Good Hospital Care Is Hard to Find

The door barged open and before I could react, like a drill sergeant, she barked out, “Visiting hours are over… time to leave.” I must have looked like a deer caught in the headlights as I stood pressed against the safety rail of Maggie’s hospital bed pants puddled around my ankles and a very thick

A brother and sister

At first I didn’t know it was her. Just a brilliant spill of bright blonde hair and a small slim body in a pink blouse and snug faded blue jeans, standing in line at the coffee shop. I was behind her and I looked her over, admiring her lovely hair and her cute little ass.

Transvestite and incestual loving of a delicate, ethereal and softly sensuous nature

It was a lovely evening. The sun slipped behind the trees and the lengthening shadows crept across the patio, plunging the secluded garden into twilight. The elegantly dressed young girl slowly arose from the sun lounger and, on long, coltish limbs, stiletto heeled, glided sexily through the open French windows and into the coolness of

My C-Cup Cousin

We were a normal family, we got together on holidays, but my aunt, uncle, and my cousin hung out with my family more often than regular families. Over time, me and my cousin, Maria, were more often than not, always inseparable. At first it wasn’t anything other than cousins hanging out, and being best friends.