Teddy’s Mom – They are in the shop

-Yeah, come to the shop?
– I’m going Margitka!
-I need to buy Dr Sausage for the Dzolica
since when did he eat a risen up.
They’re in!
-I’m asking for 30 dkg pairs!
-Who will?
-For dzoltikánka
-Well live margins!
– Thank you, yes!
-I don’t see it, you do
-So, he was unfortunate rise up!
And a k*d came in!
-I ask for a box of red multi cigar,
and two woody sandwiches fff!
-No, silly!
-Do not petigeci here is the woman who talking like that
not to hear!
-No, silly!
-What do you imagine ?!? That’s more than much
I can’t swallow this anymore!
– That you can’t swallow wood
when you have two mouth if you have! fffff
A clap!
-You if you start petigeci?
-No, silly!
– Those two kids again!
-Report those margins!
– Ok I am calling the police!