Ride With Me

The yellow Harley paced him well through the winding mountain roads.The sun was beginning to set over the ocean, turning the foam on the waves a bright orange. Carolann could definitely ride well, despite the statement she made about being new to all “this”.

She cracked the throttle of the sleek yellow Sportster and it barked away from Steve’s full dressed Harley. She led him down the twisted ribbon of Coast Highway at a good clip. Steve closed in on her, and held a position just behind for several miles.

He watched her smooth handling of the bike, and wondered why she had re-joined him. Her friends had finally arrived at the rally, and he had thought she would stay with them. Something had changed her mind, he just wasn’t sure what.

Carolann watched Steve’s black Harley in her rear-view mirror as she piloted her throbbing bike down the road. He kept close, but not close enough for her to make eye contact. Her mind went back to last night, when she felt his hot, pulsing erection skewer her small body. The thought of that fullness made her wet all over, again.

Backing off the handgrip, she slowed into a heavy turn, leaning hard to glide through the curve. `There!’ she thought `I knew it was close by’. She signaled a stop and pulled up into a secluded rest area. Steve followed her across the open tarmac parking are, past the few cars and trucks sitting there. Carolann left her bike running as she peeled the full-face helmet off and shook out her long hair.

He waited for her to shut off her bike before he killed his. She gracefully dismounted and walked over to Steve. He took out the short non- filtered cigarettes he carried and lit one. He offered her a smoke, but she declined. His curiosity was getting the best of him. He was about to say something when she beat him to it.

“Nice ride, to here, wasn’t it?” she asked.

“Yeah, it was. What happened to your friends?” he queried.

“Well, they couldn’t find their butts with both hands. They had all been drinking hard and not stopping!” She stamped her boot clad feet in emphasis.

He remembered that she didn’t drink, but evidently it was a touchy subject with her.

“What are you going to do?” he asked.

“Ride!” She answered, then hesitantly added, “With you?”

“Cool!” Was his response.

He got off his bike and they walked around to loosen up. Carolann stayed close near his side, and kept rubbing against his arm as they walked. She had something on her mind, and he would find out, soon. She slowed their walk to a crawl, and turned to face him.

Not sure of herself, she stayed close to this amazing man, who had affected her so intensely. Would he take her? Would he reject her? So many possibilities ran through her mind, until she finally stopped walking and faced him. She studied his strong face. The sparkling green eyes looked deep into hers. She lifted her hand to his shoulder and gently pulled his face closer to hers.

Steve could feel the tension in her movements. The indecision in her expression was obvious. The reality came to him when she held his shoulder and pulled him towards her face. Her lips parted, and her eyes closed halfway as their faces neared. Their lips touched lightly, and he felt the tip of her tongue on his mouth.

He opened his lips, and her hot tongue slipped inside his mouth. He returned the exploration with his own. Carolann’s arm flew around his neck and the kiss went hot and heavy. They kissed hot and hands roamed across leather covered bodies. The sounds and aromas of their passions drowned out all that was around them.

She pulled back first, almost afraid to look into his eyes. She raised her eyes to see his wide grin.

“I thought you were married.” He stated softly.

She blushed and coughed before she answered his next thought.

“Yes, I am.” She replied. “But right now, this is what I want. No! This is what I NEED!” She clutched his leather shell to hers, burying her face in his chest.

Steve wrapped his strong arms around her small frame and held her tight. He could feel the need in her breathing, in the way she held on to his body. He wasn’t sure where it was going, but he was going to find out. He picked up her chin and placed a long tender kiss on her mouth. Carolann was so relieved at his response, she hadn’t thought of what would happen next. All she knew was that this man in her arms, right here, right now felt very good!

She returned his kiss, and felt the bulge at his thigh growing. Her small hand slipped between them and she touched him there. Through the leather, she imagined she could feel the heat, the pulsing need. He made a soft sound when she rubbed its growing length.

Without speaking, she took his hand and placed it at the junction of her thighs and pressed it firmly against herself, the led him away from the bikes to the small grove of trees nearby.

Carolann took off her leather jacket, laid it on the ground, then reached for his zipper and opened his jacket. He removed the heavy garment and she placed it near hers, like a blanket on the forest floor. Her shirt followed her jacket, and her lovely C-cup breasts were naked to the afternoon light. The light pink nipples stood firm and full. She put his rough hands on them and held them in her own.

Steve bent to kiss her, and she started to loosen his belt. The cooling night air struck his belly at the same time her warm hand found his growing erection. The feelings mingled into excitement as Carolann began to stroke his flesh. Steve’s hands worked at her waist and opened her yellow leather pants. Exploring fingers soon found her wet kitty slit, causing her to moan softly.

“Carolann, are you sure you want this?” He asked as his finger entered her vagina.

“Ohmigod! Yes. Steve! Yess I want you, now!” She exclaimed.

She broke away and unzipped the legs of her leather. Her pants and boots came off as one, crumpled in a heap. She stood naked in front of him and opened her arms in submission.

“Please, Take me! I need you inside me!” she was almost begging.

Steve took down his pants and pulled Carolann to the makeshift pallet. He lay back and let her straddle his supine body. She paused to gobble his firmness for a few moments, coating it with saliva. She knelt with the crown pointing at her hungry little kitty.

He watched as she rubbed his erection through her dripping, hot vulva. Slick now with her nectar, she held him at her opening. He could see her intake of breath just as she let her weight down, impaling herself swiftly.

“OOFFFF!” She grunted as her butt slapped his belly, her swollen vulva gloving the massive penis tightly.

“AHH, Steve! Feels sooo gooood! MMMMMMmmm”

“You’re so tight! It’s so hot! Carolann!” He moaned.

She rocked and rolled her little body, and started to ride him hard. She rubbed her clitoris on his belly, then moved her knees up. Her hands balanced her on his chest and she started to lift and lower herself on the shaft. She chanted babble, mostly. “SO full . so hot . oh fuck .yesssss.” Steve managed to press his fingers on her clitoris as she posted on him, quickly brining her to release. The primal scream rang out and her whole body shuddered with her cum. Steve thickened and grew inside her and his own orgasm came right behind hers.

“Cumm .. Cummmmminnnnggggg! OH. HERE!!!! AHHHH!!

The heavy throbs pushed his seed deep into her quivering belly, mixing with her girl-cum, drenching them both. She fell on his heaving chest, sobbing with relief, gasping for air.

“Steve! So good! So full!” she stumbled over the short sentences. “Can you? Again, I mean?”

He rolled them over into the missionary position, and slowly began the familiar lover’s dance. Gently at first he worked his still hard cock in and out of Carolann’s tiny body. Her hips met his in hard thrusts, slapping her belly on his. Grunts of passion, as he pushed deep into her body, came from her throat.

“STEVE! . YESSS .omigod ..Fuck .OHGOD FUCKK MEEE!!”

He remained silent, and continued to pound her vagina with his throbbing eight inches. The velvet sheath of her cunt was hot, wet,and very tight. Her passionate responses drove Steve on and deeper as Carolann curled her knees up and rolled her hips higher.

Carolann felt so full, as if Steve were splitting her small vulva with his massive cock. She’d heard of ten and twelve inch prongs, but Steve’s was the largest that had ever penetrated her small pussy. She marveled at the hot, smooth feeling as he plunged into her. She could feel his crown hitting the knot of her cervix, so very far inside.

It hadn’t occurred to her that she would ever have another man in her, let alone a `stranger’ out in the wide open air. She didn’t think of Steve as a stranger, though. The way he treated her the day before, as a friend and fellow rider, was a revealing experience for her. He had been the `gentleman’, and not forced himself on her. It was she who `took’ him last night, in that moment of passion.

As it was, today, it was her idea to follow him. It was her body that desired the lust filled fucking she was now receiving, and thoroughly enjoying. She thought briefly that she wanted it to last forever. The heavy flush that crept into her belly and was spreading through her body, brought her back to right here, right now. Her second full, hard cum was fast approaching, and she poured her efforts into it.

Steve felt her thrusting harder to meet his long strokes, he saw the sweat forming on her chest and neck. Her face was flushing a light rose, and her breath came in starving gasps. Her inner muscles tightened around him, brining his own control to the limits. They pulsed, contracting as he thrust in, relaxing only slightly as he pulled back. He was ready to spew his seed, but determined to wait for her release.

Carolann couldn’t hold on any more. Her grunts turned to whimpering cries and finally to a scream that came from the depths of her soul. Her body stiffened, momentarily, then convulsed uncontrollably as the orgasm took her into another dimension.

Steve felt her go still, and her cunt clamped down harder than he thought possible. She squeezed his cock, and her body started shaking, her scream filled his ears. He locked his mouth over hers and thrust one final time into her small body. His butt clenched and his cock swelled thicker and harder. His pulsing dragon spit its liquid fire deep into the little woman’s belly, forcing his hot, thick seed into her.

He came with such force and volume, that the froth of her nectar and his semen escaped around the rigid shaft that plugged her tiny vulva. Their thighs and the leather beneath them were bathed in the thick juice, a small pool grew under Carolann’s butt.

Falling on her, he too, gasping for breath, nuzzled her neck. She responded in kind, and her lips found his and they kissed hot, murmuring her pleasure and thanks.

“So good, Steve! .. Yesss . Oh, so fucking good!” she exclaimed.

Steve started to get off, and her legs wrapped around his butt.

“No, don’t leave me, yet! Stay where you are? Please?” she asked.

Steve relaxed, and gently lay back on top of Carolann.

She pulled him closer with her legs and purred, “Oh, yeah! That’s so good.” She even squeezed him softly with her kitty, enjoying the fullness and feeling the damp liquid running out of her slit.

Two cums in rapid succession left Steve unable to retain his firmness for very long, and a slight movement of her body dislodged him from the warm, wet nest. A look of disappointment filled Carolann’s eyes, but she understood, and kissed Steve softly.

“Thank You.” She said. “I needed that, from you!”

“Why me?” He asked. “Why not one of your other friends, or your `old man’?”

“There was something about you, and us last night, that told me you were different. You were not like them at all, and I liked the way you felt inside me.” She explained

“Where do “we” go from here?”

“If.if it’s okay.I mean.Can we just ride, and see where we end up?” She answered tentatively.

Steve looked down at the tender, small body next to him. Her long hair spread out around her head and shoulders, her breasts an inviting sight, the swell of her belly rising and falling as she breathed, and the swollen, rose colored flower between her legs that still oozed the frothy mixture of their cums.

He thought about it for a few minutes. Carolann had a concerned look on her face, trying to figure out his answer.

He smiled, and bent his head to hers. He kissed her softly, and whispered, “Let’s clean you up a little, first. Okay?”

She gave a quizzical look, then understood as Steve kissed down to her freshly fucked and sensitive kitty and started to `clean’ it with his tongue. She had another cum under his skillful tongue, then they both dressed. They mounted their bikes with a new and different feeling about each other. They warmed the machines, and started for the highway. When they got to the intersection, Steve looked at his riding partner, and waved his hand across in front of them.