Judy and Heather sexual adventures

Judy and Heather were assigned out on a fringe dig for three straight days, well away from everyone else. They worked side by side. Heather noticed Judy sneaking glances at her body, and the second day began to wear very tight jeans, especially in the crotch. Her cunt was nicely outlined and the seam creased

Anal deflowering starts

Young, slender Becky Larson had been, as ordered, secured over the top of the large oak table in my private dinning chamber. She was dressed in a crisp catholic schoolgirl uniform consisting of a starched white blouse which buttoned up the front, a short plaid skirt, white knee highs, white cotton panties/bra and her hair

Thrasher Girls 2 – Pierced

We had been discussing getting tam-tams pierced for about an hour after we did the guys in the Lincoln. tams was pretty much stalling on us, trying to change the subject. But nikk wouldn’t let it alone, and neither would Nicky. He liked to watch us get pierced and tatted, and the idea of seeing

George And Lisa Discover ‘The Plan’

George was huffing back home on his bicycle after an exciting and confusing afternoon with his girlfriend Lisa. As usual, George had spent a few hours at Lisa’s house after school. This had become a routine for them in the past several months. They would talk of the day’s events; who was doing what around