Big, Plump, and Round with Passion

I don’t ever remember not being “chubby.” I even think I was born that way. Growing up I took a lot of teasing about it and it got worse in middle school. Of course, I was never into sports but I did have a group of guys who let me hang out with them, mainly

My Fitness Instructor First Sexual Encounter

During college, I have been training with this martial arts group. I am tall (about 5’10), white, with long blonde hair, long legs, and A-cup breasts. My instructor is an average-looking male about 10-15 years older and always gave me the attention I needed to get better with my workouts. One day, he suggested that

Office Supplies

“What is that?” “It’s, uh, my dick.” “Why do you have it on my desk?” “Because I want your opinion.” “It’s…nice. I could put it to good use. I mean, if it were available.” “I’ve got plans for it if things go the way I hope.” “Your _hope_ is getting bigger. Maybe we should call

Apple IS the teacher…

Apple parked her car about a block from the beach, and strolled towards where her friends said the party would be. Rebecca had invited her earlier in the week, and said that she had some friends she “really wanted her to meet,” whatever that meant. Apple was just looking to get out of the house