She uses her BF mouth as a toilet

Greg lay on the hard tile floor, being ever so careful as he wrote his words of love. He had thought of them last night as he was being viciously ass-raped by Luke, the huge black man that was one of his masters. His ass was still sore from it; the thought of it made

Ms Milk’s training continues

Jan was still tied in the bedroom and her captors were refreshing themselves with snacks and drinking some fruit juice. She tried to move her hand binds around from behind her back to where she could properly touch herself to ease the tension of her dark confinement. Just as she was getting her legs between

Enema Girl

“Follow me, please,” Chrissy said to Melanie while leading her to a room in the rear of the house, “have you been a good girl this week?!?” “Yes, Mistress,” Melanie replied softly, “I tried to do my best!” “Let’s hope so,” Chrissy replied, “Sir Gregory will be very disappointed if you have displeased him!!!” The

The Medical Alternative

Kaylie was a bad girl. Often she was in trouble as a k*d. Her parents always thought she would grow out of it, but things only got worse when she hit high school. Now she had barely graduated. Her parents worked hard to send her to college, hoping if she could land a good job