The punishment for him

“I’m exhausted,” said Vernon as he pulled the car door shut. “I just want to go home, Selma. It was hotter than hell out there, but the coach made us do the full two-a-days. I’m going to eat something fast and fall into bed. “We have to stop at my house first,” said Selma. “No!”

Nurse Darby comes up with a unique way to treat a muscle condition

Lois was in the hospital for observation and physical therapy for a muscle condition she had. Her doctor decided to hospitalize her for tests and observation. Here’s her story: As I also had 2 separate orthopedic injuries as well, I would have tests in the morning and physical therapy in the afternoon. I was in

A man witnesses the liberation of his wife’s libido when she is forced into sex with three well-hung blacks

When I awoke, I shook my head to clear it and realized that I couldn’t move. My arms and legs were bound to a straight-back chair. I tried to speak, but my voice was muffled, my lips held fast. They had put duct tape over my mouth. I raised my head and my vision cleared,