Tantric Enema

Angie & I had discussed this for a while, and decided to go for it on the weekend. This would take a lot of preparation and required us both to be absolutely cleaned out. Finally Friday came and Angie came over in the late afternoon to stay the night. Our plans called for going without

One of our male authors tries out cross-dressing and water-sports for the first time

Today something happened that I have always wanted for twenty years. A good friend from the Internet had provided me with a true gift of friendship. She had spent some time looking for the exact thing I wanted, then bought it, tried it, used it herself, and finally mailed it over the ocean to me.

A daughter finds out about her mother’s BDSM affair with the neighbor

Anne learned about her mother’s desire to be submissive by reading her dairy underneath her mattress. Her own mother wanted to be another’s bitch slave. All these years, she had never known. She was even mentioned in several parts of her dominating her as well as neighbor woman who lived nearby. Both were now divorce