The Ballerina

I trudged into work, I had got soaked from the brief distance from my car to the entrance of the gym where I worked. The late shift, my 4 hours of letting people in an out occasionally saying “Hello” but being ignored because of headphones. I didn’t exactly mind the job, nothing to strenuous about it. It was a Thursday so most people would be gone by 9, this meant I could lock up and have a couple of hours training on my own.

The hours drifted by, people were a little later getting out and it had turned 10:30 by the time I locked up. I did a quick sweep in the changing rooms, steam room and showers. Before heading upstairs to the mirrored room. I poked my head through the door to see a girl stretching on the balance bar. “Hello” I said as my eyes analysed this beauty, dressed in a black leotard short sheer mesh skirt with her hair tied in a bun. I think after my recent experience with Charlie I had become more aware of girls a similar age to herself. This little ballerina was certainly something to look at. Her head shot round at my introduction “Hi” she replied nervously. I noticed her unease at my presence so thought it was best to explain who I was “I’m James I work here, everyone else has gone home. You’re more than welcome to stay until we close, just you’ll need to find me when you’re done so that I can let you out” I said smiling. Whilst looking at her I got a better view of her figure, she was 5’6 very slim however her boobs and arse were deceptively curvaceous considering her stature. Her boobs were squashed into her leotard making her nipples incredibly visible in the black material. She caught my eye as I was enjoying the view which caused her to go red but she let out a little giggle. “Sure James, I’ll come find you. Where will you be?” she said while her eyes danced around my body.

“I’ll be in the main room so just come and find me when you’re finished” I said before closing the door and heading down the hall. I heard the door opening behind me so stopped and looked back. “I’m Beth, by the way” She said smiling “Nice to meet you Beth” I said.

I was about an hour an half through my workout when Beth walked into the main room. She walked slowly towards me while I was in my last 3 pull ups reps. I caught her admiring my abs as I was going through the final rep. I dropped off the bar “You ok” I said catching her deep brown eyes devouring my physique. She was a little caught off guard by my talking and became a little awkward once she realised that she had been caught out. “Oh yeah, sorry. My mums hear so could you let me out” she replied “Yeah sure” I said retrieving my top from the side. We left the main room and walked through reception before I entered the combination code and the front doors opened. “Thank you” she said smiling at me before walking towards the car waiting for her on the drive. I watched as she walked to the car admiring her long legs and little bubble butt before she got in the car and left.

There was no sign of Beth over my next couple of shifts which left me a little disappointed. I had enjoyed seeing her beautiful body and those dark brown eyes. She had made the shift a little more interesting.

A full week past until I saw her again. She came bouncing through reception smiling when she noticed me behind the desk. She was again dressed in her tight black leotard and sheer skirt. “Hi James” she said once she reached the desk. “Hello Beth lovely to see you” I said catching myself a little off balance by my own remark. Despite my worry at how she might perceive my statement she gave a smile “and you” she replied before disappearing up the stairs to the mirrored room.

It got to nine and the main room was empty, again I did my usual checks before heading upstairs to the mirrored room. “Hi Beth, same again. Just us two left so find me when you want to leave” I said admiring her stretching on the bar. “Actually, James before you go. Could I borrow you” She said. A little confused by her statement I walked into the room regardless “Sure what can I help you with” I answered a little confused “Can you just stand there. I’m trying to get my leg up higher than the beam. So now you’re my beam instead” She said laughing at her statement. Of course I was more than happy to oblige helping this beauty suspend her body close to mine. She placed her small delicate hands on mine and quickly flew her leg up as her foot balanced on my shoulder. She held it there for a few seconds bouncing towards my body as too ease the position. Just as swiftly as her leg had got up to my shoulder it was replaced on the floor. She began to get her other leg to my shoulder but quickly lost her balance, before noticing what was happening I caught her with my hands landing on her hips as she continued to position her foot on my shoulder. This time the bouncing towards my body had a different feeling. I found myself pulling Beth close to my body, this sensation changed this otherwise innocent altercation into something more erotic. ‘Erm thanks James, I’m done now’ Beth said a little flustered obviously a little cautious of my hands on her. Myself still realising the sequence of events that had just taken place, left the mirrored room as quickly as possible.

As I entered the gym my mind was racing, Beth was beautiful. Elegant, delicate but also this was my job. What would happen if this little altercation and my accidental wandering hands landed me in trouble with my boss. This unease encapsulated my workout, did she notice, did she care, was I in the wrong.

I entered the steam room after my workout peeled off my sweat dripping top, shorts and boxers, before wrapping myself in a white towel and letting the steam take over my thoughts. I was enjoying the heat when the door opened ‘James, are you in there’ Beth said obviously incapable of seeing me through the steam. ‘Yeah, I’m here. Guessing you want me to let you out’ I said, trying to gauge whether or not Beth was still uneasy around me. ‘Oh no, was just asking if you could show me where the showers were here’ she said rather nervously. ‘Yeah sure’ I said standing up and heading to the door. Beth was stood in the door way with her silky black hair down articulating her angelic face and encapsulating brown eyes. She smiled at me as I walked towards her, her eyes like mine were analysing the other person. The awkwardness from earlier was gone and had been replaced by an inquisitive look. She scanned down my body enjoying the view of my chest and abs. As I went to leave the room she grabbed my hand, ‘Do you think I’m attractive James’ she said smiling at me. This wasn’t a friendly smile, more devilish, flirtatious. I turned back to her stopped openly analysing her amazing figure. Her legs were long and slim, hips small, stomach was flat before reaching her small boobs squashed into her leotard. I paused. ‘Yes’ I replied. I thought the best thing to do was give Beth the short answer, see how she took it. Her devilish smile became wider ‘What do you like about me’ she said coyly looking me dead in the eye ‘Erm haha’ I replied figuring out where this was heading ‘Well you have a pretty face, amazing brown eyes and truth be told a beautiful figure’ I said now giving Beth the same devilish smile back. She visibly enjoyed my reply with her eyes again darting around my body before fixating on my eyes. ‘You know I might have a steam before a shower actually’ Beth said walking back into the steam room.

I followed her before again letting the steam devour the room. I sat on the bench stretched out my arms and legs before closing my eyes. A couple of minutes past before Beth came and set next to me ‘I think you’re attractive too’ she said before reaching out and running a finger over my chest. I laughed ‘Thank you, I’m glad’ I replied opening my eyes as I turned to face her. Our eyes lingered before I leaned in and planted a kiss on her lips. Beth had no objection to this with her hands now on my face as she kissed back passionately. We broke apart with her flipping one of her legs over my lap until she was straddling over me, she looked deep into my eyes before we began kissing again. My hands moved too her hands on her cheeks, as the kiss continued Beth moved my hands onto her hips. Beth began grinding her body onto mine quickly making my cock hard. As she was doing this I moved one of my hands to her amazing arse cupping her little arse cheek in my hand and squeezing. Whilst doing this my other hand gently ventured up her back before reaching the left strap of her leotard. Beth had no objection to this and I quickly moved my hand to the other strap before slowly pulling her leotard off her boobs. Beth seemed to enjoy this letting out a playful moan. I moved my right hand from the leotard strap and began gently caressing her right boob. I broke the kiss, moving my head towards her other boob. I began to kiss her left nipple which made Beth let out small moans. I began to gently bite her nipple which caused Beth to smother me in her beautiful chest. I began to bite and flick her left nipple with my tongue whilst gently pinching the right with my hand. After a couple of minutes Beth pushed me away, before getting off my lap and standing in front of me. First time getting a proper look at her naked little chest. Beth caressed her own boobs with both hands before gliding her hands down her stomach to her pussy. Beth laughed a little as my eyes were transfixed on her hands wandering over her body. She spun round giving me a perfect view of that little arse. She reached down slowly easing herself out of her leotard. As she reached the top of her bum she knelt on the floor before slowly revealing her little arse and tight wet pussy. I was infatuated by this tiny girl showing off her amazing assets. Beth untangled the leotard from round her feet before running her right hand from her ankle all the way up to her beautiful little bum. She quickly turned onto her back with her legs closed and eyes fixed on mine. She again moved hands towards her chest squeezing and rubbing her tits before her left hand slowly ventured down her stomach. She paused before slowly opening her legs and moving her left hand from her left knee all the way down her thigh. I was astonished at this little vixen teasing me with her tiny hands gliding over her body. She took her hand from her thigh up towards her mouth were she slowly began to suck her index finger. This gentle bobbing motion caused me to reach toward my towel and release my restored erection.

This made Beth stop her teasing and crawl towards me sitting on the bench. She smiled as she edged closer. Arching her back as she kissed up my thigh. Beth moved her hands to my cock as she began to massage my erection. Slowly tugging my erection as her kisses eventually made there way to my balls. Her hands and lips swapped places as she massaged my balls with her hands as she kissed up my shaft. As she reached the head of my penis her left hand slid from my balls down her stomach and she began to play with her pussy. As she started doing this our eyes meet again. She smiled at me, that devilish smile from earlier as she ran her tongue in a circular motion around the head of my cock. Beth motioned her lips towards my dick and began to bob up and down slowly inching further down my cock with her little mouth. I noticed her hand on her pussy and gently moved her off my cock. “Have I done something wrong” Beth said looking a little confused. “No, I just want a taste of that little pussy” I said smiling as I lay on the floor. Beth laughed as she straddled my face and resumed her lips position over my dick. “Fuck” I moaned as her bobbing motion became more intense. This caused me to grab her little arse cheeks and smother her soaking pussy with my tongue. I darted my tongue in a circular motion on her clit which made Beth thrust her pussy further onto my face. My motions became faster with Beths moans becoming louder. She quickly removed my cock from her mouth, sat up and began clawing onto my chest. “Fuck, fuck fuckkkkkk” Beth moaned before shuddering violently and collapsing onto my stomach. I smacked her arse causing her to reach back for my cock. I lifted her off my body as she attempted to regain her strength. I placed her kneeling towards the wall on the bench. “Please James fuck me” Beth said moaning and panting trying to find her breath. Before she could finish the sentence I thrust all of my cock into her tight little pussy. This quick thrust caught Beth off guard making her grip onto my left hip. “Ouch fuck, James it hurts” Beth whimpered as she thrust her body slowly into my cock. I wasn’t going to be gentle with this girl, I felt her tight little pussy squeezing my dick and her little moans being broken up by short sharp breaths. I placed both hands on her hips and pulled her closer to me. “James fuck, fuck me harder” Beth said knowing that she wanted this now and needed it now. I began fucking her little pussy in tempo with her moans. Beth moves her left hand and was massaging my balls as I fucked her harder and faster. “James, James, Jamessssss” Beth screamed as her pussy clamped down on cock “I’m cumming” Beth moaned as her body began to spasm wildly. I was edging close as well “Turn round” I said as Beth quickly spun round to sit on the bench. “Cum in my tits James” Beth said as she reached out with both hands and began to wank me off before I exploded all over her little tits. I struggled to stand as the last rope of cum fired onto her tiny little tits. “Fuck your a filthy slut” I said smiling at Beth. “I think I might use this steam room more now” She replied laughing at me.

We walked out the steam room into the showers where we were wrapped up in each other kissing and cleaning before Beths phone went off. “Guessing your mums here” I said slightly upset Beth had to go. “No I’m meeting a friend, she’s outside” Beth replied. “Oh by the way I’m guessing this our little secret” Beth said to me winking “Erm yeah I can get fired if anyone finds out what happened here, but I’m more than happy if you want to steam with me again” I said returning the wink. “Think I can do that” Beth replied as she slipped back into her leotard. “I need to go” she said smiling. I walked Beth to the door “Where’s your friend? I said “Just there” she replied before I saw Charlie walking towards the door and her friend whom she greeted with open arms. “Fuck” I though I’m in trouble.