69 for my man

“You keep teasing me with that story. Why don’t you make it happen for me?,” I tell my man in the afterglow.

“Or perhaps for both of us? You have often told me you would like me to watch another man blow you.”

“I will baby, I have just the man in mind. I often see him at the gym. Fifteen-years younger than us, huge cock, bigger than my eight-inches and bisexual apparently.”

I am Anne, a forty-five year old woman with a very strong sex drive. I still have a good body, men love my legs and dimple free forty-three inch arse. My current man, Jon, who is two years younger than me tells me I have given him an arse fetish and we seldom have sex without him kissing it. I have long fantasized about having a third man, two men at the same time while having sex.

A few days later Jon is excited to tell me he has arranged for Alain to visit us on Sunday at 2.30. “I told him all about you and your expectations.”

On the Sunday morning Jon waxes me leaving just a tuft of pubic hair over my cunt lips and I do the same for him.

“Two men for your sexual pleasure today baby, you have wanted this for a long time, enjoy and make it good for me also.”

Alain arrives right on time and I decide to tease him and increase the sexual tension by making a late entrance. When Jon answers the door he is wearing just a very tight pair of jeans and his taut body does look good.

I can see the two men through a one-way mirror, Alain is a good looking and very fit man, just my type and they are obviously very comfortable with each other.

“Take you shirt off Alain and I will oil your torso for you and you can oil me.”

The two men are turning me on as I watch them smear oil all over each other’s torso and tease each other’s erect nipples without saying a word to each other.

Before I make my entrance I check my appearance and outfit in the mirror. Stiletto heels, perfume and nothing else under my very short black silk dressing gown. I feel empowered and totally in control of the situation as I walk through the door and Jon says, “This is Anne, Alain. Show her why I invited you here and what you have for us.”

Before Alain can do anything I am determined to play the vamp and be the centre of attention for two men.

“Help me off with my gown Alain” I tell him as I turn my back, spread my legs and open my gown so he can slide it off.

“Wow, you really are something special Anne, love that glorious arse,” he mutters as he undoes the zip on his jeans and slowly slides out a huge erection, teases it with a fingertip, then lets his jeans drop to the floor.

“This is for both of you, did Jon tell you I am ten inches?,” he asks as Jon slides his his jeans to the floor to show us his eight-inch erection.

As if by a previous tacit arrangement both men slide identical silver cock rings all the way up their erections.

“Like watching that Anne?”

“Yes I do, especially with mirrors all around.”

“Oil my arse for me Alain.”

“Would you like me to suck your cock while you blow Jon? Or would you like to watch Jon fuck me while I blow you.” I ask very pleased with myself as I have an oversize erection in each hand.

I am excited when he answers, “Blow me while I watch Jon fuck you.”

“Okay, but I want to watch you blow Jon after. And perhaps Jon blow you.”

In quick time we manage to arrange ourselves so that Jon and I are lying on the bed. Jon is behind me and I can feel him grasping my arse cheeks as he slowly slides his very hard cock into me. I am sure his cock is even harder than usual as he is turned on by watching Alain’s ten-inches with my hand around it as he stands close by.

I am concentrating on the size of Alain’s ten-inch erection as Jon whispers, “Your fantasy come true baby. A huge cock for you to suck while I fuck you. Enjoy and make it good, really good,” he tells me as he builds up a slow rythm and slaps against my arse cheeks.

“Watch me baby, this is for both of us,” I whisper to Jon the moment I take Alain’s erection between my lips. It is watershed moment for me after years of fantasising about one man fucking me while I suck a huge cock at the same time.

The two men quickly establish a rhythm, as Jon slides his cock into me Alain slides his cock between my lips as I wonder which man will cum first.

After a while I have completely lost track of time until I can feel my man Jon tensing and moaning, ‘So good baby, so fucking good, watch me cum, watch me,’ as he stands and commences masturbating.

Alain also stands and commences masturbating as he mimics Jon’s words, ‘So good Anne, so fucking good, watch me cum, watch.’

I love watching a man masturbate and shooting a load. Two hung men at the same time is an exciting first for me.

“Do it for me, do it, cum for me.” Very exciting as I bring them both off with my hand as they both make noises I have never heard before.

“That really was something Anne and Jon,” Alain tells us in the afterglow as all three of us are in our combined sit down shower and steam room.

“Glad you enjoyed it. I want to watch you blow my man, will you do that for me, can you get it up again?.” I smile as I ogle his still impressive cock after he has lost his erection.

“And I would love to watch my man blow your ten-inches. What can I do to help? Would you like to tell us about some of your sexual encounters as a turn on?,” I ask as I am sitting between the two men and fondling their almost flaccid cocks.

“A few weeks ago I was invited to a dinner party for a group of twelve business professional women. I was introduced as guest speaker on retirement plans. As soon I introduced myself one of the women who was the organiser started undressing me. Shirt, trousers and then my jock strap. At first there was absolute silence as the woman fondled my cock and I had an instant erection as she sucked my cock. Then when my big macho male accomplice appeared and the two of them alternated sucking me to orgasm the women went wild. They were both very good and I loved performing for twelve women.”

I notice both men are on their way to achieving a full erection, a combination of Jon’s story and my soft hand I assume, as Jon tells us how he fucked a twenty-five year old in a six-star hotel while her very wealthy seventy-year old man masturbated. “Biggest cock ever, they both told me and she had me twice. The second time an extra woman watched, his secretary it apparently.”

By now both men have full on erections as they fit their cock rings. I am also very turned on and greatly anticipating watching two men blow each other.

“I want to blow your ten-inches while Anne watches, then I want you to blow me while Anne watches.” without waiting for a reply my man tells Alain as he puts his hand around Alain’s cock, licks his nipples until they are erect, then licks his way down to his now semi-erect cock.

I had never seen my man with another cock in his hand or arousing another man with his lips and tongue. And I like it.

“You first Jon,” Alain tells him as Jon is standing in front of a wall length mirror, legs apart with his second roaring erection for the afternoon.

I am very aroused as Alain stands in front of him with his huge second erection for the afternoon, licks his nipples, then licks his way down to his erection. I am very aroused as Alain kneels and licks my man’s erection.

I am naked apart from my heels and a new dose of perfume as I stand behind my man and press my naked body into his and watch Alain tease the full length of Jon’s cock with a fingertip.

“Make him work for it baby and make it good for me,” I tell Jon as I tongue kiss him from behind and tease his nipples as Alain takes his cock between his lips. I can feel my man gasp and shudder as Alain scratches his balls while he sucks his cock.

“A man with a ten-inch erection is sucking your cock while I watch baby, I love it,” I tell him as I grind my pubic hair into his arse, never ever realising watching another man blowing my man would be such a turn on for me.

“I love blowing a man while his lady watches,” Alain manages to mutter. Does that turn you on Anne?”

“Yes, very much,” I reply as I watch him sucking my man and ogle his ten-inches while he teases it, close to orgasm as I tease my clit with a fingertip.

“On the bed, I want you on your back on the bed,” Alain tells Jon as he complies and I follow intent on watching.

The two men quickly position themselves and I watch fascinated as Alain kneels over Jon’s head and with Jon’s help, feeds his erection into his mouth, then bends forward and resumes sucking Jon.

After a short while they both lay sideways, obviously more comfortable and it also provides a better view for me.

Watching two athletic, well hung men sixty-nining each other is a sexual first for me and a very exciting one. The two men are both intent on providing maximum sexual pleasure to each other.

I watch as my man has one hand wrapped around the base of Alain’s erection and is sucking on it, fucking it with his tightly pursed lips, while Alain is doing the same to him. I can see the veins bulging in both mens erections as they work toward sexual relief for the second time in one afternoon.

They are in sync with each other and very intent on pleasuring each other as they work to orgasm. Suck slow, suck hard, lick, blow and then suck really hard while they scratch each other’s balls.

I am incredibly turned on watching them as sit close by on a stool, legs apart as I tease my cunt lips with a fingertip and have small orgasms over and over, holding back for a huge orgasm with the men.

“So good watching you baby, so fucking good,” I tell my man though I doubt if he is even listening as he is obviously close to orgasm.

Suddenly both men are groaning and making very loud guttural noises as they stand and quickly masturbate to orgasm.

I am so turned on watching as I have the huge orgasm I have been holding back as I tease my clit with a fingertip and tell the two men to watch me.

“Watch me, watch, this is for both of you,” I moan as I squirt and orgasm again.

“Maybe next time I can fuck your glorious arse while you blow your man, would you like that?”

“Food for thought,” I tease as Alain departs aroused at his suggestion.

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