Dirty Cheerleaders Come Clean

There were five of us on our college cheerleading squad. We were really working up a sweat practicing all afternoon, while the football team was doing their practice, too. We all finished up at about the same time, and we girls hit the locker room. Just then, our coach informed us that the showers didn’t

My First Handjob by a Girl

When I was a eighteen a girl named Kathy Radnor lived over on the next street. Kathy was tall, perhaps 5’8″, her hair was dishwater blonde, cute green eyes and, as it turned out, she was very forward. She was a close friend of my sister, and until that day, I only knew about her

Three redheaded nymphomaniacs, three horses with a craving for human cunt

Warning ! This extreme sex story was written as an very dirty adult fantasy. The sick author does not condone the described behavior in real life! I always dreaded having to stay with my Aunt Margaret. She was always so strict, and she really looked the part of a stern aunt. She always wore proper