Family Bang

We all got together for a family gathering at the lake. We were lucky, because most of the regular inhabitants of the lake community had decided they were not going to come to the lake on what was going to be a rainy week-end, but turned out to be an absolutely beautiful sunny day. We

Fat Teen Girl Gang Member Fights Blonde Biker Chicks

As a former teacher, I witnesses some vicious girl fights. However, none is more brutal than when a fat high school girl gang member caught two blonde biker chicks selling drugs at her school. It was a hot, muggy night in August. The first football game was going on. However, off in a distant field,

Ride With Me

The yellow Harley paced him well through the winding mountain roads.The sun was beginning to set over the ocean, turning the foam on the waves a bright orange. Carolann could definitely ride well, despite the statement she made about being new to all “this”. She cracked the throttle of the sleek yellow Sportster and it