Classroom Lessons

Mr. Livshitz had a routine that he followed nightly when he got home from school, where he taught 12th graders Science. When he was in class, as a way to ensure that he improved his practice, he would always record his lessons. But when he would arrive home, pull out his laptop, and take off

Getting a New Job

It was just after eight when I met my sister for drinks, though by the time I had sat down at her table she had already made her way through three cocktails whilst waiting for me. ”You’re always late, sis. Don’t know why I ever bother stating a time.” she told me. ”I’ve never been

The new maid

When my wife went back to work and I decided to work from home, I thought it was going to be a good thing. It all started well; I had the house to myself during the day, and when she came home, we would spend quality time together. Then came her promotion; the longer hours,