A young lady gets seduced minutes before her wedding ceremony

Katie took her time getting dressed – she had to be
dressed well for the day, for the day she and her
family had been waiting for, for over 6 months. It was
a special day for her family and friends. There had
been a lot of decisions to make, and everyone had
suggestions, but in the end, so she didn’t favour
anyone, she decided she would arrive on her own. Hence
she was waiting for the time to leave – everyone else
had gone on to the venue.

Katie had bought her outfit some time before, not sure
whether it would be a hot day. Luckily for someone like
her, now aged 24, poised and slim, short black hair,
medium height, there was plenty to choose from. It was
a hot day – it was hotter than anyone had expected, but
the outfit had to be worn – the long sleeve dress.
Luckily it was a light beige colour, suitable for the
hot weather.

She had wondered whether it would be cold, and decided
if it was, she would wear a shawl with it. She wouldn’t
need a shawl! She would need little else, and decided
that she would only wear a lacy thin bra, and risk not
wearing any panties – she would carry some in her
handbag in case, but it was so hot she decided to leave
them off. Her mind had pored back and forth, but in the
end she thought that if she wore them, they got sweaty,
it would show under her dress, make her dress cling to
them, and that wasn’t good.

At the same time she knew there was little worse when
dressing well, than have people make out the lines of
your panties through whatever you were wearing. The
dress was calf length, was certainly not “see through”
in any way, and to leave them off would be cooler,
risk-free and smarter. She wanted to look her best for
her family.

Katie was lucky her hair was quite short and dark – it
didn’t need lots of care apart from some careful
brushing. At last she slipped her shoes on, walked
downstairs, knowing she probably had half an hour
before her lift arrived. It was rare she was ready,
ever, this far ahead, but there had been a lot of
planning, and she didn’t want to be late.

Katie went down the stairs, opened the fridge, took out
a fruit juice – it was so hot. Drinking it would at
least give her something to do for five minutes of the
half hour before she had to leave.

Katie wandered into the sitting room, looked out of the
window, saw a car pull up outside – a smart taxi, and
guessed it was her car, the driver making sure he
arrived on time. She watched as the driver parked
outside, turned off the engine and relaxed back into
the driver’s seat. He would sit there for the best part
of the half hour, probably listening to music or the
radio, before knocking on the door at the agreed time,
she thought.

She thought again – it was a hot day, too hot a day –
perhaps she should go out and ask him in and offer him
a drink as they waited. When she asked the driver,
clearly sweating in his suit and cap, he seemed
delighted and accepted the offer without hesitation.

He was young, but very polite. “Thank you ma’am, I
would be delighted…”

Katie was happy to chat – these periods of waiting were
always a nuisance, always seemed like an eternity.
“What would you like to drink. I’ve got orange juice,
coke. Know you can’t drink anything stronger – working
and driving and all that.”

“Coke is fine,” the young man answered as he removed
his jacket and hat. “Hope you don’t mind me taking off
my coat for the moment – it’s so hot.”

“No problem.” Katie leant over to reach a can of coke
from the bottom of the refrigerator. Suddenly she was
aware that the young man had involuntarily stopped
removing his jacket. She guessed – he was looking at
her, bending over. Katie knew she should ignore it, but
liked being looked at, particularly by a good looking
young man like this.

After taking a few moments more than she should,
reaching the coke, she handed it to the young man, and
gestured to an arm chair. “Have a seat for a moment.”

The young man sat down. Katie turned to a mirror and
brushed her hair again – she had probably done it three
or four times already, but it was a way of coping with
the nervousness. In the mirror she could see the young
man watching her, watching with an intensity that
suggested more than just social interest. Again Katie
was flattered, although she knew she shouldn’t be.

For a few minutes they chatted, although she never
asked his name. She found out he was a student, driving
Taxi’s on the weekends for his Father’s company. He was
studying sociology. He played soccer. He was clearly
polite, but also enjoyed looking at a beautiful lady,
the beautiful lady that was Katie. Katie found her
“instincts” nudged. As they chatted, she felt herself
almost “posing” for the young man. She was flattered.
Her mind even hinted to her: “In a different situation
you might be tempted…”

The instincts for Katie were just too much. Somehow her
instincts were taking her over more and more. She knew
she was “flaunting” herself more than she should. She
flicked her hair in a “demure” way. She squirmed on her
legs as she stood before him.

She had to change the atmosphere, this wasn’t right.
She went to the Refrigerator again, bent over, but her
“instincts” were again moving her body even though her
mind was saying no. She faintly “wiggled” her ass,
picked up another can of coke to give to the young man.
She leant over to give it to him, letting him have a
glimpse down the front of her dress, to see her bra.
She knew this was silly – he’d be driving her there in
a minute or two, there were much more important things
to worry about. She was also aware it was having an
influence on the young man, who moved gently to hide
his growing embarrassment.

It went wrong when Katie went to brush her hair once
again.. Even afterwards she didn’t know how it
happened. She turned back to her chair, somehow caught
the hem of her dress on the arm of the chair, so when
she sat down the dress was almost pulled up to her

For a moment Katie wasn’t aware of it. She was very
aware that the young man was staring hard at her. She
squirmed under his gaze, the dress riding up even

The young man was transfixed, but too polite to do
anything, too embarrassed to say anything. At last he
stuttered. “Ma’am, I’m not sure this is a good time,”
he pointed at her dress.

Katie looked down, suddenly saw her dress caught up.
Suddenly realised that not wearing her panties was
leaving her very exposed indeed. There was almost
nothing he couldn’t have seen of her from the waist

Katie’s instincts took her over for the moment. She
could have hidden herself immediately. But somehow she
didn’t. She left too much of a pause. A pause which put
over a message, an invitation. By the time her mind
f****d her to her feet to hide herself it was too

The young man had grasped the moment. He had stood to
his feet, he had crossed to where Katie stood, he had
pulled her to her knees, so her head was on the seat of
the chair. And she wasn’t fighting him off – she knelt
there wanting it.

He lifted her dress above her waist, stood admiring her
beautifully rounded ass, smiled as he saw the moisture
shining on the lips of her pussy. As he admired her he
undid his trousers, pushed them to the ground, pushed
his boxers down as well and knelt behind her. He knew
he just had enough time.

Katie shivered as she felt his cock brush the lips of
her pussy. She had never been as brazen, as sluttish as
this before. She gasped as he suddenly thrust his
entire cock inside of her sopping wet pussy – it felt
so good, she felt she wanted it like never before. Her
mind screamed that this was wrong, ridiculous. Her mind
had lost the battle with her instincts long before.

The young man let his cock rest still inside her as he
reach around her to find her clit. Katie gasped as he
gently pinched it, and as he rubbed it gently between
his thumb and finger she breathed deeply, gasped, and
in seconds was squeezing his cock with the muscles of
her pussy, gently pushing back to receive him more.

Katie gasped again as the young man pulled almost out,
then slammed his cock back into her. Katie found her
body thrusting back to meet his thrust deep into her.

Again, the young man was still for a moment, but Katie
couldn’t bear it – the effect of his finger and thumb
on her clit, the effect of his cock deep inside her.
“Fuck me, please fuck me. Fuck me hard!” she begged,
all modesty now overtaken by her lust.

The young man didn’t need any further invitation. He
thrust out and into her, slowly at first, but with
increasing speed, all the time teasing Katie’s clit.
Hard and harder he fucked her, almost as hard as she
wanted. Her body was thrusting back to meet him, her
whole being moaning in arousal.

Faster and faster the cock pistoned in and out of her
pussy. She couldn’t take much more, it was so good.

Suddenly Katie screamed in orgasm, the same moment she
felt the young man grasp her tightly, thrust deep
inside of her, begin to pump his cum into her. Together
both their bodies shook, both cried out as their
orgasms wracked through their bodies.

At last they both came down from their high. Katie
looked around, glanced at the clock. “Look at the time.
We’ll be late…”

The next few minutes was a rush. Katie straightened
herself up. The young man dressed himself. They agreed
that as long as she did her hair, people would assume
the red blush was just the heat and her nerves. There
was nothing else they could do.

2 minutes later they were in the car. Ten minutes later
they arrived. The relationship was somehow back to how
it should be. The young man opened the door for Katie,
she was met by friends, family all excited.

Minutes later she had entered the building. She looked
around to see maybe 50 people there. At the front she
saw her childhood sweetheart Tom. The music started.

As Katie began to walk to the front to marry her
childhood sweetheart, she suddenly felt the cum of a
complete stranger begin to seep out of her pussy and
trickle down the inside of her legs. The lack of
panties didn’t help. Somehow she didn’t feel guilty.
One thought crossed her mind. Maybe Tom would enjoy all
the more being married to a slut like her…

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