The Cheerleader Audition 1.

Meagan, Alicia, and Vanessa sat at the judges table watching girl after girl audition for the cheer squad. The 3 had been best friends and cheer leaders for years and as senior captains it was their job to pick the J.V. And varsity squad for the upcoming year.
“Most of these chicks couldn’t dance their way out of a paper sack” Meagan complained.
“Did you see that poor excuse of a hand spring that last girl tried?” said Alicia
“Yeah, I haven’t seen anybody so far with enough talent to help the varsity squad” replied Vanessa

At that moment the P.A. Sounded announcing the next candidate. “The next girl is Courtney, she is a freshman”.

As Courtney started her routine the 3 judges were amazed at the dance movements and the gymnastic moves.
“WOW, did they say this girl is a Freshman?” asked Vanessa
“That’s what it says here, damn this k*d can move” replied Meagan.
“I think we might have a varsity candidate here ladies” said Alicia.

After Courtney was finished the judges found out she had 8 years of dance class and 10 years of gymnastics experience.
“Well she has all the moves the Varsity squad needs” said Alicia.
“Yeah, I am still amazed, and she is cute too” said Meagan.
“Are you forgetting something?” Asked Vanessa
“Whats that?” the other two asked
“She has the moves, she has the look, but does she have the other necessary talents a Varsity squad member needs?”
“Well how can we find out?” Meagan wondered
“My parents will be out of town this weekend, why don’t we invite her to a sleep over and introduce her to what being a varsity cheer leader is all about.” Replied Alicia
“That’s a great idea” said Vanessa, “but we will have to be careful, she looks pretty innocent so we will have to go slow while we seduce her”

Courtney stood in her room getting ready for the sleepover at Alicia’s house, she could not believe it when she was invited to sleep over at a Seniors house, with all three varsity cheer captains even. She had never been so excited and apprehensive at the same time. They were all so beautiful and Courtney thought she looked like such a little girl compared to them. Alicia had told her to wear something comfortable and she wouldn’t need to bring anything to sleep in since she could just borrow a t-shirt from Alicia. Courtney decided to change tops for the fifth time but hesitated as she caught her reflection in the mirror. “Hum-mm, if they want me to be comfortable maybe I should go without a bra” she thought as she took her bra off and gazed at her perky 32 B tits. She rubbed them and the nipples stood erect, “well they might not be as big as theirs but they do look good if I do say so myself. What am I thinking” thought Courtney, “I have not gone without a bra since I was 12”. Courtney finally decided on a new pair of capris and a white shirt that was a little tight, and a bra.

Meagan and Vanessa met at Alicia’s house and prepared for the weekend.
“Do we have everything” asked Vanessa
“well I brought the wine coolers” said Meagan putting them in the refrigerator
“I just ordered pizza” said Alicia
“And I brought the toys” giggled Meagan
“OH I just got some new love lotion” announced Alicia “
The three girls were interrupted by the ringing of the door bell. Alicia went to the door and found the pizza was there. Just as she finished paying Courtney walked up.
“It looks like I am right on time” she said
“yep, come on in” Alicia said
As Courtney walked by Alicia said “now he has a great ass”
Courtney turned to look at the delivery guys ass, “yeah that is nice and tight” she said.

The slumber party started like any normal teen girl party. Four girls sitting around eating pizza, drinking wine coolers, giggling and talking about cute guys. The talk eventually got around to boyfriends.
“So Courtney, how many boyfriends have you had?” asked Meagan
“just a couple” Courtney replied
“did you like making out with them?” asked Alicia
“yeah, I love to kiss” Courtney answered
“You know you have great tits, I bet the boys love sucking on them” chimed in Vanessa
“I guess” Courtney said
“how many guys have had the pleasure of feasting on em?” asked Alicia
“Just one” replied Courtney,
“Did he feast on your pussy too?” asked Meagan
“no, nobody has done that yet” replied Courtney turning red
“so how far have you gone?” asked Vanessa
“well I went out with Brian a few times and finally let him pull my shirt up and suck on my breast, before I knew what was happening he had his hand in my pants and I was putting my hand in his pants” Courtney said turning a deep shade of red
“did he try to get your pants off?” asked Meagan
“yeah but I wouldn’t let him” replied Courtney
“How come”asked Alicia
“I don’t know, I guess I was scared since I wasn’t sure how or what to do” said Courtney “the bad part is he broke up with me that night because I wouldn’t go any further”
“guys can be such pigs” the other three girls said in unison.

With that bit of knowledge Alicia said “lets go get out of these clothes and into something more comfortable”.
Alicia threw each of the girls a tshirt saying “you guys can wear these tonight”.
Courtney started to go to the bathroom to change when she noticed the other three girls were changing right there. She couldn’t help but notice the tits on the other girls as she took off her top and bra off.
“Oh My God Courtney” said Meagan “your tits are perfect
“I always thought they were too small” Courtney responded still red with embarrassment
“are you kidding me” Alicia said, “they are so perky and look to be a perfect handful, or mouthful”

As the Three girls pulled on their t-shirts Vanessa said “well if we are getting comfortable I am going to be comfortable” as she pulled off her panties. “I so love the feeling of fresh air on my pussy”
Meagan and Alicia both agreed and took their panties off too. Courtney couldn’t help but gasp at the three bald pussies.
“Come on Courtney” Meagan teased “don’t be shy, try it”
As Courtney took her panties off, turning even redder Vanessa said “how can you stand that hair smothering your pussy?”
“I don’t know” Courtney said “I guess I never thought about it”
“have you ever thought about shaving?” Meagan asked with a sly grin on her face
“yeah, but I guess I was afraid of cutting something I shouldn’t” Courtney replied
The three older girls laughed and Vanessa said “ come into the bathroom and we will show you how to do it”

As the girls entered the bathroom Meagan said, “OK Courtney, take off your shirt so you don’t get it wet and sit there on the edge of the tub, in fact we should all take our clothes off so we don’t get wet either”. Courtney sat on the edge of the tub naked as the other three girls got things ready.
Meagan approached Courtney with a bottle of shaving cream and said “OK, spread your legs, lean back and relax while we take care of this”

Courtney leaned back and closed her eyes and sucked in her breath as Meagan started rubbing cream over her pussy.
“OK just relax and try not to move too much” Alicia said as she handed the razor to Meagan. Meagan started to carefully shave as she slid a finger into Courtney’s pussy. Courtney gasped but tried not to move. As Meagan finished she brushed her finger against Courtney’s clit, Courtney sighed and Meagan said “just relax” as she continued to manipulate Courtney’s clit.

Courtney had never felt anything like this before, this felt even better than when she masturbated. Before she knew it a warm feeling engulfed her and she leaned back and screamed in ecstasy. The three older girls grinned at each other and nodded.
Vanessa said “come on Courtney, go lay down on the bed so we can put some lotion on that before it starts to hurt”.

Courtney walked to the bed, her knees still a little weak from the orgasm, and laid on the bed. Vanessa knelt between Courtney’s legs and rubbed some lotion all over Courtney’s pussy lips. She then lightly blew on Courtney’s pussy and Courtney moaned in pleasure and closed her eyes.
Suddenly Courtney’s eyes flew opened as she yelled “what was that?”
Alicia just laughed and said “relax Courtney, that is just Vanessa’s tongue”
Courtney continued to moan in pleasure as Vanessa slid her tongue up and down her pussy lips. She moaned even louder as Vanessa slid her tongue into Courtney’s pussy and she cried out when Vanessa started to play with her clit with her tongue. Courtney’s eyes popped open in shock as she felt hands on her tits. She saw Alicia and Meagan on either side of her, both massaging a breast.

“relax and just enjoy it” Alicia said.
Courtney moaned even louder as both Alicia and Meagan sucked a nipple into their mouths.
As Vanessa continued to suck on her clit Courtney screamed “OH My God” as the biggest orgasm she had ever had overcame her.

The three girls let Courtney recover, and after she caught her breath she exclaimed “does this mean I am a lesbo?”
The three girls laughed and Meagan asked “why would you ask that?”
“well I just had the best orgasm of my life because of three girls” cried Courtney
“don’t be silly” Vanessa said, “it just means you like sex and to have your pussy played with”
“yeah” said Meagan, “I used to fuck myself with a hair brush but that doesn’t mean I was in love with hair care products”
Courtney laughed at that mental image and said “yeah right, Meagan and a brush sitting in a tree”
All four girls busted up laughing

Vanessa lied back on the bed and said “OK Courtney, one of the rules is when someone gives you oral you have to give it back”
“But I have never done anything like that before” cried Courtney “I don’t even know how”
Meagan said “sure you do, you know what felt good when Vanessa was doing it to you, so just do that”
“yeah” said Alicia “just experiment a little”

Courtney positioned herself between Vanessa’s legs and timidly stroked her pussy with her hand. Courtney sucked in her breath and lowered her mouth to Vanessa’s pussy. She thought the taste would be bad but she was surprised that she liked it as her tongue made contact with the glistening pussy lips of Vanessa. Slowly she ran her tongue up and down that sweet pussy until finally she got the nerve up to part the lips with her tongue. Courtney knew she was doing it right when she heard Vanessa moan as her tongue found Vanessa’s clit.
“Oh Crap Courtney” Vanessa cried out “yes yes yes, right there”

Courtney increased the pressure and intensity of her tongue lashing on Vanessa clit until she felt Vanessa’s whole body shake.
“Oh my god Courtney, that was amazing” Vanessa said trying to get her breath back.
Meagan and Alicia just smiled at each other both thinking that the plan was working great and tomorrow it would be time to introduce Courtney to real sex.

“OK, I think we have had enough fun for one night, why don’t we get some sleep and then tomorrow we can see what else we can do” said Alicia.