The Hump Boat

A fair while back I had the fuck of a lifetime. It was
summer holidays here in Australia and I was holidaying on
the P&0 Fair-Star Cruise Ship.

Many people from all over the world come to ride the
ship! A two-week cruise through the pacific, it was a
fairly booked up trip and I had no say in who I was to
share a room with!

When I settled into my cabin I found that I was sharing
the room with a man named Joe, he was a big tall dark man
with an English accent.

We got to talking and after a day or so we became good
friends. On the 3rd night we went down to the lounge to
have a few drinks and see if we could chat up any women

Well, a couple of hours passed and Joe had chatted up a
couple of woman and had danced and flirted but nothing
serious. We hung out there until about 1 am when they
closed the bar down and told every one to get out in
there own way!

I noticed Joe had really gotten friendly with this one
woman! She was from my territory and she was gorgeous, a
real red haired beauty. She had a perfect figure, legs
that made a man sit up and beg, and tits as firm as her
ass looked from under her tight fitting dress.

As they were leaving the bar I whispered to Joe, “Shall I
leave the room for you tonight?”

Joe replied with, “No, come in and join us.”

I couldn’t believe he’d said that, I thought that the red
haired woman would turn on him and smack his head in for
saying that. But as I watched her face, waiting for an
expression of anger, she just smiled at me, and said,
“Well, are you coming?” Joe put his arm around her and
put his other arm around me and said in his deep voice,
“God I love Aussies!”

We got to our room, and by this time I was harder then a
freaking rock! The anticipation was killing me, but I
figured I ought to at least know her name since I was
going to fuck her brains out if things went as planned. I
shut the door behind us asked, “So what’s your name by
the way?”

She simply said, “Amy.”

Then she said that she’d really love it if all three of
us could fuck in the shower? She said the feeling of
getting fucked hard, while water flowed over her body was
the best feeling she’d ever had.

After getting over my surprise at her outlandish
forwardness I realized that had no problem with her
suggestion. Joe didn’t seem to either!

What was to happen next changed my life forever!

Amy asked if we were into anal sex? Joe’s eyes lit up as
he looked over her body accessing her and replied, “Yeah,
I’ve given my fair share in there.”

I said, “I’ll fuck yeah anyway yeah want love.”

She shook her head and said, “No, I don’t think you
understand me! I want to see you boys fuck each other!”

My eyes opened in shock, and there was silence for a
couple of seconds? I said “What, me stick my cock in his

Amy said in a very calm but sexy voice, “It really turns
me on, and believe me, you guys will have lots of fun if
you can really get me horny.”

She went on to say, “Anal sex is so miss understood, you
think it hurts, but if you do it right it’s so much fun
and really enjoyable! She said, “Anybody who has done it
and not liked it has done it wrong.” She went on trying
to convince us, “Think of it like fucking a really tight
pussy, you have to get the juices flowing before you
stick it in otherwise it’s like fucking a razor blade on
sand paper! But if you do it right it’s like being in
heaven for both partners.”

I don’t know why but she started making a bit of sense to
me. Maybe it was because I wanted to fuck her so badly,
but I think that I was willing to try it right then and

“C’mon, lets try it!” And she took hold of Joe and ripped
of his shirt open and began to undress him. When she took
down his underpants he had the biggest dick I’d ever
seen! It must have been at least 15 inches! No shit!

His semi-erect dick was several shades darker than his
dark skin. The ebony bastard could clean your
neighborhood drains in one punch with its titanic knob.
When Amy undressed me to reveal my fully erect 12-
millimeter, she didn’t quite have the same expression on
her lovely face.

But soon Joe and I were on our knees bending down with
our asses in the air over the tub in the bathroom as she
instructed us, “Remember to push out like your taking a

I had no idea what she meant, then I felt something
slightly go into my ass, and then all of a sudden my ass
filled with water as she turned the hose on and gave me
my first enema!

It shocked me and I shit myself, pretty much literally.
As I had the sudden bowel movement I pushed it out it
actually felt good! Afterwards I felt her push her
fingers into my asshole. Amy stuck one finger in and
twirled it around. I took a look back between my legs to
see she had her other finger in Joe. Then she inserted
two fingers. I’d never felt anything like this before.
She played with our g-spots while penetrating our assed
deeply with her two fingers. It actually felt great. I
lifted my ass up and pushed my ass muscles out harder so
she could get her finger deeper into me!

After almost 10 minutes of his, she pulled her fingers
out of us. We where huffing and puffing; it really takes
it out of you, but it did feel so good!

Then she said, “Okay, you two try it,” she stood up and
started taking her cloths off. I positioned myself behind
Joe and hesitated, watching Amy undressing. She looked at
us and said, “Hurry up and fuck, I wanna see!”

I twitched nervously and ran my dick-head along Joes ass
crack. Before going any further I asked Joe, “Are you
sure you’re okay with this?”

He replied, “We’ll soon find out wont we?”

And so I rammed my slippery cock into his ass with great
force! I felt Joe drop and loose his balance a bit, like
it hurt him or something. But then he wriggled his ass
around and slid back and forwards a bit like he was
positioning me. I had never felt anything like this
before, my dick felt so warm and snug inside his tight

As I penetrated Joe’s ass doggie style, Amy, completely
stripped now, was rubbing her tits with one hand and
rubbing her cunt with the other. I watched as she slid
down the wall until she was sitting on her ass. Then she
spread her legs and slipped her pussy in next to Joe’s
face as I continued to fuck him from behind.

I watched as Joe started to lick Amy out and I was loving
the warm feel of fucking his. In the heat of the moment I
ran my hand slowly round to his hip, then I slid it down
the front and felt around his. I squeezed his balls, then
I brushed his stem, and gently played with his balls a
little, then finally I griped his cock, man was it big.
It was a strange sensation to know that he was probably
three times as big as mine; it didn’t even feel like

My cock was about 6 inches long and circumcised and when
I grip it I can do so almost fully with one hand! But not
Joes, no I felt like I needed two hands to hold this huge

As I continued to ass fuck him I started to gently tug on
his cock. The feeling I was getting from my naked dick as
it slid in and out of his anal juice infested rectum was
so fucking hot! I pulled and tugged and squeezed his
dick. I could feel him moving his ass back and forth
helping me to penetrate him deeper.

Then suddenly Joe told me to hold it for a moment. He
struggled to his knees, without releasing my cock, and he
grabbed Amy’s hips and ass and dragged her along the
ground. It made a slapping sound as she slid against him
positioned for him to fuck her silly right in the lunch

He popped one leg over her so he was lying on top of her
and I had to almost stand up and bend down to him to keep
my cock in his ass. Then he slid his raging hard-on into
her, and then out of her. Up and down I went on his back
as he began the thrust into her. On every pull out he was
slipping me in to his ass, and every thrust he was
tightening his ass muscles around my dick. Fuck did that
feel good!

Joe was pretty much doing Push-ups and I could hear Amy
moaning and I could see her feet kicking out like a
frog’s underneath him. All this got the better of me as I
felt bells fucking ding-donging my nervous system into
red-alert as I banged my cock into Joe as hard as I
could. I held it as long as I could then shot a huge load
deep inside his spasming ass!

Joe looked over his shoulder at me, and happily said, “Oh
yeah, that felt fucking hot!” A little guiltily I pulled
my dick out of his ass and wiped it like I normally do on

I sat back to rest and watched Joe continue to fuck Amy.
I could see his ass hole was still throbbing like a heart
beating and watched my cum bubbling out of it from time
to time.

It wasn’t much longer when I saw Joe fling his head back,
grind his teeth and give himself rough final shove into
Amy and hold it as he sprayed the bitch with his own man

Finally he dropped over and fell on his back on the floor
next to Amy and rested.

Amy rubbed her flaming red cunt a little then looked at
me with the eyes of a seductress, she didn’t say
anything, she just lifted her hand and used her index
finger to say come here!

I said, “Wait, I’ve got to recover.”

She said, “What! Have you cum too?”

“Yes,” I said, vaguely embarrassed.

Amy said, “Where’s the load?”

I said, “inside Joe.” I looked at her even more
sheepishly this time.

She slapped Joe on the thigh just missing his nuts and
said, “Turn over lover I wanna see.”

Joe turned over for her and she positioned him so he was
in a dog style position again. Then she said, “Okay, now
like before, push like your shitting.”

Joe pushed with his ass muscles. Amy nuzzled down
underneath Joe’s spread legs with her mouth opened wide!
I watched as my cum came out of Joe’s ass in big gobs and
straight into Amy’s mouth! Never had I seen that before
and normally I’d think yuck! But it was just so perverted
to see this beautiful woman sucking my cum out of Joe’s
ass it turned on and I could feel b***d rushing into my
dick again!

I had an erection and got up and stood over. She saw me
and beckoned my to her. I knelt and stuck my cock into
her mouth. Amy stopped eating the cum from Joe’s bum and
began to me!

Amy’s mouth felt good, but not quite as good as Joe’s
ass. I looked over at Joe’s ass and saw a bit more of my
cum drooling from his brownies. Our eyes locked for a
moment. We both knew what would happen next. I struggled
over to his side with Amy’s lips still wrapped around my
cock and locked my mouth over Joe’s oozing asshole and
sucked as hard as I could.

My cum didn’t taste all that good, in fact I quickly
stopped and spat it out and rushed to the sink to get rid
of the taste! When I turned around Amy was lying on her
side and Joe was on his knees and they where laughing at

I said, “Ewe yuck, that tastes like shit!”

Amy said, “You’re not far off love!

Then Amy came over and she sat up on the washbasin! She
wrapped her legs around my wasted and tightly squeezed me
against her cunt; my dick grew so hard that hurt a little
trapped between her thighs. Then she wrapped her arms
around me and started to wildly kiss me!

I struggled to get my cock free for a minutes then
finally wedged it out. Without hesitation I slid my
pecker up her cunt! “Aghh, this is how I like it!” I said
with feeling as I began to thrust into the wonton girl.
She wasn’t as tight as Joe’s ass but she did feel good,
and looking into her face as I fucked her made my heart

We ran our hands all over each other’s bodies and locked
lips she was sliding back into the sink; She ended up in
a position where she was facing me but her arsehole and
cunt where in view. I saw her ass peeking out from the
basin and I took some soap and drenched my finger and
jabbed my finger into her butt hole!

Amy moaned as her mouth was locked to mine still, she
held me tight and panted and took deep breaths in between
kisses. In the mirror I saw Joe get up and he was fully
erect. He came up behind me and I knew what he was going
to do. I was really worried as I felt his cock enter me!
He was too big, I knew he would k**l me with that monster
of his, but I was so into fucking Amy that I didn’t fight
him off.

I didn’t expect what happened but it actually hurt, his
dick was at least 2 to 3 inches thick! I had to let go of
Amy and almost forget her but after a couple of good
shoves it felt better as his dick got lubricated with the
juice that was in my ass!

I actually couldn’t keep my dick fully erect while I
humped Amy. I swung my hand around and grabbed Joe’s
dick, I had a full grip on it and it was still deep in my
ass! I had to take him out, it did feel good but I wanted
to please Amy.

So I popped Joe out and stood up so Joe could get his
cock into Amy’s ass! And as he slid into her I had my
dick deep up her pussy. As Joe thrust up her ass it felt
like a worm swam by! God it was a weird feeling.

We both fucked Amy for a while. I felt Amy’s hand rub
around my ass and then she stuck her finger in, her
finger was cold and moist but it was strangely
satisfying. Then I felt Joe stick one of his huge fingers
in there with hers. I was humping an angel who had her
finger in my ass while getting fucked by King Kong’s
finger while he fucked her ass, god what a night!

We carried this rutting on for a good 15 minutes till
finally Joe said, “So, can I repay the favor?”

I said, “What favor?” He took his dick out of Amy’s ass
and holding my hips tightly he rammed his huge dick deep
into my ass. I yelped and screamed, “Ouch,” as his
fucking log entered me again. It felt better this time
because either I was stretched from the first time or
Amy’s lube from her ass made him slippery. He went for
about one minute fucking my rear till I felt him go limp,
I didn’t feel him blow his load, he just went limp and
took it out. I continued to fuck Amy wildly, it all felt
so good!

We all ended up in the shower fucking each other’s brains
out over and over again. I can’t remember how many times
Joe ass fucked me or me him. I know that we both reamed
out Amy front and back so many times she finally begged
us to stop.


Must’ve been I few good hours before I woke up, the water
had gone cold and the light was off! I figured they
must’ve left! I felt around in the dark and turned the
shower off! Then got out and got dressed!

I looked around the cabin and neither of them where

I never saw them again! Nah just kidding! Amy headed off
back to her room to change cloths and Joe was with her!
And that my friends, was just the start of a beautiful

And I’ll tell you, I could never kiss a man never flirt
with a man nor ever marry a man but it’s great to be
fucked by a man! Also, this was only the first time!

Tell me what you think of my story? Do you want to hear
what happened the next?