A boy goes to his friend’s house and gets a lot more than he bargained for

Roddy’s mother sat on the settee stroking a big black dog. The black butler brought in the boy. ‘Thank you, Charles.’ She uncrossed her legs but crossed them again as the dog tried to nose up her short skirt. ‘Naughty Fritz, don’t you think?’ She smiled at the boy. ‘Wouldn’t you be more comfortable taking

Dirty Cheerleaders Come Clean

There were five of us on our college cheerleading squad. We were really working up a sweat practicing all afternoon, while the football team was doing their practice, too. We all finished up at about the same time, and we girls hit the locker room. Just then, our coach informed us that the showers didn’t

My First Handjob by a Girl

When I was a eighteen a girl named Kathy Radnor lived over on the next street. Kathy was tall, perhaps 5’8″, her hair was dishwater blonde, cute green eyes and, as it turned out, she was very forward. She was a close friend of my sister, and until that day, I only knew about her

A boyfriend and girlfriend do it – for these virgins there are medical consequences, and public ones also

John and Rachel had been dating for about a month. They lived in the same apartment building across the hall from each other. John was 21 and Rachel had just turned 18 that week. A pretty blonde, she was quite a catch for John. He had met her parents. They were concerned about John’s age,