A boyfriend and girlfriend do it – for these virgins there are medical consequences, and public ones also

John and Rachel had been dating for about a month. They
lived in the same apartment building across the hall
from each other. John was 21 and Rachel had just turned
18 that week. A pretty blonde, she was quite a catch
for John. He had met her parents. They were concerned
about John’s age, but liked him. They had repeatedly
stressed to Rachel to “save herself” for her wedding
day. She promised them that she would do so.

After Rachel’s 18th birthday party, which John
attended. All of the neighbors knew that John and
Rachel were an item.

“Hello, Mrs. Schmidt,” said John.

“Why hello John. You sure have a pretty young

“Thank you Mrs. Schmidt, I think so too.”

“Hello, John,” Said Mrs. Willis.

“Hello, Mrs. Willis.”

“You sure have a nice girlfriend John. We are all
counting on you to keep her that way, if you know what
I mean.”

“I will certainly try to, Mr. Willis.”

He knew everybody in the frigging building and they
sure were noisy.

Tonight he and Rachel were going out to dinner and then
to watch a movie. He sure wanted to get into her pants,
and he thought he might try that evening.

At dinner she had two glasses of wine, they didn’t
check, and got a little tipsy. He took her home and
they put in the video. The usual make out session
began. Soon they were really into it. “Do you love me?”
Rachel asked. “Yes, yes I do.” “Would you marry me if
anything happened?” “Yes, I would.” Ok, well, I guess
that since I am 18 that we could do it. “You would
marry me?” “PH, yes Rachel.”

John slowly slid his hand into her panties and put in a
finger. She moaned. Soon they were in bed and she was
on her back. He slowly began to enter her. “I won’t get

“NO, not this time of the month.” I assured her.

He went in a bit further. He had hit her maiden head.
She had not lost it on a bicycle. It was there, he had
heard of soaking a girl in a warm bath to make the
deflowering easier, but this was the moment. She was
tipsy and now was the time.

He slammed into the maiden head and she screamed. He
hit it again and felt a small tear. He hit it once
again. She screamed every time. Finally he tore thru
it. He could feel the b***d on his dick. He began
pumping her >She was crying, saying it hurt. He kept
going and finally came. She came as well.

Exhausted, she fell asleep, He pulled out. Talk about a
bloody mess! There was b***d all over his stomach, her
stomach and all over the bed under her pelvis. He would
go take a shower and then clean her up.

The shower felt good and soothing. The b***d washed
down the drain. He dried off and got dressed. He went
back in to clean her up armed with a wet washcloth and
a big towel. He walked into the bedroom to see her
lying in a huge pool of b***d around her pelvis. She
was very, very white. She was bleeding from her torn

He ran to the phone and called 911. He went back with
the towel and tried to place it between her legs. Then
he heard the siren, he ran down to direct the
paramedics up to the apartment. In Oakland, they always
send both an ambulance and a fire truck to any
paramedic call. The first vehicle to arrive was the
fire truck. It was a huge America LaFrance pumper, red
lights ablaze.

The paramedics got out. “I was making love to my
girlfriend, and she was a virgin, and I guess when I
tore her hymen, she started bleeding. Now she won’t
stop and she is pale white. I think she is bleeding to
death. I should have known, her hymen was so thick and
tough.” Mrs. Kimbell stood by the fire truck with her
mouth open in astonishment.

Mrs. Pearson ran over to Mrs. Kimbell and asked what
was happening.

“John was deflowering Rachel and she had a thick hymen
and when he tore it and she started bleeding
uncontrollably. She’s turned white, they think she way
be bleeding to death.”

The ambulance pulled up and the paramedics came in the
building. Mrs. Thompson asked what happened. “John was
deflowering Rachel and when he tore her hymen it was so
think that she started bleeding and now she is pale

A police car came to control the crowd, a reporter from
the Oakland paper arrived to get some pictures and a
story. Soon, Rachel’s parents arrived as a neighbor had
called them about their daughter. John came down, “I am
so sorry.” Her dad said, “I am glad you called 9-11 you
did the right thing. We could have lost our baby.”

Soon Rachel came down on a stretcher with an IV in her
arm and an oxygen mask. She was blue. Her younger
sister looked at her mother and said, “Will this happen
to me too?” A medic standing by cleared his throat, the
crowd leaned in to hear. “Thick hymens do run in
families. It is a genetic thing. You might want to have
your surgically removed before your honeymoon.”

The story was on the front page of the Oakland paper
the next morning. Photos of the couple, the birthday
party and the tragedy that ensued in the bedroom.

Rachel is OK now. She was married and not to John. They
had planned on having her wear a white brides dress,
but finally gave up the idea and told her fiance about
her history.

He reluctantly agreed to go on with the wedding since
it was at such a late date. All of their neighbors were
invited. And yes, the fire tuck rolled again when the
younger sister decided to explore extramarital sex for
the first time.

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