Hot tub friends

Nobody knew her, or her friend. They were clean- cut, and both very handsome. They walked, and touched each other like they had known each other forever, slight nuances of love that get better with age, and more subtle. We were sitting at our usual table, my husband and I, both transfixed by their elegance

Oh No, That’s My Husband !

Mike and Diana had been married a long time and the candle had blown out. Life was routine and love and lust were suspended at best. They followed a pattern. Monday to Friday, home from work, something to eat, dishes in the washer and then they separated to their own rooms, Diana to what had

Dee and I had some fun

After a sex filled evening Greg left us naked and used , thankfully he covered us up before taking his camera and left the room.I slightly remember some time in the night he returned urging Dee to come with him.But as Gina moved closer to me I paid little attention to Dee leaving .Some how

Two women for my man

“Why not?, I owe Roger after that lot,” I smiled back. A week later we have arranged for Mary to join us. “I want to pleasure both of you, we should have done this before now, I have been so horny ever since I watched you with two hung men, very horny. And the way