First Time Lesbian Affair

The story you are about to read is a true one about my first
sexual experience with another… It was about 3 years ago when
I was 20 heading toward 21, and my parents felt that I was old enough
to fend for myself for one weekend. They had a twentieth high-school
reunion that they had decided to attend, and there was no way they
were gonna make me go to thing like that. So I had a whole weekend
on my own…

I invited Cindy my ‘then’ best-friend over to stay for the
night, and her parents said yes, cause they didn’t know that mine
weren’t goona be there. We did all the usual stuff that two healthy
teen age girls do, like smoking one of my dads cigars, and we each
had a hit of sour-mash whisky (Uck!!!!). Then after watching TV
for a couple of hours, I suggested that we go swimming, cause it was
a hot night, and Cindy didn’t have a pool, so I thought it would be
a treat for her.

Well of coarse she hadn’t brought a suit, and I offered her
one of mine. But for some reason I said “lets do something crazy”.
And I asked her if she would go swimming nude with me. I mean we had
this great big fence around the back yard, and no one would know.
The idea really turned me on for some reason.

Cindy wasn’t sure about the whole thing, but once she saw
me strip right in front of her, she took off all her clothes too.
So we walked through the house and out to the pool totally nude. I
kept darting glances at Cindy, cause she was really stacked for 13,
and I hadn’t seen her without cloths before, or she me for that
matter. We held hands and jumped into the pool feet first.

You have no idea how turned on I was, swimming around in
the pool naked with another girl. I think I look pretty good, I
mean my body is fine, and I hoped that Cindy might want to touch
me in the water.

I couldn’t help myself, I kept brushing against her, and
several times in our horse-play I trapped her against the edge of
the pool and pushed my whole body against her. (Wow that really
felt good)

Well after a while I suggested that we jump into the hot
tub, and as we where getting in, I glanced over at Cindy, and saw
her looking at me, she had this kinda speculative look in her
eyes, at any rate, my heart really started to pump, cause she
held my eyes with hers as I lowered myself into the hot water.
I couldn’t see below her breasts very well cuz of all the bubbles.
But I could see her beautiful breasts.

We talked for a while, and started playing truth or dare.
I don’t remember who started that, but I know that we started out
by daring each other to run around the pool and stuff, I enjoyed
this cuz when it was Cindy’s turn to run around the pool I could
sit leisurely in the hot tub see her pussy fur and bouncing breasts.

Then I dared her to feel me up. She came over next to me
in the hot tub and giggling, put her hands on my nipples, then
slid them down over my tummy then down between my legs. Boy was
I in heaven. I guess it felt so good to have someone else feeling
me that I started to moan loudly. This scared Cindy and she pulled
her hands away. Our feelings were getting really intense, and I
don’t know if we were prepared for them.

But after a bit, while still sitting side by side in the
hot tub talking about boys at school, and the dance last week,
Cindy told me that she had let Peter, who we both liked, put his
hand between her legs after the dance last week!! This talk got
me going again, and while we were discussing the merits of Peter’s
body, I slipped my hand down to rest on Cindy’s pussy. She didn’t
do anything, just kept talking excitedly about her experience with
Peter. The more she talked to more I did with my hand.

Then Cindy got a little braver and dared me to finger
her. Well after I did that she was very excited, and she fingered
me and we both forgot about Peter, and concentrated on each other.
We had for the very first time, orgasms, brought on by someone
other than our own hands, it was really indescribable. I don’t
think anything has been as intense as that first orgasm. There I
was shivering in delight while Cindy had one of my nipples in her
mouth, and a couple of fingers up inside me…. all the bubbles..
the hot water.. it was just so….

After recovering from our wonderful orgasms, and a kiss
or two, we got out of the pool and I lay down on a towel on the
wooden deck. Cindy came over and lay next to me, then she did
something I will never forget……….she rolled on top of me!
Our naked bodies kind of melted into each other, and she was
kissing me as we rolling around with our pussy’s grinding into
each others. It was one of the best sensations I have ever had.
We had several more orgasms while playing this way, I think I
have never before or after had so many orgasms in one night.

After a while we got tired and couldn’t take any more
physical stimulation, so we went inside and slept together in
my bed, naked.

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