Seducing the Maid

All Carson could think of was how lucky he was.

His wife knew full well what kind of a person he was. And yet here was their new help, ripe and ready to assist him. Oh, she would be assisting him in more ways than she could imagine.

He was drooling over her so much that he nearly forgot to invite her in. In his defense, one look, and most people would forget how to breathe.

She was a tiny little Asian thing. Japanese from the looks of her, though it wasn’t that noticeable. She had shoulder-length brown hair, big blue eyes, a tiny mouth that he would have difficulty fitting around his cock, he was sure. She was wearing a large oversized shirt and her breasts weren’t that visible. But his trained eyes could guess somewhere around 36C. They were full and looked ravishing on that body of hers. But then again, he hadn’t seen a pair of breasts that he didn’t want to ravish. Below that oversize shirt was a tight-fitting jean. As he ushered her in, he got to have a good look on that round firm butt. It was all he could do to stop himself from giving it a good smack.

“You must be Anna right?” he asked as he motioned for her to sit down in the living room.

“Um…no.” She seemed hesitant and nervous but anyone would be in the presence of their new employer. He hoped it wasn’t because his eyes had turned lecherous like his wife would always tell him.

“I am sorry but that’s my mother. My name’s Amy, she was a bit sick so I came to her place to help.”

“Really? He placed juice in front of her laced with just a bit of alcohol. “And have you worked before?”

She picked up the cup and took a little sip. It didn’t seem like she noticed what Carson had mixed in the juice. “A little bit.”

“Well if you need any help, I would be around and you can just ask me for assistance. I don’t mind.” Carson gave her a broad smile. That she returned shyly.

“Oh, one more thing,” Carson said. “You have to wear a special uniform while you are working here.”

Now Carson wasn’t expecting his wife to bring such a hot looking piece but he had prepared just in case. It was a skimpy little French maid uniform. Not too skimpy though. Just enough to reveal some of the forbidden treasure to her.

“A uniform?”

“Oh, nothing mandatory of course. But if you, I’ll give you a 20% bonus. It’s just I am writing a novel, and I would like some first-hand experience of how a maid would look working around the house.”

The girl had looked a bit uncomfortable at first. But the idea of extra money and the lame excuse and had eased her.

“Of course you don’t have to. It was stupid of me to ask that of a stranger. Please forgive me.”

“No.” her voice had gotten louder now. “I- I will do it of course.”

Carson smiled. “That’s nice of you.” He fumbled around for his wallet and brought out a few notes. “Here’s an advance for that bonus, as a sign of gratitude.”

Her eyes had become bright at the sight of money and she hastily took it and stuffed it in her pocket.


“So, I would need some measurements to tailor the uniform. Don’t worry, I can do such little things myself.”

He picked up a tape that he kept around. He generally tailored his wife’s clothes to his taste so he had some experience in making the outfits overtly sexual without making them look like it.

The girl stood up hesitantly in front of the couch. As soon as his hand came in contact with the soft flesh of her skin, a lightning strike ran through his whole body and straight to his cock. It was all he could do not to grab her and violate her right then and there.

“Are you okay Mr. Leigh?” She stared up at him with those big blue eyes and those tiny lips. That was more than enough to make his dick harder than a rock.

Not yet, Carson. He admonished himself. You have to break her in first. Not that he had much time to do so. His wife would return in a week. And there was so much he wanted to do to this tiny piece of sexiness.

He took her measurement, trying to keep minimum contact, in order not to scare her away. Still, he couldn’t help himself but get a small feel of those melons hidden under the oversize shirt. Yup, they were full.

Once she had left. He went to his basement, where he kept the various odds and ends that he didn’t need. It had been some time since he had used it since his wife had kept a strict watch over him. But the time had come for him savor a new pussy. And he needed something stronger than normal alcohol to break her. After all, there was no fun, if the woman was not begging for your cock.

The next day, he had prepared everything. The Uniform was laying on the couch. The Juice with wine and a little bit of special aphrodisiac were waiting in the refrigerator and he had taken a shower to wash away any sweat or dirt he might have had on him. He needed to look his best.

At exactly ten, his doorbell rang. He waited a few minutes to give it an air of authenticity and then went to the front door. He gave her a look of surprise when he saw her. For her part, Amy blushed to the root of her hair when she saw him standing wrapped just in a towel with water beads dropping of his chest.

He wasn’t a fitness freak, and yet for some reason he had never looked out of shape. Anyone who saw him could swear that he was a regular gym visitor when the reality was, he had never set a foot in the gym in all his life.

“Sorry!” he gave her a large smile. He couldn’t help but notice her large blue eyes roving over his exposed flesh, as a faint red color crept onto her cheeks. “I thought I had some time before you would show up.”

“I-t’s okay.” She managed to squeak out and rushed past him in the house. During that, he managed to rub his entire left side into her boobs. Though, he doubted she noticed in that state. At this rate, he might not even need to use the Aphrodisiac.

“You seem thirsty,” Carson remarked. “Drink some juice.” He pointed to the large pitcher filled with freshly squeezed lemon juice. “I’ll dress up and tell you what you need to do okay.”

Amy nodded and moved towards the pitcher and Carson went to his room. It took him less than two minutes to throw on a tight-fitting t-shirt and loose shorts. He might not have worked to gain this body but he was damn proud of it.

Making his way back into the living room, he could see that Amy was squirming in the seat, the red in her cheek had deepened, and she was staring at the maid uniform that he had spread out the couch. It seemed like the d**g was working along with the wine in the juice.

He went over to her, placing his hands on her shoulder. At his touch, she jumped up before blushing even deeply.

“You don’t like the uniform?” He asked while staring into her eyes. She held his gaze for a moment before looking away. All the while, his hand was still on her shoulder. He could feel the heat radiating off her. Carson smiled broadly.

“Well?” he massaged her shoulder a bit. He could see Amy biting her lips, her thighs were locked together.

“It’s a bit um..”

“Well, you don’t have to if you don’t want to.” He reassured her. “But I would like it if you would wear it. I think it would look good on you.” He gave her his best-disarming smile. The one that would melt his wife and saved her from her anger every time she had learned about his cheating ways, along with his magnificent cock of course. One good deep fuck and she would forget all about what he did.

It seemed to work as she nodded a little bit. He lifted his hand from the shoulder watching her go to the Washroom with the uniform with a lustful gaze. His eyes were glued to that jiggling backside of hers that just seemed to draw her in. He was going to fuck that ass no matter what it took.

It took around fifteen minutes for her to change into the uniform and when she came out, his eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. The maid dress fit her like a second skin. He had kept the lace to the minimum since he didn’t like it and he was glad for it. The dress ended at mid-thigh so as not to make her too self-conscious, but it paired great with the white thigh-high that he had added. The four-inch heels went even better with it, accentuating those shapely calves and lifting her already bubble but. He had cut the sides which showed her slim waist and the milky white skin that was driving her mad. The dress went to her neck and fit snuggly around her breast, making them appear like two spheres attached to her body. If she wasn’t wearing a bra, her nipples would be poking through the material.

“Will you turn around for me?” he requested

Amy hesitantly turned around and Carson’s dick that was already forming a tent in his loose shorts became even harder if that was possible. Her ass was sticking out so obscenely from her body. The cut sides went to reveal nearly the whole of her lower back and he could see the arch of her spine that came with wearing those heels. It was as if she was thrusting her hips out to entice him. Begging him to slip his cock into that snug material over that amazing ass.

Not able to take it anymore, Carson stood up and went to where Amy was standing, looking all tense.

“Let me just straighten the dress a little bit.” He said, and before Amy could answer, his hand was all over her ass, palming those globes of flesh as best he could without making it obvious that he was groping her. He ran his hands all over that perky huge ass. From top to bottom, from left to right, the softness adding to his rock hard erection, all in the name of smoothing out the creases. And when he was done, he stuck two fingers each on the ass cheeks under the tight material of the dress. It was like electricity coursing through his body as he felt the smooth warm flesh of Amy. Then he placed his thumb over his fingers, pressing more excessively than he had to. Amy yelped but as of yet had uttered no complaint so he left his fingers there, exploring the forbidden area underneath that tight snug dress for a while before giving it a small yank.

“You can turn around now.” He smiled broadly and made no motion at hiding that gigantic tent in his shorts. As Amy was turning around, she bumped into his erection but jumping away.

“I am sorr..” Amy started before trailing away as she realized what she had bumped into. Her color had become feverish by now and it looks like her eyes were glossed over with lust. It was a miracle that she had not flooded the carpet by now.

“You okay?” the smile had not left Carson’s face as he placed his hand on her cheek. Amy gave a small moan before jerking her away.

“Sorry, Mr. Leigh. Can I use the bathroom?”

“And what naughty things are you going to do in there?” Carson teased.

Amy’s eyes grew as big as a saucer. He did not think she could have gone any redder before but he was wrong.

Carson gave a short laugh. “Just kidding. It is the first door on the left.”

Carson made sure that a few minutes had passed before making his way over the bathroom. He put his ear to the bathroom and tried to listen to what was going on inside. As expected, he could hear muffled moans coming from inside. He had to stifle a chuckle. The first day, and she was already masturbating. The d**g was working overtime it seems. Although her sweet moans were affecting him too as he imagined her sitting on the toilet, her legs splayed wide, her knickers near her ankles on those pure white thigh highs, her fingers drenched in her girl cum as she pushed them inside her tight cunt. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she came over those dainty little fingers.

He nearly orgasmed right then and there without touching himself but he managed to restrain himself. He had vowed to dump that load inside that new pussy and he was not going to break that promise.

Just then, Amy gave a slightly higher moan. It looked like she had finished. So he decided to return to the living room and sit down on the sofa in a stretch out position so that his dick pointing straight upwards in his shorts would be the first thing that Amy sees as she walks back in.

Sure enough once Amy returned a few minutes later, her eyes immediately went to his dick. He was going to enjoy this week very much. Now, he had some work to do. Instructing Amy on what to do, Carson went to his study and started working on one of his business projects. It was a few hours before he had time to come and check on Amy. All that work had also cooled his dick down so he was no longer near bursting and could control himself better around Amy.

All thoughts of controlling himself around Amy went out of the windows as soon as he saw her. She was standing near the kitchen counter with her hand outstretched. Her whole body was stretched taught as she tried to reach the topmost shelf. It had caused that tight dress to ride over, revealing just the sliver of her beautiful pale ass. That was all it took to make him rock hard once more.

“Need some help?” he called out.

Amy was startled and turned around to see him. “Sorry. I can’t reach the top shelf.” She murmured embarrassedly at herself. He did notice that her eyes had immediately gone to the front of his shorts that had become tented once more.

“Let me help.” He said and before Amy could move, he was in front of her, staring into those beautiful blue eyes. Her tiny lips were quivering. With his six-and-a-half-foot tall frame, he did not have to come this close to reach the top shelf but he did, standing barely millimeters away from Amy. The result was that his erection became squashed against Amy’s soft belly. She gave a small squeak but made no other move. Not like she did. He moved upwards a bit on the pretense of reaching the top shelf, not like he had to, all he wanted to do was rub his dick against that satin dress which hid that smooth velvety body from him. He did that a few times while staring into the eyes of Amy. Then he picked the jar that Amy was looking for and handed it to her.


“What?” Carson smirked at her.

“I have to make food.” Her voice was barely audible but then again by now, he was practically rubbing against her body. Oh god, her breasts felt magnificent even over the dress.

“Then do it.” He waggled his eyebrows.

Amy gave a small sigh and with difficulty turned around. The result being that his dick was comfortably nestled over her ass. It was all Carson could do to stifle a moan. He had barely touched her and was already near an orgasm. He had been too long without a new pussy.

It was clear that Amy was too horny to care that someone’s dick was resting on her ass. But she didn’t move back into him, so he pushed into her, slamming her against the counter, forcing her to balance herself on her hands. She gave a slight whimper as he squashed his dick into that ass that he had been desiring since yesterday.

But he can’t make it this easy. He brought his hands up, slowly cupping those magnificent breasts, and then moved back. Amy turned around and gave him a questioning look, but he just smiled at her.

“I am going to watch some tv, why don’t you come and clean the living room?”

Amy confused as to whether he wanted to fuck her or not just nodded her head. The d**g and the handsome features of Carson had her pussy flooded but her shy nature stopped her from making a move.

Carson had put on some soft porn that he kept around for one of those depraved sessions with his wife. They could be pretty wild when they wanted. He had not taken his dick out yet though. Through the soft porn, it had softened a bit till it was only in a semi-rigid state. It changed, however, once Amy came into the living room, wearing that skimpy French maid uniform.

As soon as his eyes landed on Amy, his dick rose to full mast. It didn’t go unnoticed by Amy either and she gave a small smile too. She had the vacuum cleaner in her hand, intending to clean the Living room just as Carson instructed. So mesmerized was she with his dick that she didn’t notice what was on tv.

As soon as she started cleaning, Carson was on her. “Here let me show you.” He said going behind her and grabbing her by her side. He pushed her back into his rock hard cock, gyrating against her perfect ass for a second before he placed a hand on her naked back and pushed her down a little bit so that she was bending down just a little bit, her body at around seventy degrees. In this position, her ass was magnified even further as it squished into his cock.

Amy gave a small moan and pushed into his cock for the first time. Carson sighed in, please. Not even one day. He still had what it took to seduce a girl half his age. It might have something to do with his attractive feature and a cock that would not stay hidden underneath loose shorts.

He wasn’t done playing this game, however. The fucking would be all the more pleasurable after some foreplay. He snaked his hand to her front till it came to rest on one of those magnificent round breasts and gave it a light squeeze. By now Amy was panting and moaning noticeably louder. He was sure half of the b***d in his body was circulating in his dick right now. His eyes were becoming clouded with lust but he managed to restrain himself.

With difficulty, he removed his hand from the tits that had some magnetic attraction in them and removed his cock from the comfortable nestling place between Amy’s asscheek. This time, Amy gave a loud moan of disappointment. She turned and looked at him with those big blue eyes full of lust, longing, and begging for him.

“Mr. Leigh…” She gave him a small pout, that nearly made him cum. As it was, his shorts were so drenched with precum that he wasn’t sure that he hadn’t spurted once or twice already.

“You can call me Carson.” He gave her a reassuring smile and stroked her perfectly framed face. She leaned into his touch. Her thighs were glued together and rubbing at a feverish pace. Maybe giving her the d**g was overdoing it.

“Why don’t you sit with me and take a break?” He sat down and patted the couch next to him.

“B-but its almost lunchtime Mr. Leigh.” Her eyes were glazed over and she couldn’t move her gaze from his twitching cock under the shorts but she still managed to remember her duties.

“Its Carson, I told you.” He replied, his hands going to the waistbands of his now completely drenched Shorts. He winked at her and slowly brought them down. Amy’s eyes widened as she drank in the most magnificent view she had ever seen. First came out the thick mushroom head. He was circumcised, so the head looked much bigger. Add in his state of arousal and all the precum and it looked positively humongous and glazed. Amy gulped when she saw that beautiful amazing head of the cock that had been teasing her from the morning.

Next came the shaft which so thick, curved slightly backward and with a thick meaty vein running on the underside. Its dark brown skin, only enhanced that engorged look of the penis as Amy drank in the view. And then finally came the balls that looked as gigantic as tennis balls. The skin had completely tightened around them making them look like two delicious fruits handing from an even more salivating branch.

That was more than Amy could take and she came shuddering and gasping. If it wasn’t for the Vacuum Cleaner, she would have fallen on the floor.

“Sorry.” Carson chuckled, “I didn’t want to get the couch dirty.” He took off the shorts completely. His prick gave a massive twitch as it stood up proudly in front of Amy. “You look tired. Come on sit down.” He leaned back, his cock coming down to rest on the stomach while giving the occasional twitch.

Amy walked towards the couch as if hypnotized. Her eyes were still glazed over with lust despite just going through a massive orgasm. She sat down right beside Carson, her eyes never leaving his cock.

“Uhuh.” He shook his head. “Can’t get the couch dirty. You’ll have more work on your hand.” His hand snaked inside that tight dress and grabbed the hem of her panties. Carson gave Amy a lecherous look before sliding down those panties. He slid them down through her long shapely legs, lifting them on to his shoulder so that he had a perfect angle of her wet moist pussy. By now Amy had lost all inhibition and was moaning wantonly. He took it off and took a great whiff. Divine.

He brought her leg back and smiled at her. Amy had fallen and was squirming on the couch, eyeing him like an addict in need of crack. But he was not done with her yet. He ignored her and turned his attention to the porn at hand.

After a few minutes, he saw Amy sitting up from the corner of his eyes, straightening her dress. He wasn’t sure where she was looking from that angle but was reasonably sure she was still looking at his dick that had gone soft somewhat since he stopped paying her attention. By now, he could feel the heat radiating off her.

It wouldn’t be long now. He thought.

And he was right. Just in a few minutes, he heard her panting increase. He turned around and saw her. She was leaning back on the couch, one of her hands on her breasts as she rubbed it, and her other disappeared right under her dress. Her gaze was fixated on his cock that had started rising to attention once more.

Feeling his gaze on him, she lifted her eyes. They were like dams full of lust. Her big blue eyes had nearly rolled over and her tiny lips were quivering. She was practically begging him by now. His cock started twitching obscenely at this scene. She was a mess. Her dress was disheveled, hiked halfway up to her waists. He could nearly see her pussy from where he was standing, and he could see the desperate manner she was pumping at least three of her fingers inside her tight cunt.

Finally, some broke inside him.

He pounced on her like a hungry man, his lips crashing on her tiny mouth. His tongue f****d its way inside that little orifice. He groaned. It almost felt too small for his tongue but that did not deter him. He lapped her tongue with his own. He sucked those tiny lips to his fill. His hand came up and grabbed those tits that he had wanted for so long. They roamed all over her body trying to feel every single part of that tight young body. But it wasn’t enough. In frustration, he grabbed the dress, and with a loud screeching sound it ripped off, revealing those lovely mounds that he craved.

“So perfect.” He breathed before diving right inside them. They were covered in a white lacy bra but he didn’t care. He kissed and bit all that was in front of him, eliciting moans and groans from Amy. She had grabbed her head and was forcing it even deeper between that valley that existed between those succulent breasts. Her legs had wrapped around his midsection, mashing her pussy against his cock. She started humping against it, raising her hips again and again in search of more contact. The thick vein on the underside of his cock was rubbing against her engorged clit, eliciting a sharp shriek every time it would rub against it. Before long she was cumming like that, Carson’s head nursing on her perky breast and her cunt right against his thick veiny cock.

“Fuck.” She breathed. “That was intense.”

“We are barely starting babe,” Carson smirked before unfastening her bra. He grabbed the boobs that were spilling out of his large palms and Amy smiled at him.

“Uhh yes. Suck them please.”

Not one to deny requests from half-naked ladies, Carson bent his head once more and flicked both of her nipples. That was all it took and they became hard little nubs that sent electricity throughout Amy’s bodies. She grasped Carson’s head even tighter as he bit into them, bringing out a particularly loud shriek from her. He encircled both of her breasts and pulled at them. Amy arched her back in response to the experienced ministrations by Carson.

This was one of the best sex that he ever had other than his wife, Carson decided. And it was only starting.

But now he needed some relief. His cock was so hard that it became painful. Its head was looking so red and had grown obscenely large from all that humping. He let go of her breasts, eliciting a disappointing groan from Amy’s lip. He leaned back, staring into Amy’s eyes and then pointed to his cock.

That was all the cue that Amy needed. She gulped hard, her eyes locking onto his cock once more. Her hand slowly moved forward and encircled his massive cock. She was a tiny woman barely five feet tall and compared to his eight-inch dick, her hand looked so small. At that thought, his dick gave a massive twitch and Carson groaned.

“Come on babe.”

Amy gave a slight nod as she wrapped both hands around the shaft. Even then there was some portion of his dick that left. Amy gave a small giggle at that and slowly started stroking it. Up and down her hand went, one rotating clockwise the other anticlockwise as focused on giving him as much pleasure as possible. As her handjob continued, her face inched closer and closer to the dick, till she was practically breathing on it.

It took all his willpower to not come right then and there.

Carson placed his hand over Amy’s short brown hair and gave a little squeeze, urging her to go down on him. She looked up at him with those innocent looking big blue eyes. His hips gave an involuntary jerk pushing his cock head against those small lips. It was almost enough to send him over the jerk. Amy gave another giggle at that. She reached up and tucked her messy hair behind her ear before leaning down and giving a small peck on the tip of his cock. His pecker twitched violently once more as if it wanted to explore what was beneath those tiny lips.

She gave another peck and then another, slowly going around his cock. It was as if she was worshipping it, and it made him feel so powerful and good at that moment. As she went down, the pecks became open-mouthed kisses till she had planted her lips around the underside of his cock. Her tongue came out and tickled the thick vein that was there. With her hand, she cradled those massive balls of his that were so full of cum that they could burst any moment. Slowly, she rubbed his lips from bottom to the top, leaving a trail of saliva behind before covering the massive head. She looked so hot with her tiny lips stretched over his thick cockhead and her eyes staring at him in such an innocent manner. He felt the cum boiling in his nuts. He grabbed her head to keep it in place as his cock jerked and twisted. He saw her eyes go wide as she received the first spurt, and then came the second, and the third. It kept going till her cheeks were filled but he kept her firmly in place over cock till she had no choice but to swallow his cum.

Finally, his cock gave one final twitch and stopped spewing his sperm. He sighed satisfaction and removed his hands from Amy’s head. Immediately she leaned back and took a big lungful of air. As he looked at her, she threw him a pouty angry look that was enough to make his loins stir once more. By now, she was leaning against the opposite end of the couch with her legs splayed around his midsection. He sat up a bit and grabbed those legs and pulled, eliciting a surprised scream from her. But his attention was now focused on the ultimate prize. During all the action, the lower portion of the dress had become bunched up around her waist leaving her pussy exposed. It was tiny like every other part of her body with a little slit and no pussy lips. Her clit was still engorged and quivering in the cold air of the living room.

Carson’s mouth watered at the sight of this delicacy. Without fanfare, he dove right into it, his tongue sliding right inside her tiny little vagina. His nose was tickling against her engorged clit which made her moan even louder. He grabbed her legs for better legs and went right into it, lapping inside her cunt like a thirsty dog. It was as if he was desperate to explore every nook and cranny inside her cunt.

Amy couldn’t help but shudder again and again from little orgasms as Carson’s expert tongue ravaged the inside of her pussy. He was an expert lover. He knew just what a woman needed. He would change his pace, lick just around the g spot, flick her clit, hum inside her pussy till she was raving mad with pleasure, and then he went for the clit. With his tongue still inside her pussy, he grabbed her clit and twisted it. Amy howled like a banshee, her eyes rolled into her skull as she came like never before. Her cunt released a torrent of her cum, drenching Carson’s face completely.

For his part, Carson was grinning from ear to ear. He was never satisfied until he had made a woman nearly die from pleasure. During that vigorous cunt licking his dick had started rising once more.

As soon as Amy recovered she jumped on Carson, peppering his whole face in kisses. She was panting like a bitch in heat, begging him, licking him, rubbing her whole body on him.

“Please, Please, Please.” She said between open-mouthed kisses as she sought his mouth with her own.

“Please what?” Carson replied between the short kisses, fully enjoying this young lithe body rubbing on his own.

“I want it.” Amy gasped, gong down to nibble on his neck. “I want your cock. Please fuck me, make me your slut.”

That was all the invitation that Carson needed. The next moment, Amy was laying on her back, her hands thrown above her head as she stared at the most gorgeous peace of man she had ever seen. The position enhanced her innocence features and her vulnerability as she lay there arching her back, while her eyes gave away her wanton lust for his thick cock. She spread her legs as far as possible, her breasts two gorgeous peaks on her chest, as she chanted again and again.

“Please please. Give it to me. Oh, I want it so bad. Come on, drill it inside me. Fuck I want it so bad. Please don’t make me wait. I’ll do anything. Please just put it inside me. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. FUCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK.”

Her eyes rolled back once more as he penetrated her. Barely, his head had gone in and she had lost all rationality. Her shyness had already erupted ages ago. All that was left was a cockslut that wanted nothing but his dick.

Five hours. That’s all it took for him to make a slut out of a shy innocent Asian girl.

His dick hardened even further at the thought. Oh, how he would enjoy telling his wife about this. She would get angry at first and then would fuck him so hard that he would not have a single drop of cum or an ounce of stamina left. That’s just how their relationship functioned. His wife was just another slut for his cock. The only difference was that he loved his wife. Everyone else was a release for his cock and a way for him to feel good about it.

Coming out of his musing, he focused on the prime piece of pussy that lay on his cock, writhing and spasming as his veiny thick cock slowly made its way inside Amy’s cunt. He had to marvel at her tightness. At every inch, her pussy would push and pull his cock at the same time, twisting it in that pleasurable agony that few vaginas knew how to provide. His cock was massive, her love tunnel was tiny and the tightness and pleasure were driving him mad.

Still, he had a task at hand. He grabbed her hips, pulling her closer. This started another chain of mini orgasm inside Amy as she gave a small gasp. Her eyes by now were seeing nothing but this god of a man that was giving her pleasure like nothing else. She snaked her arms around his neck, bringing him closer to her, almost laying him on top of her.

Carson brought his hand upward from her hips to grabs those perky melons. He palmed them, rubbed them over and over marveling at their softness and tightness. They were so soft and yet so firm. He could never get tired of boobs. At the same time, his hips were busy indulging in that age-old dance. He would give short jabs, followed by a long plunge inside that cunt. Sometimes, there would be a series of short jabs followed by an extended period of long slow strokes, but he never became predictable. A good lover never becomes predictable. He memorized her erogenous zones and would hit them frequently. His hands would roam all over her body, caressing every single portion, lingering slightly longer over those erogenous zones but only slightly. He wasn’t just fucking her. He was giving her pleasure that was out of this world.

All Amy could do was orgasm again and again, while holding Carson as close as possible. She was going mad with pleasure and still couldn’t stop the pleasure that spread throughout her body. It was like all of her body was one single nerve ending that was constantly stimulated by Carson.

For his part, Carson had enough trouble stopping himself from cumming too early. It was one of the best cunts that he had fucked in a while. The way it would wrap itself around his cock. The way her breast felt and the way Amy was subconsciously wrapping her body around his was mind-boggling to him. It was like she was a succubus and every single part of her was made exclusively to give him pleasure. The smooth buttery skin, the perky tits, the tiny nipples, the hourglass figure. The arching of her back to meet his thrust. The slight caress of his calves by her smooth legs. The way she was moaning his ears, calling out his name, begging for his cum. Her hands wrapped around his neck, her nails scratching his back. It was one of the best fucks he had ever had.

He kept pumping into her with his powerful hips, going again and again and again, till they had lost track of time. Amy couldn’t count how many times she had orgasmed from this gigantic pole that was spearing her pussy in a pleasurable rhythm, all she knew was that she craved more of this pleasure. Now there was only one more thing that she wanted more.

“I want it, Carson.” She moaned more than whispered in his ears. Her gripped tightening around his neck and her legs encircling around his hips, locking him in that position. “I want your cum. I want your baby seed. Put in me. I don’t care.” She kept going, nibbling on his ear, thrusting her breast into his body, grazing those hard nubs against his sensitive body. She diluted her hips, flexed them, making his long strokes into short jabs, trying to keep as much of him inside her as was possible.

“Give it to me Carson. Fill me with your seed.” She gave a loud moan as she once more came on his cock.

Carson gave another triumphant smile at hearing those words. A woman was truly fucked only when she was begging for the guy’s cum, anything less and she was not fully satisfied. A cock only goes inside the cunt to fill it with warm sperm and it shouldn’t leave it before those tights walls of the vagina had squeezed every single drop out of it willingly. His balls were aching by now begging for a release. With one final thrust, he pushed his dick inside Amy as much as possible and exploded. Pulse after pulse, his cock fired inside Amy, painting her wall white. Feeling Carson filling her inside was more than what Amy could handle, as she came once more screaming Carson’s name.

Carson kept going, giving small strokes to empty his balls. Not that he could have pulled out. Amy still maintained a vice-like grip on him as she went through her orgasm. Only once it ended did she loosened her grip. She gave a weak smile and placed a small peck on his lips. Carson returned the kiss and fell beside her panting heavily. He felt like a god than having made Amy cum so many times. No matter how many women he had fucked, this feeling always felt new to him. He put an arm around his latest lover who had snuggled into his arm and was already asleep. His hand slowly traveled down, till it rests on her supple round butt. He caressed it and felt it whole.

This week was going to be awesome.