The punishment for him

“I’m exhausted,” said Vernon as he pulled the car door
shut. “I just want to go home, Selma. It was hotter
than hell out there, but the coach made us do the full
two-a-days. I’m going to eat something fast and fall
into bed.

“We have to stop at my house first,” said Selma.

“No!” said Vernon. “Not today, please. I just want to
go home.”

“You know my parents are out of town all weekend,”
said Selma.

“I forgot, but really, Selma, I won’t be any good
tonight,” he said. “Let me rest up and sleep in
tomorrow. It’s Saturday, and I’ve got nothing planned.
As soon as I wake up, I’ll come right over and make it
up to you.”

“That sounds great, Vernon,” she said. “But I want to
suck my lollipop before I take you home. You know how
much you like that. You told me I was the best in the
world, and you’d never let anyone else suck my
lollipop. Didn’t you say that?”

“You know I did, Selma,” he said. “You’re the only
girl in the world for me, and we’re both gonna go to
State next year together and get married after our
sophomore year and have babies after we graduate and
live right here with all our friends. All I want to do
is make you happy and give you everything you

“But you don’t want to give me my lollipop,” said
Selma. “I couldn’t get out of my parents’ sight for
the last two weeks. How did you manage? You can barely
stand it for a whole day if I can’t suck on that sweet
thing. Poor Vernon! You must have gone through hell. I
thought you’d ask me to break all the speed limits to
my house. Don’t you like my lollipop sucking anymore?”

“Of course, I do,” he said. “You know I do. It’s just
— oh, never mind. Sure, let’s go to your house. Only
please, Selma, not the whole deal. I’m so tired. But I
promise I’ll make it up to you tomorrow.”

“I knew you wouldn’t turn me down, Vernon,” said
Selma, “because you are the most oversexed boy in
school. You need it all the time, and I love that. And
it really hurt me when I couldn’t give you what you
needed the last couple of weeks, because you always
tell me how much you respect and love me and that you
keep your lollipop wrapped up and hidden away when I’m
not around. I want to reward you for your loyalty.”

“You don’t really need to do that,” said Vernon

“What did you say, Vernon?” she said. “I didn’t hear

“Nothing,” he said. “I am so worn out, I can barely

“Don’t worry, Vernon,” she said, “You don’t have to
say a thing. The conversation will be between my mouth
and my lollipop.”


“Hi, Vernon,” said May, Sirena, Cloris and Winnie in
unison. Selma had just pushed the door open, and
Vernon was about to follow her into the house, but she
stepped aside, and then he saw and heard her four
girlfriends. At the same time they spoke, Sirena and
Cloris each grabbed one of his hands and pulled him
into the house. Selma followed and locked the door
behind her.

“Come with us,” said Cloris as the girls holding his
hands pulled him and May and Winnie pushed him toward
the big living room. He wondered what was going on and
thought of trying to resist, but he was so tired, he
didn’t want to make the effort. So he let himself be
guided to the room, where he saw the deep plush carpet
that he and Selma sometimes made love on was covered
with a shiny blue plastic covering.

The girls brought him to the center of the room, and
then began pulling him down onto the plastic sheet. He
decided it was time to resist, but while Sirena and
Cloris were pulling his arms down, he felt the other
girls each grab one of his legs and begin pulling them
apart. He felt himself losing balance and decided he’d
just sit down on the plastic sheet rather than fall on
one of them and maybe hurt her.

Once he was sitting, two of the girls started pushing
at his shoulders while the other two were pulling his
legs. It wasn’t long before he was lying on his back.
Then Selma’s friends attacked his clothing. He
resisted a little, but after he pushed them away a few
times and they kept coming back at him, he finally
sighed and lay back and let them strip him naked.

He wondered what was going on. Is Selma going to give
her girlfriends a lesson in sucking? This was really

When he was naked, the girls stepped back and sat on
the couch. He looked at them, but he was so tired, he
didn’t make an effort to get up.

“Yes, you lie there and rest up for the big game,
Vernon,” May said. “I’m doing most of the announcing,
although Selma will say a few words, too.”

“Selma told us what you did with that slut, Maxine.
Oh, you decided to sit up now and pay attention. Yes,
Maxine told you she wouldn’t tell anyone, but she told
her best friend, and you know how that goes. Did you
really think Selma wouldn’t find out? It was only a
secret for four days.

“Selma was angry, but we were even angrier. You could
have broken up with her if all you wanted was cheap
sex. No, don’t say anything.”

“But that’s not what I want,” said Vernon. He no
longer looked tired. He looked scared.

“Of course not, Vernon,” said May. “You wanted to have
your cake and eat it, too. You know how special Selma
is, but just because she couldn’t be with you for two
weeks, you couldn’t keep it in your pants. And you
didn’t let Maxine just suck you. We heard all the
details. You did it all with her, everything you do
with Selma.”

“No I didn’t,” yelled Vernon. “And it didn’t mean

“You’ll get your chance to talk, Vernon,” said May,
“but you need to be quiet for now. If you’re not,
we’ll have to gag you. You’re pretty big, so it will
be hard, but I think all it would take was for one of
us to connect a foot with those big round things
between your legs, and it wouldn’t be hard to gag you
after that. That’s it, cover those hairy things with
your hands and close your mouth.

“I don’t know exactly what you do with Selma, but we
do know what you did with Maxine. She told us every
detail. She’s really proud that she added the star
linebacker to her list. She said you sort of got
carried away.

“We are so close to Selma, that it’s like you cheated
on us, too, Vernon, and we feel humiliated, because
soon everyone at school will soon know what happened.
After tonight, we don’t care if we never see you
again. We hope Selma dumps you. You deserve to lose
the best thing that ever happened to you. You’ll
probably find a lot of sluts eager to service the
senior football hero, and we’re sure it will be the
same in college, too. While you’re screwing them,
you’re going to remember Selma and realize how stupid
you were, because we all know there’s nobody as sweet,
as smart, as sexy and as loyal as she is.”

“No, please, Selma!” shouted Vernon and he looked
around for her. She wasn’t on the couch with the other
girls. She was sitting in a chair glaring at him. He
saw her eyes were moist, but her expression was
steely, and she didn’t say a word.

“But we don’t think that’s enough punishment, Vernon,”
said May, “and that’s why we’re here. We think you
need to feel some pain and humiliation, like Selma is
feeling. That will be our goodbye present to you.”

“Selma, please let me…” said Vernon starting to
stand up.

“Did you hear what I said before about the gag,
Vernon?” said May. “You need to sit back down right
now because we don’t want to hurt you. A couple of us
train in martial arts, so even though you can hurt us,
we think we can hurt you where you’re vulnerable. You
might even have to sit out the first few games of the
season. So sit down, please. That’s it.

“We’re not going to overpower you, Vernon,” said May.
“I think I heard someone at the door, Selma. Would you
please get it and have him wait on that bench in the
entry until we need him. Now, where was I? Oh yes,
we’re not going to overpower you. We’re going to give
you a couple of choices. Both of them will be painful
and humiliating, but you’ll decide.

“We prefer that you play the big game. It’s called
Suck and Stick, and it’s a lot like football, because
you will be penalized when you’re offsides. Here are
the rules:

“You will lie down on the floor where you are right
now, and Selma will take off all her clothes and kneel
down and suck you. That’s the suck part. No, stick
doesn’t involve hitting you with a stick, although I’d
love to do that, too.

“While Selma sucks you, you’ve got to be lined up and
completely still until you come. If you make any
movement at all, you’re offsides. Look over at Cloris.
See her sticking her finger in the air. If you are
offsides, she’ll get to stick that finger into you.
And then Selma will have to start all over.

“The same thing happens each time you move. You have
to figure out how to hold still until the semen comes
out to win the big game of Suck and Stick, and then we
all go home. Oh, did I say the other girls will be
filming you and Selma and Cloris?

“Once we start, you can get into any position or do
anything you want, but the one thing you won’t get to
do is leave this room before you come. We’ve cleared
this space out so there are no accidents, and we can’t
have you going into other rooms and messing up stuff
that belongs to Selma’s parents.

“So do you understand Suck and Stick, Vernon?”

“Yes, but I don’t want any part of it,” he said. “Can
I talk now.”

“Go ahead,” said May.

“Selma, you have every right to be angry at me,” he
said. “I know what I did was wrong, and I dishonored
you. I can’t explain what came over me, and I was
scared to tell you, because I knew you’d be angry the
way you are now. I don’t want to lose you, Selma.
Selma, will you talk to me?”

Selma blew her nose and sniffed a couple of wet
sniffs. Then she spoke quietly. “Is this what our
marriage would have been like, Vernon?” she said.
“What if you have to travel for your job, or I do? The
minute I’m not around, you’d be screwing someone else.

“I can’t trust anything you say now. I thought I knew
you, but I didn’t. You put on a great act, but I’m not
fooled anymore.”

“Please, Selma,” pleaded Vernon. “Please give me a
second chance.”

“I think that’s enough, Vernon,” said May. “You heard
what Selma said. I say you don’t deserve a second
chance. So are you ready to play Suck and Stick?”

“No,” he said. “Are you going to force me? You said it
was my choice. Are you going to kick me in the balls
until I agree? Who’s lying now?”

“You’re right,” said May. “I told you we wouldn’t
force you, Vernon. You’ve got a choice. Do you know
Billy, the new tackle who just transferred here?”

“Of course I do,” said Vernon. “We’re practicing
together every day.”

“What do you think of him?” said May. “He’s much
bigger than anyone else on the team, much bigger than
you. I’ve heard he’s really fierce.”

“What are you talking about, May?” said Vernon. “Yes,
he’s like a wild man in practice and he throws guys
around like they’re toothpicks.”

“Did you know he was gay?” said May.

Vernon was quiet for a moment. “Yes,” he finally said.
“Some of the guys figured that out, and we had some
discussions about it, but we decided it wasn’t a
problem. He keeps to himself and doesn’t talk about
it. He does his job, and we do our job, and what
happens off the field is none of our business.”

“Well, Sirena knows his sister, and she told her about
you and Selma and Maxine. Billy’s sister was really
sorry for Selma, and we asked her to talk to Billy.
Billy worships his sister, and he does everything she
tells him to do.

“Right now, Billy’s sitting in the other room waiting
for us to bring him in. He knows you’re here, and he’s
been told you’re bisexual, and you’re dying to have
sex with him but you’re too shy to approach him. He
thinks you want us here to help him initiate you
because you’re so nervous.

“Before we bring him in, we’re going to make you
docile. We may have to hurt your package just a little
until you’re lying on your back, and then we’re going
to take turns jumping on your stomach until you are so
out of breath that you can’t move. We’ll gag you and
hold your nose shut until you’re almost passed out.

“Once we see that you aren’t able to move a muscle,
we’ll bring Billy in and help him mount you and make
love to you. See this big jar of lube here. You’re
going to need a lot of it. You’ve probably seen his
huge thing in the showers. Can you imagine what it’s
going to do to your insides?

“We’ll be involved too, stroking you and sucking to
make sure your own big thing is all hard and it looks
to the video cameras like you’re enjoying the pounding
Billy’s giving you. And we’ll take turns kissing you.

“Yes, we promised that we wouldn’t force you, but we
didn’t promise that Billy wouldn’t. He thinks you’re
excited but a little scared, so he has to take charge.
He’s waiting in the next room right now? I wonder if
he’ll say anything to you tomorrow after practice when
your teammates might be listening?

“You’re lying through your teeth, May,” said Vernon.
“You’re bluffing. He’s not here. You made all this up.
I know Billy. He’s not that kind of guy.”

“Yes, you’ve known him all of three weeks since
practice began,” said May. “Maybe I am bluffing. Or
maybe you’re really more excited about making love to
Billy than about playing Suck and Stick. Maybe there
are some more things about you that Selma doesn’t

“Shut up, May!” he yelled as he moved his head rapidly
and looked around the room.

“Yes, look around,” she said. “Look over there, where
we came in. Maybe you can see the entryway from here.
Oh too bad! You can’t. So maybe he’s there, and maybe
he’s not. You’ve got one minute to call my bluff.
After that, we’re going to start preparing you for
Billy with the lube and everything.”

Vernon looked around again. He was scared. He was sure
May was lying, but should he take the chance? The game
sounded a lot less dangerous. What should he do?

“Time’s up,” said May. “Girls, get him ready for
Billy.” He saw the Selma’s four friends start to get
up. Selma just stared at him with moist eyes.

“No!” he said. “OK, I’ll play your stupid game.”

“That’s great, Vernon,” said May. “Once the big game
gets started, I’ll tell Selma to go out and tell Billy
we won’t need him.”

“Liar!” yelled Vernon. May smiled at him. He was sure
she was lying but realized that he might never know.

“OK, everybody,” she said. “Get your cameras ready and
take your positions. Turn on all those lights we
brought. There, that’s nice and bright. OK, Cloris,
get down there between his legs, and Selma, whenever
you’re ready. Are you sure you want to suck him,
Selma? Cloris could do it for you.

“No,” said Selma quietly. “I’ll do it. It’s the last
time I’ll ever suck him, and I want him to remember

“I’m sure he will,” said May. “OK, before she starts,
Vernon, you can get into whatever position you’re most
comfortable in. Nod when you are ready. Remember,
you’ve got to lie perfectly still. The only thing
moving will be your penis getting larger and then
ejaculating into Selma’s mouth as she sucks it. If you
move, it’s an offsides. Are you ready? OK, Selma.”

Selma usually began with slow licking, but this time
she sucked him in so hard that his body jerked. She
took her mouth off him immediately.

“You didn’t do that well, Vernon,” said May. “Look
over on this side. See Cloris dipping her middle
finger into that jar of lube. Can you feel her
stroking up and down your crack, and there it goes
into you. Don’t move away like that. Sirena, put down
your camera and calm him down a little.”

Sirena was a tall girl with a voluptuous figure. She
came and stood looking down at Vernon and then she
moved one foot so she was straddling him. And then she
dropped down hard onto his stomach, knocking the air
out of him. She got up as he was moaning and stood
looking down at him again, and then she repeated her
drop. After the third drop, he made no sound. He was
drooling from his mouth, and his body was motionless.

“Listen, Vernon. We’re going to wait until you get
some breath back before we continue Suck and Stick.
Meanwhile, Cloris is going to push some more lube into
you and fuck you with her finger, just as if she was
Billy. Of course, Billy is like a firehose, and she’s
just a finger. There she goes. It looks like you’re
responding a little. I think you like it. You’re
moving with it, and I even see your penis stirring a
little. Maybe it will be easier for you to come with
her finger inside.

“OK, she’s stopping now. She’s going to leave it
inside you but not move it while Selma starts sucking
again. Are you in the position you want to be in?
Well, you’re not moving, so I guess that’s the answer.
Selma, you can start.”

This time Selma licked him up and down and softly
sucked his tip. When she began sucking his balls,
though, he flinched, and she stopped. He was as hard
as a rock.

“Too bad,” said May. “You were getting close, I think.
Now we have to wait until you’re all soft again for
the next round. Selma is amazing. I hope you are
starting to understand what you threw away. OK, it’s
almost all the way down. Go ahead, Cloris.

“Oh, you’re surprised, Vernon. Yes, you were offsides
again, so she gets to stick another finger in there.
Let’s see how you like that. You seem to enjoy two
fingers as much as one. Look how you’re squirming, and
you’re starting to get hard again. Maybe Selma can
bring you off this time.”

But he didn’t last as long as last time. Almost as
soon as Selma took him into her mouth, he thrust at
her, and she lifted her head. She leaned over and
looked at him. He saw she was crying. She wasn’t
enjoying this. He wanted to say something, but he
didn’t know what to say.

“Cloris is going to take her fingers out and push some
more lube into you now, Vernon, because you know
what’s coming next. And there she goes. Oh, that
really woke you up. You’re trying to stand up. That’s
fine. Hold on to the couch, and it will help you. Do
you feel how Cloris is moving with you. Her three
fingers are staying with you as you turn around. Go
ahead and walk. She’ll walk with you.

“No, Vernon. Remember, I told you, you have to stay in
this room. Back! Turn around! Girls!”

Selma stayed seated on the floor watching, but the
others went over to where Vernon was pulling Cloris,
who still had her three fingers embedded in him. The
girls ran to the entry to the living room and pushed
out their hands as he approached. But he didn’t stop.
“OK, now!” yelled May as he came closer.

Suddenly there were loud rifle shots echoing around
the room. But there was no gun. It was the sound of
three girls slapping Vernon as hard as they could. Two
of them were slapping his cheeks, and one was behind
him spanking him. His head was snapping back and forth
as a slap from the girl on the left sent his face to
his right, where the girl on the right slapped it as
hard as she could and sent it in the other direction.

The girl behind him spanked one butt cheek as hard as
she could until her arm was tired. Then she switched
to the other arm and started in on the other cheek.

Vernon stopped walking. He stood there, dazed, as the
punishment continued, and then he staggered. “Step
back, girls,” said May. “I think he’s going down.”
Selma rushed forward and held onto him. “Help me bring
him back,” she said. “We don’t want him to hurt

They walked him back to the middle of the room and
lowered him to the plastic sheet. He lay there, still

“We didn’t want to do that,” said May, “but I told you
why we couldn’t let you leave the room. Well, I’m
actually lying a little, Vernon. As you can tell, the
girls and I really wanted to do that. You just gave us
the opportunity. My hand is sore, and my arm is tired
out, but I think we’ve given you some bruises that are
going to last through the first few weeks of the
football season. You’re really red in the face, and
your butt is red, too. I wonder what you’ll tell the
guys when you’re showering after practice?

“And see, there was no need. Cloris’s three fingers
are going in and out of you smoothly now, and you’re
hurting so much on your face and ass that you can’t
even tell. Maybe the pain will help you keep still
when Selma starts sucking, or maybe she won’t even be
able to get it hard.”

But Selma’s magic didn’t take long to get him on the
edge again. He held his breath and tried to keep from
moving. He felt the urgency rising and hoped he could
end the game, but then Selma deep throated him and
slowly pulled up. She continued pulling until her lips
went over his tip, and then his tip tried to follow

This time there was no warning. The three fingers were
replaced immediately by four, and the four slowly
began to move in and out of him, all the way to the
second knuckles. He screamed and tried to move away,
but the fingers followed him and as they did, their
speed increased. He began crying and saying “Please,
no, please, no,” over and over.

“Do you want to get up and move around again, Vernon,”
said May. “Do you want to try for the door again? No,
I guess not. You’re lying there like a wounded animal.
OK, Cloris, stop the fingers. Now pull them out and
push a lot more lube in there, and then put them back
deep inside but don’t move them. Let’s see what Selma
can do now.”

When Selma approached his penis this time, Vernon
sobbed and pushed her head away. “No more!” he cried.

“Yes, there’s more,” said May. “The game is almost
over, but there’s one more play. Try not to be
offsides again, because you know the next penalty. Do
we need to hold down your hands so you don’t interfere
with Selma or Cloris?”

But Selma easily pushed his hands aside and began
working on him. This time, she was gentle and
soothing. Slowly, he began to respond to her. She
lifted her head and looked at him. He saw she was
trying to smile through her tears. Then she leaned
over and whispered. “Come on, Vernon, you can do it,”
she said. “Hold on now, and I’ll try to make you come
quickly before you move.” He tried to smile back to
show how grateful he was, but he wasn’t sure he

In a few minutes, he felt he was about to explode, and
then his right leg jerked involuntarily. Selma didn’t
stop working on him for a second until May said, “He
moved, Selma. You can stop.”

Then Vernon began breathing deeply as he felt the
pressure. Cloris had tucked her thumb behind the other
fingers and was slowly pushing all of them into him.

His deep breaths changed to a strangled gasp, and then
all Vernon could do was pant. He heard Selma’s voice.
“Blow, Vernon, blow, quick blows,” her voice said, and
he tried to follow her instructions. He had no idea if
that was helping. All he knew was that his anus was
splitting in two and he was about to faint from the
pain. Then, suddenly, there was a little squirting
sound and Cloris’s entire hand was into him. She
stopped, and he heard cheering. He looked around and
saw Selma crying and her friends cheering from behind
the cameras.

“We’re almost done with Suck and Stick,” May said, a
little out of breath. “All you have to do now is come
with Cloris’s hand inside you. OK, Selma, get him

“We could continue the big game and start inserting
fingers from the other hand, but Selma just told us
this is as far as she’ll let us go. Since there’s no
more stick, you get no more suck. What I mean is that
Selma will still suck you until you’re hard, but then
you have to jerk yourself off. Understand?”

He understood, but when Selma’s mouth got him hard, he
couldn’t do anything. He was totally exhausted and his
face and buttocks felt like they were on fire. Even
that wasn’t as bad as the pain he felt in his anus.
His insides felt like they were being shredded as
Cloris twisted her hand around and moved her fingers
inside him.

After a minute, his penis wilted. “That won’t do,”
said May. “Unless you want to be here all night, you
need to come, Vernon. Cloris, push your hand in a
little deeper. Does that motivate you, Vernon? I’d
like to see her go past her elbow, but then Selma
would really be angry at us. If she starts twisting
her arm around now, I wonder what you’ll feel. This
time when Selma gets you hard, you need to get to

And he did. He worked hard, but he was in such pain,
that he wilted anyway. May started to say something,
but Selma spoke first. “Let’s try one more time before
Cloris does anything else,” she said. “I’m sure he can
do it.”

“OK,” said May, “but if he doesn’t, Cloris is going
for the elbow.”

Vernon shuddered and began sobbing. He saw Selma lean
down close to his face again and strained his ears to
hear her whisper. “Stop crying and focus, you goof,”
she said, “I’m going to get you right to the edge, but
they won’t let me finish you. While I suck you, I’m
going to start pumping you at the same time. All you
need to do is put your hands over mine while I’m
pumping, and as soon as I stop, you take over.”

Her plan worked, and he sprayed a huge stream of come
into the air to the cheers of everyone, including
Selma. When the stream finally became a dribble, he
gave a gut-wrenching cry of pain.

“That was great,” said May. “All we have left is the
gape, Vernon. Cloris is going to pull out of you now
very slowly while she’s making a big fist. Wow! You’re
screaming louder than ever, Vernon. This is great.
When the fist comes out, there’s going to be a giant
hole that we’ll film. It will be amazing.” Vernon’s
scream gradually got more high-pitched and even

“No!” yelled Selma. “No gape! That’s enough.” But it
was too late, because as Vernon’s scream grew louder,
Cloris’s fist came free and opened up a huge black
hole. The filming continued as the hole slowly

Vernon collapsed on the floor. As he heard the girls
moving around him, he lifted his head. He saw Selma
sitting next to him and she put his head on her lap.
“Selma, please don’t go,” he said. He was so weak that
it came out as a hoarse whisper.

He felt her tears falling on him as she said, “Shut
up, you big baboon! We can talk later. The girls are
going home, but I decided to stay here with you until
you are ready for me to take you home. And I want to
tell you there was no Billy. I would never have let
them do that to you.”

“Oh thank you, Selma, thank you,” he said and then his
head dropped into her lap as he passed out.

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