Lisa finds a lonely ice cream girl to play with

Lisa was an attractive brunette, 34 years old, curvy but didn’t show it off dressed in dark blue sweatpants and a matching Hoodie from Adidas. She enjoyed dressing casually so as not to be noticed, she preferred to be the observer. She was dozing off, daydreaming as she always did when she watched the people

Kinky office affair

I had just gotten back to the office from a late lunch meeting with a senior client and was quiet please with how everything had played out. I was sure the deal was final and we were guaranteed some additional business here on the west coast once all of the paper work was signed. I

Candid Camera

Denise rode the elevator up to the ninth floor. Getting off and walking up the corridor to the security office, she swiped her card through the door-side reader. “Quit feeling sorry for yourself,” she muttered, as the door opened. “You knew the deal.” Which wasn’t much help, when everyone else in the LaSalle building was