Aussie Threesome in Vegas

In Aussie I live in a pretty small town, it is only 90 minutes to Sydney but it isn’t that big of a place. When I was just in Breckenridge, that is a pretty small town as well and I suppose since being an adult, I’ve always lived in relatively small towns. So hooking up,

69 for my man

“You keep teasing me with that story. Why don’t you make it happen for me?,” I tell my man in the afterglow. “Or perhaps for both of us? You have often told me you would like me to watch another man blow you.” “I will baby, I have just the man in mind. I often

Grandma’s First Gloryhole

As sex lives progress so does the wants and desires. Grandma and I would have some great sexual conversations on what our deepest fantasies were. I remember one night after dinner we sat on the couch together, enjoying a casual conversation, however like most of our conversations it turned into a sexual conversation. “So what