A Rape Fantasy

I began the walk home, dreading it. It is so far, through the darkened heart of the campus, all deserted during this holiday weekend. I trudged under the arches, a brief glimmering smile at their legend, and tucked my head against the whipping wind. My mind drifted, stopping on this, pausing on that. It was

Hubby discovers his Bi side and gets turned on by Humiliation

Back in the 70’s my wife who was 22yrs, slim with firm small breasts and long black hair and gorgeous sexy legs, wanted to go and see her favourite rock star at a local concert hall. Outside the place was swarming with people. Fans, ticket touts, just about everybody. A jumble of people pushing and

French tourist getting blackmailed by a local girl

It was such a warm day in Pangkor lsland, an island off the coast of Malaysia in South East Asia. Francesca Marceau was a French tourist staying all by herself in a motel. She rented a motel room, over-facing a large beach all by herself. Unlike other holiday resort parts of Malaysia, this one was

A young woman seeking humilation finds a mistress who offers more than she expected, and she loves it

“Get down on your hands and knees, Beth,” my mistress ordered. I was naked except for the studded black leather dog collar around my neck. “Yes, mistress,” I answered at once, and immediately knelt upon the cold floor. I felt Mistress Ingrid clip the dog leash to my collar. As I waited for whatever would