Spank Me, I’m Coming

“I Love That”, My girlfriend, Joy, Moaned. She was
kneeling on the bed, her lovely ass naked, her dark
blond-haired pussy just visible between her fantastic
buns. I had been squeezing and pinching those tanned

“You’re not suppose to enjoy it!” I snarled. She had been
of the guys at the party and i had wanted to punish her
for it even though i wasn’t all that mad. I grasped my
heavy cock and swung it sideways so it rapped her ass.
“I’m going to beat you with my cock until you apologize.”

I kept beating her buns but i wasn’t hurting her. Still,
she moaned as though in pain, but she said, “Fuck you,”
when i demanded an a apology. Finally, i gave up, aimed
my cock at her drizzling pussy, and slammed it in. She
screamed and collapsed on the bed with my spurting cock
buried in her cunt.

Okay, that was great, but the reason for this letter was
that Joy suggested we accept my Aunts Elaine’s
invitation to stay at her cottage for a weekend. Elaine
was my favorite aunt.

We drove to the cottage at the mountain lake and, when we
arrived, Aunt Elaine ran from the house to meet us. She
had on a man’s shirt and when the shirt flipped up a
little, I glimpsed a thick muff of hair on her pussy. Joy
trimmed hers so she could wear a bikini. Most girls I’ve
known do that.

Aunt Ellie grabbed me and when we kissed, her lips were
wet and wide open. Her tongue was in my mouth and i put
mine between her lips. I could feel her grapefruit-sized
tits against my chest. And she knew she had given me a
hard-on, and so did my girlfriend.

“Your’e Joy”, my pretty dark haired aunt said. She hugged
her, too, and joy, and Joy later told me that she’d felt
her her ass and tongued her lips. “Coe inside and get out
of those hot clothes. I suppose we’d all better wear
something or poor Robert will be running around with his
thing sticking out.”

My aunt knew only need one bed. She showed us our room in
the rickety summer cottage. She went over to brush away
am imaginary wrinkle, giving us both a glimpse of her
hairy ass. She even had a black hair between her buns.

“Iv’e been waiting to go in the water,” she warned.”I’ll
put on a suit while your getting dressed.” I yanked off
my T-shirt and was hunting for my trunks, but Joy told
me to wear my jockeys, very sheer white briefs that
clearly showed my hairy cock and balls. Joy had promised
a suprise and she pulled on her suit with a red rose
hiding each nipple and rose blossom with green leaves
just covering her cunt.

“Hey fantastic!” I told her. My cock twitched a couple of
times and became more noticeable. We went out in the
kitchen. Aunt Elaine had a Thermos of juice and some
cookies. We walked down to the lake. Joy walked behind
with me looking at my aunt firm, full ass and shapely

“Elanie, you’ve got a better figure than any other girl i
know”, my sexy girlfriend said. Joy’s neat, but i had to
admit Elaine had had bigger tits and that black-haired
cunt really turned me on. We sprawled on the sand on the
edge of the lake.

“Robert told me about you.” Joy said to my aunt, “Is it
true you spank him when he’s naughty?”

She laughed, glancing at my hardening cock. I was
remembering how gorgeous aunt would pull me across her lap
and spank my stinging ass and how humiliated I’d always be
because my cock was pressing against her pussy.

“He wants me to,” Aline said. “I think Robert does
naughty things just so I’ll punish him. I think he has
lewd thoughts when i take him across my lap. My own
thoughts are kinky as well.”

Aunt Elaine’s bathing suit cupped her pussy snugly. But
dark, curly cunt hair escaped, and I wanted to bury my
face in the luxurious muff. She glared at me, seeing me

“Robert can’t you have a civilized conversation without
staring at my twot?” my aunt demanded. “Joy, he’s a
filthy-minded pervert and he’s got to be taught a lesson.
Remove those silly briefs.”

I looked from her to Joy And Blushed. I felt silly, but i
wanted to feel her strong hands spanking my ass. “I will
if you and Jot take yours off, too.”

Joy was naked a second later, her lovely body tanned all
over and the tiny patch of golden fuzz barely visible. It
took Aunt Elaine a second longer. She glanced at my
cock, then put her hand on Joy’s breast, squeezing. They
moved into an embrace, lips parted as they kissed. I
watched my lovely aunt grind her hairy groin against my
girlfriends pussy.

Joy pushed her away. “Spank Robert,” she said huskily.

My aunt grasped my cock and pulled me closer, sitting on
one of the benches beside the picnic table. She brought
me down across her knees and moved her legs to get my
hard cock in the right position, squeezed against her
hot, wet cunt lips. Joy was watching, her mouth open,
legs apart, stroking her pussy.

“Not too hard,” I told Elaine. A moment later, her hand
cracked on my bun. I cringed and ground my cock against
her juicy cunt, the she smacked the other bun. It stung
but i knew my ass would soon be super warm, stinging, and
I’d be on the verge of an orgasm. Joy came over and
cupped Elaine’s Breasts, then kissed her while I was
being spanked. Finally , after feeling her legs tighten
on my shaft and hearing her moan, she let me up. I knew
she’d had at least one orgasm.

I stood there with my cock in her face. She was staring
at it licking her lips. I think she might have sucked it
but i didn’t wait. I stroked it about three times and my
hot, think jizz shot out, splattering her face and then
her tits. Joy kissed her slobbered-up lips and licked off
my jism. As soon as I finished, I glared At My Aunt.

“Now, it’s your turn!” I snarled. I pulled her around.
Joy sat on my left and my aunt’s face was right over her
pussy. I massaged her nice, firm buns, slipped my hand
between her her thighs and fingered her twat. Then I
thrust my finger in her ass. She yelped and cursed at me.
A moment later i whapped her a good one on her butt. I
alternated strokes, watching pink blotches appear on her
snow-white buns. She was fucking up and down and my cock
was hard again. I stopped long enough to stick my fingers
in into her cunt, then spank her a few more times,
letting her have a gorgeous orgasm.

We had a spanking good time for the whole weekend. Aunt
Elaine insisted on applying ointment to my ass. Then she
did Joy’s ass, although she hadn’t been spanked yet, as i
pointed out. Joy told me to mind my own business and
squirmed happily as Aunt Elaine slaved her, finger
fucking her ass with a greasy finger.

We had a wonderful weekend and Aunt Elaine wants us to
visit every weekend all summer. I’m not worried about
getting a sore ass but i think my pecker might wear out.