Slippery When Wet

I watched as Sarah showered herself on the deck of the boat the next morning and reflected on how the night before she surrendered herself to us. How her body pleasured us and how we pleasured her.

Scott and I had decided to take the boat out for a couple of days, and enjoy the peace and solitude offered by the local waterways and its myriad of beaches. It was only at the last minute that my girlfriend Sarah decided she could join us, successfully getting time off work by swapping her shift with another workmate.

It was not a large boat but had comfortable overnight accommodation and a well laid out galley and dinette. Sarah and I quite often use the boat, fishing and swimming and just laying in the sun during the summer months. We both love going naked and as often occurred, the sight of Sarah’s body would turn me on and we would end up having sex on a deserted beach or maybe even on the deck of the boat at night.

It was summer and as we anchored late that afternoon, the water beckoned us. Scott was first overboard diving into the aqua blue water with a loud splash. Sarah and I joined him shortly after and we frolicked and swam until just on dusk. Climbing back aboard and drying ourselves off we set about getting dinner and enjoying a drink. We ate and drank in the cockpit of the boat, the steamy, calm night soaking our bodies with sweat. Laughter and jokes filled the air and one bottle of wine led to another and another as we partied into the night.

I noticed Sarah getting a little drunk from the wine but thought no more about it until someone remembered the inviting option of cooling off in the water. Sarah jumped quickly to her feet and scrambled to the side of the boat. I was putting the wine bottles in a neat pile, when Scott yelled “go Sarah!” I looked up to see Sarah had discarded her bikini top which she threw back into the cockpit of the boat.

Sarah is not a shy person and I was only mildly surprised she had done that. I was a bit more surprised when her hands went to her bikini pants and she slipped them down over her hips. As she stepped out of them she yelled that the last one in the water would have to cook breakfast. I glanced over at Scott and noticed his eyes roaming up and down Sarah’s firm naked body which was backlit by the cabin lights as she dove into the water.

Scott beat me in, stripping his boardshorts off and leaping naked off the side of the boat. I did the same and accepted my fate of having to cook breakfast. We swam and splashed around the boat. At one point Sarah backed into me, and I grabbed her around her slim waist and pulled her to me, her arse slapping into my groin. I slid one hand up to her firm breast and felt her erect nipple. She swung around and playfully took my cock in her hand laughing before swimming away. I thought to myself at how much I wanted to fuck her. Scott’s voice reminded me we had company.

Sarah was the first out of the water, climbing into the back of the boat, I followed. I could sense Scott behind me watching her. Sarah scrambled down into the cabin of the boat and I stepped down behind her to get a towel. Sarah had already grabbed one. She turned to face me opened the towel behind her back and moving to me she wrapping both of us together in its softness. I felt her body against mine.

What happened next was totally unexpected and at first I thought Sarah, maybe drunk, had forgotten about Scott. Her left hand engulfed my cock and with her mouth starting at my neck she worked her lips down to my navel. Sitting back on the bunk she pulled me gently to her and took my cock into her mouth, the towel falling to the floor. I placed a hand on her head and said “Sarah?” She glanced up at me and then out in the direction of the back of the boat where Scott was just getting out of the water. Her mouth went back to my cock, one hand cupping my balls the other around my rapidly stiffening shaft.

At that point I knew she did not care and I could sense that she, at that point in time, had no inhibitions. Scott’s usually jolly voice had fallen silent and it was obvious he was watching us down in the cabin. Sarah kept sucking my cock, periodically taking my knob from her mouth and working her thin lips up and down the length of my shaft. It was not long before I was rock hard, the sight of Sarah using her spare hand to fondle and gently rub her tits watched not only by me.

She laid back on the bunk letting go of my cock. Raising and gently parting her legs I watched as her hand went to her pussy and she began gently rubbing her pussy. It was something she liked doing, often sucking me while masturbating herself. I could see her breath quickening as she glanced up to the cockpit. “Three’s company” she said just loud enough for Scott to hear her. She closed her eyes and with her forefinger found her clit and began rubbing as I stood over her.

The sound of Scott stepping down into the cabin to join us was enough for her to look back up. Her eyes went straight to Scotts’ cock. I looked over at him as he moved the few steps needed to join us and for the first time noticed the size of his penis. He was still naked.

Sarah sat back up and took his cock in her hand. He was semi-erect, his shaft thickly veined and circumsized. His cock was not hugely long but it was much thicker than mine. When she went to take him in her mouth it was obvious that she struggled to get much more than his knob past her lips. She did to him what she does so well to me and that is to bring a cock to full erection with her hands and mouth. I watched her and almost uncontrollably wanted to fuck her and see her fucked.

Soon Scott too was hard and erect. Standing side by side, before her Sarah had two cocks that wanted her body. She laid back again on the bed, spreading her legs. Her pussy gaped open for us both to see and it glistened with wetness from the dull light in the cabin. She looked up at me and motioned me down. I knelt shuffled forward and slid my cock into her. She groaned loudly and her hands went to her breasts. Her pussy was wet, warm and tight like it always was and I pushed full length into her as I gripped her hips. I began sliding into and out of her, watching her face and listening to her breathing become more laboured.

I was not inside of her long when she slowly raised her head and looked up at Scott. I glanced over my shoulder and saw Scott stroking his thick rock hard cock. I pulled out of my girlfriend and standing up, made room for Scott to take my place. He knelt down, Sarah’s eyes fixated on his manhood. With her head still raised she watched as his cock moved up to her pussy and she grunted as she felt first contact. With one hand he rubbed the knob of his cock up and down the opening to her inviting pussy and he began to push in. Sarah opened her legs further and reached down with both hands and with her forefingers held open her pussy until his thick knob was inside of her.

I watched on as Scott’s cock disappeared into her, her body tensing, the sounds of her groaning filling the cabin. I could see him stretching her. The sight of her firm body taking and being fucked by another man’s cock seem surreal. His hands roved over her body as he for the first time felt her firmness, felt her erect nipples and felt her tense stomach.

As his hands ran down her inner thighs he pushed fully into her and began fucking her like it was something he had wanted to do for a long time. Sarah grunted and her face grimaced as her body took the biggest cock of her life. She flung her arms outwards and grasped and grabbed at the covers on the bunk. I watched as Scott fucked her to orgasm, her body shaking and writhing on the bed, her face contorted as she raised her head and told us in a husky voice, “I’m cummming”. She screamed loudly from the pleasure of his deeply imbedded cock.

For a moment I thought Scott was going to cum, his body locked to Sarah, her pussy gripping his cock tightly. I think Sarah sensed it as well and sat up, her body bathed in perspiration. She gently motioned Scott back and his cock pulled from her. Sarah grabbed me as she turned around and knelt on the bunk, parting her legs. I grabbed her hips and slid my cock into her, she loved being fucked from behind, loved feeling a guys balls slap against her clit. Her skin felt damp and her pussy oozed her own wetness. I fucked her hard, through gritted teeth and I remember wanting to make her scream and grunt like Scott had done shortly before. I pulled from her when I felt that I could take no more of her body, I did not want to cum yet.

As I did so Sarah turned around and pulled Scott onto the bunk, “lay down” she said softly. Scott made himself comfortable on his back as Sarah straddled him. I watched as she grabbed his slimy cock with one hand and shuffling her hips over him lowered herself down onto him. I watched in awe as she fucked Scott, her body raising and falling, his cock sliding in and out of her. Scott’s hands again roamed her body and at one stage he grabbed her tits and licked and sucked each nipple. I could clearly see her pussy lips tightly gripping the shaft of his cock as it slid in and out of her and I could tell Scott enjoyed fucking her and being fucked by her.

Sarah slammed up and down on him, as if she was out of control. With a loud scream she erupted again into orgasm, and fell forward onto Scott, her tight body shaking. I could see half of Scotts cock pulled from her. It was obvious Scott could take no more and placing both hands on her hips, held her firmly whilst thrusting his hips upwards. Sarah groaned as his cock fully impaled her. “Yes!” I heard Sarah yell and I knew she had felt the first of his jets of semen. She sat bolt upright and I could see Scotts face flushed and red as he emptied himself into her.

Her hips ground down on him, milking every drop of cum into her pussy, her face holding the look of distaste as she felt him pushing up into her. But it was not distaste but surprise at the strength of Scott’s orgasm flooding her.

Sarah literally fell off Scott, exhausted, her breathing laboured and her body sweat covered. Pushing Scott to one side Sarah laid on her back and looked at me. It was obvious she could do no more at that moment that to lay back and let me fuck her.
As I climbed between her parted legs, I could see her pussy oozing cum, her pussy lips red. Slipping into her I fucked her until I added my cum to her, Scott watching in appreciation from the other side of the boat.

We laid exhausted for some time until Sarah got up and without saying a word stepped up out of the cabin and walked to the back of the boat and slipped into the water. Scott and I followed soon after.

The rest of the night I felt I was in an unreal world as Sarah put herself at our disposal. I could not believe what was happening around me. Later that night Sarah was to again perform oral sex on both of us before laying back and allowing Scott to cum over her tits and stomach whilst reserving her face and mouth for my load. I remember standing back and looking at her cum splashed body and face and her asking for a towel.

I eventually collapsed onto the bunk opposite Sarah and Scott fell asleep in the cockpit.

I did not wake until I heard a noise the next morning. There was barely enough early morning light to see Sarah laying naked on her side facing me, her left leg raised. Something was not right and I cleared my eyes and looked again at her on her bunk. She whimpered softly, and I saw a hand on her hip. Then I realised Scott was behind her, laying on his side, his cock in her, fucking her again. He had climbed back into her bed.

I closed my eyes and listened to her soft whimpering as Scott finished using her body again by dumping another load of his cum deep inside of her.