Young woman is tortured after rejecting the Mailman

Kari was a woman around 25. She was drop dead gorgeous
yet single through her whole life. She’d have the
occasional one-night stand, but never more than that.
Despite her size 34D’s she’d always been thought of the
one that wouldn’t be good for a late night fuck

Our story starts on a sunny November morning in the
year of 2005. Kari woke up to a knock on her door. She
was tired this particular morning, having had a
wonderful night of passionate love making the night
before. She’d been with the mail man for two straight
nights. She didn’t want to get attached. She didn’t
want to answer the door.

An hour later she heard her door again. Furiously she
yelled, “Who the fuck is at the fucking door at 10:00
in the morning!”

A short pause at the door and finally, “it’s me, Jack,
the Mail man.”

Hurriedly Kari swung open the door wearing a skin-tight
nightgown which revealed her 34d breasts. “May I help
you Jack? I thought I said it was over between us.”

Jack frowned, looking at this absolute fox of a woman
glaring at him looking tired as can be. “Yes Kari, I do
remember what you said, and I was hoping perhaps we can
talk it over?”

Kari was in no mood to talk so she said simply, “Ok,
We’ll talk, but I don’t want you in here, and I don’t
want to talk now!”

“Well, that works for me,” replied Jack in a soft
voice. He had his own plan for Kari that wouldn’t work
at her own small apartment.

It didn’t take Jack long to get back to his home in the
suburbs of Detroit. About 10 minutes from Kari’s house
in good traffic. On the way home, he masturbated
himself to the thought of his plans for Kari. He was
tense and excited at the prospect of having her chained
and tied to his wall, Himself going into her for many
hours. She would be his slave, whether she liked it or

The t*****e wall he’d built was on an angle. The high
ceiling creating an echo that could scare the shit out
of anyone that came near its sound. Jack had never
force-fucked anyone in his life. Even his former wife
hadn’t had to face what Kari was going to go through.
She’d been tied up, but always in sheer pleasure. Now

Jack took the chains out of his closet, an evil grin on
his face. He fastened the top most chain to the ceiling
and worked his way down until the chains resembled a
part harness. This would allow Jack easy access to
Kari, and every part of her.

Next came the electronic stimulators. Once Kari would
be connected to them, they’d release 1000 volts of
electricity each 25 seconds. This would serve two
purposes: 1. To enable the body to shake in a way that
Jack enjoyed. 2. So that Jack could hear Kari scream
for release as he raped and tortured her.

Finally Jack secured nipple, clit and any other clamps
he could possibly afford as a mailman. The stage was
now set. He’d be picking up Kari in 20 minutes time; he
thought everything had a chance. He smiled grimly to

Jack picked Kari up at her house. Kari complained a
little, but decided that she’d rather go with Jack than
sit at home alone on a Saturday. Jack’s Ford had
recently been fixed so that it could go more than
100MPH. They practically flew to Jack’s house.

Kari began to feel wrong once she got into the door.
She didn’t see anything that welcomed her to the house,
a coffee table and a rock of a chair. Not pleasant. She
sat on the floor while Jack took the chair next to her.

“So why do you want me here?” asked Kari with a look of
slight fear on her face.

“You’ll know soon enough you little slut,” snarled Jack
as he took his left hand and slapped Kari across her
right breast.

Kari was mortified. “Yuh! Y-you, b-brought me here so,
so, so you could t- t*****e me?”

Jack turned around. “You’re damn right you little
whore. You fucked with me for two nights, too long.
I’ve got something for you, right in there!”

Jack lifted Kari off her feet by her breasts. Throwing
her against the t*****e wall he’d assembled earlier.

“Stay there. You can’t; I’m going to enjoy you

He went to tie Kari up, but first he wired up the
electricity so that it was completely ready for her.
Once again Jack picked Kari up. She was crying now,
thick tears flowing down her face, onto her chest which
was still in pain from the vicious slap applied

“Why this, Jack?” Kari asked in a tearful voice. “I’ll
be better to you; I promise it will be more than your
wildest dreams.”

Jack wasn’t impressed. “No you bitch; I’m going to fuck
you, right here, right now. You’re not going to like
it, but I certainly will.”

Jack enjoyed seeing the tear streaked face of Kari
Cower in fear. Jack lifted her up, and put her into the
t*****e contraption. This took awhile do to Kari’s
beautifully slim body being too small. Finally, she was

Jack watched Kari struggle against her bonds for a good
5 minutes. After this time he had a hard-on. He placed
himself in a mock sexual position over Kari. He Put his
6.5 incher deep into Kari. She screamed with pain as
Jack worked.

“No Jack, no! Please!”

Jack didn’t listen. He rammed himself deep inside her,
making her shudder with pain. It was either that or the
electricity flowing through her.

“You like this you whore?” Asked Jack with a wide grin
on his face. Pounding his member into Kari’s vagina.
This made her scream as he’d applied the clit clamp
earlier. He reached around, and pulled the metal nipple

“NOOOO!” Kari exclaimed as the full rush of pain hit
her. “You, C-can’t do this to me!”

“To hell I can’t, you cunt,” yelled Jack at the top of
his lungs. Preparing to cum inside of her with strong
force. “You will be my slave until I release you.”

Sensing that the time was a long way away, Kari gave
in. Almost having an orgasm to shut Jack up. She
screamed with supposed pleasure. Jack was relentless.
Continuing to fuck her whenever he felt like it, not
caring about the results.

Jack continued this attack on Kari for 7 hours. Kari
drifted off to sleep finally. Jack picked her off of
the t*****e wall. Whispered to her, “I’m sorry, but it
was for your own good,” and cut Kari’s throat with a
blade that was old and rusted.

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