An innocent joke takes me all the way

I awoke to a soft whisper and after a few seconds I
began to roll over. “Can you give me a ride?” I could
hear. I opened my eyes to se Dana, my 18 year old
daughters Sherry’s best friend. She was also 18 and a
touch on the heavy side of average. She was around 5′,
125 pounds and still a teen innocence that I really
liked about her, both my girls had always been overly
mature for there age.

She had spent the night Friday night, the plan was to
go yard sailing in the city with my wife and girls, but
at the last minute her parents changed their minds and
called her and said she couldn’t go and would have to
home in the morning.

Her parents were major assholes, she had practically
lived with us the past 2 years but they still liked to
get drunk, fight and then call Dana and instill some
punishment on her for nothing at all. They never bought
her anything either, what little she had was from my
girls or my wife and I. She had been very excited about
yard sailing and very upset after their call so I
decided to try and cheer her up.

“Can I get a ride?” she repeated. We had always been
close enough we joked around freely so I didn’t think
twice when I snapped back “Sure, then we will get you
home.” She paused for several seconds while it soaked
in and then began to laugh. She leaned over me and
softly slapped my chest and began tickling me. I pulled
her down onto the bed and started tickling back.

The gently tickling escalated to a no holds bared
tickle war and soon the covers were pushed down to my
waist and she was sitting on my chest, legs on either
side of my head. We both paused, breathing hard from
the effort. Her crouch was just 3-4 inches from my nose
and I could smell the gentle scent of pussy. Even then
I wasn’t thinking anything inappropriate at the time, I
inhaled through my nose to get a deeper smell.
Evidently it was far more obvious what I was doing than
I intended and she gasped with a look of shock. I
reached up intending to push her off of me but before I
got the chance she rose up on her knees and began
sliding her shorts covered crotch across my mouth and
nose. I though about how wrong it was, but by then the
sweet smell of the first sniff was in full effect and
everyone after got more intense. It was not a strong
smell like an adult pussy, but a softer, sweeter smell.

Even knowing it was wrong I could not resist, I would
inhale through my nose and exhale through my mouth. By
now she had stopped rocking and settled in with my nose
in the area of her clit. As excited as I got inhaling
that sweet pussy she would get when I exhaled the moist
wet breath on her pussy. Before long she was grabbing
my hair and pulling my head deeper into her crotch. I
reached up and started to slide my hand up her shorts
and under her panties, gently pulled them to the side
and ran my tongue up her slit.

She shuddered like an earthquake and let out a scream
as creamy fluid began to run across my tongue and into
my mouth, one lick and she had cum. It tasted amazing,
I began to lap it up while a slid my finger into her
hole. After only an inch or two, I hit a soft barrier
and she pulled away a bit cringing and I realized she
was a virgin.

I did not want to ruin that for her so I began to push
her up to stop the act we were locked in but she pulled
my head into her even harder trying to stop me. The
push pull game continued for several minutes until she
seemed to give up and roll off my. I tried to move for
the edge of the bed to get up, but she pulled my
shoulder and I rolled to the side of her.

She began to kiss me with obvious inexperience but
passion that made up for it. The bed was moving quite a
bit for a few seconds while we were locked in the kiss
and when we broke I looked down to see she had removed
her shorts and panties. She re-started the kiss while
she pulled me on top of her. My mind raced as the
chldish innocence I once saw in her all but
disappeared and was replaced with a womanly lust I
could not have imagined just minutes before.

I decided I would let her decide how far to go and just
then she reached into my underwear and started to pull
my rock hard cock out. I’m over 7 inches so I thought
that would be the end I could go jack off in the
bathroom, but she pulled it out, reached down and
pushed my shorts down a couple inches and began to rub
the head of my cock up and down her slit. Not sure if
she wanted to actually fuck I held my distance waiting
for a sign from her.

I came as she stopped directly over her pussy hole and
began to pull on my cock. I let it begin to go in and
then I felt the hymen, I took tiny strokes in and out
increasing the pressure each time until it felt like it
was starting to give a little, then I stabbed another 2
or 3 inched in with one stroke. She screamed and I
stopped moving. She began to cry softly as she looked
up at me, but did not ask me to stop.

I could feel her pussy throbbing on my cock and wanted
so bad to sink it in her to the hilt. I held still for
a couple minutes before she started to grind against me
and I meet her rhythm. I took slow increasing depth
strokes until it was buried to my balls. Her pussy was
so tight it almost hurt when I pushed it in. Together
we stepped up the speed and pressure until we were
slamming together like crazy. We were a perfect match
sexually, always in rhythm, and moaning in unison, I
could not believe it was her first.

I quickly realized I would not be able to hold out long
in her tight hole. Everything in my brain said to pull
out and cum on her belly, but as it approached and I
could feel it building she began to wind up as well;
she was about to cum with me. My cock took over for my
brain as I began to pump my creamy seed into her cunt.
I thrust in with all my might as she screamed through
her first fuck orgasm. Shot after shot of cum blasted
into her soaking wet pussy, it was the best and longest
cum I’ve ever had.

We laid there for several minutes until my soft cock
slid out of her, followed by a steady stream of cum and
a little b***d then went to the bathroom to clean up.
She showered and I took her home.

From the tickle war until 2 week later we didn’t say a
word to each other. 2 Weeks later she was over and I
had a chance to talk in private for only a few minute.
I started to say I’m sorry, but she stopped me and said
she wasn’t. She said was fully aware of what she was
doing, had just gotten over her period so she knew it
was okay without a rubber. She explained that she
always had a crush on my and could never really think
if a way to thank me for all we had done for her so
when the chance arose she took it. I guess she was more
mature than I ever though.

I asked if we could ever do it again, we are just
waiting for enough time alone.