A high priced call girl accepts a new customer while her significant other monitors the meeting

She was standing nude in front of the full length
mirror when I entered the bedroom. I stopped and
admired the view, both rear and front, as reflected in
the mirror. Her eyes met mine in the mirror. Kay is
petite at five foot tall and less than 110 pounds. She
is not skinny, a well formed butt, small pointy breast,
slim waist, a slight pooch to the stomach area and
legs, beautiful legs that accent her buttocks and

At age 30 she could still pass as a teenager.

“Should I shave?” she asked.

“Why, I not into little girls.”

“A couple of my customers have suggested it.”

“The hell with them, I like the way you look.”

I met Kay in college and after we became close she
confessed that she was a very high priced call-girl
with a small select group of customers that provided
sufficient income to pay for her college and allowed
her to live in comfort. She said she would quit her
profession if and when we married.

We married in a very private non-sanctioned ceremony
soon after graduating and she did quit but it lasted
only a year before she decided she should supplement
our income. It was to be a short term until we became
financially solvent but the purchase of property
outside the city and a loyalty to customers dictated a
need to continue.

She had four customers, all highly regarded and very
wealthy business men. It was a very private arrangement
monitored by an ex-customer that was head of a
prestigious law firm. There were no other parties
involved, only Kay and her customers. She went to great
lengths to assure complete anonymity for her customers.
When a customer decided to end the relationship, she
would accept recommendations for a replacement and
would do a thorough background check before selecting a

Our property was extensive and we had split off a small
piece and built a small, comfortable second house at
the far end of the property. Legally the house was
owned by a corporation that existed only on paper with
a CEO that was non-existent. Her ex-client lawyer’s
firm handled all the legal details.

“What should I wear?”

“The black dress.”

“I like that one, always appropriate.”

“Is this your new client?”

“Yes, he’s young, 40. Has a wife and family, very

“Has he paid?”

“Yes, an account has been set up and money deposited.”

“Well, I guess I’ll check out the video equipment and
make sure everything is working. What time?”

“He’ll be there by eight so it may be a long night for
you. Oh, by the way, he’s black.”

“Are you sure about this, blacks seem to want to
humiliate/denigrate women.”

“I think he’s different, Harvard grad. Seems devoted to
his family, honest and sincere.”

“If he’s so devoted, why is he doing this?”

“He may have a Lolita complex. At our first meeting he
could hardly keep his hands to himself and was
definitely excited. He knows the rules.”


I walked to the house, arriving at about 6:30, I
checked the camera/voice recording system, made sure
the wine, snacks were in place. Kay arrived about 7:30
and checked to make sure I was in the recording room.
She then spent some time lighting candles and re-
arranging pillows, doing things to make the place look
lived in.

I watched her on the cameras and listened to her as she
moved about, occasionally flashing a leg and smiling
towards the camera, knowing I was there.

I didn’t need to be there but made it a practice to be
on-site whenever she had a new client (second new
client in the last six years). We always reviewed the
tapes together before digitally converting and
encrypting them and shipping the DVD to storage.

The client arrived on schedule with flowers and wine,
he acted as if he was a teenager on a first date but
within a matter of minutes, Kay had him comfortable and
talkative. She never ventured into the private areas of
a clients life but stayed within neutral areas. After a
couple of glasses of wine, Kay stood without a word,
adjusted her dress, made sure the client had a very
good profile view, looked at him and marched proudly
into the bedroom. The client almost upset a wine glass
in his haste to follow her.

Kay took charge, motioning him to set on the bed (to
neutralize the height difference between them), she
then pulled her dress above her knees, and climbed onto
the bed, taking him in her arms and giving him a long
kiss. His hands roamed in a hesitant manner over her
body, cupping the sweet cheeks of her bottom in each
hand, moving down her legs via the slit in the side of
the dress. His hands disappeared into the dress moving
to again cup her ass, a smile when he realized there
was only the dress.

Kay begin undressing him, his coat and shirt tossed on
the chair next to the bed. She pressed him backwards
swinging his body so that he lay stretched out bed. She
then straddled his legs, unbuttoning his trouser and
tugging them down, stopping to remove the shoes and
socks and then finishing the removal of the pants. He
lie there in boxer shorts, a pronounced tent formed by
a very erect penis.

Kay stood on the bed and removed her dress, tossing it
on the chair. She stood there, a leg on each side of
the client, knowing the lighting was such that every
part of her body was well lighted. I could see the
redness of her labia, the soft tuft of brown hair
capping her womanhood, her nipples hard at the end of
small proud breast.

She stepped forward and then gently sat down on his
chest, her labia opening, showing the tiny thin inner
lips and the pink of her treasure to which the client’s
eyes remained glued. She leaned forward on her arms,
moving her body forward and slowly lowered herself onto
his mouth. His hands were on her back slipping down to
her ass again and finally to her thighs where his
fingers intruded between his face and her genitalia,
his tongue working her small delicate clit.

I could see her stiffen, she had never had an orgasm
this early in the foreplay, his tongue must know how to
work a clitoris, his hands shifting back to her ass,
fingers wet with her flow. The large hands completely
covered her ass, pulling the cheeks apart, exposing her
rosebud, a finger pressing against it.

Kay shuddered, her flow coating her inner thighs.
Abruptly she moved away, swinging her body and legs so
that she was kneeling beside him, pulling on his boxers
as he lifted his bottom to assist her, her hand
reaching into the boxers to straighten his penis, the
boxers sliding down, removed and tossed on the chair.

She sat back admiring a coal black cock of at least 9
inches, fat, larger in diameter than any of her other
clients although not the longest. She leaned forward,
kissing his chest, his nipples working her way down his
torso until finally there was only the prick, the head
standing somewhat above his lower belly. She placed her
small hand on it, able only to grasp it about half way

She then kissed the head while slowly stroking with her
hand. Her tongue started working on the opening,
licking the pre-cum, washing the head with her saliva.
She didn’t engulf it with her mouth, she didn’t need to
for he suddenly stiffened and as Kay jerked her head
back he shot a rope of cum that sailed over his head
splattering the head board of the bed. Another three or
four ropes followed covering his face and upper body.

They both laughed as Kay reached for the warm wash
cloth on the night stand. They wiped up the cum, Kay
relinquishing the wash cloth to the client as she
reached for a sterile wipe, using it to clean his cock
head after which she carefully placed it on the table.
It would be used for DNA evidence if ever needed.

Kay lie down next to him, encouraging him to explore
her body, both manually and orally, she opened her legs
as he caressed her small breast, his large hands
completely hiding them, he continue down her body, one
hand opening her vulva, his eyes fixed on her vaginal
opening, a finger entering her working her G spot as
her body stiffened again, her legs clamping his hand in
position as her body shuddered again.

He was impatient, removing his hand he shuffled until
he was between her legs, moving them until they rested
on his chest, her size not allowing them to reach to
his shoulders. Guiding with his hands, he rubbed his
cock up and down her flowing crack. Kay, now also in a
hurry reached down, grabbing his cock and positioning

He applied gentle pressure, spreading her lips, half
the head disappearing between them, more pressure and
the head popped in, Kay gasping, sucking in a breath
and holding it as he slowly penetrated her, her belly
swelling with the intrusion. She had had longer pricks
but I could see by the images that this fat prick was
distressing her. Her legs straightened somewhat shoving
him back until he was almost fully withdrawn.

She smiled at him, telling him to wait until she got
used to it. When she was ready, she grabbed her thighs
just above her knees pulling them to her chest,
elevating her vagina as he slowly sank full depth into
her. The camera in the head board showed her stomach
bulging, accommodating his fat prick.

He then began a slow but firm fucking, driving into
her, causing her small body to move as his ball sack
slapped against her ass cheeks, coating themselves with
her flow. He placed his hands on each side of her head
then leaning forward, her face under his chest as he
began in earnest to fuck her, her body shaking as he
withdrew, tiny lips clinging to his cock like wipers as
he withdrew only to be shoved within her as he drove it
home again with an audible slap on the sound system.

Neither spoke as he continued to fuck her, Kay’s jaw
clamped against the pressure, breathing in short gasp
as he withdrew, exhaling in like gasp as he drove into
her again. The head board camera showed him close his
eyes a sure sign that he was getting close. A quick
glance at the camera covering the end of the bed showed
clinched butt cheeks as he buried his cock to the hilt,
his ball sack drawn tight as it slapped into her

He held it there as he emptied himself into her. He
stayed buried into her as he lifted his head savoring
the feel of a cock buried in the mixture of cum from
both he and Kay. When he withdrew, cum flowed from Kay
distended opening down the crack of her ass coating her
rosebud and puddling on the bed.

They lay side by side for a short period while Kay
rubbed his arm, working her magic on him, telling him
how wonderful it was.

They then showered together, this tall black man and
the little white woman, a mutt and jeff picture as they
soaped and cleaned each other. By the time they
finished, he was at attention again, Kay smiling, led
him back into the bedroom, quickly throwing a towel
over the wet spot, piling the pillows near the edge of
the bed and climbing on the bed, leaning into the
pillows with her knees on the bed, spread to expose
herself to an admiring client.

He didn’t hesitate, stepping behind her, he entered her
in one slow stoke, holding her by the hips, pulling as
if he could get deeper into her. He withdrew until the
head was almost out and then drove into her with force
and started fucking her rapidly. After a few minutes he
leaned over moving a hand to where he could play with
her clit, wanting to give as much as he got.

I was amazed at how her vagina could take such a
pounding, the opening extending in a tight ring as he
withdrew and disappearing on the in stroke. She started
moving her cute little ass in a circular motion further
exciting the client. After the two previous
ejaculations, I expected this coupling to last for a
while but he soon clinched his butt cheeks, pulled
himself as deeply as he could into her and again
flooded her with cum. I’m not sure Kay got off but
still it appeared as if she was enjoying the ride.

When he finally withdrew and the cum flowed from Kay,
she collapsed on the bed for a few minutes and then
jumped up, cum dripping on the carpet, to head for the
shower once again.

They finished showering, Kay slipping on a robe, the
client dressing. Then it was into the living room for
another glass of wine and some quiet talk as Kay made
sure the client was happy with his two thousand dollar
fuck. Kay checked her calendar and a date was chosen
for the next meeting. He asked if he could spend the
entire night with her when they got together again. Kay
told him she never did that but that she would consider
his request and let him know.

Kay escorted the client to limo, saw the client into
the vehicle with it blacked out rear compartment
(blacked out so the customer could not find his way
back to the house), told Manuel (our driver) that she
would not need his services again that night and then
stood there until they left.

I was waiting when Kay came into the house.

She smiled, leaned over and kissed me, holding my head
with both hands as she looked deep into my eyes. She
sat down beside me, head on my shoulder, hand on my leg
gently kneading my thigh.

“You did great, it looked like you enjoyed it very

“I did, more so than the other clients. He was
courteous and I especially enjoyed the strength of his

Kay then set upright, pulled my face around and gave me
a deep passionate kiss and then looking into my eyes
asked “Do you still want a c***d?”

“Very much so.”

“Do you mind if the c***d is black?”

“No, it doesn’t matter as long as we raise it together.
Are you starting to like this guy?”

“Yes, do you think you could accept him as the donor?”

“Maybe, I’ve never been with a man. Maybe if you could
arrange a three some and were there with me.”

“Dear Janet, only a woman like you knows how to really
love me and can make me happy for the rest of my life.
Come, let’s go home sweetheart and get some sleep.
Tomorrow morning, I’ll show you how much I love you
then we can then start planning your pregnancy – Okay
sweet love?”

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