Tantric Enema

Angie & I had discussed this for a while, and decided to
go for it on the weekend. This would take a lot of
preparation and required us both to be absolutely cleaned

Finally Friday came and Angie came over in the late
afternoon to stay the night. Our plans called for going
without dinner, and instead taking several deep enemas.
The tantric enema session would happen on Saturday, after
some more deep, cleansing enemas.

On Friday we decided on each of us taking three enemas,
each in turn, given by the other. Angie gave me my enema
first. I was so excited I almost came each time she
touched me. I remember all the various positions I took
the enemas in, from being on my hands and knees pounding
on the floor with my fists in an effort to take the whole
thing, to laying on my back, taking deep breaths while
she stroked my throbbing erection with a big smile on her
face. I recall her sensuous moans as I encouraged her to
take every last drop of her enemas, and teasingly rubbing
her already lubricated clitoris. After we each had three
deep, penetrating, cleansing enemas we showered together,
soaping each other down and rubbing our slippery soap-
covered bodies together, all the while exploring with our

After thoroughly drying off we spread a couple of old
sheets on the bed, got the olive oil and massaged the oil
into each other’s bodies. Angie moaned and panted as I
spread the olive oil on her back, and on the insides of
her thighs. I teased her bushy mound with my oil-soaked
fingers every chance I got. That drove her wild. She
got back at me when she massaged me by slowly pumping me
with her hand to the point just this side of orgasm
several times, until I was begging her to make me cum.

“Not yet, baby, not yet,” she said, with gleaming eyes.
She brought me to the brink a few more times, then had me
“cool off” for a few moments. Then Angie pulled me over
to her, and I easily entered her. Slowly thrusting,
first almost completely out, then all the way in to the
hilt, I struggled to keep from cumming as she crested.
Just as Angie shuddered with orgasm a second time I
spurted uncontrollably in her body. In each other’s
arms, we drifted off to sleep.

I awoke in the wee hours of the morning feeling Angie’s
fingers lightly stroking my testicles. In a matter of
seconds I was fully awake (and erect). “I can’t wait any
longer,” she whispered. We both knew that it was time.
Angie filled the large enema bag with warm water and
lubed the nozzle. I was going to get the first of two
cleansing enemas. As usual I panted and struggled while
taking that first one, although the second enema was
easier to take. After I was empty, I gave her two big
enemas and gave her time to fully expel them.

We were both squeaky clean now, and we proceeded to the
next stage.

I liberally applied olive oil all over her body and
massaged it into her skin, listening to her moans of
pleasure. After I finished with the oil, Angie’s expert
hands massaged the olive oil all over my body. It felt
exquisite when she lightly rubbed my erect member.

I filled the big enema bag with warm water, as we decided
that Angie would take the enema in the first place.
Slowly, I made sure she took all of the water, and had
her lay still. Then I prepared the two-way retention
tube and lubed it up. Angie was on her back when I
inserted one end of the retention tube into her, and
inflated the cuff that would make sure she did not leak.

Then she inserted the other end into my body and inflated
the cuff that was inside of me. I sat up on the bed, and
Angie positioned herself facing me, up close, and insured
my erection into her vagina. It slid in very easily,
since her labia and my member was both coated with olive
oil. Angie’s legs were around my waist, and we were very
close. The method calls for us to refrain from verbal
communication, emphasizing instead emotional and mental
communion with one another.

In that position we held on to each other, with our
foreheads touching, and with my erection inside her, and
otherwise keeping very still. Then I sent some thoughts
over to her: “Angie baby, give me your water. I want you
to inject the water that is inside of you, into me. I
want to take it all. Come on baby, let me have the

I felt Angie’s abdominal muscled tighten a bit, and felt
her enema begin to course inside of me. What a turn-on
that was! I sent some more thoughts over to her: “Come
on baby, keep going! That feels so good. It’s so sexy
knowing that the enema that’s inside you is coming into
my body now. I want it all, Angie, all of your enema!”

When I had as much of her enema as she could give, I felt
her relax a little. I held it inside me, cherishing the
water that had been inside of Angie. After a few moments
I felt as though she wanted me to give her back the enema,
so I started to push the water back into her. I could
feel her heartbeat quicken when the water was entering her
body again, and I kept up the pushing as long as I could.
I relaxed for a few moments, and then sent some more
thoughts to Angie:

“Angie, this feels so good! Give me the water again,
baby. I love this!”

I felt the water start to course into me. Angie’s
breathing was getting heavier and faster, and the feel-
ing of my approaching orgasm was becoming stronger and
more intense. A couple of minutes later Angie started
to shudder, and moaned aloud as she tightened her grip
on me and climaxed. I could not hold back any longer,
and I exploded with a soul-penetrating orgasm of an
intensity that most people don’t even imagine, much
less experience.

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