Thrasher Girls 3 – Geeks

It was a Wednesday afternoon a few weeks ago, and it was
fucking cold. I was in my leather with a sweater on and about three
tee-shirts underneath, and I was still freezing my tits off. Nikki,
tams and I were sitting in Magic Beans at a back table after school.
As always, we were discussing what we were going to do that weekend.
We knew it would have to involve some serious partying and fucking,
but we weren’t quite sure of the details yet.
For the last month or so, we’d been reading all the e-mails people
were sending me and trying to come up with ideas of what we could
possibly do so I could write about it in Thrasher Girls, part 3. A
lot of people said they wanted to see us do some more whoring. One
guy wrote me and said (I’m correcting his spelling and grammerJ):

Dear Ronni,
You and your friends sound so hot. I see a lot of hot young
teens like you hanging out all the time. I think you all look so hot
with all the tattoos and body piercings. I always think girls like
you must be wild to fuck. That is why I like your stories so much
because I like to think about girls I see that are like you and doing
all that stuff. I always want to talk to hot teen girls, but I never
know what to say. How does a guy start a conversation with you kinds
of girls anyway? Do I just walk up and say, “Hey, how’d you like to
fuck me for a hundred bucks?” What would you say if some older guy
came up to you and just asked you that? Let’s say you were at the
mall or something, and I walked up to you. I’m 47 years old, and I’m
married, and I have a son about your age. He has a girl friend, and I
think about fucking her all the time when I see her. But I know
that’s not possible because I’m an old guy to you kids, and who would
want to fuck an old guy? I’d be willing to pay to fuck a hot teenage
girl, though. But how would I know you’d be willing to fuck me for
money? Let’s say I walk up to you at a mall. What do I say to you?
How do I know you’re not just going to call me a pervert or worse yet
get a cop on me? You see, I think about this all the time, and I’m
sure a lot of men my age do, especially if they’re around teenagers a
lot like I am. What I’d like you to write about is how a guy like me
would be able to find a girl like you who would fuck me for money.
You say you want to do stuff that would turn people on and write about
it. What would turn me on is if you went out and found somebody like
me and fucked him and then wrote about it so I could see what that
would be like. Maybe that makes no sense to you, but at least think
about it. I know you probably won’t write me back, but if you want to
here’s my e-mail address. (You don’t really think I’m going to put his real
name, here do youJ)

After receiving that e-mail, I’d been writing back to Noman
about two times a week for the last few weeks. In our e-mails we
talked a lot more about his fantasy. He really wanted me to find some
older guys like him and fuck them for money and write about it. Nikki
and tams thought the idea was pretty hilarious. The three of us are
always checking out all the hermans gawking at us when we go out. We
know all those old guys would die to fuck us. We always thought it
was fucking hilarious until I started writing to Noman and reading his
As always, nikki was the first one to really think about
fucking hermans for cash. The more we talked about it, the more she
kept saying we could make some serious cash doing it. Then she
started talking about where we could do it and how we could do it
without getting caught. Fucking black guys for dope out in the
parking lot at Magic Beans is one thing. The cops go through there a
lot, but it’s just kids screwing kids. Some chicks have gotten busted
in cars with guys, but nothing really happens except a lot of bullshit
before they send you home to your parents. But there aren’t any
hermans cruising the lot at Magic Beans on a Friday night, so we
couldn’t score anything that way.
Nikki then started talking about curb crawling, like the
whores who work up the street about 20 blocks from Magic Beans. At
about 11:00 PM or so they come out. Most are pretty skanky and old,
and I’m sure they all have AIDS. There are also a lot of trippers
driving around down there late at night, and that didn’t appeal to us
at all. You could get in some guy’s car, and he could kill you, and
dump your body somewhere, and no one would ever know. So, after
thinking about it, nikki had decided that wasn’t the way to go, and
tams and I agreed.
That’s when I said we could just cruise the local mall like
Noman said. The place was loaded with hermans all the time, and we
could just hang out in the food court or out by the bike racks and
pick up some hermans along the way. Tams didn’t like that idea at
all. She started worrying about how we’d get busted right away by all
the narcs they always have cruising the mall. I told her that the
narcs would never get us because they all make themselves out to look
like they’re younger so they can bust kids by posing as stoners. But,
we’d be going after the real hermans, and no narc trying to bust kids
with dope at the mall was going to look like a herman.
Nikki thought about that for a minute, and then she agreed
with me. Tams was still being a puss, though, and whining about how
we were going to get caught because the cops don’t let shit like that
go on in a mall. Even going through what she’d been through with us
in the last few months, tams could still be a real puss-bag. She
still even freaked a little about fucking the black guys in the
Lincoln when we needed shit. Nikk told her to shut up, though, and we
went ahead and planned our little adventure further.
It was about quarter to five when Josh and Nicky walked in.
Josh had just about gotten over being mad at me for something stupid.
It was always something stupid with him. He knows I’m a total slut,
and that’s all fine when it’s him and me and our set, but when I fuck
around with anybody else he gets all wiggy, especially if it’s black
guys. He saw me talking to a black guy in here last week, and he went
all ape-shit, calling me a nigger lover and shit like that. I told
him to go fuck himself, and we hadn’t really been talking or fucking
since then.
His week was up, though, and he was friendly and forgiving
because he hadn’t had any pussy for awhile. I love the guy, but he is
pathetic and so predictable. He always tries to come across as so
smart with all the books he reads, but he’s really stupid when it
comes to me. I have him wrapped so tight, he’ll never get out of it.
Sorry if that sounds cold, but it’s the TRUTH.
Nicky was stoned already, and Josh looked buzzed, too, when
they sat down. Tams asked where Mikey was, and Josh told her he was
at the used CD shop across the street and he’d be over in a minute.
Nicky asked us what was up, and nikki told him what we were talking
about. He immediately started cracking up and asking us how much cash
we thought we could rake in. Nikki told him at a $100 a pop, we could
probably clear a few grand in one weekend. Nicky cracked up some more
and offered to be our pimp. Josh told him to fuck off, and I could
see nikki’s little scheme had pissed off old Josh once again.
“What’s your problem?” I asked Josh.
“I don’t have a problem,” Josh protested. “I just want Nicky
to shut the fuck up, okay? You keep talking about this shit, and he’s
bound to think you’re serious.”
“We are serious, asshole,” I told him.
“You are not fucking serious, ronni,” he replied.
“What makes you think we’re not fucking serious?” nikki jumped
on him now.
“You guys aren’t going to the mall and fucking old guys,
okay?” Josh laughed at us. “That’s the fucking stupidest thing I’ve
ever heard.”
“Really?” nikki was pissed now. “Well, fuck you, Joshua. Now
we really are going to do it. This fucking weekend,” she added.
“Right ronn?”
“Fuck yeah,” I responded. “Tams, too.”
“Hey, I didn’t fucking say I was going to do anything,”
tam-tams protested. “You guys can go suck cock at the shopping mall.
I ain’t.”
We continued bickering like that until Mikey walked in. He
sat next to tam-tams, and they sucked face for a minute while we all
glared at them and each other. Nicky filled Mikey in on the
conversation, and he cracked up, too. “So, are you going to make me
some money this weekend, ho’?” he asked tam-tams.
She got all red and flustered, and nikk and I picked up on the
gag and started calling her a ho’, too. Tam-tams wasn’t real happy
about that. “Mikey, you really don’t want me to do that shit, do
you..?” she whined.
“Just think of all the money, tams?” he countered. “We could
party the rest of the month on that kind of cash. You could buy some
new clothes. Why the fuck wouldn’t you want to do that? It sounds
like a fucking cool plan to me.”
“Thank you, Michael!” I smiled at tams. “You see, tams?” I
coaxed her in my nicest voice. “Come on, be a ho’ with us, bitch.
It’ll be so tripping.”
Tams looked utterly pissed off, but she looked at Mikey’s
smile and just nodded her head. Josh didn’t look too thrilled either.
If he was looking for Mikey to help him out on this one, he was
looking at the wrong guy. Mikey loved tams, so much that it made us
all want to hurl. But Mikey was also into seeing and hearing about
tams fucking other guys. It especially got him off because she hated
to do it so much. At least, she pretended to hate it. Nikk and I
knew the real tams. She acted like a whining, prissy puss-bag, but
when she got into slamming she was a real slut, just like me and nikki
p. She just needed someone to force her to do things, I guess so she
didn’t feel guilty.
I think a part of tam-tams would have loved it if she and
Mikey could have been the perfect little high school couple. But
Mikey had been hanging with us way too long to go for that bullshit.
Nikk and I knew tams had only started hanging with us to move in on
Mikey. She was our bud by now, but she could always be a stuck-up
pain in the ass, too. It wasn’t that she thought she was better than
us, just different, like we were real sluts and she was just along for
the ride because of Mikey.
Josh was major wigging now, and just sitting there sulking.
Nicky smirked at him, looked around the coffee house, and smiled.
“Hey, man, guess who’s here?” he nudged Josh on the shoulder.
“Who?” Josh looked up, only half-interested. He was enjoying
his pissed-off mood way too much to be that easily distracted.
“Hillary Wukowski,” Nicky pointed to a table of three girls
sitting up front by the windows. “She’s been checking you out ever
since we got here. Hubba hubba,” Nicky mocked.
Nikki, Mikey, tams and I started cracking up while Josh got
even more pissed-off. Hillary Wukowski was this fat, pep-squad bitch
who spent her entire life chasing guys who never even looked at her
fat ass, except to make fun of her. She was sitting with Cheryl
Davies, who really wasn’t that bad looking for a chub, and Manel
Bernar, this brown-skinned Indian chick who would have been hot
looking except for the moustache and sideburns. They were all
pep-squad bitches who would have done anything to get a guy, except
doing the one thing that could really get them a guy – put out!
Hillary had been stalking Joshy all year. It started at lunch
when she’d sit across from our table with her freak friends, look at
him, and then giggle like middle school geeks. Then, when she found
out Josh hung out here at Magic Beans, she and her pep-squad buds
started hanging here after school. She was such a stupid cunt. She
had no chance with a guy like Josh. I wanted to tell her that, but
then that would look like I even fucking cared, and I certainly DID
“She could be all yours, man,” Nicky kept at Josh. “All that
flesh! You could be swimming in it, man.”
“Shut the fuck up, Nicky,” Josh hissed.
“You ever fuck a fat girl like that, Joshua?” Nicky badgered.
“I did,” Mikey laughed, and now tam-tams started scowling.
“Like two summers ago. That fat cow who used to hang out at the pool
all the time, the one from Saint Bernadette’s with the big blonde hair
and the blue swimsuit. What the fuck was her name again?”
“Dolly?” nikki howled. “You fucked Dolly?”
I started laughing, too. We all remembered Dolly. She was
about three years older than us, and real fat with big blonde hair.
That’s why someone started calling her Dolly, like Dolly Parton. I
almost peed my panties imagining Mikey fucking that fat, bleached cow.
“How the fuck did that ever happen?” I asked Mikey, aware that
the more we talked about it, the more pissed tam-tams was getting. I
don’t know why exactly, but I liked to see tams get all pissed off at
me. It actually gets me hot in a way, to push her buttons and watch
her get all wiggy. I guess that makes me a sadist, but at least I’m
not alone. Nikki, Nicky and Mikey love doing it, too. Sometimes it’s
like we play with her, like she’s a doll.
“She was stalking me big time,” Mikey gloated. “So one day I
just walked up to her and said, ‘Hey, would you like to go back to my
place and get some beers. My parents aren’t home, and we can have the
whole house to ourselves and shit.’ So she does. I mean she knew
what was going on. You don’t ask some fat girl back to your house for
beers ’cause you wanna fucking talk, you know.”
“Why the fuck would you EVER want to fuck her, man?” Josh
asked. Totally bewildered. “Christ. Man, what the fuck were you
“He was thinking how fucking wild it would be to fuck some fat
ugly shit who’d do just about anything to get some attention and
affection, weren’t you, Mikey?” I answered for Mikey.
“I just wanted to fuck, and I knew she would,” Mikey replied.
“I bet that shit was pretty wild, huh?” Nicky asked. “So what
the fuck did you do with her when you had her there?”
“Well, we got there, and I got us some beers, and while we
pounded down the first one I asked her if I could see her tits. I
told her I liked her tits because they were so big, and she pulled
down her top for me, and I played with her tits while we slammed
another couple of beers. She was pretty trashed by then, so I took
out my cock, stood up over her, and put it in her mouth. She had
never sucked dick before, I guess, because she just kind of let it sit
there and sucked on it a little. So, I started fucking her face with
it, and I could tell she didn’t like that, but she let me do it
anyway. And after a minute or so, I came in her mouth, and she
swallowed it. Then I told her to take off her bathing suit, and boy
was she fat. I told her to suck me hard again, and she did, and then
I told her to turn around, and when I saw that huge fucking ass I
started slapping it real hard and finger fucking her pussy. She
probably didn’t like that much either, but she just sat there and took
it until I took my dick and shoved it up her fat cunt. I fucked her
doggy style real hard, and was just about to fuck her ass when I heard
my parents coming home. So she ran out my back door with her big,
blue bathing suit half off.”
Everyone, even Josh, was laughing at the image except for
tam-tams. “So, did you fuck her fat ass again or what?” nikki asked
maliciously, obviously aware how pissed-off tams was getting.
“Oh, yeah,” Mikey boomed. “I called her up later that night
and asked her when we could fuck again. She thought I was her
boyfriend or something, so she was all giggly and nice and shit. She
told me her parents would be gone to a movie that night and to come
over after 7:00 because only her older brother would be home. When I
got there, he was smoking a bowl so he couldn’t give two shits what
his fat-assed sister was doing. She got us some pot, and we got
stoned ourselves out in the garage. Then she sucked me off again, and
I bent her over the hood of her family’s Taurus, and I fucked her fat
ass so hard she was crying. Afterward, she fucking told me how much
it hurt, but that she didn’t mind it because she loved me. I told her
I loved her, too, and she bought that shit, too. So I fucked her shit
a few more times that summer until she started telling these chicks
down at the pool. Then I cooled it because I didn’t want anyone
thinking I was going with some fat chick.”
“I thought all that stuff about you and her was all bullshit,”
nikki said. “You mean it wasn’t? You mean you fucked that fat freaky
“Sure as fuck,” Mikey snickered. “I fucked that fat-ass bitch
silly … G’dang, g’dang” he shouted, slapping his thighs and imitating
a hard, thrusting motion with his hips. “Fucked her til I made her
“So how ’bout it, stud boy?” I slapped Josh playfully on the
arm. “You think you could make old Hillary over there moo?”
“Fuck off, ronn,” Josh shot back.
“She may be more woman than you can handle, Joshua,” nikki got
in on the act now. “You gotta have a lot of motion to paddle across
that ocean,” she joked, gyrating her hips all around while we watched
her and laughed.
“Come on, man,” Nicky jumped in. “Hillary’s been big-time
stalking you, man. Go on over and talk to her.”
“Fuck you, Nick!”
“What are you, afraid?” I challenged. “You afraid to go over
and talk to some fat, pep-club bitch?”
“I just don’t see the fucking point,” Josh replied. “So just
fuck off, okay?”
“The point is you could walk right in there and fuck that fat
ass and take what you want, Joshua,” nikki mocked him. “Or maybe that
ain’t your type. Maybe you’d rather be over there hitting on the
sallies,” she pointed to a table of obvious flamers.
“Fuck you, nikki! You’re nothing but a fucking slut-bag, you
know that ..?” Josh was so mad he could barely see straight.
“You pass up on free, guaranteed pussy, that makes you a
sallie in my book, Joshua,” nikki kept at him. “Makes you fucking
queer.” She cupped her fingers around in a circle, jammed her tongue
against the inside of her cheek, and made like she was sucking a cock.
“Sucky, sucky, sailor boy. Me show you number one blow-job,” she
teased him in a fake gook accent that sounded kind of like Cartman on
Southpark. We all really loved that one, and Nicky just about sat his
ass on the floor he was laughing so hard.
“Fuck all of you!” Josh spit as he stood up and stormed out.
“There goes my fucking ride, see ya’,” Nicky blurted, as he
chased Josh out the door.
Mikey went back to sucking face with tam-tams, leaving nikki
and I to amuse ourselves. She tapped me on the shoulder. “Let’s go
have some fun with the cows, okay?”
I smiled at her, and we stood up. I followed nikki to the
front of the coffee shop where Hillary, Cheryl and Manel sat,
engrossed in conversation. Judging from the way they looked when they
realized we were approaching their table, I guessed they’d been
talking about Josh and our set.
“Hey, Hil,” nikk broke the ice as she pulled up a chair.
“What’s up?”
“Not much,” Hillary looked nervous, but not unfriendly. I
tried to remember if nikk or I had ever had a bad run-in with any of
these geeks, but I couldn’t recall. We just kind of mocked them
behind their backs, that’s all. They probably had a pretty good idea
what we thought of them, but since we never said or did anything to
them they couldn’t really be sure. They were such “nice girls,” it
probably never occurred to them to suspect us of screwing with them.
Besides, nikk’s a real charmer when she sets her mind to it, and when
she smiled at Hillary, Cheryl and Manel even I thought for a moment
that she really wanted to be friends.
“That is such a cool stud!” nikki gushed like a schoolgirl
over Manel’s pierced nose. “Where did you get it?”
“It .. I ..” Manel seemed flabbergasted at nikki’s
“She got it at some Indian shop,” Cheryl answered for Manel.
Because of Manel’s hairy face, Cheryl was definitely the hottest of
the three. I was pretty sure old Cheryl had seen some dick in her
life before. This is probably what made her the most confident among
them, and the first to adjust to nikki’s new-found interest. “Isn’t
it cool,” Cheryl gushed to nikki. “That’s a real ruby, too. It’s
like worth a thousand bucks or something.”
“It’s only about $750,” Manel quickly corrected.
“Still, it is soo cool,” nikki kept gushing.
“It’s cultural with Indians, you know,” Cheryl jumped right
in. “Indian girls have been getting their noses pierced for like
centuries. It’s part of their religion.”
“Is that like mehndi, too?” nikki asked.
“Y .. yes, it can be,” Manel replied.
“Does the place that did your nose do real mehndi stuff, too?”
nikki asked. “I’d really like to get some great body art, you know.
I mean I get bored with all this,” she indicated the tatts that were
visible on her arms and upper chest. “And sometimes I want to get
something, but I don’t want it permanent, you know. Like maybe for a
party or something. Would your place do that?”
“I .. I guess so,” Manel replied.
“That would be so cool,” nikki squeezed her arm. “Let’s go
there tomorrow after school or something, okay?”
“I ..” Manel began.
“Yeah, Manel, let’s …” Cheryl interrupted. “Maybe I can get
my nose done, too.” She turned to nikki. “You know I’ve been wanting
to get a stud like hers.”
“That would look so cool,” nikk was smiling so sincerely I was
beginning to wig.
“They .. ah .. you need to get permission from your parents,”
Manel cut in. “They don’t do piercings or anything except ears unless
you have your parents with you.”
“Shit, you’re right,” Cheryl cursed..
“That’s bullshit,” I finally spoke up. “You don’t need your
fucking parents permission. I got all this shit all over me, and I
never had my parents permission for any of it.”
“How?” Cheryl asked.
“Let’s just say we know people who think all that permission
stuff is bullshit,” nikki laughed.
“How much did that cost, then?” Cheryl was definitely
“Not much,” I joked. “We worked it off.”
“Worked it off ..?”
I answered her by sticking my tongue against the inside of my
cheek, cupping my hand, and rocking it back and forth while mimicking
a monster blow job.
“Word of mouth discount,” nikk joked.
“You guys are kidding, right?” Cheryl giggled nervously.
“I wouldn’t joke about shit like that,” I replied. “My
fucking jaw ached for a week. It was worth it, though, wasn’t it,
“Sure as fuck was,” nikk smiled, getting off on the shocked
looks plastered across Hillary’s, Cheryl’s and Manel’s faces. “You
should come with us next time. A pierced nose would probably only
cost you a hand job.”
“He’d probably want to come on your tits, too,” I added.
“Charlie’s into that shit. He likes little high school girls with big
The conversation had obviously drifted into uncomfortable
places for the three geeks. Hillary coughed nervously while Manel
stared at the floor and Cheryl giggled.
“You mean to tell me that Indian place wouldn’t even give you
some body art without parents’ permission?” nikk asked Manel.
“No,” Manel shook her head quickly. “They wouldn’t.”
“Well that sucks,” nikki pouted. “That would have been pretty
“Yeah,” Cheryl agreed, “it would have.”
“You guys want to score some shit with us tonight?” nikk
suddenly changed topics. “We’re going to come back up here tonight
and party a little. You want in?”
“I .. uh .. it’s a school night,” Hillary stuttered. “I have
to stay in.”
“Shit, that sucks,” I replied.
“You mean you guys don’t have to stay in on school nights?”
Manel asked, as if she’d never heard of such a thing before.
“My parents don’t care what the fuck I do as long as I
maintain my A average,” I explained. I don’t really like to mention
this, but for a thrasher girl I’m also pretty much a geek when it
comes to school. I kind of have the highest GPA in my class, which is
a riot because I don’t work at it at all. School is just so fucking
“My parents just don’t fucking care what I do,” nikki added,
“school night or no school night.”
“I could probably get out,” Cheryl jumped in, ignoring the
looks her friends shot her. “I mean if it’s not too late. How late
do you guys stay out, anyway?”
“How late can you hang?” I asked.
“I’d probably have to be in by ten.”
“Ten?” I laughed. “Nothing starts happening here til about
then. Couldn’t you like stretch it to 11:30 or something?”
“I guess …” Cheryl looked like she was already planning how
she’d manage this. Being the geek that she was meant she had a lot of
slack to cut with her parents. She probably hadn’t missed a curfew
ever, especially on a school night. She was primed to break out a
little. This was going to be fucking hilarious. “I guess I could
stay out to 11:30 or midnight,” she said after thinking about it for a
few seconds.
“That’s it, girlfriend,” nikki beamed at her. “You need a
ride or anything? ‘Cause Josh can pick you up,” nikki asked
innocently while sneaking a glance at Hillary. By this point, Hillary
had stopped staring at Cheryl like she was crazy, and had begun
looking way-jealous.
“We’ll pick you up about 8,” I cut in, savoring the expression
on Hillary’s face.
“How much money do I need .. you know .. for stuff?” Cheryl
asked. If she was aware of Hillary’s feelings, she didn’t show it.
“Bring like $30,” I told her. “If you play your cards right,
you won’t even need that.” I winked at nikki, who got the inside
joke. For those of you who didn’t read my first two stories, nikki,
tam-tams and I play this card game to see who has to pay for shit, and
who has to fuck for it. I almost peed my panties thinking about
chubby little Cheryl the pep-squad girl sucking black cock for a baggy
of weed. I knew she’d puss out on us, but the thought of us fucking
with her lily-white brain got me so fucking wet. She’d run out of
here tonight, screaming for her mommy and daddy. It was going to be
fucking hilarious.
“I might be able to get up here,” Hillary suddenly broke into
the conversation. “I could tell my mom I’m working on a project with
you guys, and that you’ll all be up here. This is a coffee bar, and a
lot of kids do hang up here and study, don’t they?” she asked.
“Sure,” I told her. “Tell your mom I’m an A student, and I
study up here all the time. If she doesn’t believe you, show her the
fucking honor roll. I’ve got the highest GPA in the fucking class.”
Hillary nodded. “D .. do you think you could come over and my mom before we go?” she shook as she asked me. “I mean,
she’d probably let me go if she met you, but …” she paused.
“But what?” I asked.
“You … Could you ..?” she paused and looked positively
“She wants to tell you that you look like a fucking freak,
ronn!” nikk cut in with a loud laugh. “She wants you to clean up
nice. Right?” she asked Hillary.
“I guess,” Hillary whispered. “I’m sorry, it’s not that I
care, it’s just that …”
“No problem,” I cut her off. “I’ll make myself look all sally
schoolgirl for your mommy. You just be ready at 7:30. Josh and I
will pick you up first.”
“Josh?” Hillary turned pale.
“Yeah, is there a problem with that?” I asked.
“No,” she answered softly.
“Hillary has like the majors for Josh,” Cheryl giggled.
“Cheryl!” Hillary snapped.
“You do, Hil!” Cheryl shot back before turning to me. “Aren’t
you like going out with Josh?” she asked me.
“We go out sometimes,” I tried to sound totally casual. “I go
out with lots of guys. Why? Do you really like him or something?” I
asked Hillary.
“I don’t know,” she answered. “Kind of, I guess.”
“Kind of, my ass,” Cheryl bated her friend. “You like want to
have his fucking babies or something.”
“Oooo,” nikki giggled. “True love!”
“I guess I think he’s pretty cool,” Hillary admitted.
“Listen, hon, he’s all yours,” I laughed. “There are plenty
more fish out there for me.”
“Are you serious?” she asked me. “Really? You aren’t mad?”
“Why would I be mad? Josh is hot, you want to jump his bones.
I say all’s fair in love and war, girlfriend. I’ll even give you some
help, okay?”
“Are you really serious?” Hillary asked again.
“Listen, you’re cool. Josh needs to get out with some other
chicks. He keeps hanging on me all the time. You’d be doing me a
fucking favor.”
“You guys are so cool,” Cheryl giggled. “This is going to be
so .. rad .. tonight.”
“Sure you can’t make it?” nikk asked Manel.
Manel shook her head, her eyes a mixture of confusion and
jealousy. In just a few short minutes, nikk and I had walked into her
life and turned it completely upside down. She looked so helpless
sitting there, I started getting wet and wishing she was coming along
tonight, too. I’d do anything to see her dark, hairy Indian face in
total shock. Like I said, she’d be pretty hot if it wasn’t for the
moustache and sideburns. But even now, as I looked at her closely, I
began not to be so grossed out by the facial fur. It was kind of
exotic in a way. It made her look wild somehow – innocent AND wild.
“Come on,” I coaxed her, reaching out and stroking her hand
gently. “Can’t you even make it out for a little while?”
“My parents are very strict,” she said softly. “They won’t
let me.”
“Will they let you go over Hillary’s house?” I asked, not
wanting to give up just yet.
“You get over to Hillary’s house by 7:30,” I assured her, “and
I’ll handle the rest. Trust me, okay?”
For the first time that afternoon she smiled. She smiled at
me, and I knew I had her. She’d be at Hillary’s. She’d do anything
to fit in with us, anything not to lose her old friends. I was really
fucking wet by now.
“We’d better get going guys,” Cheryl announced. She turned to
nikk as the geeks stood up and faced the door. “I’ll see you guys
around 8, okay?”
“Yeppers,” nikk replied.
“You guys be ready at 7:30,” I told Hillary and Manel. They
nodded, waved and scurried out of the coffee house. Nikk and I walked
back to our old table laughing our asses off.
“What in the fuck was that all about?” Mikey asked as we sat
down. “You were like talking to those geeks for half an hour.”
“They’re hanging with us tonight,” nikki giggled.
“You’re fucking shitting me!” tam-tams exploded. “I know
those fucking geeks. They are totally gawkers. I used to hang with
that crowd, you know. They are total losers. What the fuck are you
doing asking them to hang with us?” tam-tams was really a little snot
“We’re going to have us some fun with them,” nikk giggled.
“We’re gonna freak their geeky fucking brains out. Come on, tams.”
Nikki Porno nuzzled up against tam-tams, sliding her hand under tams’
leather coat and copping a feel. “Don’t you wanna play with the
little geeks?” she whispered in tams’ ears. “Blow their fucking
minds? It’ll be tripping, you’ll see. Come on, tam-tams …”
Tams melted under nikk’s touch, just like she always did. She
smiled, probably relieved that nikk’s cruel intentions were fixed on
someone besides her tonight. I could tell what else tams was
thinking, too. Play along with nikk and I on this one, and we’d
forget about cruising the mall for hermans this weekend. I smiled.
Of course, we’d let her think that for now. We’d let her think
anything as long as she played along with us tonight. The only person
we had to worry about was Josh. This wouldn’t be any fun if he didn’t
join the game, too.

“What the fuck are you supposed to be?” Josh laughed at me as
I crawled in his puke-green, beater Plymouth station wagon. “Sally
“You like?” I smiled at him, fluffing back my hair like some
brainless cheerleader. Josh was right. I was dressed like Sally
Schoolgirl. I had on a black skirt, white thigh-high stockings, and
this old pair of thrift store saddle shoes I got for last Halloween.
In fact, I was wearing my entire “schoolgirl hooker” costume from
Halloween –minus all the rouge, eye-shadow, lipstick and bondage
gear, of course. I had my long black hair done up in a braid, and it
was killing me. I have pretty thick curly hair, and braiding it had
been a bitch. I finished out the outfit with a white blouse — a lacy
collar and cuffs — and a bulky cable sweater that pretty much matched
the puke-green color of Josh’s station wagon. In my red wool coat, I
looked like a fucking Mormon. Fortunately, I had some real clothes
and my docs in the backpack I carried.
“What the fuck is up with you?” Josh asked again.
“I’ll explain as we drive,” I told him, chucking my bag into
the back. “We’re going over to Hillary Wukowski’s house, okay?” I
fished out the directions she’d given me over the phone half hour ago.
He was even more stunned by what I’d just said than how I was
dressed. “Hillary Wu … No, that is not fucking OKAY. Now you’d
better tell me what the fuck is going on here.”
“Are you going to pull out of here and drive, or what?”
He glared at me, slammed the car into reverse, and backed out.
“Nikki and I started talking to them up at Beans when you guys
left,” I explained. Josh knew who “them” was. He was pretty pissed.
“Nikk invited them along tonight.”
“Them?!” Josh exploded. “What the fuck do you mean them?”
“Hillary, Cheryl and Manel,” I always got off on Josh’s little
temper tantrums. He is so fucking hot when he gets all wiggy. His
eyes get all big and fiery, and he looks pretty much like a
psycho-killer, which is a real hot-look on him. Some guys are like
that. Other guys just look queer when they throw a fit. “They’re
going to party with us tonight,” I continued explaining. “Turn right
on Harvard and go down to Walker and make a left,” I read off the
directions. “She lives off Walker on Merrymount. You got that?”
“You and nikk are fucking screwed in your heads,” Josh
replied, following my directions and turning right off my street onto
Harvard. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing anyway?”
“Trying to get you laid, sissy boy,” I joked, snaking my left
hand down to his crotch and squeezing his cock. Despite acting all
pissed at me, Josh was already hard. I unsnapped his baggy jeans,
leaned over, and licked his neck, fucking my tongue-stud in and out of
his ear hole. I know this drives him fucking bananas. “We’re going
to get you a fat chick, Joshy” I whispered in his ear. “Maybe a
couple of them. Doesn’t that sound good, Joshy? Fucking some fat
chicks?” I teased him, sliding down the elastic band on his jockeys.
“I want to watch you, Joshy. I want to watch you fuck a fat chick.”
I yanked out his hard 6 ½-inch cock, and it snapped to
attention. I spit on my right palm, and then rubbed it over his
pierced cockhead. He loves when I do this, and I could feel him go
all tense, raising his butt off the car seat and trying to get his
jeans and shorts down further.
“You gonna fuck Hillary’s fat pussy for me, Joshy?” I fucked
his ear again with my tongue-stud. “Are you?” I kept up the dirty
talk while I jacked his shaft and palmed his pierced cockhead.
“Fuck .. ronn …” he gasped, almost losing control of the car
when I dipped my right hand deep into his crotch and found his balls.
I tugged the two rings pierced through his wrinkly nut sack, and did a
taffy pull on his hard pole.
“I want to see you fuck that fat bitch’s fat asshole, Joshy,”
I bit his earlobe and scratched his balls with my fingernails.
He nodded helplessly.
“This is my early Valentine’s Day present for you, Joshy,” I
kept tongue-stud fucking his ear while I twisted his scrote rings and
palmed the ball sticking through his cockhead. “I’m giving you a big
fat ass to fuck. How does that sound, baby?”
“Shit …” he hissed, collapsing against the steering wheel as I
pumped a load of cum out of his aching cock and nuts. I scooped up
the gobs with my fingers and smeared them across my lips. With my
tongue-stud I gathered up the whole mess, then pulled his face to
mine. We kissed, and I rammed my cum-covered tongue-stud against his
own pierced tongue, spitting his own salty splooge hard into his
“So how does that sound?” I giggled, wiping off my hands on
his jeans. I pulled away from him slightly, and readjusted myself in
the rearview mirror.
“Why are you doing this, ronn?” he sighed, still trembling
from the intense nut he’d just popped.
“What do you mean?”
“Why do you want to see me fuck some fat chick? I mean you’re
not some porno psycho like nikki. You’re a smart girl. You don’t
need to do all this shit all the time. We could just chill and fuck,
you know. There’s nothing wrong with that.”
“Sometimes you are such a fag.”
“And what the fuck is that supposed to mean? Just because I
don’t fuck everything that moves like you and nikk and Nicky, I’m a
fag. Well, that’s real mature.”
“You don’t like the way I am, then don’t hang with me. It’s
that simple.”
“What the fuck is up with you?” Josh repeated. “Why the hell
would you want to see me fuck some fat chick? How could that possibly
get you off? I think you’d be jealous if I was fucking around on
“Listen, I don’t know what the fuck goes on in your head, but
fucking is just FUCKING, okay. It’s not anything deeper.”
“How can you say that?” he asked. “Is that what you mean?
That it’s all just fucking, even me and you … Just fucking?”
“You don’t understand,” I yelled at him. “You’ve never
understood, have you?”
“Well, maybe you can explain it to me, then.”
“You act all pissed when I fuck guys, like the black guys in
the Lincoln. After I fuck around with them, you act all pissed for
days. And just last week, you went ape-shit on me for talking to that
black guy at Beans. I was just talking to him.”
“I saw you ronni,” Josh shot back. “I know the way you are,
the way you were looking at him. You were going to go fuck him or
something. I can tell when you get that way.”
“So, what the fuck if I do? What the fuck if I go out there
and suck his big black cock? What the fuck is it to you anyway?”
“You say I don’t understand? Listen to what the fuck you’re
saying, would you? I don’t like you fucking other guys, and I’m the
bad guy here? I don’t fuck around on you, ronn …”
“Maybe you fucking should,” I interrupted him.
“That’s what I’m telling you, Joshua. Maybe you fucking
should. Maybe you wouldn’t be such a psycho all the time.”
“What are you talking about?”
“You don’t want me to fuck those niggers out in the Lincoln,
do you?”
“No,” he replied. “I don’t.”
“That’s a fucking lie, Joshua.”
“You’re fucking insane, you know that, ronni.”
“I’m not the one with fucking problem, Joshua. It’s you.
You’ve got the problem. You’ve got some kind of fucked-up hang-up
about me fucking black guys. It’s like you’re prejudiced or
something. Yet, after I fuck those guys, and we fuck, you’re all over
me. Me fucking niggers turns you on, only you don’t have the balls to
admit it. I feel how hard your dick gets, Josh, how hard you fuck me.
I see the look in your eyes when you fuck me after I’ve just been
fucked by some black guy. You act like you hate it, but it gets you
fucking off. Don’t lie to me.”
“You’re fucking crazy!”
“Don’t lie to me Joshua. I can take all your psycho bullshit,
just don’t lie to me. Don’t lie to me!” He said nothing, and I
looked down at the sheet of directions. “You need to turn here,” I
told him, looking a head and pointing to the next intersection. “This
is Merrymount.”
“I know that,” he hissed.
“Listen,” I lowered my voice and spoke quickly. “I know how
you feel about me, and I feel the same way about you, okay? I just
like to fuck, and you should, too. You get off on me fucking black
guys, and I get off thinking about you fucking some fat chick who’s in
love with you. It makes me feel .. you know .. like I’m special to
“You are going to have to explain that,” Josh said as he
turned onto Merrymount. “This I have to fucking hear.”
“I know how you feel about me, and that you’d just be FUCKING
Hillary. She has this big thing for you, and to you she’s just a fat
cow. She can fuck you all she wants, and she can try to do anything
to get you to love her, but you won’t because you love me,” I smiled
at him. “So it’s like I have this fat little fuck toy at my disposal.
You fuck her, and I can watch you break her fucking heart. That’s
what gets me off.”
“You are seriously warped,” Josh told me. “You know that?”
“You wanted to fucking know,” I laughed.
“Seeing me fuck this fat cow would really get you off, then?”
I nodded and stroked his cock. “Now put your dick back in
your jeans. You don’t want to give her a heart attack, do you?” I
looked at the address on my paper and compared it to the street
addresses. “45701,” I announced. “There,” I pointed to a house on
our left with the porchlight on.
Josh pulled in, and I got out. “Stay here,” I told him.
“I’ve got a show to do.” He didn’t reply. I turned around and
hustled up the drive to the porch. I pressed the doorbell, and
Hillary answered.
“Hi, ronni,” she beamed at me. I could see her peering out
into the car, trying to catch a glimpse of Josh without appearing to
be too obvious. “Come in.”
I walked into the warmth of her house, and it was like Good
fucking Housekeeping. It even smelled like baked bread. I guess
people really do live like this. Manel was standing by the stairs
with a nervous smile on her face. Both she and Hillary looked so
white I thought they might puke.
Manel was dressed in almost a navy blue reflection of my Sally
Schoolgirl outfit. She had on a dark skirt, white tights, bulky blue
sweater and a white shirt underneath. Her hair was also up in a braid
like mine. She was wearing some lipstick, though, the first time I’d
ever seen any on her, and I noticed some mascara, too. She was trying
to look hot. I imagined she and Hillary had spent the last few hours
wigging over the way they looked, trying to look hot, but not TOO hot
… you know, slutty, like me and nikk.
Hillary had obviously spent a lot of time getting ready, too.
She was wearing a gray blazer, white sweater, dark jumbo jeans and
short kid boots. I could almost see her an hour or so ago, bawling in
front of the mirror to Manel that she was too fat. I could see Manel
calming her down and telling her she wasn’t fat. They probably went
through about a hundred outfits trying to find the one that made
Hillary look the least repulsive. I found it hilarious that she was
so fucking clueless she thought she actually had a chance with a guy
like Josh. Granted, she did have kind of a cute, pudgy face, but she
was a fucking beast – probably 180 lbs, and I am not exaggerating.
I tried to imagine her stripped naked. I had never seen a
really fat girl naked before. What the hell would she look like?
What would her tits look like, and her stomach, and her ass , and her
legs. I knew I should have been hurling at the thought, but I was
getting very wet just thinking about it, thinking about Josh
slam-fucking her fat-ass doggie style, making her moo. I twitched a
little I was so hot.
“You must be Rhonda,” this fat old lady came into the living
room. “I’ve heard so much about you.” She looked like Hillary would
in about 25 years. “I’m Mrs. Wukowski,” she studied me as she took my
hand and gently squeezed it. I was dressed in full geek regalia, and
I obviously met her approval.
“Hi, Mrs. Wukowski,” I beamed at her. “It’s nice to meet
“Hillary said something about a school project?” Mrs. Wukowski
“Yes, we have to poll people on a current event topic,” I
explained. “We need to get at least a hundred people.”
“That sounds like a lot of people,” Mrs. Wukowski commented.
“It is,” I explained, kicking my 4.0 brain into high gear.
“That’s why we’re going to the coffee house. We need to get 100
people by Friday, so we have this weekend to tabulate the results and
write our report.”
“This is a school night, you know?” she observed skeptically.
“I don’t usually let Hillary go out on school nights.”
“I know, Mrs. Wukowski, my mom’s the same way,” I tried to
keep a straight face. “But we need to get this assignment done.”
“But why do you need to do it tonight?” she asked. “Why can’t
it wait to the weekend. I can drive you all up to the mall, and you
can get plenty of people there.”
“I don’t like putting things off to the last minute,” I
answered. “We not only have to do the poll, we have to score the
results and do the report. That’s a lot of work, and I don’t want to
rush it. I want an A on this.”
“You do, do you?” she seemed pleasantly amused.
“That’s my secret to good grades, Mrs. Wukowski. I do all my
work early, so that I have plenty of time to finish. If we get all
the polling done in the next couple of days, I can turn it in to Mrs.
Rivers on Friday for her to look over. If we’ve made any mistakes,
she’ll point them out to us before we even do the rest. That way
we’re sure to get an A.”
“A’s are very important to you, aren’t they?” she asked me,
obviously impressed.
“I want to go to college .. a good college,” I added.
“Ronni has the highest GPA in our class, mom,” Hillary spoke
“I know,” Mrs. Wukowski nodded. “Grades are very important,
dear,” she smiled patronizingly at me. “But you need to have some
fun, too, you know.”
I didn’t say anything, afraid I might pee my panties right
then and there.
“Like tonight,” Mrs. Wukowski prattled on. “I know this is
school work, and it’s a school night, but try and have some fun, too,
okay. All work and no play makes Jill a dull girl, you know.” She
stroked Hilary affectionately on the chin.
I nodded slowly, biting my tongue to keep from laughing in the
fat old bitch’s face.
“Who knows?” Mrs. Wukowski laughed. “There may even be some
boys there tonight.” She looked hopefully at her fat daughter, and
they exchanged smiles. It was so pitiful I wanted to bust my shit
right there. The fat cow mother knew her daughter didn’t stand a
chance in life being such a fat beast, but she still tried to keep her
faith. She still tried to fool herself and her fat daughter that
Hillary could actually find a guy.
I twitched again. I couldn’t help it. The more pathetic
things got, the wetter I became.
“Here,” Mrs. Wukowsi handed Hillary a $20. “Have some fun.
You girls are certainly old enough to do a little socializing while
you work.”
“Can I ask you a favor, Mrs. Wukowski?” I asked.
“Certainly, Rhonda.”
“Manel’s parents are real strict. They wouldn’t have let her
come over here if they knew we were going out. I’m real sorry, but I
told her to lie to them and say we were going to be over here so we
could do this project tonight.”
“Is that true, Manel?” Mrs. Wukowski asked.
“Yes, ma’am,” Manel nodded.
“I don’t approve of lying,” Mrs. Wukowski started.
“She couldn’t tell them the truth, mom.” Hillary picked up the
ball now. “You know they wouldn’t let her out, even to do a school
project. She had to beg like crazy just to come over here. This is
really important, mom. Could you please just cover for us? You
already said I could be out til 11:30. Just cover for us if Mrs.
Bernar calls, please. Manel never gets to do anything.”
Mrs. Wukowski looked at us. We were three sickeningly
straight geeks, or at least she thought. “You be home here at 11:30
sharp,” she ordered us all. “Now go and have a good time.” She
followed us to the door and peered out into the drive. “Who’s that
driving?” she asked.
“That’s my older brother, Josh,” I replied. “He works at the
coffee house. Mom has him keep an eye on me when I go up there.”
“How thoughtful,” Mrs. Wukowski commented. She watched as
Manel put on her blue wool jacket, and Hillary threw on a huge, bulky
overcoat atop her blazer. Then the three of us hurried out the door
and down the drive.
“You get in front with Josh, Hillary,” I ordered when we
reached the car. “I have to get out of this shit,” I patted my
clothes. “Come on, Manel. Get in. I’m freezing my tits off out
The two geeks giggled nervously, and obeyed my every command.
This was going to be so much fucking fun. Hillary piled into the
front seat next to Josh, and Manel slid in the back with me right
behind her.
“Where to next?” Josh asked. He seemed to have cooled off
slightly, which was good.
“We hit nikki’s and then Cheryl’s,” I told him as I hauled my
sweater up over my head and through my hair. “Can you hand me that
bag?” I asked Manel, pointing to my backpack.
“Sure,” she handed me the bag and watched me with fascination
as I took off my blouse. The combination of cold and the fact that I
was horny as hell made my nips jet out like bullets. When I slid my
bra off, and my boobs wobbled free, poor Manel’s eyes practically shot
out of her skull. Now she could see practically everything – my
pierced nips, my belly rings – but she was definitely zeroing in on my
boobies. I think I’ve already mentioned in my previous stories that I
have some nice-sized tits for a chick my age, 34Cs if you need to be
reminded. I’ve got a pretty thin waist and flat tummy, which makes
them look even bigger I guess.
Swollen and pierced, they must have looked real impressive to
old Manel, because she couldn’t take her eyes off them. Even when she
looked away and tried staring out the window, I could see her
obsessing on my reflection in the window. When I started sliding out
of my geeky skirt, she glanced over “accidentally” and took even more
eyefuls of my bod. “Fucking innocent, my ass,” I laughed to myself.
As I peeled down my stockings, I couldn’t help but graze the back of
my fingers against my sopping panties. The second I bumped my pierced
puss and puffy clit, I shuddered, and the whole back seat vibrated.
“It’s cold,” Manel observed softly.
“Fuck the cold, I’m fucking hot,” I joked, making an obscene
gesture with my fingers and rubbing them dramatically across my wet
crotch. The poor girl’s jaw practically hit the floor when I peeled
back my panties and she saw my pierced puss. Now she wasn’t even
trying to look away. Her eyes were so wide, I thought her forehead
was going to crack open. “I’ve gotta get me some hard cock tonight,”
I announced to everyone in the car, especially Josh and Hillary. I
wanted Joshy to know that I wouldn’t be fucking him tonight, and that
I fully expected him to slam Hillary’s fat ass. I also wanted Hillary
to know Josh and I weren’t “together.”
Both geeks giggled, and I could almost hear Josh scowling as
he drove. Manel looked slightly relieved because I had expressed a
desire for cock. She was obviously wigging because I was playing with
myself in front of her, and she was really freaking because of how she
responded. She seemed to relax a little, though, and start putting my
lez show out of her mind. Too bad for her. I certainly wasn’t about
to let her off that easy.
I put my finger in my mouth and drooled on it until it was
nice and gooey. Then I traced it down my chin, neck and between my
tits. I flashed her a smile and licked my lips, locking my eyes into
hers as I began to lightly swirl wet circles around my puffies and tug
on my nip rings. With my other hand, I peeled back my panties again
and resumed stroking my pierced puss. She couldn’t take her eyes off
my puss rings, and I could just hear her silent thoughts … Doesn’t
that fucking hurt? When she began to hyperventilate, I put my index
finger up to my lips and gave her a silent “shhh.”
She shivered now, and tried to look away, fully aware by now
where this whole thing was going. I pouted, took her dark hand, and
placed it on my bare pale thigh. And that’s all I did. I just set
her hand there, and she didn’t move it. She didn’t even try. Holding
her hand there, I resumed stroking around my clit and tugging at my
puss rings, trying my hardest to contain the moans welling up inside
me. Manel’s eyes had dilated to the size of baseball’s now, and she
was shaking like a leaf in a tornado. When I dug my fingers into my
wet slot, she looked like she was going to throw up.
But she didn’t. She didn’t do anything but bore her eyes into
my whole body – my eyes, my cunt, my tits, my tummy, every square
inch. I knew she was transfixed for good now, so I slowly removed my
hand from hers. Her sweaty palm and fingers remained glued to the
goose pimples on my bare thighs, and she even started squeezing my
flesh as she watched me rev up my puss at an even faster pace.
She was so innocent and corruptible, that I found myself
skimming my free hand up her arm to her bare neck. She curled her
head sideways, trapping my fingers between her jaw and shoulder and
nodding up and down. I caressed her hairy cheeks softly, fascinated
by the feel of her sideburns against the backs of my fingers. She
shuddered again, this time chattering her teeth so loud that Josh and
Hillary heard her.
“Need me to crank up the heat?” he asked, oblivious to what
was happening a mere two feet away from him.
His voice suddenly broke the spell, and Manel instinctively
jerked her hand and face away from me. Embarrassed beyond belief, she
went back to staring out the window. I thought I might have even seen
a tear in her eye. The Indian goody-girl obviously had some serious
lez issues going on, and I was freaking her big time.
“Oh, I think we’re hot enough,” I joked, trying to catch
Manel’s eyes again, with no luck. The poor little brown-skinned geek
had probably been creaming over chicks for quite some time, maybe even
her cow friends. Seeing how straight her crowd was, though, I knew
she’d never acted or even mentioned her “evil, perverted desires.”
But here I was, some strange hot chick showing her some attention,
giving her a taste of what she craved, and she responded like a lab
rat going after a piece of cheese. I was going to nail this little
Indian princess in no time, probably even tonight.
Having lost the moment, I skipped finishing myself off.
Sometimes I like torturing myself like this, frustrating myself until
I feel like my puss is a bottle of champagne ready to pop. I kicked
off my shoes and fished out a pair of jeans from my backpack. In
seconds, I was squirming around on the back seat scooting them up my
bare, cold legs. I intentionally bumped my ass and hips into Manel,
and she shivered every time our bodies made contact. By the time I
had my jeans on, the poor girl was pressed up against the door and
A minute later, just as I was putting on my doc martens, we
were pulling into nikki porno’s driveway. Josh hit his horn, and she
shot out of her house. As she neared the car, I couldn’t help
checking her out. Even through the darkness, it was clear she was
dressed to slay.
Nikki p. looked totally scooter-trash. Her auburn hair was
teased up higher than Wynona Judd’s, and her lips shimmered red in the
moonlight. She had on a tight, low-cut, white tee-shirt, and her firm
D-cup boobies jutted out against her black leather like she was in a
comic-book. She finished off her look with a black leather mini
(very mini!), fishnets, stillettos, and a heavy crucifix chain around
her neck. In the bitter cold starlight, she looked like the world’s
hottest vampire-bitch. As she scooted into the backseat next to
Manel, I could actually feel the geek’s heart pounding.
“What’s up girlfriend?” nikki put her arm around Manel and
kissed the Indian on her hairy cheek. “Ready to party?”
“Uh .. sure,” Manel managed a weak smile. If she was freaked
by me, nikki’s presence must have made her psychotic. Nikki didn’t
remove her arm from Manel’s shoulder, but instead began cuddling her
close, petting the Indian girl like a shivering puppy. Not to be
out-maneuvered by nikki porno, I slid my hand down until it rested on
Manel’s thigh. She gasped slightly when I started rubbing her leg
right above her knee, sinking lower and lower down the backseat as I
wormed my hand higher and higher up her thighs.
“So where does Cheryl live?” Josh asked aloud. He was clearly
pissed off by now. Molesting my little Indian plaything, I blew him
off and let Hillary answer. Chattering like a five-year-old twit, she
gave Josh directions and a rambling, babbling description of her day
at school, her impressions of certain teachers, and her future plans.
I looked at nikki behind Manel’s back and winked. Manel was
sitting as stiff as a statue, not allowing herself to say or do
anything to encourage or discourage our combined molestation of her
dark-skinned body. Her attempts to ignore us only made nikki and I
more abusive. I snaked my hand up the geek’s preppy skirt and rubbed
her crotch. “Fuck,” I almost snorted out loud. “She’s got panties on
under her fucking tights.” The two layers covering her puss were
soaked, and it wasn’t sweat. I pressed my fingers into the padding
between her legs and curled my knuckle against her labes.
As the car lurched forward, I groped further. Even through
two layers, a thick wad of moist pubes greeted my touch. She had a
fucking forest down there. Usually, on most chicks, lots of cunt hair
makes me want to hurl. There’s nothing worse than licking a hot
snatch and getting a mouthful of pubes. It’s like kissing a hairbrush
or something. On Manel, though, a furry bush made me even fucking
wetter. Here was a good little geek who would never even consider
shaving her twat down smooth. She was like totally natural, totally
pure, totally corruptible.
Nikki smiled at me, and I knew she was thinking the same
thing. She had her left arm wrapped around Manel’s waist, and her
fingers had worked under the bottom of Manel’s wool coat. I watched
as her fingers pried up the girl’s sweater and blouse until they
struck bare, brown tummy. With her other hand, nikki porno had begun
rubbing Manel’s other leg. Not be outdone, I removed my right hand
from Manel’s leg and draped it around her shoulders. I resumed
stroking her hairy cheek with my fingers while reaching over and
massaging her left leg with my left hand.
It was like a game of Twister in Josh’s backseat. Manel was
torn between moaning and screaming “Rape!” Nikki stuck her hand under
Manel’s blouse and tickled her rib cage. Manel was so wigged at this
point, her breath was barely a whisper through her clenched teeth.
Her body was like a coiled spring ready to snap, and she was trembling
so violently I thought Josh and Hillary would say something for sure.
But Hillary was too obsessed with Josh and babbling her life
story to notice anything out of the ordinary. Meanwhile, Josh was too
busy trying to navigate the way to Cheryl’s house from Hillary’s
shitty directions. I heard him curse when he found out he’d made a
few wrong turns and had to turn around. When I’d talked to Hillary on
the phone around 6:00, she’d told me Cheryl lived about three minutes
from nikki. This was taking a lot longer, though. Manel must have
sensed we were lost, too, because when nikki’s fingers found her
pointy tits the poor geek just whimpered, went limp, and accepted her
“This is it!” Hillary’s voice exploded after another ten
minutes of driving and mauling Manel’s body. “Right here,” she told
Josh. “The one with the light on.”
Josh pulled the car in the drive, and nikki and I looked up to
see Cheryl exit her front door. She jumped down the porch steps, and
jogged out to the car. She’d obviously dressed to impress. Her fat
hips were packed into a pair of tight, ripped jeans, and she was
wearing an old leather bomber jacket that looked like it was probably
her brother’s or something. A maroon turtleneck peaked above the
collar of the coat, and she topped her outfit off with a pair of
short, black stiletto boots. She peered inside the car, saw the three
of us in back and went for the front door.
“There’s no room up here,” Josh snapped as the door opened. I
wondered if Hillary caught that he was ripping on her fat cow body.
“You’re going to have to squeeze in back,” he told Cheryl.
“Come on, Cheryl,” nikki cackled, yanking her hands from
Manel’s body and kicking open the door to welcome the newest piece of
fresh, geek meat. “Get your ass in here,” nikki teased, dragging
Cheryl in by her arm. I pressed myself as far against my side as I
could. Nikki shoved Manel into me, and I used the opportunity to get
a good grope of her firm tits. “You’re going to by my bitch tonight,
girlfriend!” nikki laughed and placed a big smooch on Cheryl’s cheek.
Cheryl giggled somewhat uncomfortably and made a move to brush
off the bright red lip-print etched on her rosy complexion.
“You don’t wipe that off, girlfriend,” nikki batted the chunky
blonde’s hand away. “You’re my bitch tonight. The lipstick stays.
It shows everyone you’re my bitch, ain’t that right, ronn?” she turned
to me.
Cheryl looked absolutely bewildered. Nikk and I were
laughing, though, so she must have figured it was some kind of game we
“When your nikk’s bitch, the lipstick stays,” I played along.
Cheryl giggled again and shrugged her shoulders. The chubby
geek wanted to hang with us so much she’d probably be willing to do
anything nikk or I said. Between her and Manel, this was shaping up
to be a killer night. I’d almost forgotten the real reason behind
this little adventure, to see Josh fuck and use Hillary’s fat cow ass.
Well, there certainly was no problem with nikk and I getting a little
geek puss for ourselves.
“I got about $30 from my mom,” Cheryl announced proudly as she
wrestled with nikki. “I told her we needed to buy some supplies for
our project.” She sounded so proud of herself.
“Hey, bitch, did I say you could speak?” nikki poked her
flabby tummy and tickled her. “Did I?” she continued teasing Cheryl
while the chubby girl quaked with laughter. “Did I?”
“Stop, please …” Cheryl laughed. “I’m sorry.”
“When you’re nikk’s bitch for the night, you don’t speak
without her permission,” I informed her.
“And you do whatever I say, bitch,” nikki continued tickling
the plump geek until I thought she might have a heart attack. “You
got that? Everything!”
“Yes,” Cheryl wept through her laughter. “I’m sorry. Stop,
please stop.”
“Just remember what I said,” nikki giggled, releasing Cheryl
from her grasp and kissing her on the other cheek.
“Yes, ma’am,” Cheryl laughed. She now had two lipstick-prints
on either cheek. She kept laughing, though, and it suddenly struck me
that she was absolutely clueless to nikk’s twisted horniness. The
stupid cow thought this was just some kind of innocent game we “wild
girls” played. In her own way, she was even more stupid and more
pathetic than Hillary or Manel. She wasn’t looking at this as a
one-night walk on the edge. She was actually thinking tonight was the
start of a whole new life for her. She actually thought if she played
along and did everything right she could hang with us.
For some reason, this really pissed me off. If I felt any
pity for these geeks, it vanished at that moment. Whatever we did to
them, whatever happened, they deserved it. They could have blown us
off this afternoon. They could have stayed home tonight. They could
have accepted who they were instead of thinking they were something
They weren’t us, so what made them think they could be? I
felt like they were looking down on us, like they thought we were so
stupid or beneath them that if they were just nice to us we’d
automatically let them hang with us. Well, if they really wanted to
hang with us, we’d show them what it meant to be a thrasher girl. I
resumed molesting Manel, and she just kind of slumped against me,
keeping perfectly still and allowing me to do whatever I wanted.
Stupid geek cunt!
Nikki was whispering in Cheryl’s ears, and the two were
giggling like brownies or something. Hillary was still prattling on
about something, and I just zoned out while we drove, concentrating on
nothing but the feel of my fingers against Manel’s hot, brown bod. I
dug under Manel’s bulky sweater and mauled the dark, slick flesh
stretched tightly across her tumm and ribs. Once in awhile, I’d sneak
a tweak at her firm tits and pinch her hard nipples. She bit her dark
lips and jerked forward in little spazzes. Cheryl was too busy with
nikk to even notice.
When we pulled into the lot behind Magic Beans, I quickly
scanned for the Lincoln. There was no sign of any action. It was
still early. We piled out of the car and sprinted through the bitter
cold to the back door. The warmth washed over our faces as we plowed
through the doorway. I noticed Manel and Hillary breathe a sigh of
relief as we entered the familiar surroundings. I half expected them
to make a mad dash for freedom, but they didn’t.
Cheryl, on the other hand, darted her eyes about the room.
She was obviously freaking about the two, big smoochies on her chubby
cheeks. No one in the place seemed to notice, though, and she kind of
Hillary followed Josh to a large table in back. Nicky, Mikey
and tam-tams were nowhere to be seen. I looked down at my watch. It
wasn’t even 8:30 yet. Shit usually doesn’t start going down until at
least 9:30 or 10:00. It was way too early yet. We sat down, and Josh
played waiter boy like he always did. Hillary and Manel ordered some
caps. Cheryl went with a latte. Nikk and I ordered our usuals –
double espressos.
Josh went behind the bar, bullshitted with Gwen, the assistant
manager, and made our drinks. Since Josh worked at Beans on weekends,
they expected him to wait on himself and his friends when he came in.
This meant we could pretty much drink for free when Gwen or Ted, the
other assistant manager, were working. Only Norma, the owner, made
sure we paid our tab. Luckily, she was nowhere to be seen on
I noticed Josh was taking his sweet old time with the drinks.
He was seriously pissed by now, glaring at me every once in awhile. I
smiled back each time and stuck out my tongue. He flipped me off,
finished the drinks, and returned to the table carrying our stuff on a
tray. Manel was seated at my right, and nikki at her right. Cheryl
was on the other side of nikk. Hillary was at my immediate left,
putting Josh between her and Cheryl. He didn’t look too pleased as he
passed out our drinks and finally sat down.
We talked about nothing – movies and shit – for about half an
hour. Then Nicky came bustling in the back. Tams and Mikey were
right behind. They saw us. Nicky cracked a big smile when he spied
nikki’s mark on Cheryl’s cheeks. Obviously something was up. Mikey
looked totally casual with the whole deal, but tams sneered at nikk
and me when the geeks weren’t looking.
“Lincoln just pulled up,” Nicky announced, picking up a chair
and scooting between Josh and Cheryl. “Right behind us.”
“Hey, they’re early,” I said, quickly scooting to my right,
cutting off Josh from using tam-tams and Mikey as wedges between him
and Hillary. Manel and nikki scooted down, too, and Mikey stuck two
chairs in the gap. Tam-tams sat next to me and kicked my shin. I
showed her my tongue-stud, and then we both kind of smiled. Tams knew
better than to make waves when nikk and I were scamming. Besides, the
three geeks meant we’d be letting her bony ass off easy tonight.
“So we gonna score some shit or what?” Nicky smirked at the
lipstick branding Cheryl’s cheeks. She tried to ignore him, but I
guess it was pretty impossible. “I say let’s get this show on the
road,” Nicky turned to me then nikk.
“We brought money,” Cheryl cut in. She knew how stupid she
looked and was trying desperately to regain some kind of dignity. “We
all brought money,” she flashed nervous glances at Hillary and Manel.
“We’re in for whatever.”
Josh rolled his eyes, and Nicky just smiled at Cheryl.
“Great. How much?”
“I’ve got $30, Hillary’s got $20, and how much do you have
“I .. uh .. $20!” she stammered, half-terrified at the
prospect of buying illegal drugs, and half-mortified that my hand was
molesting her thigh. Under the table and out of sight, I squeezed her
legs and stroked her tights.
“Well, that’s enough for .. what ..?” nikki asked. “About
half, maybe?”
I caught on to her game right away. “Yeah, if that,” I jumped
“Looks like we’re short again,” Nicky giggled, obviously
knowing what nikk and I were cooking up. “I’m pretty much tapped.”
“Me, too,” Mikey added. Tams shrugged her shoulders. She was
ready to play at just about anything tonight as long as it meant she
wouldn’t be the one getting shit on.
Josh glared at me and said nothing. I shot him a smile back.
“Well, you know me,” I laughed. “I’m like always busted. You know I
really should get a job now that I’m 16.” Nikk, Nicky and Mikey
cracked up.
“You mean you guys didn’t bring any money?” Cheryl was already
starting to freak. “I mean how much is this going to cost.”
“$20 a baggie,” nikki smiled. “We’ve got $70. All we need is
$120. We should be able to work this out, wouldn’t you say, ronn ..?”
“No problem,” I smiled at nikk. “Those guys are always
willing to cut a deal, especially with some fresh faces around.”
By now, the three geeks had a clue something was going down,
but no fucking idea what it could be. Their little geek minds
couldn’t even comprehend what was going to happen next.
“How are we going to get the rest of the money?” Cheryl asked
nervously, like she didn’t really want to know.
“We don’t need any more money,” nikki answered.
“But you said …” Cheryl started.
“Did I say you could talk, bitch,” nikk laughed and stroked
the lipstick print on Cheryl’s left cheek. “Just relax, okay. You’re
in my hands tonight, aren’t you, bitch ..?” she joked.
“I forgot,” Cheryl laughed and nodded, foolishly relieved for the
“Now, who’s my bitch?” nikki continued teasing her and
stroking her cheek.
“I am,” Cheryl giggled, desperately wanting nikki to think she
was cool.
“Good, that’s what I want to hear,” nikki patted Cheryl’s
cheek and started rummaging through her purse. In a second, she
produced the infamous deck of airline playing cards.
“Cool, we’re going to play cards?” Hillary burst out.
“Yeah,” nikki started shuffling.
“What game?” Hillary asked.
“It’s called ‘Who Sucks the Big Black Dick?’,” tams cracked.
No one but nikki, Nicky, Mikey and I laughed. Our three
little pep squad twats just sat there with their mouths hanging open
before Cheryl spoke up. “What? Is that like ‘Oh, Heck’, or
“Not quite,” I replied. “Your money goes in the pot.” I
pointed to the center of the table, and the girls slowly tossed their
cash into the center of the table.
“I thought we were using this money to .. to buy .. stuff,”
Manel stammered.
“We are, girlfriend,” nikki laughed. “Now pay attention. In
our little set here, we all share stuff … shit, food, money,
everything. This money will get us almost half of what we need. What
we’ve gotta do now is see who gets us the other half. Let’s see … 9
bags, minus the 4 we can get for this.” She pointed to the $70.
“That’s like 5 more bags, right, ronn ..?”
“Yeppers,” I answered, working my hand farther up Manel’s
tights until she was squirming around like a brown beetle caught under
a pin.
“That means two of us,” nikki explained.
“Two of us, what ..?” Cheryl asked.
“The guys we get the shit from,” I began. “If we don’t have
all the money, they let us work off the rest of what we owe them.”
“What?” Hillary had no fucking clue what was going down.
“You go out there and suck their dicks and fuck ’em,” tams
suddenly cut in. “What are you, chicks, dense or something?” The
three geeks just stared at her in utter disbelief. “We give ’em half
the money, and then we screw ’em for the difference,” tams continued
explaining. “That’s what the card game is for, to see who pays and
who plays.”
“You’re kidding us, right?” Hillary demanded. “You’ve got to
be kidding us.”
“What?” nikki snapped at her. “You got a problem with this?”
“I sure do,” Hillary shot back.
“Come on, Hil, can’t you see they’re just screwing around?”
Cheryl looked at me and nikk hopefully, waiting for us to bust out
laughing and let everyone know it was a gag.
“It’s no joke, bitch,” I thought silently to myself.
“You guys are kidding around, aren’t you ..?” Cheryl laughed
nervously. “Aren’t you?”
“We’re dead serious,” nikk responded, staring straight in
Cheryl’s eyes. “Now are you in with us, or not?”
“Absolutely not!” Hillary exclaimed. “How on earth could you
expect us to be ‘in with you’?”
“You see, nikk, I told you they were fucking geeks,” tams cut
in all bitchy-like. For once, she wasn’t the one getting picked on,
and it must have felt good. Now was her turn to be the bitch.
“Oh, I’m a geek now because I don’t want to prostitute myself
for drugs?” Hillary fired back. She was suuuch a geek!
“Uh, basically, yeah,” nikki replied. “How ’bout you,
girlfriend?” she turned back to Cheryl. “You in, or are you going
back to being a fucking geek?”
Cheryl looked at her friends. Hillary was ready to take off.
Manel was slumped low in her chair with a look on her face like she
was going to hurl. The whole entire scene was freaking Cheryl out.
She finally had her big chance to quit being a geek. If she punked
out now, she’d lose out forever. “Since it’s my money, I .. I
shouldn’t have to play the game,” she spoke up. “I’m willing to put
in my $30. Since none of you have any money, I kind of win by
default, don’t I ..?” she reasoned.
“The same goes for me,” Hillary spoke up now, suddenly brave.
“I’m willing to put in my $20, too. That means I shouldn’t have to ..
do that either,” she couldn’t even say the words. “It should only be
who doesn’t have the money.”
“Who said we don’t have any money?” tams smirked. She took
out her handbag and ripped out three $20s. “Here’s money for ronni,
nikki and me. Now we’re all playing, I guess.”
Cheryl’s and Hillary’s jaws hit the floor. Manel was too busy
getting mauled by me under the table to react. I had the elastic
waistband of her tights pulled down to her thighs, and I was rubbing
her hairy bush beneath the flimsy cotton of her panties. Neither of
her geek friends even noticed she was whimpering like a cold kitty
cat. I snaked my fingers further up her frillies and started
strumming her puss like it was a banjo.
“This is getting out of hand,” Hillary protested. “We already
said we’d pay. This isn’t fair.”
“This is how we play the game,” nikki told her. “You’re
either in or not. There’s six of us here, and only two need to go.
Chances are you’ll get off scot free.”
“Listen, we really don’t want to play this game,” Cheryl tried
to reason with nikki. “Why can’t you just take our money?”
“Why, because you think you’re too good for this?” I was
really pissed now. The louder I talked, the harder I rubbed Manel’s
puss. “You think you’re better than us, don’t you ..? It’s no big
deal for us to go out and suck some nigger’s cock for shit, but NOT
YOU! You’re too fucking special. You’re too fucking good. You’re
not trash like us. That is what you think we are, isn’t it, bitch?” I
got in her face. “Trash?”
“I didn’t …” Cheryl began.
“She thinks we’re trash, nikk,” I cut her off as I screwed
like two fingers hard into Manel’s slickery snatch. “This little geek
bitch thinks we’re trash.”
“Is that right, Cheryl?” nikki pressed her. “Is that what you
think? You think we’re trash?”
“No!” she pleaded. “That’s not what I meant. It’s just that
“What?!” nikki demanded. “Say it, bitch!”
“Listen, we don’t want to do this,” Hillary was trying to be
all rational. “Why don’t we just take off, okay ..?”
“Fucking puss-bag geeks,” tams spit at Hillary. “Go and run
back home. You see, ron?,” she turned to me. “I told you these
bitches were just going to pussy out on us. Like you said, they think
we’re trash.”
“Come on, guys,” Cheryl pleaded. “We didn’t say that. We
don’t think that.”
“Fuck this,” nikk dealt six cards faced down, one each in
front of every chick at the table. “You either play, or you lose your
money anyway.”
“You can’t take our money,” Hillary protested.
“You gonna stop me,” nikki glared at her. “Huh?”
“We won’t do this,” Hillary was shaking. “Now give us back
our money .. please …”
“Fuck you,” nikki didn’t flinch. “Now turn over your card.
The two low cards lose.”
“I’m not playing,” Hillary refused.
“How about you?” nikki asked Cheryl. “You gonna be a geek the
rest of your fucking life? Is that what you want, to go back home and
be a fucking puss-bag geek?”
Cheryl bit her lip and looked around the table at the other
five cards. She suddenly shot out her hand and flipped over the card.
4 of hearts. Her jaw hit the fucking floor. nikki snorted espresso
through her nose.
“Looks like we have a winner,” tams giggled, flipping over her
card. Jack of diamonds.
I went next. 10 of Diamonds. I pinched Manel’s clit hard,
and she got the hint. She reached over and flipped her card. Jack of
Hearts. She let loose a sigh that sounded like relief to everyone
else, except me. I felt her puss start frothing and her little tummy
stiffen, and I knew I’d jacked her off to a hard cum. I could even
see the flush through her dark skin. I was so hot I was psychotic.
Nikki stared at Hillary showdown style. It was down to the
two of them. One was going to lose, maybe both. Cheryl looked like
she was going to blow chunks. I’d ever been so horny in my whole
life. The very thought that both these fat geek cows could be out in
the parking lot sucking black cocks for shit blew my fucking mind. I
looked in nikki’s eyes, and she winked at me. Then I knew the truth.
She’d fixed the deck while everyone was bitching. She’d done
this to tams and me a few times before we’d caught on. Now Hillary
was going to learn her lesson. I half expected the geek to be smart
enough to head out the door and lose her $20. But she just stared at
“Come on,” nikki teased her. “Have some fucking balls, why
don’t you ..? Wouldn’t you just love to see me lose? Wouldn’t you
just love to put me in my fucking place? Wouldn’t you love to see me
lose and go out there and suck some black guy’s cock while you sit in
here, drinking a latte and laughing your ass off at me? Come on. You
know you wanna see me lose. You know you wanna take your $20 back and
laugh in my fucking face. You know you do. So come on and put me in
my place. Or maybe you don’t have the fucking guts. Here’s your one
big chance. Are you gonna take it or what?”
“You can’t psych me out into doing this like you did Cheryl,”
Hillary replied, her fat cow body quivering in rage and terror.
“You really did want some shit tonight, didn’t you, Josh?”
Nikk turned to Josh and played her final card, the fucking ace she had
up her sleeve.
We all looked at Josh, especially me. He’d figured out the
situation, too. He’d seen nikk stack a deck before, and knew she’d
probably dealt herself an ace or king. That would make my card the
second lowest next to Cheryl’s. Josh hated when I went out and did
the Lincoln, possibly more than anything else I did. He also couldn’t
stand Hillary. The choice was obvious … for anybody but Josh. He was
always so self-righteous, I knew nikk’s little maneuver was really
fucking with his “ethics.” Sacrifice his “girlfriend,” or screw over
some fat geek too stupid to know what she’d gotten herself into. This
was going to be interesting.
Hillary was pleading her big fat cow eyes at Josh. Her lip
was starting to tremble, and she looked like she might cry or puke or
do both. That must have tipped it.
“Yeah,” Josh kind of gave a sick smile. “I really wanted to
get wasted tonight.” He looked at Hillary. “I thought you did, too,
Hil..? I thought you were with me tonight.”
Way to go, Josh! I almost screamed. For once, Joshy was
showing some fucking nuts. I could tell by the glint in his eye that
his dick was raging. He tried to fight it all the time, but he was as
twisted as the rest of us. He wanted to see these two cows get fucked
tonight, too.
Hillary turned white as a sheet.
“Come on,” Josh whispered as he touched her hand. “Just get
it over with so we can get some shit and get stoned. I want to have
some fun.” He rubbed her fat shoulder, and she fucking melted. “Some
fun,” he repeated even more softly in her ear, and then he kissed her
fat, pale cheek.
“Okay,” she whispered back, putting on a brave, pathetic
smile. “Here goes nothing.” She stared right into nikk’s eyes as she
flipped the card over.
2 of spades.
Nikki smirked and casually flipped over the King of diamonds.
Hillary and Cheryl were major shitting. Tams was almost
rolling on the floor. I slammed the rest of my espresso, and nikki
picked up the cards.
“Please tell me this was some kind of joke,” Cheryl begged.
“No joke, baby,” nikk porno was suddenly all sweetness and
light again. “It’ll be all right, though. Don’t worry. We do this
all the time. It’s over before you know it. And we’ll go out there
to make sure everything’s cool. In a half-hour or so, you’ll be so
high it’ll all be a big fucking joke by then. Believe me. It’s not
half as bad as it sounds. You may even get off on it. I do.”
“I’m not doing this,” Hillary wept. “I’m not. I want my
money back, and I’m leaving.”
Nikki shot Josh a look. He nodded. “Come on, Hillary, it’s
all right,” he rubbed her fat shoulders. “Come on, don’t cry.”
“I don’t want to do this,” she kept bawling.
“Guys, let me talk to Hil for a second, okay ..?” Josh took
her hand. He stood up, and she rose, too, following him back into a
corner by the restroom. I tried not to watch what was going down, but
I couldn’t help it. Josh was suddenly acting so weird, like he was
suddenly into this shit. Like he was enjoying it. That, in turn,
made me feel weird, too.
“Nikki, I can’t .. I can’t do this …” Cheryl was sobbing now,
too. “Really, I can’t. I can’t …”
“I thought we were buds.” Nikki Porno put her arm around
Cheryl. “I thought you wanted to party tonight …” she continued
soothing Cheryl’s fears and mind fucking her.
I turned back to Josh. In under two minutes, he’d managed to get
Hillary pressed into a corner where he was sucking her face and
running his hands all over her fat body. She was so into him, he’d
have her back here ready to suck black dick in no time. Mikey and
tams were already in a deep clench. Which left me with my little
Indian princess. I still had my hands in her panties, and she’d
finally come down off her first cum. Her puss was drying up slightly.
I couldn’t have that.
“I’m going to put my fingers up your puss,” I whispered in her
ear. “You just rock back and forth slowly in your chair, not hard,
just nice and easy, and fuck your puss with my fingers. You got
that?” She nodded dumbly and immediately obeyed, rocking back and
forth slowly in her chair. “You want to go and get some more
piercings sometime?” I asked her aloud as if we were just talking
“Sure,” she gasped.
“You know, I think the hair on your face is real hot,” I
laughed, stroking her moustache with my free hand. “I bet it would
feel pretty cool kissing you.”
“Please don’t,” she whimpered.
“Why not?” I acted all hurt. “Don’t you like me?”
“Yes,” she sobbed softly. “Just not here. Please not here.
Not in front of everyone.”
“You don’t want to kiss a girl in public?” I teased her. “Or
you don’t want to kiss a trash girl in public?”
“Please,” she begged me. “Please don’t.”
“I’m going to eat that hairy pussy .. tonight,” I leaned over
and whispered in her ear again, fucking my tongue-stud in and out as I
spoke. “I’m going to lick you all over til you cum. You want me to
do that, don’t you ..?”
She nodded, her whole bod shaking. I brushed my lips against
her hairy lips, flicking my tongue-stud against her chattering teeth.
She instinctively replied with her own tongue. I pressed my mouth
over hers, and tickled her tongue with my stud. She gasped,
hesitated, and then started grinding her puss against my palm. I
worked another finger into her slice, making it three. I strummed her
clit with my thumb and squeezed her mound hard. She jammed her tongue
into my throat and then tensed up so hard she slid off the chair and
onto the floor.
The crash turned everyone’s heads towards our table. Josh and
Hillary were just returning. Manel scooted back up in her chair,
readjusting her tights and bunched up panties. I leaned back and
began licking my fingers. Nikki, Nicky, Mikey and tams caught on
immediately, and tams flashed me a “you go, girl” smile.
“You guys ready?” Josh broke the confused silence and looked
at nikk, me and Cheryl.
“She playing?” I asked Josh, gesturing to Hillary.
“Yeah,” Josh tried not to smile. “How ’bout you?” he asked
Cheryl. “The sooner we work this out, the sooner we can get wasted.”
“She’s in,” nikk smiled while Cheryl nodded slightly. “She’s
my bitch, ain’t ya’, baby ..?”
Cheryl flashed a weak smile and looked off into space. I
noticed that she and Hillary wouldn’t even look at each other. Each
one turned away whenever their eyes met.
“Then let’s get this show on the road,” Josh pointed to the
door. Nikk scooped up the money on the table, handing Hillary and
Cheryl their bills. Armed with Manel’s $20 and the $60 tams had
thrown in, she rose and took Cheryl’s hand. Cheryl stood up slowly,
and I could see her whole body was shivering.
I stood up and leaned into Manel’s ear. “You stay in here
with tams and Mikey and Nickey. I’ll be back in a few, okay ..?
Don’t LEAVE.”
“Okay?” she whimpered, looking down at the ground as she
spoke. She was so ashamed of herself. I just wanted to ravish her
right there, in front of the whole fucking coffee house. Make her cry
and beg for it. But first things first …
I followed Josh, Hillary, Cheryl and nikki out the back door
and into the parking lot. The wind slammed our faces and we all said
“fuck” at the same time. The Lincoln was in its usual place at the
back of the lot, away from the lights. Josh stopped in his tracks and
stamped his feet. “Okay,” he patted Hillary’s fat shoulders. “Go do
“Aren’t you coming. You said you’d …” Hillary began
blubbering, the tears freezing as soon as they touched her cheeks.
“They’ll only deal with us girls,” nikki took Hillary by the
arm and pulled her ahead into the bitter chill. “They see guys and
shit, and they start seriously wigging.” She dragged both her and
Cheryl across the lot, telling them the score. “You let me do all the
talking unless they say something to you directly, then you answer
them. You do whatever they say unless you hear me or ronn tell you
not to. The important thing is that once this starts we don’t piss
them off and leave without the shit. Got that? You start acting like
a couple of geeks, and they won’t give us any shit. And then me and
ronn and tams will be on their shit list. We don’t fucking need that,
okay ..?”
“I don’t think I can …” Hillary started whining.
“Listen, shut the fuck up or I will pound the shit out of you
right here!” nikk hissed at Hillary. “And don’t think I won’t. You
make me look like some kind of puss-bag in front of these guys, and I
will seriously fuck you up .. a lot worse than these assholes can.”
“But, I’ve never .. I never …” Hillary couldn’t even get the
words out.
“You never what?” I asked. “Sucked dick? Well, now’s a good
time to learn.”
“I feel like I’m going to throw up,” Cheryl whined as we
closed in to about ten feet from the car.
“You’ll be all right,” nikki hugged her. “Remember, you’re my
bitch, right ..?” Cheryl nodded. “Right?”
“Yes,” Cheryl gritted her teeth as nikki wrapped on the window
of the Lincoln. The car was running with its heater on high. Through
the steamed-up window, I could see the eyeballs and teeth of the black
guy on the passenger side. He smiled when he made out nikki porno’s
figure in the darkness. The windows whirred down, leaving a sizable
crack for negotiation.
“Ladies,” the black guy on the front passenger side sounded
happy to see us. It was a cold fucking night to be sitting out in a
parking lot selling dope to high school kids. Nikki Porno always
brought a little excitement into their usual routine. “Was’sup with
your FINE selves this evening?” he looked past nikki to see me
standing behind the two geeks. His eyebrow arched, and he checked out
the fat white bitches standing outside in the cold.
“We need nine bags,” nikki kept it short because of the cold.
“We’ve got half the money. We’re willing to work something out for
the rest.”
“So, what you got?”
“Some fresh meat for you, ” nikk joked and pointed to the
shivering geeks.
“That’s a lot of meat there,” he joked.
“That one bitch look like a whole fucking side of meat to me,”
one of the black guys in back piped up.
Hillary almost burst out into tears, but nikki’s glance killed
“I thought you guys might like a little more .. you know
.back,” she kept on talking. “These ain’t no skinny little white
girls here.”
“You tellin’ me,” the guy at the window laughed. “I do like
me some cushion, though.” He studied Cheryl for a long three seconds.
“Hey, you’re kind of cute, bitch. Why don’t you come in here and warm
up? How’s that sound? You wanna party a little with me and Tyrone?”
he indicated the driver, who just sneered in reply.
Cheryl didn’t move or say anything.
“He’s talking to you, Cheryl,” nikki elbowed the chub in the
ribs. “Answer him.”
“Sure,” Cheryl shivered and let nikki shove her towards the
side of the car.
“Guess I’m fucking Shamoo, then,” the guy in the back grinned.
“Well, I hate to break it you, ladies. But this backseat ain’t big
enough for me and Dante and her.”
“My friend has a station wagon,” I suddenly cut in. “If we
fold down the backseat, there’ll be plenty of room for all three of
“Sounds good by me,” he crawled out the back of the car
followed by the black guy he called Dante. I took Hillary by the arm
and pushed her back across the lot to where Josh’s car was parked.
She just kind of staggered, like she was paralyzed or something. Josh
was standing inside the back doorway of the coffeehouse making sure
everything was cool. When he saw us heading towards his station
wagon, he sprinted out to see what was up.
“Who the fuck is this?” Dante challenged.
“That’s my friend,” I told him. “It’s his fucking car. He
has the fucking keys. Now just chill.”
“What’s up, ronn?” Josh asked as he walked up.
“These guys need more room,” I explained. “I offered them the
back of your station wagon.”
“Josh …” Hillary started whining.
“No fucking problem,” Josh cut her off and dealt with Dante.
“If you’re in the car and the engine’s running, I just gotta be in the
car, okay ..? You understand? I ain’t letting anyone alone in my car
with the engine running.”
“Whatever, man …” Dante put his arm around Hillary and she
shuddered so hard her teeth chattered. “It’s colder than shit out
here. I need to warm me up fast.” He rubbed his hands over Hillary’s
massive body before squeezing her hard.
Hillary’s eyes shot out of her fucking skull. She was
absolutely trapped in the situation, and there was no way out. Josh
opened his back doors and kicked down the backseat. While the black
guys hustled Hillary inside, I walked around to the front. Josh let
me in the front passenger door. One by one, the car doors slammed,
and we were all inside. Josh put the key in the ignition and hit the
engine. Cool air poured in from the heaters, but it got warmer in
“Jesus, bitch, you’re shaking,” Dante laughed.
“I’ll warm you up, baby,” the other black guy spoke up. “How
’bout something hot to suck on.” I turned around to see him snake his
long, black fuck pole out of his baggy jeans and wave it in Hillary’s
face. She tried hiding her eyes in her hands, but he slapped them
away. “Don’t close your eyes, baby,” he cuffed her on the cheeks with
his swollen black cockhead. “That ain’t no fun, is it ..?”
“Man, you are one monster bitch,” Dante commented, drawing her
arms behind her back and working off her overcoat. With her arms
pinned helplessly behind her back, Hillary couldn’t push away the
black cock smashing into her mouth. As the thick cockhead slapped
against her lips, she tried jerking her head back, but the black guy
doing her mouth wasn’t playing around.
He grabbed her by her hair and guided her face back towards
his long thick tool. She clenched her jaws tight, and closed her
eyes, like that could make it all go away. But Dante pulled her arms
back again, working off her blazer. He pinned her shoulders together,
and she winced in pain. Her mouth gaped opened. The other black guy
stuck his fingers inside her cheek like a fishhook, then pressed her
jaws apart. “Man, bitch what is up with you?” he asked. “Don’t be
fighting me.”
“She likes it rough like that,” I told him. “You know how
freaky fat bitches are. She wants you to really give it to her …
hard,” I added.
“‘Zat right, baby?” he cackled at Hillary. “Like it all nasty
and shit, huh?” He wedged his cockhead between her glossy lips and
jammed it up against the inside of her chubby cheeks. “How’s that
feel, huh, bitch? Suck that cock, you fat freaky bitch.”
“This gotta be the fattest white bitch I ever fucked,” Dante
told everyone in the car. “Look at this shit?” he laughed, rubbing
Hillary’s belly through her tight white sweater. “This shit is wild.”
He grabbed the rolls of fat bunched up between Hillary’s bra and tight
jumbo jeans and jiggled them roughly.
“She likes that,” I told him. “Do it some more. Play with
her fat while he fucks her face.”
“You one sick-ass white bitch,” the black guy in her mouth
said to me. “You like to see your fat friend fucked, don’t you ..?”
“Yeah,” I had fished Josh’s cock out of his jeans, and it was
raging. “Make her fat mouth gag on that big black dick,” I hissed at
the black guy. I played with Josh’s pierced dickhead and pumped his
cock stalk. “Pull that sweater up and slap her fat,” I told Dante.
He yanked at the sleeves of Hillary’s sweater and pulled. Her
fat arms slid down the sleeves, until he stretched the sweater out
over her back and arms. As he kept tugging, she had to move her arms
forward to avoid the sharp pain under her shoulders, and suddenly her
big fat arms were wobbling free.
The sweater was now hanging over Hillary’s back and around her
neck. With his left hand, Dante grabbed onto it like a leash and
yanked the fat cow’s head back. The black guy in her mouth scooted up
to keep his prick lodged between her lips. With her neck snapped
back, she had to look straight up into the mammoth black tool plunging
into her mouth like an oil drill. With his right hand, Dante took a
handful of Hillary’s flab and kneaded it hard, scooping it up and
stretching it away from her ribcage. Her muffled howls vibrated
against the other black guy’s hard cock.
“Come on, slap that fat!” I told him. “Let me hear it.”
“Woo-eee,” Dante boomed. He let go of flab he was twisting
and then smacked it hard. A dull, wet, thwacking sound cut through
Josh’s station wagon. Dante continued slapping the rolls of fat, and
the sound filled the car.
“Lick those balls now, you fat bitch,” the black guy in
Hillary’s mouth snarled, rubbing is brillowy balls against Hillary’s
sobbing lips. Dante yanked on the sweater-leash, and she opened her
mouth, taking his partner’s whole scrote. “Suck ’em. Suck ’em,” he
“You like watching this, too, huh,” Dante knocked the back of
Josh’s seat to catch his attention. “Watching your fat friend get
worked over?” Josh said nothing, his eyes riveted to the warped
reflection of the scene playing against the windshield. His hard cock
told me that Dante was right. Joshy was getting off on this .. big
time. He wasn’t going to say anything, though. That just wasn’t
Josh’s way. “You sure are some sick-ass motherfucking kids, I’ll tell
you that,” Dante shook his head.
“Not that we complaining,” the other black guy laughed. He
drummed his cockhead against Hillary’s nose while she sucked his
balls. “Hey, Dante, let’s see this bitch’s big fat tits.”
Dante unsnapped Hillary’s jumbo bra, and let it fall to the
seat. Her fat tits wobbled free. Dante began to bat them back and
forth with both hands while he licked Hillary’s fleshy back up and
down. Hillary shuddered and lowered her head. When she did, she
found the black guy’s huge cock reinserted deep into her mouth again,
fucking in and out until the cockhead hit her tonsils. She gagged on
“Come on, suck his cock, baby,” Dante hissed in Hillary’s ear.
“Suck it good.”
“Fat white bitches are the fucking freakiest around,” the
other black guy laughed, taking Hillary’s hair and wrapping it around
each of his hands. He then pulled on her hair and slammed her mouth
down around his cock so hard it choked her. As she spit up, he
withdrew his prick and shot his load all over her face. The cum mixed
with her tears, and he smeared the mess all over her face with his
“This is probably the hottest fucking you ever had, ain’t it,
bitch?” Dante asked. He reached around Hillary’s thick waist and
began unsnapping her jumbo jeans. “Big-ass white bitch like you must
not get much. No wonder you such a fucking freaky bitch. Well, don’t
worry, bitch. I’ll fuck your fat ass so good you won’t need no cock
for a few fucking months. You ever been done by a black guy before,
bitch? Have you?”
“No,” Hillary whimpered.
“She’s a fucking virgin, man,” I told him as I jerked off
Josh’s cock. “Just look at her. Who the fuck would want to fuck her
fat ass?”
“‘Zat right, baby? You a virgin?” Dante asked.
“Yes,” she sobbed. “Please … please don’t rape me.”
“We a little past that now, bitch, ain’t we,” the other black
guy said, stroking his cock and dangling it back in front of Hillary’s
bawling mouth. “Now suck on this and get me hard again. I’m going to
bust that fat ass of yours wide open after Dante’s done with your
“You want her ass, then?” Dante asked He pulled down
Hillary’s jumbo jeans past her hips and huge ass.
“She’s got herself some virgin skank, figured you’d want first
stab at that, homes.”
“Look at this fat fucking ass, though,” Dante pulled down her
jumbo panties and slapped her ass so hard the car rocked. “Be like
fucking a whale, all this blubber and shit.” He smacked her ass even
harder for emphasis. “You sure you want her ass?”
“I like me plenty a’ back, you know that.”
“This ain’t back, it’s fucking blubber.”
“I said I’d fuck the fat bitch’s white ass. You gotta a
problem with that?”
“No problem, man.” He licked his fingers and jabbed them into
Hillary’s fat cunt. “You hear that, baby. I’m going to pop that
fat-ass white cherry of yours. How you feel about that, bitch? I’m
going to fucking spoil your fat ass, you know ..?” he continued
ranting as he took out his hard black tool. It wasn’t as long as the
other guy’s, but it was a lot thicker, like a can of Campbell’s Soup.
“Probably be the only time you ever get a hot cock shoved up that cunt
of yours. But don’t worry, baby, I’ll take real good care of you.
Bust you in real good. Be the best fuck of your life. Now scoot that
big sweet ass of yours back, bitch. My cock’s back here, baby,” he
slapped her ass hard, and she crawled back helplessly to accept his
thick cock.
At this point, Hillary was a freaked-out mess. She was crying
hysterically, but the black guys just seemed to think it was some kind
of act or something. I looked into her eyes as I pumped Josh’s cock.
He looked straight ahead into the windshield. Both Josh and Hillary
had the same vacant, zombie eyes. Josh was facing a part of himself
he’d always denied. Hillary was facing what she’d never been able to
This would no doubt be the worst night in Hillary’s entire life. She
must have been so psyched earlier. She was finally going to get to
hang with her “true love” Josh. Maybe she could get him to like her
for who she really was underneath all that fat blubber. She’d spent
hours trying to decide what to wear so she’d look hot, as if she could
ever look hot. She’d fucking convinced herself she had a chance with
Josh. For a few hours, she’d actually believed all the bullshit.
She thought she had new friends and a new life. Now she was
in the backseat of Josh’s car being double-slammed by two low-life
niggers who were treating her like trash. Meanwhile, Josh, her true
beloved, sat calmly in the front seat smoking a cigarette and getting
jacked off by me. Her expensive white sweater was stretched-out and
looped around her neck like a dog collar. Her jumbo jeans were down
past her fat thighs, and her jumbo panties were torn in shreds around
her gaping crotch.
To make things worse, she was scooting her fat ass back,
chasing some black guy’s cock so he could bust her geek cherry. She
was sobbing like a baby, muffled beneath the black cock shoved in her
“Come on, baby, back up!” Dante slapped her ass like bongo
drums. “My cock’s back here, baby!” He was enjoying teasing her,
making her humiliate her fat ass even further. She desperately kept
scooting back, trying to aim her fat pussy at his thick, huge cock.
As he toyed with her, Dante kept licking his fingers and working them
deeper into her virgin puss. Even though she was fat and flabby, her
puss was still bound to be tight, and he wanted it as nice and slick
as possible for his thick tool. “Back here, baby,” he mocked,
tickling his cockhead against her puss.
Feeling the swollen helmet against her labes, Hillary shoved
her fat ass back, sucking an inch or so of Dante’s thick black fuck
pole into her wet snatch. He let her have some of his meat for a
second or two before drawing back and making her scoot back further
for it, like her puss was begging his black cock to fuck it. “Come
on, baby, back here,” he kept on jeering. She desperately tried to
engulf his prick with her fat cunt. “Fat freaky bitch can’t find my
dick through all that blubber,” he joked. “That’s all right, baby,”
he leaned down and licked her ass crack. “We got all night, don’t we
“Please,” Hillary finally pleaded. “Just do it.”
“Do what?”
“Fuck me,” she sobbed. “Please just get it over with.”
“What the fuck you say?!” Dante shouted.
“Please fuck me,” she wailed.
“You said ‘Get it over with,’ bitch. What the fuck does that
mean, bitch? What? You think your fat white ass is too good for me
or some shit. I’ll show you ‘too good,’ you fat bitch.” Dante spit
as he jammed his thick black cock deep into Hillary’s fat puss.
“Shit!” she howled as he slammed into her, obviously ripping
her cherry. “Oh, shit, please stop …” she kept screeching as he
drove his thick black fuck pole deeper and deeper into her fat virgin
“Look,” I whispered in Josh’s ear, fucking it with my
tongue-stud. “Turn around and look at her.” He followed my voice and
turned around. His pierced cockhead was throbbing in my hand, and I
knew it was about to shoot. He stared into the back of his station
wagon, and licked his lips. I tugged at his scrote rings and pumped
his shaft.
Dante was royally raping Hillary’s fat ass. He was slapping
it hard every time he downstroked, and all the flab on her fat cow
body wobbled and jiggled. “Fuck that fat-ass white bitch,” the other
guy shouted as sweat poured down Dante’s face. “Fuck her fat pussy
good, man. Fuck that white whale blubber bitch.” To make matters
even more twisted, Hillary’s fat puss had begun farting every time
Dante upstroked. The sound of her pussy farts and his ass-slapping
shook the car.
Josh’s whole body tensed as he watched the grotesque
spectacle. “Fuck her,” he finally whispered, fucking his own-tongue
into my ear. His cock and balls quivered, and his piss-hole sprayed a
hot load of splooge. I milked his pierced prick all over my hands.
“Fuck her fat ass. Fuck it hard.”
I jammed my cum-covered fingers in his mouth. He sucked off
all his spunk while he watched Hillary’s fat ass get repeatedly
“Fuck, I’m cumming,” Dante hissed. He buried his thick fuck
tool so deep into Hillary’s fat cunt that he butted her head against
the door about ten times while he drained his hot load in her fat
virgin puss.
“Shit, man, you fucking killing the fat-ass bitch,” the other
black guy told Dante. He pushed Dante off Hillary. “You wanna get us
arrested or some shit. What the fuck is with you, nigger?”
“Fat ass white bitch whore,” Dante continued slapping
Hillary’s ass. She huddled against the door, crying her eyes out.
“Man, you really fucking hurt her,” the other guy was trying
to scramble out the car. ‘Get your black ass outta the car, nigger.”
As Dante hoisted up his pants, he leaned over and spit in
Hillary’s weeping face. “Thatta teach you to say “get it over with,’
you fat fucking freak. You should be thanking God I fucked your fat
ugly ass. Only time you’ll ever get any hard dick up that skank-ass
cunt of yours, ho’. ‘Get it over with,’ my black ass, you white trash
whore.” He spit in her eyes again, and allowed his friend to hustle
him out the car.
Before Josh could stop me, I sprang out of the car after them.
I wasn’t going to let them out of my sight. Not when they still owed
us some shit. They trotted up to the Lincoln with dante still cursing
out Hillary at the top of his lungs. As the other guy tried to calm
him down, the door opened and nikki slid out. Cheryl followed her on
wobbly legs. Her hair was all messed up, and her make-up all smeared
on her face like she was a clown. Her bomber jacket was thrown over
her shoulders, and I could tell right away that her turtleneck was on
insides-out, and she’d lost her bra. Then I noticed it crumbled up in
nikki’s hands. Cheryl’s jeans were unbuttoned, too, and the fly was
halfway down her crotch. She staggered on her stilleto boots and
leaned against nikki, who was laughing like a psycho.
Nikki waved the baggies at me as Dante approached the car.
“Fucking fat bitch,” he was still cursing.
“Wass’sup?” the guy named Tyrone cackled at his friend.
“Dante went off, man.”
“You didn’t hurt the bitch did you, Dante?” Tyrone asked.
“Fucking fat bitch told me to ‘get it over with.’ Told ME to
‘get it over with.’ Fat fucking bitch should be thanking God this
nigger fucked her fat sorry ass. Best fucking cock that fat cunt will
ever ride.”
“Get in the car, Dante,” Tyrone laughed. He turned to nikki.
“We square now?” he asked.
“Fuck yeah,” nikk smiled at him, waved the baggies and blew
him a kiss.
“You come back and see us real soon,” Tyrone smirked at
Cheryl. She smiled at him weakly. “Come her and give us a kiss,
bitch,” he laughed, and wagged his finger. She stumbled over to him,
barely able to stand, let alone walk. With her knees wobbling, she
pressed her tits against his chest, and they shared a hot,
open-mouthed kiss. Tyrone planted his strong black hands on Cheryl’s
chub butt and spanked her. “You my bitch, ain’t ya?” he asked her.
She nodded with a shy smile. “Now get your white asses outta her,”
Tyrone smiled, “before I freeze my black ass off.”
We all trotted over to the station wagon. As we closed in, I
could see that Josh had crawled into the back seat. Hillary had her
head in his lap, and for a moment I thought he was comforting her.
Then I saw that his hands were firmly planted on the back of her head.
“Go in, I’ll be there in a minute,” I told nikki. She smiled,
pulled Cheryl behind her and headed to the door. “Hey, give us our
shit,” I called to her.
She turned around and tossed me three baggies one at a time.
Then she ran inside. I looked in the bags as I slid back into the
station wagon through the front passenger door.
Josh looked up, saw me, and smiled. “That’s it, you fat
bitch, suck my cock,” he went back to hissing in Hillary’s ear as he
pulled her hair. “Suck my cock like you sucked that nigger’s cock.
You liked that nigger’s big black cock in your mouth, didn’t you, you
fat fucking cunt ..? I always knew you were a fucking nigger loving
freak, you fat cow. You wanted me so bad, well here I am,” he
sneered. He jammed her head down even harder around his pierced cock.
“Here’s your big chance, cunt. Show me how bad you want me. Convince
me I should take pity and even fuck a fat ugly cow like you. Do you
love me, cunt?” he asked her, yanking her head off his cock.
“Yes, Josh,” she was bawling like a baby. “Yes, I love you so
“Then prove it, bitch. Prove it!”
“I did prove it to you,” she bawled. “I did what you wanted.
You said that’s what I needed to do …”
“Fucking fat bitch,” Josh slapped her face, and she cringed.
“Shut your fucking mouth and suck my cock. Suck it good, or I’ll
never talk to you again.” She bent back down and accepted his pierced
cock with her sobbing mouth. As she sucked, Josh reached over and
slapped her fat ass, which was already covered with bruises and welts.
“Go on and slap her ass, ronn,” he told me. “It’s fun, see?” He
pounded her hard with his fist. “She’s a fat fucking cow. What the
fuck does she care?”
I bent over the seat and slapped Hillary’s ass along with
Josh. She kept crying and sucking. “Come on, bitch,” Josh snarled.
“That’s the worst fucking head I’ve ever had. You’ve been sucking on
that thing for ten straight minutes, and I’m not even close to cumming
yet. SUCK IT, you fat cunt. You wanna be my girlfriend, and you
can’t even suck my cock. Fucking geek, SUCK IT!”
“You want some shit?” I asked him, fishing my pipe and lighter
out of my pockets.
“Fuck yeah,” he reached over and handed me his own pipe. I
packed some bowls and watched him slap her ass harder and harder as
she pathetically sucked his cock. I fired his pipe up and handed it
back to him. We kind of saluted each other and took a simultaneous
hit, letting the herb cut through the numbness in our brains and
bodies before snorting it out in a giggle.
“Give her some,” I gestured to Josh’s pipe. “Fat fucking
bitch earned it. Man, he slam-fucked your fat ass, didn’t he, Hil?” I
talked to our victim for the first time in well over an hour. “How
did that feel, that nigger fucking your fat ass like that? Did you
Hillary just kind of sobbed as Josh yanked her head up. “She
asked you a fucking question, bitch,” Josh yelled at her. “What? You
still too good to talk to ronni?”
“Did you cum?” I repeated.
“No,” she sobbed. “No, I didn’t cum, you fucking bitch!” she
wept. “You let those niggers rape me.”
“Can’t rape the willing,” I sneered. “You were the one who
crawled back here with those niggers. You could have run.”
“Fuck you!”
“Got your cherry busted by a couple niggers in the backseat of
a car whoring for dope,” I kept at her. “Bet your mommy told you all
about ‘saving yourself’ for Mr. Right, huh ..? Bet you had all these
little fucking fantasies about how beautiful it would be, huh, Hil ..?
Never thought you’d be giving it up to two niggers for a bag of dope,
did you ..? Shit, girl, they fucked you up good, didn’t they ..? How
did that fucking feel? How did it feel being trash?”
“Shut the fuck up!” Hillary bawled. “Just shut up.”
“No, you shut up and suck on this,” Josh put the pipe to her
lips. “It’ll make you feel better. Come on. Listen to Josh,” he
smiled and rubbed her fat ass. After all she’d been through, she was
still under Josh’s spell. She put her lips to the pipe and did
exactly as he said, drawing the smoke into her lungs. “Hold it in,”
Josh instructed her. “Okay let it out. Take another hit …” he
coached her through about six more hits until she was giggling like a
schoolgirl despite her situation.
When Josh resumed spanking her fat ass and feeding her his
prick, the tears had stopped. As he slapped her ass, I took some more
hits and admired the utter massiveness of Hillary’s ass cheeks.
Getting stoned, her plush, fleshy dimensions seemed even more
grotesque and absurd, especially her ass. It was like the size of
two, huge squishy watermelons put together. I had to touch that ass.
I had to see Josh fuck that huge gross ass. I wet my fingers and
started teasing her fat ass hole. She whimpered slightly. My cold
fingers jabbed into her butt crack.
“Fucking quit your whining,” Josh hissed at her. “Ronni can
do whatever the fuck she wants to. You got that?”
Hillary let loose a stoned giggle and said something
impossible to understand through Josh’s throat jamming.
“I’m getting her ass ready for you to fuck,” I told Josh as I
continued working and spreading apart her fat, fleshy ass cheeks. “I
want to watch you fuck her big fat ass an then blow your wad right in
her fat ugly face.” I jabbed three fingers into Hillary’s ass, and
she squirmed around like a stuck piggy. “Her ass is so fucking gross,
Joshy. Would you look at the size of her fucking ass? I want to see
you fuck it with your hard pierced dick sooo bad.”
“You hear that, cow. I’m going to fuck your ass and ronni’s
going to watch me,” Josh pulled up on her hair so that his cock almost
came out of her mouth before he shoved it back down again … hard. She
gagged, and he laughed, repeating the process three more times in a
row, until she collapsed against his lap in a heap of giggles. “Her
ass ready yet?” Josh asked me.
I spread her massive cheeks apart and pressed my face into her
ass crack and vibrated my lips into her asshole. Then I spit deep
into her asshole, and I withdrew, watching my spit dribble out her
hole. “Go ahead, Joshy. Her fat ass is all yours.”
“Come here, bitch,” Josh dragged her around by her hair until
she was on all fours, her huge ass resting against his shins. “Stick
that fat ass up, bitch,” he slapped her hard with one hand and held
his pipe up to his mouth with the other.
I undid my jeans and scooted them down my hips and thighs.
“I said stick it up, and scoot back, just like you did for the
nigger. Come on, bitch, find my cock with your fat ass. Back
further, bitch. My cock’s back here. How am I going to fuck your fat
ass if you can’t even find my cock.”
She tried to reach underneath and grab his dick with her hands
so she could guide it to her asshole. But Josh slapped away her
“I watched you fuck that nigger, you fat bitch,” he slapped
her ass again. “You didn’t use your hands on him. You backed up
right on his cock, just like he fucking told you. Maybe you liked
fucking his nigger cock more than me, huh ..?” he punched her ass hard
now. “Huh, Hillary, is that it? You wanted his nigger cock inside
you more than you want mine? I thought you loved me, you fat bitch.
You told me you loved me.”
“I do,” she moaned, pressing her fat ass into Josh’s crotch,
desperately swishing her big butthole around trying to snare his cock.
“I love you, Josh. I do …”
“You ain’t showing me that, Hillary,” Josh scolded her. “Now
get your ass on my cock before I go limp.”
She did her best to comply, bumping her ass against Josh’s
stomach while he spanked her flabby buttcheeks with his pierced
cockhead. Cracking up, I reached over and jammed my pipe in her
mouth. “Take a hit,” I told her. She complied while Josh took a few
more hits on his own pipe. Then he pressed the pipe back against her
mouth. She didn’t even hesitate before taking both pipes between her
lips, and then taking three monster double-hits.
I took my own pipe back and took a long drag, drifting deeper into the
high. I rubbed my pierced tummy, found my clit and puss rings and
started strumming real hard. I had left myself at the brink of a cum
almost two hours ago, and I’d been on edge ever since. Now that I was
getting stoned, the urge to cum was almost psychotic. I was going to
jack myself off while I watched what I’d been wanting to see all
evening — Josh go totally ape-shit fucking this bitch’s fat ass with
his pierced prick.
“That’s it, bitch, right there,” Josh told her when she
finally managed to back up her asshole over his cockhead. “Now scoot
that fat ass back and fuck my fuck in your asshole.”
“Please …” was all Hillary could manage to giggle while she
slammed her massive butt backwards and Josh jabbed his pierced
cockhead forwards. Josh is a mean ass fucker. Even I don’t like it
when he fucks my ass sometimes, especially with his piercings in.
That’s why he always takes them out with me now. Hillary wasn’t so
lucky, though. She was going to get the full treatment. Josh was
about as gentle as a pitbull when he was ass fucking. I used to think
he just didn’t know how to do it, because he’s nowhere near as brutal
when he’s in my pussy. But then one day it just occurred to me that
Josh really got off on fucking chicks hard up the ass. Hillary was
in for a nightmare ride.
“How does that look, ronn?” he asked me as he butted his cock
against Hillary’s narrow hole. “Can you see? I’m stuffing it in her
ass now.”
“No, her fat ass cheek’s in the way,” I answered.
“Move your fat fucking ass around to the left so ronni can see
me ram your ass,” Josh slapped her on the left butt cheek, prompting
her to swivel around.
Now that she’d engulfed his prick, she was no longer freaking,
and with the shit frying her brains she’d begun giggling again.
“That good?” he asked me as she repositioned herself. “Can
you see now?”
“Yeah,” I laughed. “Now ride that fat beast, cowboy.” I took
a deep hit off the pipe and pinched my clit hard.
“Yee-fucking-hah!” Josh jabbed his pierced cock right into
Hillary’s pooper and grasped her ass cheeks. He raised his knees
slightly and slammed downward, prying her fat ass open even further.
“That’s it, bitch,” he jeered. “It’s going right up your fat ass.
What do you think of that?” He took a few more draws off his pipe
then leaned over and shoved it in her mouth. She sucked hard on the
pipe, and then collapsed slightly as he drove in harder and deeper,
jarring her so hard her head hit the door again.
Only now, instead of weeping, she was laughing hysterically.
Josh was raping her fat ass, and she was laughing hysterically. I
listened to him slam into her, imagining how his pierced cockhead must
have felt in her fat ass … like a fucking cheese grater.
Like I said, my ass had been on the other end of Josh’s
pierced prick before, and when he was slam-fucking your ass laughing
was the furthest thing from your mind. Even when I was stoned, I just
bit my tongue and took his ass-stretching like a bitch, playing with
my clit and praying for him to finish quick. But this fat cow was
laughing. She was fucking getting off on it. She really was a
fucking freak.
I felt the car shake all around us. I tugged my labe rings,
diddled my puss and hit the sweet spot right above my clit, pressing
it into my cunt bone and rubbing like crazy. I took another hit off
my pipe, and then another. Time froze, and everything kind of just
settled into this warm, fuzzy haze of pure fucking horny nirvana.
Josh grabbed Hillary’s ass cheeks in both hands, and used them
to steer his cock back and forth, and up and down in her stretched-out
asshole. He was fucking her so hard, the whole car was shaking. The
sound of his balls slapping against her ass was now drowning out the
heater. “Come on, bitch, ride it …” he hissed. “Take that fucking
cock up your fat ass! Do you love me, bitch?” he asked again.
“Yes!” she groaned, and I suddenly noticed something. Hillary
had her fingers jammed up under fat belly and into her crotch. She
was playing with her puss while Josh fucked her ass.
“Josh, look at her,” I said. “She’s playing with her fucking
cunt while you fuck her fat ass. She’s going to cum with your dick in
her ass. Fuck her, Josh. Fuck that fat cow’s ass.”
“Come on, bitch, cum for me. Make yourself cum,” Josh hissed.
“I love you, Josh,” Hillary bawled, not even paying attention
to what Josh or I was saying. “Oh, I love you.”
I burst out laughing. The shit I was smoking and my cum
merged together in a huge rush that swept over me in a hot wave. “I
love you, Joshy,” I mocked Hillary. “Oooo, honey, I love you. Fuck
my fat ass. I love you!” I was peeing my puss now, rolling around on
the front seat of the car while Josh slammed Hillary’s fat cow ass and
she jacked her pussy off.
I heard more groans, more slapping, more groans, and then Josh
howling, “Fuck I’m cumming.” The car shook, and I heard something
slamming into the backdoor. I looked over the front seat and saw that
Hillary’s head was again banging into the side of the car. Josh
pulled his cock out of her gaping asshole and squeezed it tight,
cutting off the flow of cum behind his pierced cockhead. He grabbed
her by the hair and pulled her face up. At point blank range, he
aimed his pisshole right in her eyes and uncorked a huge spurt of
splooge all over her dazed face.
“Suck all that cum up,” he demanded, shoving his pierced prick
between her gasping lips and firing jet after jet of cum deep into her
throat. “Clean my prick off. Lick it,” he barked orders, jamming his
prick in and out of her mouth, and then rubbing it across her fat,
smiling face. “Cum on, bitch. Clean all that cum off. I don’t want
one drop of cum in my fucking shorts.”
“Yes, Josh,” she purred pathetically, licking his cock to a
glistening shine.
“I’m outta here,” I giggled, scooting my jeans back on and
reaching for the door. I staggered out into the cold night and headed
for the coffee house’s rear entrance. The warm air tingled the hair
on my scalp as I pushed my way inside towards our table. Everyone was
gone except for Manel. She sat there with a stupid look on her face.
She looked like she’d been crying.
“What’s up, girlfriend?” I plopped down in the seat next to
her. “Where is everyone?”
“They went out over to .. Sean’s?” she spoke the name
uncertainly. “To …”
“To get high,” I nodded. “How come you didn’t go with them?”
“You told me to wait for you,” Manel looked down at the table.
“And you did?” I was totally surprised.
“Sure,” she smiled.
“You want to go out in Josh’s car and smoke a bowl?” I asked
“Sure, okay,” she still kept smiling at me.
“Let’s go then,” I took her hand and led her out back. Josh
and Hillary were still in the car partying when we came up to the
door. I opened the door, and Manel and I crawled into the back of the
station wagon with Josh and Hillary. Josh still had his cock out, and
was jacking it off into Hillary’s mouth. “Don’t move,” he kept
whispering to her in between hits on his pipe. “Don’t fucking move an
inch.” His cock was making this really cool wet-smacking sound as he
stroked it fast inside her lips. Hillary was just lying there,
perfectly still, like a fat statue, a big stupid grin on her face.
I slapped the cow’s huge flabby ass and pulled Manel over to me. As
we kissed, Josh looked over at me and smiled.
“Get us some more shit, okay ..?” I told him in between
mouthfuls of Manels’ hairy lips and tongue.
He nodded and stopped pumping his dick into Hillary’s mouth.
“Just let it sit in your mouth,” he commanded her. “Don’t suck it,
don’t touch it, nothing. Just lie there perfectly still with my cock
in your mouth,” he ordered.
“Ughh huhhh,” she gurgled, her mouth stuffed with his pierced
“Good girl,” he complimented her as he began packing a bowl.
“Just like that.” He finished packing the bowl while he watched me
tear into Manel, the Indian princess.
I had her pinned against the door panel on the driver’s side.
She had pretty much gone limp after our first deep kiss. Now she was
just breathing shallow, and letting me do whatever I wanted to her. I
knew her type – hot for puss, yet too freaked to say or do anything,
even when it was jammed in their face. If she wanted to play like a
little blow-up doll, that was fine by me. I’d have her crawling out
of her skin and inhaling my puss in no time. I always did.
“Let’s see her tits, ronn,” Josh took a long hit off the
freshly-packed bowl and then passed it to me.
I sucked off a little, put my mouth over Manel’s, and then
blew the smoke down her lungs. She retched a little, so I did the
same thing again and again until she could take me blowing full force
into her lungs without heaving. She really was a little blow-up doll.
I yanked off her coat and tore at her sweater, mauling her tits in the
process. I stuck the pipe in between her hairy lips then. She took a
long drag while I lifted up her sweater and groped her firm little
boobs through her blouse.
The shit the black guys had sold us was particularly strong
tonight, and like Hillary my little Indian princess had never had any
kind of taste before. So a few tokes, and she was zooming in no time.
I watched a stupid, stoned smile spread across her hairy face as she
sucked on the pipe, and I knew she was wasted already. I pulled her
arms one at a time through the sleeves on her sweater until it was
bunched up around her neck. Then I went back to her blouse, biting at
her buttons one at a time, and popping them off in my mouth.
She watched me ruining her nice white blouse, but said
nothing. She was too busy getting high and getting off on the feel of
my hands as they molested her dark skin. Her blouse was completely
open now. I lifted her back up and slid the white sleeves down her
brown arms. She didn’t shiver anymore when I touched her. In fact,
she kind of curled into me and hugged me. I worked off the last of
her blouse and started on her bra.
“This what you wanted to see?” I asked Josh as I unsnapped
Manel’s bra, scooted the straps down her shoulders, and let it fall
into her lap. “Nice and firm,” I showed Josh, pinching her hard
nipples. They looked like ripe black cherries in the darkness of the
car. “These puppies would look positively darling with a two big
rings right through the nips,” I observed, tweaking each tit hard.
“How does that sound, baby? We’ll go and get you your nips pierced
just like mine, huh ..? How’d you like that?”
“Yes,” she gasped slightly. I slapped my mouth on each nip
and teased them with my tongue-stud.
“She’s got hair on her boobs,” I informed Josh as I licked a
soft patch of fur on her right tit. “Not like one or two hairs like I
get, but a whole bunch of hair. Like a tit moustache or something.
These little puppies are wild.”
“Cool,” was all he said, feasting his eyes on my lez action.
I was really intrigued by Manel’s hairy body, especially her
furry tits. The hair was thin and fine and seemed to everywhere. I
licked around her tits to the underside, then moved over to her
armpits and licked there. These she’d shaved, but they were stubbly,
and I raked my tongue across the burrs causing her to fidget around
beneath me. With one hand kneading her boobs, I snaked the other down
her flat tummy to the top of her skirt.
She lifted her ass up automatically. I slid the skirt down
her waist, hips and thighs to her knees. I moved my hand back up to
her tights while she kicked her legs and worked the skirt the rest of
the way down her legs. With her ass still lifted, I had an easy time
working the tights and panties down her sweaty brown legs. She was
kicking off her shoes when the tights reached her knees, and together
we managed to slide them down her legs and over her feet.
Now I had her brown little hairy body bare-assed naked. She
was sucking on the pipe like there was no tomorrow, and I knew I could
do pretty much whatever I wanted to her. I kicked her legs apart and
spread her thighs wide like a wishbone. Then I licked up her legs
starting at her calves, rubbing my hands over her brown skin while she
snorted on the pipe.
I was a little disappointed that she shaved her legs. For
some reason, the thought of her having hairy legs turned me on even
more. “Don’t shave your fucking legs anymore, okay,” I whispered to
her as I kissed her thighs. “I want them to be all furry when I fuck
you next, okay ..?”
“Okay,” she gasped.
“We’re gonna get some nice tatts running all up your hairy
legs, like Indian symbols and pictures and shit, you know. All those
fucked up gods and goddesses fucking each other. How does that
“Okay,” she mumbled through her stoned, horny haze.
“Then we’re going to get that hairy puss pierced just like
mine and nikki’s and tams, and your hairy tits, too. And you’re going
to be my hairy little Indian thrasher bitch, okay ..?”
“Okay,” she smiled and sucked on the pipe.
“That’s beautiful, ronn,” Josh whispered. “Make her fucking
squirm.” The wet-smacking popping sound started up again. I glanced
up to see Josh had resumed using Hillary’s fat face like a fuck hole,
jacking his cock off into her mouth. The fat cow moved slightly and
tried to get control over his pierced dick, but he slapped her hard on
the ass. “No!” he snapped at her. “Perfectly still. You’re mouth is
just a fuck hole,” he ranted. “That’s all, you fat bitch. Your mouth
is just a fuck hole for my cock to cum in. Got it?”
She nodded in agreement. He smacked her lard ass again, and
she winced.
“I said ‘Perfectly still’,” he hissed again.
“I don’t think she understands you, Joshy,” I giggled. “Slap
her fat ass again and teach her.”
Hillary cringed as she saw Josh raise his hand yet again.
Even through her monster high, Josh’s abuse was sinking in past the
numbness. She flinched even before the blow, moving her head again.
He pounded her on the ass once, and then again, even harder. Her
whole sweaty, blubbery body shook and jiggled after each blow. The
rolls of fat wobbled and glistened in the scattered light filtering
through the shadows.
“So how do you like your fat bitch. Joshy?” I giggled, working
my tongue-stud up Manel’s left thigh. I hoisted up her legs behind
her head so I could get at her ass. “Isn’t she fun?”
“Yeah,” he slapped her ass again. “She’s a fucking riot.
How’s your little geek fuck toy?”
“I’m going to let you fuck this hairy pussy when I’m done,” I
told him, rubbing the thick bush of dark fur that engulfed Manel’s
slick snatch. “She’s got as much hair down here as I have on my whole
fucking head,” I joked. “Don’t you, baby?” I asked her, stabbing my
tongue-stud deep into the forest of her pubes.
“Yes,” she gasped, taking the pipe out of her mouth after
another monster hit. “Oh, yes,” she repeated, thrashing her hips
around and mashing her puss into my mouth as I feasted away at her
“You like that, bitch?” Josh sneered at her through the
cramped darkness. “You like having ronni lez your hairy pussy?”
“Yes,” she whimpered, bucking around like crazy. I danced my
tongue-stud all around her clit, teasing her love bump out of its hood
until it stuck out like a little brown nose. She had a whopper of a
clit, too, the biggest I’d ever seen in real life. Like something
from one of the jpegs Nicky was always downloading from all the porno
“Slap it,” Josh groaned at me, still pumping his dick noisily
into Hillary’s fat cow mouth. “Slap her pussy so I can hear it.”
I reached my hand up and smacked Manel right on her swollen
clitty. She jumped up so hard she hit her head on the roof of the
wagon. She crumpled down in a daze, and I smacked her clit again, and
again. She thrashed around after every blow, kicking her legs and
trying to break free. But she was majorly wasted by now, and I’m a
pretty strong little bitch when I’m horny, so I just held her there
and kept smacking her puss – Hard. Josh started slapping Hillary’s
fat ass then, and the two of us traded blows one-for-one on our fuck
toys. The beating was like a rhythm beneath the constant
wet-smacking-popping sound of Josh’s cock jacking off in Hillary’s
After about ten or fifteen smacks, Manel just quit fighting
me. She slumped back against the door panel and took it. Her pussy
was sopping wet and soaking everything underneath us. Her ass kept
jerking up after every slap to her puss, and when I kissed her huge
clit, she freaked. Before I could react, she wrapped her thighs tight
around my head, squeezing so hard I thought she was going to crush my
Everything went silent, then, as her sweaty thighs closed
around my ears. I was lost in a total vacuum. I twirled my
tongue-stud in a series of geometric patterns across her clit –
triangles, circles, squares, diamonds – and I could feel her hands
grabbing my hair and pressing my face deeper into her steamy, hairy
puss. When I felt her whole body start spazzing, I worked my tongue
even faster. I pressed my nose hard against her puss, and with my
tongue-stud I smashed her clit hard against her cunt bone.
She jerked up hard, and I felt a thud. She must have hit her
head on the roof of the wagon again. I was getting dizzier as her
thighs clenched like a vise around my head. It felt like she was
trying to crush my skull into pulp and then cram it up her puss. She
jerked up again and then once more, hitting her head each time. Then
she went totally limp, releasing my head from her thighs and letting
me slide my face free.
The sound of the night came rushing back into my ears. I
could hear someone really groaning and swearing. It was Manel. Her
face was bathed in sweat, and she was just moaning “Fuck” and “Yes”
over and over again. I heard Josh’s voice over the wet-smacking sound
of his pumping dick. He was asking Manel how she liked having her
puss lezzed out. He was calling her a rug munching lezbo geek, and
she just kept saying “Yes” to everything he said.
As I drifted back into reality, I began losing my top. My
tits were free in a second, and I slapped them against Manel’s gasping
face. “I saw you looking at these before,” I teased her, smothering
her hairy brown face in my cleav. “So now’s your chance, baby. Suck
on ’em.”
She smiled up at me and devoured my right boob likeshe was
breastfeeding. Being a chick, she pretty much knew what fely good on
a pair of tits. She licked and sucked each nipple hard while I rubbed
my pierced tummy across her sweaty brown body.
“Bite down on my boob rings and yank on them,” I told her.
She did so gently. “No,” I told her. “Harder. Bite down and yank on
them, til you almost think you’re going to tear my nips off.” She
tried again, a little harder. “Harder,” I slapped my boob in her
face, and she chomped down on my nip ring and tugged hard. “That’s
it. Even harder now, make it sting!”
Finally after about five minutes of this, I pulled away from
her, kicked off my doc martens, and began scooting off my jeans and
panties. When I’m hot, I can get naked pretty much faster than anyone
I know, even nikki porno. In a few seconds, I was saddling up on
Manel’s face and feeding her my pierced puss.
Like I said, even though this was obviously her first lez
fest, Manel was a chick, and chicks just kind of know what to do when
there’s a puss jammed in their face. It comes from all those years of
playing with yourself at night. Granted, we all like it a little
different, but there are certain moves that always feel good no matter
whose puss it is. Besides, Manel had already seen me jacking off my
puss earlier that night, so she pretty much knew where my hot spots
were. She sunk her tongue in like a rugmuncher, then, as I mashed my
puss against her face.
“Stuff it in her mouth,” Josh told me. “Make her eat that
pussy til you cum in her fucking mouth.”
Guys can be such dweebs sometimes. Like I needed Josh to tell
me what to do. I worked my crotch up her mouth and rolled my ass
forward. Although I was digging the feel of her tongue against my
clit and labe rings, I was really in the mood for something a little
nastier. I now had my shit-hole planted right over her tongue, and
she didn’t even hesitate. She started rimming away like she’d been
lezzing for years. I swiveled my hips around so she hit every nook
and cranny. She somehow knew to alternate between long tongue stabs
up my hole and licking around the flap of skin between my puss and
ass. I’m real sensitive right there, and I started humping her face
against my crotch.
While she worked me, I began strumming my pierced puss –
tugging on my labe rings and pinching my clit hard. “Eat me!” I
hissed. “Come on, baby, eat that hot puss. Stuff your hairy face up
there and lick my ass. Shit!” I started humping her face real hard,
feeling a cum-quake rip through my pierced tummy and out my labes. As
I started flooding, I rubbed my cunt up and down her hairy face,
smearing it with my puss juice til it glistened.
If she thought I was done, she was crazy. I was just getting
warmed up. “Get over here and fuck her hairy puss, Josh,” I told him.
I turned completely around on her face so I was facing Josh as he
crawled over. His pierced dick was raging and wagging like a dog’s
As he sidled up to us, he leaned over, and we locked lips,
swapping some serious spit and bumping tongue-studs. “I can still
taste her hairy cunt on you,” he told me. “Hump her face hard while I
fuck her.”
“Spread her legs,” I told him. “I want to see when you stick
her.” I kept rubbing my puss and ass up and down Manel’s hairy face.
She was absolutely devouring me now, tugging at my labe rings with her
teeth and stretching my puss out til it stung.
“You a virgin?” Josh asked Manel as he split her thighs wide
and prepared to mount her.
“Yes,” she groaned between mouthfuls of my puss and ass.
“This is going to hurt, especially ’cause my dick is pierced,”
he warned her, pressing his pierced, swollen cockhead against her
slick labes and stabbing slowly into her puss.
“Fuck!” she howled as I slammed my crotch back and forth, and
up and down against her face. She started thrashing around, just like
she did when I lezzed her puss. With my weight on top of her and
Josh’s strong grip, we kept her pressed down and under control. “No,”
she whimpered softly, Josh’s sharp cock cutting through the stoned
haze in her brain. “Fuck .. no .. stop ..fuck .. it hurts.”
“Fuck her cunt, Joshy,” I drowned out her cries. “Jam that
hot hairy puss with your pierced cock. Rip her cunt off!”
He gritted his teeth and rammed into her puss. We kissed and
knocked our tongue-studs together. He looped his pinkies through my
nip rings and yanked them hard. I mashed my puss so hard into Manel’s
mouth I thought I might crush her. She jammed her tongue hard against
puss rings and drove them up into my cunt bone. I rode her face like
a cowgirl, and looked down to see Josh’s pierced cockhead slice in and
out of her hairy puss.
Her cunt was so wet and slick, he could almost withdraw his
entire cock after each backstroke before her hairy snatch sucked him
back in again. With each backstroke, the length of his shaft appeared
darker and bloodier. His pierced cock had shredded her virgin pink –
not only popping her cherry, but scraping her tender cunt walls as
well. He fucked Manel’s hairy pussy as savagely as he’d fucked
Hillary’s fat flabby asshole. It was a good thing Manel was so
wasted, or she probably would have been fetal by now.
“Pull out before you shoot,” I gasped at him. “I want to
taste your cum and her cherry.” I trembled and pounded another cum
out of my puss, driving down hard into Manel’s face. She was bucking
around like crazy, too. Her tummy tensed, and she went all spastic
beneath us, biting so hard into my puss I thought maybe she’d drawn
This little Indian princess was one hot fuck toy. As I humped
her face even faster, she rode Josh’s slam-fuck like a porno star. I
came again, drowning her face in more puss juice. Josh had already
come a few times that night, and since he was stoned I knew he could
probably fuck her tight, hairy box all night. I looked over to
Hillary. She was just lying in a heap, sucking a pipe, and playing
with her fat cunt.
“Get over here,” I told her. She crawled over like a zombie.
“Stick your right hand under him and play with his balls. Then take
your other hand and play with her pussy while he fucks her. Don’t
touch his cock, though, just his balls and her pussy.”
Hillary obeyed me. I thrashed out another cum as I watched
the fat cow play with Josh and Manel. Manel reacted to Hillary’s
touch like a psycho. She came again as Josh pounded and pounded away
inside her slot.
“Tug his scrote rings,” I told Hillary, “and rake your
fingernails across his balls. Hard. He likes it hard. Dig your
nails in and yank his scrote rings. Harder!” I barked.
I wanted Josh to cum so fucking bad. We needed to get Hillary
and Manel home before Mrs. Wukowski called the fucking cops and they
found us in the Magic Beans parking lot fucking the two geeks.
Hillary was working Josh’s nuts like crazy, and he was tensing up.
Even with three cums behind him, Josh still can’t take it when you
manhandle his balls. It makes him cum every fucking time, and now was
no different.
His eyes got all crazy and glaring, and he snapped his head
back moaning. “Fuck!” he started hissing. “Fuck I’m going to fucking
“Pull it the fuck out, Joshy,” I ordered. “Don’t you dare
fucking cum in that pussy,” I barked as I pulled off Manel’s face,
bent down and jerked Josh’s dick out of her wet, hairy pussy.
While he freaked, I sucked his blood-streaked cock into my
mouth. I licked up Manel’s cherry juice while Josh’s hot spurts
exploded against the back of my throat. I swirled my tongue-stud
around his pierced cockhead just the way he loved. He smashed his
cock deeper into my throat, firing another two spurts. When I had his
whole load, I pulled out his prick and grabbed Hillary by the hair.
“Now you can clean off your boyfriend’s prick,” I commanded
her. “Just like a good little girlfriend does after her man’s just
fucked some fresh pussy.”
She obeyed me and began washing Josh’s pierced prick off with
her tongue. He fucked her mouth hard as she worked, jabbing his
cockhead into her nose and eyes. She didn’t flinch, though, and like
a good fat bitch she tried to get every last bit of cum, blood and
puss juice off his shaft and knob. I nestled up next to Manel, and we
kissed for a minute before I pulled up.
“We’ve got to get you bitches home,” I told them. “Now get
your fucking clothes on. We’re already late.”

And that’s the end of part 3 of my ongoing saga. If you want to know
what happened in the car with nikki and Cheryl and the two black guys,
and what happened over at Sean’s with nikki, Cheryl, Mikey, tam-tams
and Nicky let me know. Nikki filled me in, and it’s hot. Then
there’s also the matter of nikk, tams and I fucking the hermans for $
at the shopping mall, plus some other adventures along the way.