Auntie Betty – The Next week

Following my exciting encounter with Auntie Betty and knowing I was invited back the following Saturday, you can imagine my week was feverish to say the least. I seemed to spend the week stroking my cock; in serious danger of a sprained right wrist by the Friday! My mum was pleased that her sister and

Spank Me, I’m Coming

“I Love That”, My girlfriend, Joy, Moaned. She was kneeling on the bed, her lovely ass naked, her dark blond-haired pussy just visible between her fantastic buns. I had been squeezing and pinching those tanned globes. “You’re not suppose to enjoy it!” I snarled. She had been of the guys at the party and i

A Rose By Any Other Name Is Sitll A Rose

My name is Rose. I am a slut wife and a flight attendant for a major airline. There aren’t many women like me and I like that. So does Ed. Ed and I met on a flight to Seattle. He was the first officer and I was a flight attendant. I immediately liked him. When

A young man by strange circumstances, begins a consensual sexual affair with his aunt

She flinched when it popped open and yelled. Part of my forefinger was now resting inside her moist lips. She didn’t notice it because of the pain, as I wiped up the discharge and told her to hold still. I was now going to yank out the hair follicle. Looking back, I can’t say whether

My First Seduction

I was now hungry for more fresh young cock, Marcus was now very good at pleasing a woman and had brought me and Kate to many a good climax before cumming his hot load. I asked Marcus if he would help me, he said he had a friend that he thought would be game for

A few days with Aunt Jen

I was staying with Aunt Jen for three days while my parents went to Scotland for the funeral of Uncle Jack. “Aunt Jen” as I had always known her was not actually my aunt but Mum’s friend Jennifer, but she had always been known as Aunt Jen for as long as I could remember. Aunt