictive than alcohol,’ she said. ‘But it is more potent though, just a few drops and you’ll feel… it’s hard to explain… I guess you just have to experience it for yourelf.’

For a moment Jane looked at the bottle of eye drops. She knew full well it was a horrible idea to accept drugs from strangers in a bar, but she was a tad bit self-destructive anyway and it wasn’t like she’d never done drugs before. In her teenage years and early adult hood before she got married she’d been on quite and experimental strike. She wanted to be that girl again, that free young pretty thing with her whole life in front of her.

‘Fine.’ She said. ‘What do I do?’

Angel looked over at the bar. ‘Open your mouth.’ She said.

Jane obeyed and Angel let a few drops of the d**g fall onto her tongue. It was gross, it tasted strangely bitter and extremely salty at the same time. A shiver ran down her spine and she washed her mouth with another sip of beer.

Angel’s hand was once more rubbing her thigh.

‘Now what?’ Jane said. ‘I don’t feel anything yet.’ Before she finished talking there was a rush of happiness that spread through her chest and her mind, quickly followed by another rush and another rush. It was like her head was pulsating with love and loopiness.

‘Okay,’ she said nodding. ‘Okay, I get it.’

There was a surge of satisfaction in her chest, like there was nothing left to want, nothing left to strive for. The world was perfect already, she was precisely where she was supposed to be. Angel’s hand a delightfull caress, her fingers swirling over Janes thigh, up and down, inching closer and closer to her inner thighs, to her pussy.

‘Yeah.’ Jane mumbled, she rested her head on Angels shoulder and pressed her lips against the side of her neck, her warm skin, silky soft, she snuggled up to Angel.

She was filled with so much love. She loved everyone in this pub, and she loved the woodworker that build the tables too, and the electrician who put up the lights, the brewers who brewed the beer, everyone who made this moment possible. Life was amazing, life was full of love and trust and other amazing people.

Angel softly lifted Jane’s head and put a kiss against her lips, her tongue bumping into her mouth, a thight embrace.

‘I love you.’ Jane said dreamily, the moment Angel’s mouth dissappeared from her.

‘I know you do sweety.’ Angel said. Angel’s hand in between her legs was now rubbing up her pussy, pressing into the crotch of her jeans. It was an amazing feeling, it was so warm and fuzzy and tingly, so filled with love and arousel. She spread her legs apart so Angel could feel her up even better.

‘Yeah,’ Angel said. ‘You like that don’t you?’

‘I love it.’ Jane said groggy.

Angel fidgetted with the zipper and a moment later she’d opened Jane’s pants. She slid her hand into the panties. Warm agile fingers were now exploring Jane’s pussy. Arousal swirled through her body and involuntarily her hips started rocking, trusting forward, frotting herself against Angels fingers.

Her mind befuddled, so in love, so perfect. Her pussy spasming in excitement. She knew full well they were in a pub, that she’d been daydrinking, that she’d accepted drugs from a stranger that made her feel like this, this happy and horny and carefree.

Angels fingers found her clit and slowly she started rubbing it, circling around it, making Jane more aroused than she’d ever been. It wasn’t long before and orgasm started to build up. Jane started panting, it was hard to keep focussed on anything beside the finger, besides the arousal that was spreading through her pussy quickly.

She pressed her lips together and surpressed a moan. Her whole body was tense. She put her hand in front of her mouth. She bit her finger to keep herself from moaning out loud.

‘Sshhh.’ Angel whispered in her ear. She was leaning against Jane. Her breast against her upperarm, her mouth close to her ear, her tongue toying with her earlobe. ‘Just relax, just enjoy, just surrender.’ She whispered.

It was like a magic spell. Jane relaxed in that moment, she felt the muscles in her shoulder relax, she was happy to be here, coming here was a good idea, it was so exciting to get a handjob in public and she wasn’t scared or embarrassed about it at all. She rested her head onto Angels shoulder once more.

She started to cum, her orgasm was like a tsunami, she could feel it approaching, she was trembling with anticipation as it came closer and closer and then if finally crashed through her. She almost let out a moan and quickly Angel put her lips on hers to keep her quiet.

She closed her eyes and just surrendered to the moment, her pussy was convulsing, her heart beating rapidly, she was panting and just overcome with pleasure. Gradually it subsided again and she let out a deep sigh and another one.

‘Wow.’ She mumbled. ‘Just… wow.’

‘I know.’ Angel said.

‘You know I kind of came here looking for a rebound, I thought a cock in my pussy could help me move on from my ex, but this was nice too.’ Jane started giggling. ‘I mean, it was more than nice. It was… it was…’

‘Sshhh.’ Angel said again. ‘Don’t talk too loud, okay?’

Jane nodded.

‘I’ve got a cock at home if you want.’

‘You do?’ Jane asked.

‘A strap-on.’ Angel said. ‘You want to come home with me?’

‘Yes.’ Jane said nodding. ‘Yes please.’

‘Close your pants.’ Angel said.

Jane obeyed, she zipped up her jeans and then she took Angels hand and followed her out of the pub, she followed her home, she would follow her wherever she would go.

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