Knocking Up The Inner City Schoolteacher

After I graduated from the University of Maryland two years ago I got a job with Teach for America, a nonprofit group devoted to getting talented and motivated graduates to work teaching underprivileged minorities. I was assigned to be a grade-school teacher at an inner-city charter school in Washington, DC. This was the opportunity I

Best Friends Prego Wife with perfect Double-Ds

I’d always heard that women got hornier while they were pregnant, but I didn’t realize just how bad it was until my best friend and his wife got pregnant. Since I got laid off last summer I’ve been paying the bills by taking odd jobs around town; painting houses, roofing houses and mowing lawns. Michael,

New House, New Neighbor

I’m four months pregnant, my asshole husband hasn’t touched me since I told him I was with son and my pussy is wet all the time, I can’t get sex off my mind. I am spending more time playing with myself then anything else it seems and to top it off, we have just moved

Filling Emily With Cum

Sneaking up on you isn’t easy. You’ve got a sixth sense. You’re a light sleeper, one of those men who “investigate the noise.” I don’t even try to stop you and convince you it was nothing anymore. You’re always “hearing something” but, today, I’m sneaking up on you. It’s taken me, what? Three minutes just

A Wife’s Temptation

I was five months pregnant, but not showing much. Not enough to start with maternity clothes anyway. The problem was my husband. He was treating me like a porcelain doll he was afraid he’d break. I assured him that the doctor had said that sex would be okay as long as we were careful toward

Pregging Sue

Let me start by telling you a little about us. My name is Phillip and I am 23, I have been married to Sue for 2 years. She is 21. I always considered our sex life was great until one day when Sue and I were watching a porno flick. I could tell she was

The Bride’s Hairdresser

Shawna and I were born about ten minutes apart. While we were twins, most people thought we wouldn’t be as close as identical twins often are, what with being different genders and all. They were wrong, though, because we were inseparable as we grew up. Even when most twins of opposite sex were separated –

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