A grandma fetish story for your enjoyment

In all my years, I had never thought of grandma Em in a
sexual way until the day I walked into their house,
yelled for her and got no answer. I could see that
granda Willie was gone. His Chrysler’s absence meant he
was either gone to play gin rummy with the guys or he
at the golf course.

Either way, I figured she was in the garden fooling
around with flowers. As I head to the bathroom, I had
whipped out my piss hard dick, opened the door prepared
to loose my pee, when I get shock supreme!

The was grandma bent over the toilet, with her left
foot propped on the toilet, wiping off her legs from
taking a bath. Her pussy was standing wide open from
the rear. It was lovely! All red and pouting with large
lips and a protruding mound of black hair hanging down.
Our eyes met at the same time with me yelling “whoa!
Sorry grandma!”

“Whoa Billy!” grandma said, keeping the pause, turning
her head to me and smiling. “Are you excited to see me
or what boy? It’s been a long time since I saw
something like that in person.”

After a few seconds, I realized my dick was in my hand
and quickly turned around, sticking my piss hard back
into my pants, then standing there stupid, explaining
why I had come in and apologizing.

Grandma laughed, still standing there with her pussy
wide open from the back. It looked wonderful, it looked
so fuckable, not the thing I would have expected to see
on a 67 year old woman. I had always thought if it
wasn’t young, it wasn’t usable. I could see now, older
women have LOVELY pussies.

I know I must have stared for at least two to three
minutes while she giggled, finally straightening
herself and turning around to expose her large breasts.
They sagged all the way to her stomach. The breasts had
no form at all. I guess age had took its toll of them,
as they lay down her chest, large red nipples that were
very large.

I got my composure as I stood there looking and began
to feel my hard on become sexual. Sensing I had
overstayed and over-reacted, I backed out the door,
still apologizing and grandma still laughing.

I ran out back and peed on the side of the house, then
went back in. Grandma was still giggling, asking me if
I found her body repulsive. I quickly told her no.

“Good then. I want you to powder my back for me and
paint my toenails if you can stand to look at this
old wrinkled body.”

I quickly agreed I would. Grandma got dressed in a long
white terry cloth robe and started small talk as she
searched through her bedroom drawers for the fingernail

She went on telling me about how long it’s been since
she had a man. In reality, she was telling me she had
not had a dick in two years.

Grandpa sleeps in the back of the house, opposite end
of it and upstairs. She slept downstairs near the front
on the first floor where she could see everyone pulling
into the driveway.

They had slept in different beds since she was 60
because grandpa has a habit of fussing if anyone
disturbs his rest. He’s usually in the bed between 8
and 9 p.m., wakes around 5 a.m. She went on to say how
grandpa only enjoyed golf, fishing and gin rummy with
the boys.

Here was the woman who had changed my diapers, kept me
when I was a c***d and who now would keep my own
c******n, giving me hints.

Grandma stands about 5’6” weighs about 125 and is very
grandmotherly, so to speak. She has gray hair, short,
that cuts off at the base of her neck and ends up in

She dresses conservatively. But what I had seen earlier
let me know she had a killer body, more perfect than a
lot of young girls.

Grandma passed me the baby powder first and asked me to
“dust” her back with it. She slid her shoulders out of
the robe as she sat in the chair backing up to the bed
and dropped the top of her robe, leaning her head

I took the powder and sprinkled it onto her upper back.
She told me then to “rub it in.”

I began rubbing the powder in like I was massaging her.
I saw she was into it, so I continued rubbing the baby
powder into her doggone soft, sexy skin. I rubbed from
her neck to mid-back.

Grandma sort of cooed because it was feeling good.

So I wanted to best myself, I started to massage her
shoulders and neck. She tossed her head to the side and
said how good that felt.

“I might ask you to do that all over if you’re not in a
hurry Billy,” grandma hinted.

I told her I would gladly do it. I had nothing else to
do and I had come out today to talk with her and to get
the vegetables she and grandpa had picked for me and my
family. They pampered my wife and kids with all kinds
of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Grandma really couldn’t lean too much further, so I
suggested we trade places, she get onto the bed and I
sit in the chair where she was and I could massage her
whole back.

Before I could complete the phrase, grandma was up from
the chair and climbing into the bed, her gown popping
open showing her huge sagging tits. The nipples were
hard and I know it’s wrong, it’s immoral, but I started
to really get a hard on, as she casually closed the
gown, gathering her long tits, then laid down on her
stomach, turning her face toward to wall.

I sat on the edge of the bed, poured powder onto her
lower back and began to massage her tenderly, then a
little harder, feeling the tension knots disappear as
she moaned, ‘aah. Aaah. Feels so good Billy.’

After about 15 minutes of that, I patted her on the
upper back and told her I was finished. She never
lowered the robe to expose her ass, so I figured, I was

Grandma just laid there, sounding halfway asleep and
asked me if I could massage the front of her arms and
her thighs. I said sure. “Grandma, whatever you want me
to do I’ll do it. And don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone
how much I enjoy giving you massages.”

Grandma flipped over onto her back, giggling, never
opening her eyes and said ‘Billy, I know I can trust
you with anything honey. I already know that. We have
that special bond you know.’

She pulled the gown down to halfway her chest. I
started on her shoulders and arms and worked my way
down. When I got to her breasts, I was unsure what to
do. She could sense it too because she opened her eyes
sort of groggy like and said, ‘you’ve seen them baby.
Go ahead and massage them for grandma please?’

I started to speak bold then, “grandma, whatever you
need or want, I’m going to do it for you. And it’s
always going to be just between us. OK?”

‘That’s what I want to hear baby. Thank you Billy,’ she
said as she opened the robe completely and I damn near
jumped off the bed in disbelief.

I worked hard to massage her thighs, the complete thigh
while acting like I wasn’t looking at her magnificent
bush of pussy hair. I would glance, but she had her
arms outstretched, eyes closed and every so often would
say something like, ‘oooh, feels so good baby,’ as I
took the tension out of her muscles.

I had finished one thigh and was working on the other
one when I had to lean over her to get at the back of
the thigh.

Man, being that close to her pussy sat off a nerve. I
wanted to take out my dick and dive in, but this was
grandma, so I didn’t.

As I finished up the thigh, I patted her on the thigh
and said I was done.

‘But Billy, what about this? How are you going to
massage me there?’ grandma asked as she opened her
legs, opened her eyes and started at me at the same
time she had exposed her pussy to me.

I didn’t say anything, just leaned my head between her
legs and started to slowly lap at at her pussy which
was already wet.

Within seconds, I had flipped myself around to lay
directly between her legs, licking her moisture as she
rubbed the top of my head.

After about 10 minutes and her cumming twice, I crawled
on top of her, kicked my pants off my ankles and began
to fuck her. Grandma is a small woman but her pussy
gohhled me in immediately.

She began to kiss me throwing her sweet tongue into my
mouth and I sucked it like a crack fiend sucks on the
glass pipe.

I was in ecstasy as was she. Grandma grunted and
wiggled as she came again and I unleashed my load into
her. She moaned and wiggled harder, as I continued to
fuck her, my dick still hard as ever. Grandma fed me
her breast and I sucked it as I fucked her again.

Then I flipped over, putting her on top and letting her
control the fuck. She went slow, methodical and fed her
breasts into my mouth.

After another 15 minutes or so. I came again, causing
grandma to takedeep breaths and call my name over and

We laid there chatting and I went down on her again. I
licked her pussy and fucked her a third time.

That was the start to a wonderful thing. Now grandma
spends a night or two at our home, freeing up my wife
to go out with her girlfriends to play bridge or bowl
in the late night league.

Just think, had I not wondered into that bathroom by
accident, I never would have known what a joy a sexy
grandmother is to have.