Thrasher Girls 1 : The Lincoln

My friends and I hang out at a 24-hour coffee bar called
“Magic Beans”. We’re there all hours of the day and night. It’s
usually six or seven of us, three girls and the three guys. There’s
me, Rhonda, but I go by ronni. I’m fifteen, long dark curly hair, and
I’m about 5’4, 110 pounds. I have big boobs for a girl my age, 34C if
you’re into that. I guess my body is all right because a lot of guys
hit on me and everyone is always trying to get me naked — guys and
girls. I’ve got five killer tatts — a barb-wire pattern on my tummy
with roses, a sun and moon on each of my boobs, and two Zen characters
on each of my butt cheeks — and my tongue is double pierced. I also
have multiple pierces in my left eyebrow, my nose, my belly-button (of
course) and one in my labes right where it can rub my clit when I
My best friend is Nicolette, who goes by the name nikki p.
She’s maybe an inch taller than me, red hair, about the same weight
(maybe a little more, but in all the right places), and she’s really
got the killer body in our group — real flat tummy, curvy hips and
like 38DD tits. She looks like a porno-star, and that’s why we call
her nikki p. The P is for porno. She’s really pierced, too, all
over, especially her tongue and puss, and she has tatts everywhere on
her body. I love the big snake on her tummy that coils down to her
crotch, which she shaves all the time. The tail curls up right around
her labes and the tip goes up around her puss to her ass. On her ass
she has a chick-demon with her tongue wedged in her butt crack. She
has demons on both her big boobs, too, but these are both dude-demons.
One looks like a devil with a spiked dick. The other is this kind of
grim reaper dude with a hard cock made of bone. Then she has creeping
ivies and roses all over bod and down to her ankles. She is pretty
much the hottest chick around.
The other chick in our set is Tamara, who we call tam-tams.
She’s a year younger than me and nikki, and is only a freshman
while we’re sophomores. tam-tams is like real thin and tall, like
a model or something. She looks like she’s maybe not even 100 pounds,
and she’s maybe 5’10” or 5’11”, and over six feet when she wears
heels, which she does all the time. She has these great, long, thin
legs, and she wears real (I mean real) short dresses and skirts to
school all the time and white stockings that go up her thighs leaving
about a half-inch of bare leg flesh between the top of the stockings
and her hem. She also wears all these weird types of panties, and
she’s always flashing guys, especially the teachers. Sometimes she’ll
wear black silk panties, sometimes white lace, sometimes baby-doll
pink or hot red or sky blue thongs, and sometimes she’ll even wear
guys underwear, which really turns the guys on (me, too?). When she
hangs with us, though, she mostly wears real tight jeans and boots.
She has one tatt on her back, a unicorn, and her nose is pierced with
a rhinestone stud, but that’s all. She’s kind of a wimp when it comes
to piercing, and she gets all freaked when she sees needles or
anything. nikk and I are always trying to get some more pierces, but
she’s always putting us off.
The dudes in our set are Josh, Mikey and Nick (which is
another reason we call Nicolette nikki p, so we don’t confuse her with
Nick). Josh is short, cute, with a goatee and he’s pretty much a
student. He reads all the time, and he tells great stories, and can
talk about all sorts of wild stuff like ufos, government cover-ups and
cults. He’s kind of the leader in our set, and he works at the Magic
Beans on the weekend. Mikey is a real doll. He used to play football
so he’s kind of jock. Now he just thrashes and works out. He’s like
six feet and pretty ripped, but he also has the gentle kind of way
about him and all the girls in school are always after him. Nicky is
the group psycho. He’s shorter than Josh and kind of fat. He’s funny
and pissed off like all the time, and he’ll rant about stuff real loud
and cause a scene if we’re out almost every time. He’s also heavily
into porn stuff and s-m stuff and tatts and piercing and his computer.
He hacks all the time and he’s got all these rad pictures which he’ll
show us all the time, like women with horses and dogs, little kids
doing it, stuff that looks like r**e. He also plays drums, and he and
Josh jam all the time because Josh plays guitar. The other dude who
also sometimes hangs with us is Sean, who’s older than us by two years
and he plays bass with Josh and Nicky in their band. Sean is real
tall and real quiet and pretty much a loner. He’s also an artist and
he’s the one who’s come up with most of our tatts.
So that’s our set. We’re all pretty tight, and like I said we
spend almost all our time thrashing or sitting at Magic Beans playing
Tekken or surfing on the net looking for trouble (that’s usually Nicky
or me). Like I said, we’ve been on tam-tams’ case about getting some
more pierces, and one night around ten o’clock we were at Beans and
nikki and I were on her again. “You gotta get your belly done,” nikki
says. “EVERYONE gets that done.”
“I told you,” tams says, “I don’t want to do that yet.”
“You’re some kind of pussy,” I say. “Shit, it doesn’t hurt
that much. Just do it already. It’s not like you’re doing your labes
or anything. It’d look so cool on you, too. Like a black pearl or
something, or a ruby.”
Just then Mikey and Nicky come in. They’ve been out doing
whatever, but now they’re here for the night. We say “hi”, and they
sit down. “The Lincoln’s out in the lot,” Nicky says. “They’ve got
some stuff.” The Lincoln is driven by these four black guys from the
projects who drive over to our side of town and sell shit. They hang
out at Magic Beans almost every night because they have a lot of
regular customers, including us.
I look at nikki and then tams. “Are you guys in?” I ask, like
they wouldn’t be, but I always check to make sure.
nikki nods and looks at tams. tams looks at me and nikk and
then nods her head real quick, like she doesn’t want a chance to
“Sean and Josh’ll be here in a few, too, they were getting
beers,” Nicky says. “They’ll want some.”
“Might as well do the deed and get it over with,” nikki
reached in her purse for the deck of airline playing cards she always
carried for the occasion. tams and I watched as she shuffled them a
few times. Then she gave them to tams to cut. Tams cut them and
handed them back. Then nikki put them face-down on the table. “With
Sean along they’ll want double,” she says. “So it’s the two low
cards, okay. High card coughs up the cash then.”
This was how we afforded the shit from the Lincoln. It was a
deal the black guys had for regulars like us. They’d exchange shit
for sex with us chicks, as long as one of us paid full price. It went
like this. Let’s say we wanted four baggies. They’d give us one for
some head, two for head and a fuck, and then we’d have to buy the rest
at full price. For more shit, we had to do more for them. On a night
like tonight when we’d need a lot of shit, probably about six baggies,
they’d want two girls working for it, plus cash for the rest. Two of
us could work about four or five bags from them depending on what we
did. It was Friday and we were all looking to get seriously wasted,
so I figured we’d try and get everything we could from them.
“Who’s first?” I asked.
“I’ll go,” nikki kind of laughed. “Here goes nothing.”
She drew a card from the middle of the deck and held it close to her
chest. I nodded to tams. tams hated this, nikki and I knew it. But
if she wanted to hang with us (and she did), this is what she had to
do. None of us had the money to buy all the shit we always needed.
We did this for the dudes because they always bought the beer, and
that was the tough expensive part. Getting beers out of the Dairy
was a real challenge. You either had to find some guy over 21 to buy
it for you, or you had to rip it off. The dudes did about 50-50, and
Nicky had been caught once and thrown in jail for the weekend before
his fucking parent bailed him out. They dudes also had the car, which
was our only transportation because none of us chicks can drive yet.
So it really was a fair trade off, even though when you were blowing
dick it sometimes didn’t seem like it.
tams drew her card, and I drew mine, too, sneaking a peek
before I pressed it to my chest. I swallowed my heart. Fuck, it was
the three of spades. Unless nikk and tams both deuced, I was going to
be sucking some black dick and whatever else tonight. Oh well, in a
few hours I’d be so stoned it wouldn’t fucking matter. I looked at
tams and she was smiling, so I knew she must have had a good draw.
“Last to draw, first to show,” nikk says to me. I flip over
my card, and Nicky chuckles.
“Ooo, ronni’s goin’ to the G-Toe,” Nicky says, and he slaps me
on the back.
“Your turn, tams,” I say.
She quickly set down her card, the Ace of Diamonds. She was
pretty much guaranteed a safety, and she started digging around in her
purse to make sure she had the cash for her end. She fished out two
$10s and a wad of singles and started counting.
“Not so fast, girl,” nikk flipped her card over and it was an
Ace, too, of Hearts. tams’ face dropped, and she twitched a little,
which is what she did when she got nervous or scared. I couldn’t help
but laughing. It wasn’t over yet. “You want to draw first?” nikk
tams shook her head, and nikk drew a card. She flashed it
immediately, an 8. tams quivered as she touched the deck and drew a
card. Her face fell and Nicky erupted in a burst of laughter.
“tam-tams gonna get a chocolate jaw-breaker,” he says. We all laugh
except tams who just gives a pained grin.
“Shit,” nikki curses. “This is going to blow all my money fro
the weekend!” she dug in her purse now. “Hey, but the rules are the
“Get your money,” I say. I stand up. I want to get this over
as quick as possible, okay. It’s fucking freezing out there.” I turn
to tams and motion her to get up. “Come on, tams. Let’s go. You got
your fucking money, nikk?” Nikk knew the rules. If she didn’t have
the cash, she’d have to trade with tams. tams looked at her
“Hah!” nikk snatched out a wadded up $20 and added it to her
other bills, a $10 and a $5 and some singles. She got up then, and
headed to the door in front of us. Part of the deal was that we all
had to go out together for safety reasons. Even though the guys in
the Lincoln had never pulled any kind of shit on us before, we still
didn’t trust their asses. Some chicks had complained about them
getting rough and stuff. nikk was there to watch and go get help if
they tried anything.
I followed nikk out into the parking lot, and I could hear
tams dragging her feet behind me. Like I said, she hated this shit.
As for me, I didn’t mind it so much once it started. I just hated
this part, when I had to go up there and talk to them and work out the
deal. It was pretty humiliating, these black guys eyeing you and
saying “So what are you going to do for us, bitch?” and making us say
“We’ll give you some head or fuck you for the shit.” Then they’d act
all apprehensive, and make you practically beg them sometimes. I
hated that shit, especially when it was so fucking cold like it was
tonight. They’d make you stand outside in the fucking cold and talk
shit with them, and only let you in the car after you’d frozen your
ass off.
nikki walked right up to their car window and knocked. She
was always the one who did the talking with them because she didn’t
take shit from them.
“Yo, bitch, what you want?” the guy at the window asked. I
think his name was Duane, but I’m not really sure. We never really
got their names, and they never tell us.
“You guys got some shit, don’t you?” nikki asked. “We want
Four sets of cue-ball eyes peered out from the car at us, like
they always did. “Hey, shit, we know you,” the guy at the window
smiled. “You bitches want to party-down, huh?”
“You got it,” nikki answered. “So whattaya got for us?”
“Depends on what you got?”
“You know what we got,” nikki answered. She was shivering
because it was so fucking cold. “Same deal we always do. We need
like six baggies.”
“That’ll be extra,” he looks at me and tams. “You know the
score. So whatta ya got for us.”
“They’ll work it out,” nikki points to me and tams. “Just let
us in the fucking car, okay. We’re freezing our fucking tits off out
“What about you?” he asked nikk, obviously disappointed a
little. They liked nikki, a lot.
“I’m watching tonight.”
“Too bad.”
“You wanna take it or leave it,” Nikki said.
“Fuck, we’ll take it, sweet,” he laughed. “Just be cool.”
“Let us in the fucking car!”
“Sure thing,” he nodded and got out. “You guys cool.” The
back door opened and another guy got out. I climbed in the front and
sat next to the driver. tams got in. Then the two guys got in, and
finally nikki squeezed into the back. She closed the door and kind of
knelt up with her back against the door. I was pressed in between the
driver and the guy who’d been doing all the talking. Both their hands
were already inside my coat and rubbing my crotch.
“You gonna suck me, sweet?” the driver asked as he pulled my
hand to his bulging crotch. I nodded as the other guy pulled my other
hand to his crotch. The driver pulled my face around and stuck his
tongue in my mouth. My coat was unzipped and my top was pulled up.
Hands felt my tits and popped them one at a time out of my bra.
“Man you got nice ones,” the other guy said as he sucked on my
hard nipples and worked the zipper on my jeans down.
“Get to work,” the driver told me pushing my head down. “You
know what to do.”
I did know what to do, too. I’d been doing them almost every
week for the last seven months. I got his zipper down and he scooted
his as up off the car seat. I rolled down his shorts and fished his
black cock out. He didn’t have the biggest cock of them, that
belonged to one of the guys in the backseat with tams. The driver’s
dick was about 8 inches, though, and the other guy sucking my tits had
about 7 and his was real thick.
I lowered my mouth to the driver’s pipe and licked the black
head, getting him slick before I slid it into my mouth. I jacked him
with my hand, but he grabbed it and pulled it away. Then he took my
hair with his other hand and began pumping my head up and down on his
cock. It was only halfway hard when I started, but it grew in my
mouth in a few seconds until it pressed against the side of my cheeks
as he thrust up and down, in and out and sideways.
When I came up for air, I realized my jeans were down past my
crotch. I felt the other guy work them down my legs slowly to my
knees. The air in the car was so cold I had goosebumps all down my
thighs, and I shivered every time he touched my legs and puss with
his cold hands. “Scoot up, bitch,” he told me, roughly turning my
hips around so that I was at an angle where he could get to my puss.
He probed his wet fingers into my puss and finger-fucked me while he
squeezed and pinched my tits with his other hand.
“Hey, keep on sucking,” the driver said and f****d my mouth
back down around his wet cock. “You can use your hand if you play
with my balls,” he offered, releasing my hand. “But don’t touch my
I knew the drill by now. I cupped his brillo-covered balls
and pumped them gently, letting him stick his cock deeper into my
mouth. My puss was now wet enough, and the other guy just jabbed his
thick cock deep into my hole. At that angle, it rubbed against my
clit ring, and I knew i would come in like five minutes if he could
keep it up inside me.
“Suck ’em both now,” I heard voices fromthe back seat, and I
heard tams kind of squeal, too. Those guys in back liked to make us
suck both their cocks in our mouths at the same time. I couldn’t do
it, and I knew tams couldn’t either. Only nikk could manage it.
Still, they always insisted, and I guess the fact that neither tams
nor I could do it probably turned them on even more, because we tried
so hard.
“You like to watch, huh?” one of the backseat guys said to
“You bet,” nikk replied.
“Just love you little bitches,” the other backseat guy, the
one with the huge cock said. “Let me see those freaky tits of yours,”
he said to nikki, obviously. “You gonna let me suck on ’em?” he asked
a moment later, obviously nikk had popped out her tattooed boobs.
I heard tams grunt. “Hey, take it easy on her, okay,” nikk
I pulled my head up, suddenly concerned, and peered over the
“You wanna watch, too, huh?” the driver said. “That’s cool.”
tam-tams’ mouth was stuffed with the two black cocks, and they
kept spilling out of her mouth almost every second. Then the guys
would stuff them back in again. The one guy was sucking nikk’s tits
and kissing her tatt covered tummy.
I felt my puss twinge as I watched my buds get molested and
the guy drilled my puss and kept hitting my clit ring. He stiffened
up and came inside me and I kind of barked, which I do just when I’m
gonna cum. I came then, and the driver shoved my head back down on
his prick. He fucked my face for about twenty more seconds and my jaw
felt like it was gonna break. Then he shot a load of cum against the
roof of my mouth. It was hot and sticky and I swallowed it so he
wouldn’t spray my face.
“Shit!” he gasped, withdrawing his spent prick and wiping it
on my lips. “That sure be some killer head, girl.”
“Let me get some of that,” the other guy pulled out of my
pussy and took me by the hair. I leaned back over and sucked his
still hard cock while I jacked the driver.
Meanwhile, in the back I heard a lot of shifting. Above the
seat i could see nikk’s head presed against the ceiling and the head
and shoulders of one of the guys as he kissed nikk and sucked her
tits. The other guy’s back was pressed against the other door, and I
saw one of tam’s skinny, white-stockinged legs suddenly drape itself
over the seat. I raised my head, and the guy I was sucking let me
peer over the seat.
The one guy with the big dick had his dick fucking tams’ mouth
while he played with nikki’s tits, and the other guy had her skinhy
legs spread wide and was fucking her hard. tam-tams was squealing,
but she was muffled. As the one guy fucked her, she started fucking
back real good. The big dick guy pulled out of her mouth and let her
cry out. “Pull down your jeans and let her suck your pussy,” he
whispered to nikk.
“Give us an extra baggie,” nikki panted.
“Sure,” he agreed, helping nikk unzip her jeans and work them
down past her crotch. She rolled down her panties past her thighs and
sat on tam-tams’ face. This was nothing new to us. We’d all done
each other plenty of times. In fact, tam-tams loved eating pussy,
which is why started letting her hang with us in the first place.
Before that, we kind of thought she was a stuck-up twit.
I watched for another few seconds before my head was back down
at the guy’s hard cock. The driver scooted me around now so that my
wet puss was on his side of the seat now. I had jacked him back up to
a hard-on with my hand, so he now spread my ass-cheeks and doggied me
up my cunt. As I bucked my hips, my ass hit the steering wheel, which
hurt, but I couldn’t change the angle. I knew I’d have a bruise there
The whole Lincoln now rocked with fucking, and both the guys
fucking us were really drilling us. tam-tams especially. When guys
get at her thin body, they just fuck her brutal. She just kind of
curls up and whimpers, and sometimes it’s like she might break in
half. But she never does.
“Fuck, yeah, tams,” nikk hissed, and I knew the sound of her
“Let me back in there,” the guy with the big black dick said.
“I wanna come in her pretty little mouth.”
The guy I was sucking came then, and he lifted my head so he
sprayed on me. I used the chance to peek back over the seat and saw
tams getting brutally face and puss fucked by the two guys while nikk
swapped spit with the big-dick guy. Then the guy in tams’ puss shot
his load and buried his tool real deep inside her. The big dick guy
took about another two minutes, probably the longest of tams’ life,
before he shot his load in her mouth. When he finally withdrew, some
of it dribbled out of tams’ mouth (she hates to swallow), and nikk
rubbed her pussy into it, and tams spit the cum in nikk’s pussy.
The guy in my puss was the last to cum, and he fucking took it
to me, too, battering my butt up against the steering wheel while I
rode his black thunder-fuck. Then we kind of sat there and let the
guys fell us all over while we hiked back on our panties and jeans.
Someone emerged with seven baggies, and we crawled out the car back
into the cold night. Total time, about half an hour.
When we staggered back into Magic Beans, Sean and Josh were
there. Nicky had a smile on his face. “So? What’d you get for us?”
“You’ll see,” nikk laughed and pecked him on the cheek.
I sat next to Josh who gave one of his concerned looks. He
made no bones about not liking what us chicks did for shit, especially
in the Lincoln. For all his liberal communist stuff, he doesn’t like
that we fuck black guys one bit. Nicky, on the other hand, can’t get
enough of listening to tales about his whore chick friends fucking
black dick for shit. Sometimes when we’re stoned, he’ll insist we
tell him all the details. Then he’ll whip out his dick and nikk will
usually suck him off while I tell the tale.
Mikey doesn’t seem to mind that much, even though he and tams
are pretty tight. He always puts his arm around tams when she gets
done. He’s so protective. He always calls it taking one for the
team, which he got from his football days, he says. He and tam will
fuck like crazy later when we’re all stoned, and I think the whole
thing turns him on a lot more than he says. Besides, I think he loves
tam-tams (who doesn’t?), so it really doesn’t matter.
Sean’s the only one I can’t figure out. He seems to have no
reaction at all to our exploits, even to thank us for working the
extra baggie for him. Sometimes that pisses me off, but since he
never even asks for stuff from us, I guess I really can’t complain.
“So back to your belly-button,” nikki turns to tams after
we’re all back situated again. “We have to take care of that.
Tonight,” she adds.