Night Shift Romance

It was a typical, night shift Sunday. The huge factory, normally bustling with noise and activity, lay quiet and dark. I was in my office/quality lab, dipping parts in chemicals and singing along with the cranked up stereo. “I didn’t know you could sing,” someone exclaimed behind me. I spun around, startled by the sudden

Co-workers wrong advice

Many years ago I was at lunch one day talking to a co-worker about my wedding that was coming up.He was married and a bit older and felt it was necessary to give me his advice.”Don’t let it be the first pussy you put your dick into”he said”try a few of them out before you

The Ballerina

I trudged into work, I had got soaked from the brief distance from my car to the entrance of the gym where I worked. The late shift, my 4 hours of letting people in an out occasionally saying “Hello” but being ignored because of headphones. I didn’t exactly mind the job, nothing to strenuous about