She used to be a cheerleader

‘God, I’m hot’ Cathy thought to herself as she shifted in her chair. The
August sun poured through the window behind her and made the sunburn she
had on the back of her neck hurt even more. Ray Granger, the assistant
principal of the high school where she’d attended as a teenager and hoped
to be employed as a twentysomething, watched her carefully. His office
wasn’t air conditioned, but very few places in the school were.

A drop of sweat rolled down Cathy’s chest and into her cleavage. This
also wasn’t unnoticed by Mr. Granger. He had a good view of her as he’d
insisted they sit in chairs facing each other without a desk between them.
When he’s put his hand on her thigh, she’d pretended not to notice, but now
as he began to slowly massage her leg, moving slowly upward and inward, it
was getting harder and harder to act like nothing was happening.

“As you know, Miss Perkins,” Mr. Granger said, “We do have a position
open in the English department. Why do you feel you’d be a good fit at
McDonald High?”

He slid his hand a little higher and began to play with the garter belt
she wore under her dress.

“Mr. Granger, surely you remember I went to McDonald several years

She opened her legs slightly, wishing he’d just go ahead and grab her.
It was difficult to pretend nothing was happening when his hand was inches
from her pussy. She was itching more and more as her massaged her inner

“Of course, you were in the class of nineteen ninety.”

“I was elected best cheerleader.”

“I know. You and your squad cheered McDonald at the state
championships. Damn shame we haven’t been near the championships since.”

“It is a shame. And I was the finest cheerleader. But a cheerleader is
more than a perky little girl in a short skirt. A cheerleader is the
school psychologist. She knows what McDonald wants. What McDonald needs.
And this cheerleader will do anything for her school.”

Endgame. Or beginning-game. Cathy spread her legs and slid forward in
her chair. Mr. Granger grabbed her ass with one hand and begna working
the fingers of the other into her cunt.

“Oh, sweet Jesus, you’re as tight as always…God, I’ve missed you…”
Mr. Granger gasped.

“I’m just glad I haven’t been forgotten” Cathy couldn’t hold back a

“How could I forget the sluttiest whore in the class of 1990?”

“I’m just glad you didn’t”

Cathy reached forward and grabbed Mr. Granger’s cock. It was already
tenting his pants. She couldn’t remember ever seeing it quite so hard,
even ears ago. Sigh. There was no turning back. But English teacher jobs
were hard to get in high paying Fairlane county. If she wanted the job,
she’d have to pay the price. And probably keep paying it once a week or

But Cathy even admitted to herself that she was a whore at heart and
loved nothing more than pleasing a man. So she undid Granger’s zipper and
felt his cock spring out of it’s polyester prison. He hadn’t been wearing
underwear. He’d known what was coming. How humiliating. How conveniant.

“Oh, yes, please baby, just like you used to…” Granger cried as he
pulled his fingers out of her cunt, completely involved in his own

Cathy knelt down on the ground, taking his cock delicately between her
lips. It was a lot smaller than she remembered, but pre-cum was pre-cum
and it tasted good.

She slipped the tip of his cock fully into her mouth and began running
her tounge around it. Her tounge spiraled around it taking more and more
of it into her mouth as the tip began to slide down her throat. As the
last inch of his shaft entered her mouth, she felt her throat muscles kick

“Oh, sweet Jesus, now I can remember,” Mr. Granger cried as he fucked
her face, “Oh, baby, I’m going to cum…”

He shot himself deep into her throat. She locked her lips around his
shaft and began to slowly pull her mouth away as she licked him clean. By
the time Cathy pulled her mouth away, Mr. Granger’s cock was limp. He put
it gingerly into his pants and pulled out a handkerchief to mop his brow.

“Cathy, baby, I don’t know how I’m going to justify it to the school
board, but you’re hired”

Cathy smiled. In less than two weeks she’d have five classes full of
sexually peaking boys with cocks that tenting their jeans and girls with
very tight pussies. It was well worth sucking Granger off every once in

“Thank you, Mr Granger. You won’t regret your decision.”

“I know.”

Cathy stood and smoothed out her skirt. As she walked out, she dropped
her resume on the desk where she’d fucked Granger’s brains out in lieu of
detention five years before.

From Wed Aug 14 14:52:16 1996 Newsgroups: Subject: She used to be a cheerleader (2/?) m/f teen
From: Cathy <>
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 1996 11:52:16 -0700

She used to be a cheerleader: part two This has a lot a buildup before
the sex, but I needed to work in some details for the story as a whole. My
machine has no spell check, so it was pretty difficult to proofread, but I
gave it a shot. This particular segment has our heroine M/Fing with a
fifteen year old. I hope you like it. Oh yeah and “Chastity is the body in
the soul’s keeping.” Don’t read this if your soul isn’t ready…


She used to be a cheerleader (Part two)

When Cathy was safely back out in the hall, she leaned up against
Mr.Granger’s office door. Damn her pussy was itching. She had half a mind
to go back in there and make Granger finish what she’d started, but she
decided against it. It would be a mistake to let him think he was in
control. He wasn’t.

She had, after all, seduced him into giving her a job. He was going to
have an awful lot of trouble explaining why he was giving her that job when
so many more experianced teachers had been laid off because of budget cuts.

But Cathy was pretty sure he’d find a way. Mr Granger was a resourceful
man when he knew what he wanted. Or who he wanted, for that matter.

As Cathy bent over the water fountain, she heard a rumbling in the
distance. She looked up and saw thirty boys or so running toward her, a
welcome sight to say the least, even though it was just the football team
taking a cool-down run through the air conditioned building.

Cathy leaned back against the wall and let the team run by, checking out
a variety of crotches, chests and asses as they went by. The brunette boy
in the lead, who could only be the quarterback, turned around an began to
run backwards just as fast as he had run forwards. He flashed her a cocky

“Dave! Stop showing off!” Came a voice from behind the crowd.

“Whatever you say, Coach,” Dave winked and turned around, sprinting off
around a corner. When the coach ran by, Cathy recognized him instantly.

“Dan? Dan Jacobi!” He turned around and shot her a puzzled look that
turned almost immeadiatly into a smile.

“Cathy Perkins?”

“You guessed it!” He turned to the two boys he followed.

“Keep going. I’ll meet you in the gym.” They grunted and disappeared
around the same corner Dave had run. Dan walked over and hugged Cathy.
“You’re as perfect as ever, even five years later.”

“You’re not so bad yourself, coach.”

Dan smiled. “You know I could never leave my team. Not after taking
them to the state championships and well…but anyway. Why are you back?”

“You’re looking at McDonald’s newest English teacher!”


“Why not me?”

“You never struck me as the pedagogical type.”

“What did you think I’d end up doing?”

“I don’t know. An actress, or a model, or…”

“A lumber camp toy?”

“It crossed my mind. You used to be like that.”

“I’m still like that.”

Cathy leaned forward and rested her arm on his well-muscled shoulder.
Dan leaned back and looked upwards as if he was thinking about something.

“Maybe you’ll be good.”


“At teaching English. Remember Mr. Jordan?”

“Our senior English teacher. Sure.”

“Well, I was his student assistant. One day he was reading one of your
papers and he started yelling about what you’d written.”

“That’s funny. I never wrote anything scandelous in his class.”

“That wasn’t it. He yelled ‘that girl has one of the finest minds at
McDonald High and she never damn uses it.”

“Well you know how Mr. Jordan was. Always trying to save people.”

“Yeah. That’s how he was. Oh, um…I have to go. Practice is almost
over and I have a coaches’s meeting.”

“Oh, okay, bye”

He turned to her as he sprinted down the hall.

“The first faculty meeting is Tuesday. Don’t be late. Granger is still
a bastard.”

But at least he’s a horny bastard, Cathy thought to herself as she
walked out to the parking lot.

Her 1978 silver Mercedes was still in the parking lot where she left it.
The car had been a gift from one of her many admirers. She slid behind the
wheel and watched the football team march out as practice ended. The
thirty young men packed in to ten cars and sped off, leaving one poor guy
walking dejectedly down the sidewalk away from the school.

He was a nice looking k*d and she figured he might need some company as
much as she did. She drove up to him, stopped and rolled down the window.

“Hey, would you like a ride?”

“Yeah sure”

He flashed her a classic American I’m-a-good-k*d look and opened the

“Why didn’t you get a ride from one of those guys?”

“They didn’t particularly want me along.”

“Why not?”

“Dave Anderson is my neighbor and I’ve helped him practice for years.
He always promised he’d get me into varsity as soon as I got to high school
and he did, but the other guys don’t respect me much because I’m just a

“You’re a freshman? But you’re so big?”

“What can I say, Ma’am? I eat my wheaties.”

“Oh please, call me Cathy.”

“Okay, Cathy. I’m Jeff Martin.”

“Jeff, would you like to go to Burger King?”


“Well, I graduated from McDonald a few years ago and I was always head
cheerleader. I’d like to hear about how the team is doing so I thought I’d
buy you lunch and we could sit in the park and talk.”

“Oh, okay, that’s cool. Dave tells me a lot about the team.”

“And a lot about how he’s the star?”

“He is. Northwestern’s been watching him since he was a freshman.”

“I believe it.”

“But the team isn’t doing so well.”

“Why not?”

“Coach Jacobi says it’s a vicious cycle. The players lose a couple
games, so the town stops caring. Then the players stop caring. Right now
even the cheerleaders suck.”

“They do?” Cathy nearly mentioned swallowing, but put that out of her
head for the moment.

“They’ve had to have three coaches since Dave’s been there. Coach
Jacobi may have to coach them this year because no one else will.”

“That’s too bad.”

“No kidding. I like cheerleaders.”

Don’t they all, Cathy thought as Jeff kept chattering on about the team.
They got their cheeseburgers and walked over to a park bench.

“Wow” Jeff said as Cathy opened her quarter pound bacon cheeseburger.


“My sister would never eat that.”

“Calories don’t bother me. I get a lot of exercise.”

“Oh.” Jeff took a large bite of his cheeseburger.

“So who’s you’re girlfriend?”


“Nice looking guy like you should have a girlfriend.”

“I’m kind of in between right now. My last girlfriend and I broke up a
couple of weeks ago.”

“Why? I mean, if you don’t mind my asking.”

Jeff looked up at Cathy for a moment, searching her face and deciding if
he wanted to be straight with her.

“You really want to know?”

“Yeah. Sure.”

Jeff looked down, a little embarrassed.

“I’d had girlfriends who were…um…a lot of fun, and I guess I
couldn’t handle that she was a prude.”

Cathy saw her chance. She quickly undid two buttons on her blouse as
Jeff concentrated on the cuffs of his jeans, convinced she was going to
slap him.

“Oh. Men don’t like that,” She murmered.

“I’ll say,” Jeff kicked some dust with his sneaker.

“But men like me.”

Jeff looked up as Cathy ran her index finger from his collarbone to his
crotch. He followed her finger with his eyes and then shifted his gaze to
the black bra that didn’t so much restrain Cathy’s breasts as display them.

“I like the women other men like.”


He reached up and began feeling Cathy’s breasts through her bra. She
gave a little gasp of pleasure.

“How about we pack up our hamburgers and go back to my place?”

“Oh yeah, baby, I like you a lot…”

Cathy paid no attention to the speed limit, and at the first red light,
she picked up Jeff’s hand and began licking and nibbling at it. She held
it until the second red light when Jeff pulled her right hand to his

She grunted and stepped on the gas. When they pulled up to her house,
Cathy barely turned off the car before opening the door and racing up onto
the porch.

As the door swung open, Jeff grabbed her up and kissed her. She kissed
him back, forcing her toungue down his throat. He closed the door behind
him and leaned her up against it, undoing the buttons on her blouse. She
unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor, leaving her only in a bra,
garters and high heels, all black. He then leaned forward and ground into
her in an imitation of fucking that nearly drove her crazy with lust. He
picked her up and began licking, sucking, and nibbling her breasts.

“Oh…on your right. The living room”

She whimpered. He carried her in and threw her on to the couch. He
pulled off his t-shirt baring a chest that would be impressive for a
senior, to say nothing of a freshmen. When he took off his jeans and
boxer, it was pretty obvious he had a cock to match.

“Please” She moaned. He leaned over her and grabbed her sides, impaling
her on his shaft. “Oh…” Without hesitation she began to fuck back,
bringing her pelvis up to meet his thrusts which were coming faster and
faster. But they weren’t going to last for long.

“I’m really sorry…”

“It’s okay. Just one more second and…yes!”

“Uhh…” Jeff cried as they came together.

“Yes! Yes! Thank you Jeff! Thank you God!” Jeff just moaned as
squirted his jism deep inside her slurping cunt. When he pulled out, Cathy
got behind him and massaged his shoulders.

“I came too soon.”

“Don’t worry about it, you were great.”

“I normally could go again, but man, I’m so tired.”

“After having practiced all day, I have no doubt.”

Jeff looked at his watch “Shit! I have to go.” He pulled on his jeans.

“I’ll drive you.”

“That’s okay. I’m not that far and coach said I needed to run an extra
mile every day after practice.”

“Dan always was a slavedriver.”

Jeff gave her a quizzical look but walked to the door.

“Bye, Cathy, it was a lot of fun”

“Bye Jeff!”

See you around school.

From Wed Aug 14 14:58:48 1996 Newsgroups: Subject: She used to be a cheerleader (3/?) m/f
From: Cathy <>
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 1996 11:58:48 -0700

She used to be a cheerleader: Part 3

Here’s the next chapter of Cathy. Chastity is the body in the soul’s
keeping. Don’t read this is your soul isn’t ready.


Thursday morning, Cathy was awakened by the telephone.


“Hey Cathy.”

She smiled and tossed her hair upon recognizing the voice. As she
pulled off her sleep mask, she looked up at the clock. Six thirty. That
was one thing about teaching. Lousy hours.

“Hi, Dan.”

She cooed.

“Listen, I need your help.”

“What’s going on?”

“The team is going to be having practices every afternoon right up until
the first day of school.”


“I have a problem. It turns out the cheerleaders are supposed to be
practicing, too. I ended up the cheerleading coach because I’m the only
one left who still likes the football team.”

“A 2-9 record will do that.”

“Uhh…right. Anyway, I don’t know anything about cheers or
cheerleading. Could you come help me?”

“Dan, you really need to be focusing your energies on the team. If the
way they run is any indication, they have a lot of potential.”

“They’re the best team in years. But what about the cheerleaders?”

“I’ll take over coaching.”

“You would? Gosh, that would be great! You were such a great
cheerleader back in high school. Listen, the practice starts at three,
right after the faculty meeting.”

“Are cheerleaders now pretty much the same as they were then?”

“Are you asking if Dave beds one every Friday night?”


“Exactly the same.”

“Good. I’d hate to think my sport had gone down.”

“You’re really disgusting.”

“I cheered you up a couple of times our senior year. Remember under the

“Disgusting, really disgusting…”

“bye Dan.”

Cathy laughed as she hung up the phone. It was going to be a very
interesting year. She got out of bed and bounced over to the closet,
pulling out a cheerleading outfit that had long ago been assigned to the
same shelf as her french maid costume. She pulled it on, pleased that the
fit was exactly the same. After a couple of round offs across the living
room floor, Cathy was satisfied that she’d retained her cheerleading

“Yo, Baby, Yo, Baby, yo baby yo, if you ain’t with the Eagles then
you’ve got to go!”

Yeah… Still got it…

Cathy did have enough sense to change into jeans and one of her
trademark silk blouses before heading over to the faculty meeting. She was
a little early for the meeting, but she still got stares as she walked in.
She sat down next to Dan as quickly as possible.

“So, looks like some people remember you.”

“I’ll say. Did you ge this many stares when you came back?”

“Well, I got some funny looks last year when I started teaching as well
as coaching. Even other teachers have trouble understanding that a coach
can teach math.”

“But you can. The team wouldn’t have made it without you.”

“I know I can teach. And they do too. But they didn’t then. You’ll
get the same treatment. But if you’re genuinely devoted to English,
they’ll leave you alone, too.”

“I hope so.”

“You wanted to teach Cathy.”

At this point, Cathy wasn’t sure if she wanted to teach or not.

The meeting passed uneventfully. Principal Branford introduced her and
she stood and smiled. Beginning of school information was discussed. The
first day of school would be the following Monday, and the following things
would be happening, etc. etc. and soforth. Cathy got her schedule and
she found she was teaching three classes of seniors and one of freshmen.
She also found out the not only was Mr. Jordan still teaching at McDonald,
he was her department chair.

After the meeting, Cathy walked up to see Mr. Jordan. He was as fat,
bald and wonderful as ever. He was shaped something like a basketball and
nearly bald, but his eyes had a gleaming youthfullness to them. As he
walked up to greet her, he slapped her on the behind.

“Cathy, I’m glad to see you. Because if you’re teaching here, that
means you’re not dancing in some strip club, not that you don’t have the
figure for it.”

“It’s great to see that the proponants of sexual harassment laws haven’t
gotten you yet.”

“With my number of years in the county? Surely you jest.”

“Why don’t you show me my classroom? I have an hour before practice

“Sure.” He said, leading her out of the library. “What are you


“Excellent. I expect those cheerleaders to be every bit as seductive
and sensual as they were when you were last in charge.”

“Pardon me? I’ve never coached before.”

“Tell me that old tightass Laura Randolph had anything to do with the
stunts those girls were pulling.”

Cathy laughed. “The only reason we got away with them is that she
couldn’t see. She was blind as a bat.”

“I suspected as much.”

“But don’t you worry Mr. Jordan, those cheerleaders will be the
sleaziest in McDonald history.”

“I certainly hope so.”

He unlocked the classroom and they walked in. Chalkboard, 30 desks,
teacher’s desk. Everything looked pretty standard except for the floor,
which looked like it had been recently carpeted and had the carpet removed.

“What’s with the floor?”

“The flag core, gymnastics team, tae kwon do club and the wrestlers used
to practice in here last year, but they moved the practice area to a room
with high ceilings for this year. Still, I thought the room would be
somehow appropriate.”


Mr. Jordan looked up at the ceiling. Cathy noticed for the first time
that it was mirrored.

“Very cute, Mr. Jordan.”

“So was that all you needed to see?”

“I guess so. But what about the mirrors on the ceiling?”

“You’re used to them, aren’t you?”

“So I’ll be teaching with mirrors on the ceiling?”


Cathy sighed. It was going to be a very strange year.

“Well, I’m sure you have a lot of work to do, and I know I have a lot of
work to do, so why don’t I just let you decorate your room.”

“Okay, Mr Jordan.”

Cathy said softly. She really wished he wasn’t leaving. She wasn’t
sure she wanted to be alone in her classroom just yet.

“What’s wrong?” Mr. Jordan looked worried. It was his first serious
expression all day.

“I don’t know. This whole teaching thing. It’s kind of overwhelming.”

“Uh-huh” Mr. Jordan patted her on the shoulder gently.

“I’ll tell you, honey. It doesn’t get any easier.”

“I mean, these kids, they’re going to depend on me. A lot of them are
seniors. I may be their last chance. What if I screw up?”

“You won’t screw up, because underneath the whore is someone who cares
and just needs to find a way other than sex to solve her problems.”

“I don’t know. I mean, I think of the teenage boys with their cocks
straining the fronts of their jeans and I totally forget about their
education… ”

“You don’t think teenage girls were part of the reason I got into
teaching? Honey, girls like you who tried to earn their grades the fun way
were the highlight of my academic career for a couple of years. I got over
it. But even after I gained the weight and my hair dropped off, and the
girls stopped having crushes on me and started writing limericks about me,
I stayed. Teaching’s my thing. Maybe it’s not yours. All I know is that
you’ll find your place to be soon enough. Until then, enjoy yourself.
You’ve got a couple of years before your looks begin to fade. You’ll
figure it out by then.”

He pat her gently on the back. Cathy looked up at him and smiled.

“Thanks, Mr. Jordan.”

“No problem, k*d.”

“If there’s anything I could ever do for you…”

“How about answering a question?”

“Okay, shoot.”

Mr. Jordan unapologetically looked down at her chest. “Without a
doubt, you have the finest rack of goods McDonald high has ever seen. But
how the hell did you cheer and jump around and cartwheel with those

“Carefully. Very carefully. Frankly, it’s not exactly conveniant.
There are a lot of things they make next to impossible. Archery on the
whole is out. And all the clothing manufactures assume that just because a
person is small they have no chest. Not so.”

“But there are some advantages, too. Men love them.”

“Yes, sucking them and nibbling them are the most popular, although
there will always be the people who rub them, twist them or lick them. And
one more thing. Are you ready for this?”


“Breasts float. In the bathtub. It’s great fun.”

“I can imagine, when Mrs. Jordan was around we used to…”

“When she was around?” Cathy asked softly, “I mean, she hasn’t…”

“She left me, honey. Two years ago. For a doctor down in Memphis.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

Cathy swallowed, realizing her teasing wasn’t so funny anymore.

“It’s okay. I get on without her. But in some ways it’s been a long
two years.”

“I’ll bet it has. Is there anything I can do to help?”

Mr. Jordan took a long look at Cathy’s breasts.

“Other than the obvious, no.”

Cathy walked over and closed the door.

“Then how about the obvious?”

“Oh, honey, you don’t have to do that.”

“Mr. Jordan, without the encouragement you gave me, I never would have
bothered with college, and I might have walked out the door five minutes
ago and never come back. Now you need something. I don’t have any
brilliant words of advice, but I can sleep with you.”

“You were always my favorite student.”

Cathy responded by giving Mr. Jordan the sexiest kiss he’d gotten since
1955. He grabbed her and set her down on top of her desk. Cathy smiled
and undid the fly of her jeans as Mr. Jordan ran his hands across her

“oh God. Melons, coconuts, mangoes, hooters, it’s been so long. Baby
these are incredible, what they lack in perkiness they make up for in the
fact that they’re large and still perfectly shaped. How someone as small
as you ends up with these I don’t know.” Mr. Jordan giddily babbled, his
hands massaging every inch of her chest and making her nipples spring to
hardness almost instantly.

Cathy had expected this to be a total mercy fuck, but she had to admit,
Mr. Jordan certainly knew what to do with the breasts he admired so much.
She’d never had anyone manipulate them quite so well. She sighed as her
jeans dropped to the ground and her panties fell right after. By then, Mr.
Jordan had undone all her buttons and she’d shrugged off her blouse.

“If I take off all my clothes, you’ll go blind, so this is as naked as I
get.” And with that, Mr. Jordan undid his fly and pulled out what had to
be one of the thicker cocks Cathy had ever seen. Without a word, Mr Jordan
slowly pushed Cathy backwards until she was lying flat with her back
against the desk. Cathy spread her legs and smiled with anticipation.

As Mr. Jordan entered her, she couldn’t hold back a low moan. He felt
as thick as he looked, and Cathy loved it. She locked her legs around his
waist and he started pumping her slowly and gently, savoring every thrust
of his thick shaft.

“I haven’t had like this since college!” Cathy squealed.

“Wanna hear something sad? Neither have I.” Mr. Jordan shot back.

“Really, I’d always pictured you as one of those soldiers who spent
v-day fucking a nurse on the steps of the capital building.”

“No, I was nailing the bitch against the Washington Monument.”

“Kind of appropriate in a Freudian sort of way.”

“Cathy, as much as I’m enjoying the witty banter, lets do some real

“Yes sir.” He reached out and grabbed a nipple, twisting it until it
ached. “Ungh..yes…please” Suddenly, Cathy felt his strokes starting to
get harder and faster.

“There we go. I knew I could still give a woman what she wants. Tell
that to Mr. Freud.” Cathy couldn’t even respond as he plunged his cock
into her pussy. Once upon a time, someone had fucked her with a beer can
and it had felt like this. “uhh…Cathy…I have to say…I never thought
you’d be this tight.”

“Frankly, neither did I.” Cathy began to use her legs to pull herself
even harder onto Mr. Jordan’s cock. She was so much wetter than she
thought she would be. His thrusts were getting more and more frenzied and
she began to pant with anticipation as her orgasm drew closer and closer.

Mr. Jordan smiled down on her. “You’re getting close, aren’t you.”

Cathy couldn’t even open her eyes. “Uh-huh.”

“Well this ought to bring you home.” he reached out, grabbed the other
nipple and pulled. Pain and pleasure shot through Cathy, making her buck
and whimper, finally she could take it no longer.

“…oh…yes…Mr. Jordan…I’m cumming!”

Cathy’s pussy gave Mr. Jordan a final squeeze and his jism filled her
gobbling snatch almost immeadiatly. “Oh Jesus, thank you so much!” Mr.
Jordan cried as he emptied the last of his cum into her cunt.

“Anytime.” She purred.

Mr. Jordan helped her put her clothes back on.

“Cathy, I really mean it. Thank you. You don’t know how much it means
to an old dog that he can still satisfy a woman.”

“As I said, anytime. You satisfied me just fine.”

Cathy buttoned the top button on her blouse and looked up at the ceiling
as she fixed her hair. Her cheeks and lips had the flush of a woman who
has just had the time of her life and her whole body had a delightful
just-fucked feeling.

“I guess we’ve christened your room, huh?”

“I’d say so.”

“Why don’t I leave you to your lesson plans. I’m sure you have a lot on
your mind.”

“I really do.”

“Good luck.”

“Thanks.” For everything.

Mr Jordan left. Cathy only had about fifteen minutes before
cheerleading practice, so she just had time to straighten up her room and
grab a copy of the world literature book her seniors would be studying a
few days later. The freshman had so much orientation crap, she wouldn’t
actually have to teach for several days. When Cathy was closing the door
behind her ten minutes later, Dave Anderson came striding down the hallway.

“Hiya, hot stuff”

Cathy looked up at him.

“Excuse me?”

“I saw what you we’re doing in there with Mr. Johnson.” Dave reached
down and grabbed his crotch, which did sport a noticible bulge.

“How about you fuck a real man?”

“I just did.” Cathy couldn’t stop thinking about Jeff walking home
alone. Dave was a bastard. A cute bastard, but a bastard. He wasn’t
getting her so easily.

“Oh come on baby. You fucked Coach Jacobi. The whole school knows.”

“He made five touchdowns in one game.”

“If I make five touchdowns against Lewis next Friday, will you sleep
with me?”

“Sure. Whatever. Get out of my way.”

Cathy brushed past him. All the way to cheerleading practice, she
regretted her rashness. Oh well, what’s the worst that could happen?
She’d have to sleep with the best looking boy at McDonald? Wasn’t that her

Oh well… She’d figure it out before the following Friday.