Sometimes you get more of an education out of the classroom than in

I peered over from my dorm room single bed across to the
open window above roomie Mark’s matching bunk. It was
late, very late and something was keeping me from sleep.
In my waking blur I figured the culprit was the intense
glow of the early autumn full moon streaming through the
mini blinds on the window. As the narcoleptic haze slowly
lifted from my senses I detected noise and movement, a
rustling of cloth perhaps.

I had arrived on campus just two days before for my
freshman year at the State University and was thankful
that my dorm room partner was just a normal guy like me.
He was in school on a gymnastics scholarship; I was
seeking an Art degree. We talked of music, cars and girls
with the same ease that my homeboys and I did in high

He was a freshman as well but his older brother was a
senior. He knew his way around campus and town pretty
well from the frequent visits he had over the last three
years. He even got us hooked up with a keg party at his
bro’s frat the second evening we were there. Man did I
get toasted. I stumbled back to the dorm by myself after
losing track of Mark. I was drunk, horny and ready for

As things started to focus more I realized the sound and
motion were coming from Mark’s bed. Damn, he had scored
with one of those too fine hotties we were drooling over
at the kegger. The bastard was probably trying to bang
her quietly but was getting too carried away to be
modest. As I lay there motionless fantasizing about how
good it would feel to have hot wet girl flesh wrapped my
dick too I could feel my penis slowly fill with b***d.

The resulting hard-on was almost painful. The rhythmic
motion of his bedcover rising and falling in the slatted
moonlight mesmerized me. As the pace quickened I could
hear muffled moaning and a distinct slapping sound that
only happens when flesh meets flesh. I dare not move but
my dick was making a tale-tell tent out of my bed sheets.
I wanted to grab a hold of it and massage a big load out
of my aching nuts but I didn’t dare move.

I lay there frozen trying to figure out through the beer
fog, which of the girls we met at the party was in the
bed with him. Was it one of the two freshman blondes we
introduce ourselves to after watching them slow dance
together, bumping and grinding their tight bodies against
each other.

We found out they were twin sisters and locals. Mark and
I thought we were making progress when a cell call from a
parental unit caused them to excuse themselves outdoors
away from the noise. One of them came back and said they
had to leave but gave us a number to reach them at later.
Mark and I agreed this was one number that was going to
be used but secretly I wanted them both for myself
(preferably together).

Maybe it was that TA with the raven black hair? She was
older perhaps 27 or 28 with a womanly figure, big full
breasts and hips and a wasp like waist. Her thick long
straight jet-black hair was cut in the classic Bettie
Page style. I got the feeling after she approached us and
talked a while that she was into younger guys and we were
being shopped for future reference.

I fantasized on the walk home about being her sex
slave/student as she strictly schooled me how to satisfy
a woman in every imaginable way. The image of her in
black leather and lace dominating me is burned into my
sexual psyche forever. But by the time I got back to the
dorm room I was too tired and drunk to service myself. I
just stripped and piled in the bed.

My god this man is a master I thought to myself, as I
strained to watch him in the darkness my head still
swimming from the alcohol. He was slowing down then
speeding up again, teasing and taunting the poor girl
with changing rhythms and stroke lengths. His stamina had
to be attributed to his gymnastics training I thought.
The pale light and the ghosted unfocused images churned
in the night for a half and hour or more. I soaked my
sheets with pre-come and worried that my quivering tent
pole would catch their attention. Suddenly the actions in
the next bed really got pumping and in a flash his bed
covers were whipping through the air.

I was in uncharted territory here. The ground swell of
orgasm that was coming over me caught me by total
surprise. I had not moved a muscle or touched myself in
anyway but yet my balls were in pre-orgasmic spasm,
priming the pump for wave after wave of hot come to be
pushed up and out the shaft of my prick. I was on the
edge of boiling over as I looked at Mark’s bed to finally
get a glimpse of the prize he had brought home and was
banging with such great finesse. I watched in hot
anticipation as the bed sheets slowly settled and the
moon glistened on Mark’s singular young body.

What? He was alone? Had he all this time just been
jacking off? That son of a bitch was abusing himself and
I was watching! On one hand I was in awe of him. This was
no slam-bam quickie hand job, this was full scale, take
your time, and savor the moment masturbation. The kind
you did when you knew no one else was home and you could
get as kinky and prolonged as you wanted. It appeared
that he had a lot of practice at this type of self-
gratification honing his technique to a professional
edge. On the other hand I didn’t want to see another man
pounding his pud no matter how artful he was about it. At
least I didn’t think I did.

Quickly lifting his head from the pillow he pulled his
now totally uncovered, sweaty torso forward. He doubled
his body over at the waist as he positioned his mouth
over his throbbing cock. His right hand worked the shaft
while his left seemed to be massaging his balls.

With one decisive full stroke of his right hand I saw the
silhouette of the first stream of come flying through the
night air and into his waiting mouth! Another pump and
another bigger load landed on his now extended tongue. He
retracted his tongue, swallowed hard, then opened again
as the third shot hit home. I was transfixed like a deer
caught in headlights as he lowered his head even further
and took the crown of his own meat into his come filled
mouth. Licking and slurping, he did not miss a drop,
while he continued to pump himself dry.

To my great hetero surprise the sight of this sent me
over the edge. I uncontrollably let out a long low
guttural grunt as my own come spewed forth. My eyes
closed as I bit my lip hard in a vein effort to stifle
myself. My left leg twitched and back tensed and arched
in rote reflex. I fumbled to grip myself and try to stem
the flow but a week’s worth of hot white come started
pumping out onto my belly. I didn’t notice the covers
being lifted off me as my head raced back and forth
between the thought of what I just saw and the bliss of
the orgasmic moment.

By the time I did notice his mouth was around my cock
head and I was too spazzed-out to do anything about it.
His lips locked just past the head of my cock as he
masterfully created just the right suction with his
mouth. I felt his tongue swirl around my glans as my mind
spun wildly with thoughts and emotions. I hated him but I
loved the feeling. I wanted to punch him out but not
until he was finished. Why was this happening? I bucked
as he sucked my full 7″ into his mouth slowly. It felt as
if I would never stop coming.

It was maybe 2 minutes later when control started to
return. Mark was licking my come off my belly, as I lay
there defenseless to his advances. I was spent, in a
state of total relaxation. When I could finally form
words I spat out, “Wh-what the hell was that all about,
ya freak?” as I tried to cover up. He sat back on the
edge of his bed; I could not see his face as the
moonlight was behind him.

“I’m sorry,” he stammered, “but I couldn’t help myself.
I’m not gay or anything, It’s just that I have a taste
for… well… a taste for… come,” he explained.

He proceeded to tell me about how he first discovered his
unique ability to go down on himself when he was 12 years
old. He had always been very flexible (gymnast usually
are) and even though he thought it was disgusting the
feeling was to good not to continue doing it. He found
that he couldn’t bring himself off just by sucking his
own bone but that with some hand action combinations he
was good to go.

Mark said in the beginning he didn’t shoot into his own
mouth but out of curiosity he tried it once and became
addicted to the creamy saltiness. He went on to explain
that though he masturbated like this his fantasies were
totally heterosexual, all except for one that is.

Over the years the taste of semen and sex was irrevocably
intertwined in his mind. He could not have sexual closure
without the taste of man seed in his mouth. He had on
more than one occasion lost a girlfriend because she was
to freaked out to see him again after he insisted on
licking his own come out of or off of her after sex.

Conversely he also had gotten a few girls to open up and
show/perform their own special repressed sexual quirks
after they witnessed his come eating tendencies. The one
thing he had never experienced before was another man
coming in his mouth. He confessed the thought intrigued
him on many levels the main one being taste. Tonight’s
episode was not planned he assured me. He thought I was
totally passed out when he started to work himself over.
It was just an opportunity that when presented he got
caught up in.

I thought for a while digesting the words he spoke in my
post orgasmic drunken haze. It was funny because I knew
where he was coming from. I had my own little sexual
secret that nobody knew about, well almost nobody that
is. I was13 (almost 14) and had a terrible bout of
constipation brought on by eating to many fresh cheese

I was at my Aunt Allison’s house in Wisconsin for the
summer. I was staying and working on my Mom’s youngest
sister’s dairy farm and having a great time. My mom in
her younger days was a model and her sister was hotter
than she was but she was too down to earth to go for any
of that prissy modeling stuff.

When she saw me doubled up in pain over my predicament
she grabbed some rubber gloves; K-Y and a disposable
douche bottle and ordered me to strip in the bathroom. I
followed her instructions without a peep (I love strong
women) and was soon standing buck-naked, eye-to-eye with
my smoking hot Aunt. She said, “Turn around and bend

Well as you might imagine just the thought of being naked
in the same room as a totally beautiful woman that was
barking orders at me started stirrings in my loins.
Suddenly I felt cool K-Y jelly being massage around and
into my anus by a glove covered finger. This triggered an
almost instantaneous hard-on. I was hoping she wouldn’t
notice as she filled the douche bottle with warm water
and screwed the applicator top on. She pressed the
tapered tip against my anal opening and slowly pushed it
in. I let out a gasp and shuddered hard, grasping the
towel rack on the wall in front of me for support.

She said, “You like that, don’t you?”

I hesitated then silently nodded, yes. She pulled it back
and slid it back in, this time to the hilt.

My virgin asshole was spasming out of control as I
gripped the rack white knuckle tight. She stepped from
behind me to my side and started pumping the applicator
in and out of my ass. My throbbing hard-on had to be in
full view by now but I didn’t care.

Within about ten strokes I was at the edge of coming when
she reached underneath me to grab my cock with her rubber
glove covered free hand. As she went for my cock she also
started to squeeze the bottle pushing the warm liquid
into my colon. As soon as her hand wrapped around my
prick and the water splashed inside me I started shooting
the biggest load of come of my life.

My Aunt skillfully milked my front and pumped my rear as
globs of warm semen splattered on the cool tiled floor.
My knees almost buckled as she held me up with her strong
hands. She pulled the empty applicator from my rear as
she lowered me down to the toilet seat. She continued to
pump my cock as the water in my colon fell from my loose
sphincter into the toilet bowl.

It was all I could do to hold back what was coming next.
She stood up and slowly snapped the gloves off her hands
and with a smirk on her face said, “Clean up this mess
and come on out to milking barn when you’re through.” She
quickly exited; shutting the door behind her as the dam
broke in my bowels. My Aunt and I never repeated that
performance nor did we ever mention it though I still see
that smirk on her face every once in a while when I catch
her looking at me.

Ten minutes later I was out in the barn moving cows into
position to get milked. I had no more stomach cramps but
my knees were still weak and my penis still tingled. The
thing that surprised me was my ass longed for more
action. I could think of nothing else for the rest of the
day. I masturbated furiously that night with a finger or
two up my ass and loved it.

That’s how it got started, my thing for anal stimulation
that is, from then on I would fuck candles, cigar tubes,
carrots or anything of that shape into my ass as I
jacked-off. Recently I even bought a mail order pocket
dildo that on occasion I will covertly insert into my ass
while fucking my girlfriend doggy style. She doesn’t know
about this though. I wish I could tell her and maybe
convince her to help like my Aunt had.

I laughed as I told Mark, “You keep what happened here
secret and I’ll forget the whole thing.” And don’t do
that again, alright?” I added.

Deep down I began to wonder what it would be like to have
him do me like he does himself, or maybe he could somehow
help me with my own little fetish.

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