The author shares his girlfriend with another guy in Puerto Vallarta

Several years ago my then girlfriend, Karen, and I
lived in Puerto Vallarta and one of our favorite places
to go was Bogart’s at the Krystal Hotel and then next
door to the disco, Christine’s.

At the time, Karen was in her late 30’s, blond, blue-
eyed, 5’1″ and weighing all of 104 pounds with a
spectacular body and incredible legs. I might add that
she was also a very beautiful woman who was also very
uninhibited, seldom wearing a bra, and I don’t believe
she even owned a pair of panties nor panty-hose, much
preferring a garter belt and stockings, or nothing at

She was completely shaved and had been since before I
met her. In all, Karen was a very classy, gorgeous,
sophisticated woman who delighted in turning heads
wherever she went and thoroughly enjoyed the attention
she generated.

One of her favorite outfits was a short, white
sleeveless dress with black polk-a-dots that she would
wear with 4″ heels and no stockings. Standing 6’4″, she
needed the extra height and was well accustomed to the
high heels. The interesting aspect about this dress was
that it had a 4″ slit in the back ‘ it was a rather
tight dress ‘ to give her room to walk in.

The thing was, whenever she would bend over, the dress
would ride up, exposing the bottom of her ass cheeks,
as well as her shaved pussy lips. At first, she wasn’t
aware of her exposure, but soon learned first hand how
truly exposed she was.

One Saturday evening after dinner at Bogart’s, we
drifted next door to Krystal around 11:00 pm. There
were many people waiting in line to get in, but the
doorman recognized us and showed us directly through.
After seating us on the top row of the first ring of
seats surrounding the dance floor, we ordered drinks
and waited for the place to start to fill, before the
music started at around 11:30. Seated next to us were
some young Mexican chaps from Mexico City, probably in
their mid twenties that were in PV on holiday.

Speaking perfect English, much better than our Spanish,
they struck up a conversation with Karen and me and we
thoroughly enjoyed the laser light show and music when
the place really opened. Karen and Rico, our newfound
friend seemed to enjoy each other’s company and after
she and I had danced a few, Rico asked Karen to dance.
Of course she accepted, stood up, and with her back to
Rico, bent down to give me a kiss, not then realizing
that she had totally exposed herself to our new friend.

Apparently, the slit in the bottom of her dress had
grown somewhat, due to a faulty seam and when she bent
over in front of Rico, she was really exposed. And
although she may not have been aware of her exposure,
the young lad certainly did notice as his eyes slightly
bugged out as he gazed, at a distance of mere inches,
the bottom of her tanned bottom and slick vagina.

After several dances, they once more returned to our
seats and Karen was more than normally flushed and
seemingly excited. I placed my hand on the top of her
left thigh, above the hem of her dress and asked if she
had enjoyed her dance. Looking me squarely I the eye,
she replied, “You wouldn’t believe how much I enjoyed

Karen then announced that she was going to visit the
Ladies, stood up, and once again bent down to give me a
kiss and tell me that she would be right back. As she
was bent over, I lightly caressed her left nipple that
was quite protuberant through the thin material of her
dress. She gasped audibly as I did, stood up and left.
But also, once again, having provided Rico a superb
view of her charms.

After Karen left, Rico and I chatted with him
complimenting me on my girlfriend and how sexy she was
and what a good dancer she was. I told him that I was
pleased and to feel free to dance with her whenever.
Soon thereafter, Karen returned and we ordered another
drink. It wasn’t long, however, before Rico asked her
to dance again, and as it turned out, there was a very
hot Salsa tune being played and from my viewpoint, I
had an excellent opportunity to observe their dancing.

Rico had both his hands on Karen’s waist and had pulled
up her already short dress to the point that, with her
back to me, almost half of her bottom was exposed to
not only me, but to anyone else on that side of the
dance floor. It was then, I believe, that she realized
how totally exposed she was, because Rico then dropped
his right hand down onto her ass and felt bare shin
instead of the texture of the cloth of her dress.

Never missing a beat, he continued to caress her
bottom, even to the point of stroking between her
cheeks and I’m sure discovering how wet and slick her
pussy was. Although Karen knew that she was totally on
display, she never tried to stop him or to re-adjust
the hem of her dress. Instead, she pressed herself
against Rico, obviously grinding her crotch into his.

After this series of dances, and they had sat back
down, I rubbed the inside of her left thigh all the way
up to her pussy and asked Karen if she had enjoyed
herself. She looked at me, rubbed my thigh and told me
that she had had two orgasms on the dance floor when
Rico had first stuck his finger into her pussy and then
when he stuck his thumb up her asshole.

She said that she couldn’t believe what she had done,
but that she was so hot and turned-on she couldn’t
believe it. I asked her if she had felt him up as well,
and she said, “God, he was so hard, I couldn’t help
myself. And when they were playing that Salsa music, I
just kept rubbing myself and my hand on his hard dick
and he kept fingering my pussy. And I know everyone
could see what we were doing and I loved it.”

Events did not progress much farther from there,
although Rico did slide his hand under Karen’s dress
while we were sitting at the table and did bring her to
another orgasm, and Karen did stroke his hard dick
several times before we left, but to Rico’s
frustration, we did not take him home with us.

What was funny though, was that on our way home, the
taxi driver had placed a small mirror at the base of
the console between the two bucked seats in front and
every time he looked down in the mirror, had a clear
shot of Karen’s bare pussy staring right at him. She
loved it. This is only one such episode from our days
in PV and if anyone else in interested, let me know.

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