Gigolo For Jodi And Her Husband

“This time around I have a new man, Marco, who says he will enjoy a MFM threesome with me and another man, though you will be the first for him and me. He is fifteen years younger than me and rather pretty.

“He has enjoyed me telling him about you and our brief time together, especially when I am sucking his cock. He gets off on it.

“It has been more than a month for me, I am hanging out for a second man. I want to please and be pleased.

“What time would suit you?” Jodi asks.

We agree that two o’clock on Saturday afternoon works well for us.

After some small talk I notice Marco is rather agitated as he ogles my groin area.

“Are you looking forward to watching another man have me and being part of a threesome Marco?

“Marco hasn’t had sex for five days, I have made him wait for you.”

“Is it true what Jodi told me about you? She likes to tell me you have the biggest, thickest cock she has ever had.”

“Did you tell him that Jodi? I am flattered, I really am.” I tease as I start undressing.

The exhibitionist in me is very much enjoying having a male and a female watching me undress and I can feel an erection coming on.

I am quickly down to a pair of black briefs and I motion for Jodi to run her hands over my bare chest and tease my nipples.

Marco is watching wide eyed with his mouth open as Jodi drags my briefs down, leaving me almost naked, wearing just a very skimpy, crotchless g-string with a semi-erection dangling out of it.

Jodi has a broad, knowing smile as Marco gasps and exclaims, “Wow, magnificent, you were correct, absolutely fucking magnificent.”

I feel sure I can see the outline of an erection under his tight trousers.

“You are even more impressive than I remember,” Jodi smiles, “I am looking forward to be being pleasured by you and pleasuring you while my new man watches.

“Remember how I love being teased and licked, a long slow tease on my cunt lips? And I am excited to have my new man watching another man pleasure me for the first time.

“You might also remember I like to think I am exceptionally good at giving blow jobs, and your huge cock is a challenge and an added bonus,” Jodi teases as she plays with my now fully erect cock.

The feel of it hanging out of my tight g-string is very pleasant and with two people watching, a real buzz.

“What do you want me to do?” Marco mumbles.

“Just watch and enjoy, masturbate for us and pleasure yourself.

“Would you like to lick his cock before he has me and I have him?”

By now Marco is almost beside himself as two people tease him.

Jodi is still dressed in a long full-length shapeless black shift that finishes just above her high heels as she toys with my erection as Marco throws his clothes off revealing a roaring erection.

“Yes, I would like to lick his cock before you have him, watch me.”

He is very exciting as he teases my balls and licks the full length of both sides of my cock while Jodi watches.

“Never seen you do that before Marco, that is a turn on. You have obviously done it many times before you met me.

“Ask Jodi if you can have me after she is done with me?” I tease, thinking it could be very pleasurable while she watched her man have me.

“Now sit down and watch me lick his cock,” Jodi smirks, still fully clothed as she kneels in front of me and licks all over my cock, at the same time scratching my arse cheeks with her fingernails

“I will finish you off later, I want to be teased and licked. Five orgasms on your tongue and I will blow your big cock while my man watches,” she tells me very confidently as Marco and I watch her undress.

Both of us watch fascinated as Jodi undoes a long zip at the back of her loose shift, shrugs and lets it drop to the floor.

She is totally naked under her shift, with long legs, a taut arse and an attractive and well-proportioned size 8-10 body.

“Notice anything different to last time?” she asks as she strokes the sides of her cunt lips with two fingers.

“Marco shaves me bald every week. And being licked after you have just been shaved is a magic feeling. And Marco shaved me just before you arrived.

“On your knees. Lick my nipples, then work your way down to my cunt, slowly, very slowly, tease me,” she tells me as she sits in front of me.

“Watch and enjoy Marco, you might even learn something.”

As soon as I kiss her nipples I can feel her body reacting and tensing as she guides my head with her hands.

She is almost purring as I lick my way down her torso, her belly button and then her cunt lips.

As I start licking her cunt I put my hands under her very good arse and lift her up.

In a matter of seconds her cunt is very wet as I lick the full length of her cunt lips. My tongue finds her clit and she increases the pressure on the back of my head as she tenses and orgasms.

“Don’t stop, your tongue is magic on my shaved cunt, absolute magic,” she whispers as she tenses and orgasms again, even harder than before.

“Enjoying watching this Marco? I haven’t forgotten you. Your cock is rock hard while you are masturbating and watching.

“One more orgasm on his tongue and you can join us,” she tells him as she shudders and orgasms almost immediately.

“Lay on your back on the bed, I want to sit on your face so you can lick me while you hold my arse,” Jodi whispers to Marco as he wipes her very wet cunt.

“Then you can watch me blow our second man in the ceiling mirror while he stands in front of us.

“Look at his cock, magnificent, long and thick and rock hard for me. Or is it for both of us,” she teases as she takes my balls in one hand and licks along the sides of my cock.

“Like that Marco, remember what I told you about him, he really is magnificent. And the way you are licking me at the same time really is very good.”

I am watching in awe and enjoying the sexual pleasure and tension as Jodi slowly slides my cock between her lips and expertly works it with her tongue.

“Dig your nails into my arse Marco and lick me to another orgasm.

“Then you can have his cock while I watch. I want to watch you blow him.

“Would you like that?”

Without answering Marco is almost in a frenzy as he slides his tongue along Jodi’s cunt lips while manipulating her arse and leaving a mark with his finger nails, with his very erect cock pointing to the ceiling.

“Very good Marco, very, very good,” Jodi groans as she shudders and orgasms.

“Sit on the bed and suck his cock for me while I watch and stand behind him and tease his nipples.”

Marco’s technique is very basic, though very enjoyable, as he takes my balls in one hand, lightly squeezes and scratches them while very greedily sucking most of my cock with tightly pursed lips.

After a while he blows on my very wet cock, sucks just the tip and runs his hand along the full length of my cock.

“Awesome, fucking awesome, never ever had that much cock before.

“Like watching that Jodi?

“Yes I do very much, love it, that really is something. You have talents I am just finding out about, and you are really turning me on,” Jodi answers as she scratches my arse cheeks.

“When you have finished blowing him, I want you to fuck me, fuck me really good, long and hard, you owe me after this. Watching you blow another man has really turned me on.”

“Look at my cock, I will be ready for you,” he manages to mutter as he slides my cock out of his mouth and back in again, at the same time playing with his own cock.

“Scratch my arse harder Jodi, much harder, pinch it, hurt me, harder,” I tell her as Marco has me close to orgasm though I am determined to enjoy these two for a while longer.

“When you have finished blowing him Marco, I want you to fuck me, fuck me really good, long and hard, you owe me after this, and he can pleasure me at the same time,” Jodi repeats.

“Can hardly wait baby,” he tells Jodi as he is almost in a frenzy as he sucks me very hard, with his very wet lips and saliva running from his mouth.

“Now my nipples, pinch my nipples, harder, harder,” I tell Jodi as I am on brink of cumming.

“Nearly there Marco, nearly there, you are very good and I love Jodi watching.”

Marco lets my rock hard cock out of his mouth then teases just the tip of it with his lips as he slides his thumb and forefinger down the full length of my erection, with a lot of pressure.

Jodi is pressing her body against my back with her hands under my arms and can feel her grinding her pubic hair into my arse.

“I am really hanging out for you to fuck me Marco, bring him off now, right now, then I am yours to fuck. Now, right now,” Jodi tells him again as I am right on the brink.

“Cum for me baby, right now and you can watch us fucking, would you like that?

“Yes, yes, yes,” I groan as I experience a mind-blowing orgasm.

A few minutes later after Jodi towelled us off she was flat on her back on the bed, her legs in the air with her arms around them, with Marco on top of her fucking her like there is no tomorrow.

“Slow down, slow down, I want that for at least thirty minutes. And I want our second man to join in.

“Do you like another man watching you fuck me?

“I want you to watch me blow him after you fuck me. I started on him but I let you have him.

“Or maybe I will blow him while you are fucking me. I can see he has another erection already, must be from watching you fucking me,” she teases as she fondles my erect cock.

“That was in your mouth not long ago, watch me put it in my mouth.

“Love the way you are fucking me now, slower is better.”

I watch as Marco is obviously very excited to be fucking a most attractive and extremely sexy older woman while watching her suck my cock.

“Like watching me blowing another man while you are fucking me Marco? Is it good for you? Ever had that before?” Jodi teases.

“I can still remember him fucking me the last time while my previous man was watching. He was very good. We fucked for almost an hour.

“Does that make you jealous?”

“Yes it does,” he grunts as I watch him fucking Jodi, with my cock in her mouth, in an absolute frenzy, with long very fast strokes with the full length of his cock as he supports himself on his hands with arms extended.

“Show me how jealous, fuck me harder, though he really was very good, we fucked non-stop for almost an hour.

Marco is slamming into her now with long, very hard fast strokes and the grimace on his face suggests he is about to blow.

“I love the noise you are making with your balls slapping into me. Show both of us how good you are when you are jealous while I am sucking another man’s cock.

“Very good Marco, that really was something, you excelled yourself, absolutely fucking brilliant. And the noise with your orgasm when you came was a turn on, even though you were screaming, ‘bitch, bitch, bitch.’

A few minutes later Jodi is laying face down, on the bed supported on her elbows, with me standing at the end of the bed as she expertly sucks my cock.

Her arse and legs look sensational in that position as I look down on it with at least half of my cock in her mouth.

“Like watching me blowing another man Marco?” Jodi asks as she stops sucking then licks and blows on my erection.

“I told you I expect to have a second man at least once a month. Can you handle that?

“You seem to enjoy it though, I can see you already have another erection on the way.

“Lick and kiss my arse for me and watch me blow this magnificent cock.

“I swear he is even bigger than the last time we fucked.

“Or maybe he is bigger for you,” Jodi teases as she lets my cock slip out of her mouth though shr still has one hand holding it.

“Watch me Marco, I am going to get really serious now.

“I love blowing a magnificent cock, especially while my man is watching. ”

I am enjoying this banter while watching Marco lick and kiss her glorious arse, and Jodi is obviously relishing the attention of two men, while she is blowing me.

I am learning what ‘really serious now’ means as Jodi purses her lips very tightly over the tip of my rock hard erection and works her tongue while using her thumb and middle finger along the full length of my cock that is not in her mouth, then blows on it.

“Now fuck my mouth just like you fucked my cunt last time you had me baby. Don’t hold back.

“Love you kissing my arse Marco, don’t stop.

I do exactly as Jodi asked with my hands on her shoulders to steady myself and I can feel myself tensing on the brink of a huge orgasm.

“Now baby, now, right now, give it to me.

“Now baby, now, right now, give it to me,” she repeats.

I do exactly that and can barely stand up after a fantastic orgasm.