Quiet Shy Guy

I wonder what people really think about me. I guess I
talk a lot. When I really get going my friends just
laugh at me. They don’t say anything, they just laugh.
I can’t help it, it’s just who I am.

I work as a receptionist and everyday I talk and flirt
with all of the salesmen who come into the office.
When the other employees get bored, they will often
come up to my desk and talk with me. They know that I
always have an interesting story or a joke to tell.
They tell me things too. I always know everything
that’s going on in the company. I know who is in
trouble and who’s moving up the ladder. I know about
the office affairs and the break-ups.

It’s funny, one would think that with my outgoing
nature that I would thrive on dating men who are like
me — chatty, full-of-life. But, I really prefer the
quiet ones. They are more of a challenge. Quiet and
shy people have a lot of layers to be peeled back and
examined before you really know what’s inside. I like
this element of mystery.

There’s one guy who I was really dying to get to know.
His name is Tom and works at my company. He’s some
sort of a manager, I guess. I don’t really care what
he does. I see him every morning. He comes in at
about 8:30 am, says hello, and scurries back into the
building. Sometimes I try to engage him in conversa-
tion. He either pretends he doesn’t hear me or mumbles
something about needing to get to work. Once he came
in wearing a nice suit since he had to give some sort
of a presentation. I whistled at him and he tuned a
deep shade of red and almost ran back to his office.
This only encouraged me further.

Not too long ago, the company sponsored a picnic for
it’s employees. They had rented out a community center
near the office. It had volleyball courts and a swim-
ming pool. The company was also going to have it
catered. We all got a half a day off to go. It
sounded great to me.

On the day of the picnic, Tom did something on his way
in to the office that he never had done before. He
stopped by my desk and talked with me for a minute. It
wasn’t much, but at least it was something. The last
thing he said to me was “I hope to see you at the
picnic.” That put me in a good mood for the rest of
the morning.

The picnic was a lot of fun. People let their hair
down and generally had a good time. We drank beer,
ate, and made fools of ourselves. After eating, I was
feeling a little warm so I decided to take a swim. I
hadn’t been into the pool up to this point because I
was feeling a little self-conscious about wearing a
bathing suit in front of all of these people, even if
it was a fairly modest one-piece suit. But I guess the
beer loosened me up and seeing all of the other people
in the pool all day helped too. By now, it was getting
late and the crowd was thinning so I figured this was
my chance.

I got in and swam a few laps and splashed around a
little until I felt cooler. Then I noticed the diving
board. I looked around and there were only a couple
of people in the pool, mostly minding their own
business. I decided to give it a try, figuring I could
dive off the board once or twice without making a fool
of myself. I got out, and went over to the diving
board and managed to do an elegant, if simple, little
dive into the pool. I was feeling pretty good about
myself and so I sort of came thrusting out of the water
in celebration of my successful dive.

Unfortunately, as I popped up out of the water, the
top of my suit pulled down to my waist, leaving my
breasts exposed. My first reaction was to look up and
see if anyone saw me. There, standing about five feet
in front of me, was Tom.

At first he was stunned at this unexpected sight. He
just stood there and stared at my big tits hanging out
of my suit. As quickly as I could I pulled my suit
back up. All of this happened over a period of just a
few seconds. Tom turned beet red, turned around and
got out of the pool as fast as he could. I was also
embarrassed. So, I just got out and went home.

The next morning at work when Tom came in he moved as
fast as he could past me without looking at me or
saying anything. He looked terrified. I didn’t get
it. What was he scared about? I’m the one whose tits
were bobbing around for all the world to see. He just
happened to be in the right (or wrong) place at the
right time.

That night I went to a bar to have a drink before I
went home. I ordered a glass of wine and turned to
find a table. In the corner I saw Tom. He was alone,
drinking a beer and seemed to be absorbed in this
thoughts. I decided to see if I could get him to talk
to me.

“Hi,” I said standing in front of him. “Can I join

Tom looked up to see who it was and his face turned
red as soon as he recognized me. “Uh. Er, I guess.”

I sat down. “Look, you shouldn’t be embarrassed,” I
said, figuring I should just get this out in the open.
“I’m the one who was exposed yesterday. I should be
embarrassed but I figure that there is nothing I can
do at this point.”

“I’m, uh sorry. I guess I shouldn’t have stared.”

“Hey, don’t worry about it. I’m not offended. In fact,
I’m flattered. If you got a look of disgust on your
face before you turned and ran I’d be a lot more

Tom turned red again, smiled a little, and sipped his
beer. After this, though, we got along fine. In fact
he was quite funny and entertaining. Before long it
was time to go. Both of us had had too much to drink
and we stumbled out of the bar. I knew that I couldn’t
drive so I suggested that we share a cab.

“I don’t need a cab. I just live around the corner,”
He paused, thinking. “Uh, listen. Since we’re both
drunk and it’s late… Well, why don’t you come over
and sleep on the couch or something. You can get your
car and go home in the morning.”

I agreed and followed him home. When we got to his
apartment I asked if I could take a shower. He pointed
me to the bathroom. After showering I realized that I
only had the dirty clothes that I had worn to work. I
was feeling a little horny so I just wrapped myself in
a towel and walked out into the living room. Tom had
changed into his conservative pajamas and was sitting
on the sofa. He avoided looking at me as he told me
about the sleeping arrangements.

I sat on the chair opposite the couch and let the towel
slide up to show some leg. He still wasn’t looking. I
got up, turned around and bent over pretending to
adjust the pillow on the chair to make it more comfor-
table. I could feel that my towel had risen up to
expose my bottom to him. After a moment I turned
around to find Tom staring at my ass. I smiled and
dropped the towel.

I walked over, naked, and grabbed his hand. I pulled
him into the bedroom. He came along just like a little
puppy. Once in the bedroom, though, things began to
change. I sat on the edge of the bed and Tom knelt on
the floor in front of me. He moved his head to my tits
and began sucking one of my nipples. After a few
minutes he stood up and undressed.

He had a nice body, he didn’t work out but he was trim.
He also had a nice looking cock. Not huge but not

Then Tom walked over to me, grabbed his cock and
brushed it across my lips. “Suck it please,” he said.
I opened my mouth and began to work on his cock. That
he was becoming more aggressive was turning me on more.
“That’s it, lick the shaft. Mmmmm. That feels good,

I pulled my mouth off his cock and looked up at him,
“Do you like that? Do you want me to suck you some
more? Do you want me to lick your balls?”

“Yes baby, Lick my balls,” he moaned. I bent down and
started tonguing his balls. “Oh, that’s good baby.
You’re a little slut aren’t you.” He moved away and
turned around and bent over. “Lick my asshole, slut.”
I stuck my tongue out and licked tentatively at first
and then with more vigor. I’d never done that before,
but I was really getting into this guy now.

He moaned a lot as I rimmed his asshole. I guess he
liked it. “That’s it. Keep licking. You are a little
slut you know. Only a slut would lick my asshole like

I felt deliciously like a slut too, and I was so horny

He turned around and pushed me back up onto the bed.
He climbed up on me and slid his cock between my tits.
“Squeeze your tits around my cock, baby,” he said. I
did as he asked. He started to fuck my tits slowly.
I looked down and saw his cock pop up through my
cleavage with each thrust. I stuck my tongue out and
licked the head of his cock each time he pushed it up
close enough for me to reach it. “I’ve wanted to fuck
these tits ever since I saw them at the pool.”

I was amazed. Boy, you never know about those quiet

After a few more minutes of tit fucking, Tom got up
and told me to get on my hands and knees. (I was eager
for this, I wondered exactly what he had in mind.)

He got behind me and started to push his cock into my
pussy slowly. After a couple of gentle thrusts, he
began to fuck me harder. He would pull almost all the
way out and then push back in as hard as he could. On
each thrust, I could hear a loud slap as his thighs
smacked against my ass.

A few minutes more of this and I began to come.

“Fuck me harder and faster, I’m going to come.” I

Tom slowed down for a minute, teasing me.

“Please,” I begged him. “I need to come. Fuck me

He started to fuck me like an animal, hard and fast.
I came, moaning loudly. I could feel my muscles
contracted around Tom’s cock. He must have felt it
too because he came, grunting as he did.

The next morning at work Tom said “Hi” to me quietly
as he passed my desk and scurried off into the building
to begin his workday. I don’t know, there’s just
something about those quiet shy guys that does it for

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