Three Naked Teens

It had happened so quickly, but there she was
sitting in Jason’s living room wearing just her thong
panties and bra. The perky 18-year-old’s hard nipples
were pushing against her simple white bra.

Jason and Roger, also 18, were wearing just their
briefs, barely hiding their hard cocks. One more
question and someone would be revealing something.

Stacey had been at Jason’s house for almost two
hours. The first 60 minutes had been exactly what she
had expected — a study date. Not really a date, a
study session. Jason had suggested they tackle geometry
together and she had accepted eagerly. She needed the
help. With a midterm just a week away, and her head
reeling from angles and proofs, she was sure Jason
could help her.

Sex wasn’t on Jason’s mind when he made the offer
to Stacey. The quid pro quo he was after was Stacey’s
help with Spanish. He may have had a head for math, but
languages were beyond him.

It wasn’t that Jason hadn’t thought of sex with
Stacey. She was, after all, one of the prettiest girls
in the junior class. She was on the cheerleading squad
and the practices gave her a great set of legs while
keeping the rest of her in fine shape too. Bit, Stacey
was Kevin’s property and Jason had been dating Linda,
although that relationship seemed to be going nowhere.
Anyway, this was business, school business.

Just how the afternoon turned, neither one of them
exactly figured out, but studying geometry and Spanish
isn’t exactly exciting.

It was Jason who suggested they quiz each other.
He would pose a geometry problem and she would counter
with Spanish grammar. That went well for about 20

“This isn’t working,” Jason said. “We need an

“Like what, should we gamble?” Stacey asked.

“Yeah,” Jason said slowly. “But we need stakes.”

“How about pretzels,” Stacey said reaching for the
snacks in the bowl on the coffee table.

“Too easy.”


“No, too crass.”

“What then? Clothes, like strip poker?”

As soon as she said it, Stacey wanted to pull the
words back, but Jason was too quick to agree.

“Perfect,” he grinned.

“No Jason, I didn’t mean it.”

“Why not? It will make you think. And didn’t you
say your mind wanders while you try the proofs. This
might force you to concentrate.”


“And, me too. You said I could conjugate those
verbs if I would only think harder. Anyway. It’s just
us. Just a few questions. It’s not as if I’ve never
seen you in a bathing suit. So what if you strip down
to your underwear.”

Stacey looked at him and thought. She had on her
cheerleading outfit: skirt, sweater, socks and
sneakers. She would have to miss six questions before
anything too revealing would have to come off. Jason
had on his running shoes, socks, a tee-shirt and jeans,
also six pieces.

So they began to quiz each other, easy questions
at first but then, as the questions and problems became
more challenging, clothes began to fly. They had each
lost shoes and socks when Roger showed up.

He had not been unexpected. Stacey herself had
suggested it. Roger, another junior, was the science
whiz and both Jason and Stacey could use his help. But
like Jason, Roger was stymied by Spanish verbs.

Roger laughed when he saw them both barefoot.
Jason quickly explained the game and Roger agreed to
join. Stacey shot questions at him and, while he got
the first few, quickly caught up with both of them in
losing clothes.

Now the circle continued. First Jason was stumped
by Roger, then Stacey by Jason and then Roger by
Stacey. Jason shed his shirt and so did Roger. Stacey
removed her sweater.

Roger asked Jason a question about a chemistry
formula; he got it. Stacey correctly worked a geometry
proof but Roger slipped on a Spanish verb. There went
his pants.

Stacey stumbled on a science question. They boys
got quiet as she stood and let her skirt slip down. Now
it was her turn to quiz Jason. She went to a
particularly hard, irregular verb. Jason grinned
instead of trying to answer and just removed his pants.

Even though she was anxious to match Jason’s
equipment with Roger’s obvious bulge, now Stacy was
sorry. She knew the next question would be tough.

But Jason surprised her and gave her softball. He
kind of liked watching her in her underwear. She
certainly filled the bra and the thong panties barely
hid the tuft of hair at her crotch.

Roger was not as gentle. He wanted to see how far
Jason would really let this go. His chemistry question
was too much for his friend and Jason’s shed his
briefs. He was hung, long but not as thick as Roger’s.
Roger wasn’t surprised. He had seen Jason in the locker
room. What Roger really wanted to see was Stacey’s
reaction. Her nipples, already erect, damn near poked a
hole in her bra.

“I think we ought to stop,” Stacey suggested.

“No way, not now,” Jason said anxiously.

“But its not fair,” Stacey said, “I’m left with
two things and you, well, you have nothing to left to
lose and Roger has only one.”

“So I ask the questions,” Jason said. “First to
you, then to Roger, then to you again.”

They were tough. Stacey knew they would be. In
just a couple of minutes, the three of them were nude.
Stacey could see the pre-cum on their cocks and could
feel the moistness in her own slit. Studying, she knew,
was over, unless it was biology.

Jason moved to her first. He stood over her, his
cock stiff, level with her face. As much as he wanted
to, he didn’t push it to her mouth. Instead he reached
for her, helping her to her feet. He put his arms
around her.

She felt his cock pressing against her, the head,
flattening against her stomach, his balls pushing at
her crotch. Roger was up too, behind her, the head of
his cock against the small of her back, his balls
pressing into the crack of her ass. She knew they were
both going to take her. But she didn’t want it, not

“Wait. No. Stop.”

Roger’s hands were massaging her tits, squeezing
her stiff nipples between his thumb and forefinger.
Jason pressed his mouth to hers, pushing his tongue
between her lips. His hands were around her waist,
grabbing for the globes of her ass.

Stacey felt her ass spread, Roger’s cock was
slipping between her cheeks. Jason was pressing
forward, shifting so that his cock too would find a

Stacey thought. Quickly, she stopped, no longer
pushing, no longer pressing. Jason’s momentum carried
him forward. Stacey fell backwards onto the couch,
pushing Roger down. Jason rolled off of her.

“Wait,” she said again staring at the Jason and
Roger sprawled on the floor. They were in a heap,
Jason’s head resting on Roger’s right thigh, his mouth
just inches from Roger’s stiff dick. The position gave
Stacey an idea.

“Hmmm,” she gushed staring at Roger’s thick cock.
“That looks good enough to suck on.”

“Why don’t you?” Jason challenged.

“Why don’t you?” she shot back “or aren’t you man
enough to suck a cock.”

Jason stared at her

“I don’t do cock,” he stammered. “What do you
think I am?’

“It would really turn me on,” she purred.
“Watching you suck on Roger. Even better, watching
Roger suck you too.”

Now it was Roger’s turn to protest. Getting a
blowjob was one thing, but giving one quite another.

“C’mon guys. Who’ll know? It’s just the three of
us here.”

Stacey sat up. She had one hand on her tits, the
other drifting down to her glistening bush.

“Why don’t you just touch it,” she urged Jason.
“It won’t go off…or will it?

She grinned at Roger who turned slightly toward
his friend.

Jason looked up at Roger’s dick now just inches
from his mouth. His own dick was throbbing. He wanted
to fuck Stacey’s tight pussy but she was now out of

“C’mon Roger. Look at his dick. I bet you really
want to taste it. Cock is so good. Make him good and
hard so he can fuck my pussy. He’ll do it to you and
you can stick it in my ass. You know you want to fuck
my ass. I want your hard cock in my asshole.”

Roger moved again. Now his head was almost between
Jason’s legs and Jason was even closer to Roger’s
crotch. He could smell the musk, almost taste it.

“No,” he said. “I’m not gay. I don’t do guys.”

“One cock doesn’t make you gay,” Stacey said. She
knew she was getting to him. She spread her legs just a
bit so he could see her pussy and then quickly covered
it with her hand, letting him watch her put one finger
into her slit.

“If you want this,” she added, “you’ll do it. What
about you Roger? Don’t you want my ass?”

“I’ll do it if he will,” Roger blurted. “But I’m
not gay either.”

“I told you. One cock doesn’t make you gay. It
just means you’re able to do what comes naturally.”

Roger looked at her as she stood again, thrusting
her hips and trim ass at him. Roger wanted to reach out
to touch it, but now Jason held him but the waist,
turning him. Roger’s cock was at Jason’s lips. He
opened them slightly. His lips grazed the tip of
Roger’s penis. Roger grunted and pushed forward,
surprising Jason. In an instant, Jason had the first
four inches of cock-meat in his mouth.

Roger leaned his head forward and now he too was
sucking on a cock, his first.

Stacey stared at them. She never thought they’d do
it, but there they were, Jason and Roger in a 69 as she

“That’s it,” she urged, “suck harder. Make him
cum. I want you to both cum for me.”

Neither Jason nor Roger answered, at least not
with words. Instead they began to suck in earnest,
Jason gagging on Roger’s thicker rod, his head spinning
as Roger swallowed.

Stacey’s mouth dropped. They were really doing it.
They were sucking each other, hard. Roger lowered his
head onto Jason’s shaft, taking it deep into his mouth.
At the same time, he pushed his rod further into
Jason’s willing mouth. All Stacey could hear was the
two of them sucking, slurping, moaning.

She dropped both hands to her crotch, feeling
gently for her puffy lips, squeezing them, kneading
them. She found her clit with her left hand and she
pushed one then two then three fingers of her right
into her cunt. She pressed on her clit as she shoved
the fingers in and out of her slit.

All three of them were moaning now. She could feel
the orgasm building. She lifted her ass from the couch,
and then dropped quickly as the waves of pleasure
surged through her body.

Jason and Roger didn’t notice. They were busy
working on each other, each straining to bring the
other off. Roger won. Jason let Roger’s cock slide from
his mouth.

“Aaargh.” Jason’s cum began to spurt past Roger’s
lips. Stacey could see the white cream filling his
mouth, leaking out of the corners. Roger’s cock began
to spew as well and Jason hurriedly tried to cover it,
to catch as much of his friend’s hot jism as he could.

As Jason lapped at Roger’s dick, Roger began to
stroke Jason’s head pushing it back on his cock so that
his 18-year-old dick would surge back to life. He
grasped Jason and pulled him close, sucking again on
Jason’s hot organ. Roger reached around his friend, his
fingers stretching to Jason’s ass, pulling the cheeks
apart. He continued to extend his fingers until he
found Jason’s tight asshole.

Jason was beyond feeling. His cock began to spurt
again as Roger slipped two fingers into his hole,
pumping them in and out.

As Stacey watched, Roger slid from under his
friend and quickly scrambled behind him. Roger’s cock
stood stiffly, glistening with his own cum and Jason’s
saliva. Jason rose to his knees and reached for his own
hard dick as he presented his ass. Roger was ready and
with one swift push, shoved his hard wet rod past
Jason’s sphincter, stretching his ass, pumping as Jason
cried out in joyful agony.

Stacey slid off the couch and began to collect her
clothes. They wouldn’t even know she was gone.