A hot blonde, visits her loving Dom for a massage and a spanking

Teri’d just pulled into her driveway and got out of her
car; I could tell she’d had a rough day at work, as I
watched her walk laboriously to her front door, smiling
to myself because I knew she’d soon need my talents.

Teri is a great neighbor and wonderful friend; her
great body and knockout looks certainly didn’t hurt any
either. I’d seen her naked, even had sex with her, many
times, still I lay awake at night dreaming, of her
scintillating eyes, full lips, double D breasts and
perfect, tight body. I loved the aroma of her arousal,
and her body in general before, after, and during our
sessions “Oh God, she’s hot!”

A ring of the doorbell snapped me out of my reverie and
lo-and-behold, as I answered the door, it was she. She
asked me to give her a really good massage and to make
her as comfortable as possible. I told her to come in
and follow me to the bedroom

“Now, take off your clothes; let me look at your body.”

Teri did without question and walked over to the bench.
She felt the leather pads on the tiers, appraising the
new addition to my humble apartment,

“This one is nice, Jay, and the lower tiers make it
easier to get on.”

“Yeah, I know, makes it very convenient,” I said with a
smile. She got on and stretched out, face down on the
pillow; her luscious ass looking amazing as the light
through the window silhouetted it perfectly. I got a
tube of oil from the cabinet in the left tier of the
bench and squirted a liberal amount on her back; she
moaned as its texture cooled her skin. I massaged the
oil into her back, rubbing and kneading firmly as Teri

“Oh God, Jay, I love your fingers, this feels so good!”

Putting the tube into a cabinet in the left tier, I
rubbed slow broad circles over her back, patting her
lithe skin firmly as I moved down her body, letting the
lotion sooth her muscles, kneading her voluminous ass
cheeks, squeezing and working Teri’s butt muscles
fondly, continuing down her right leg. She shifted and
whimpered a little as my fingers glided over her warm
skin. I patted my way up her legs and got another
chance to massage her admirable cheeks. Just then I
remembered her request for maximum relaxation and gave
her ass a final squeeze as I leaned forward to her ear,

“You ready for the real fun, baby?”

Teri giggled devilishly and wiggled down the bench a
little in anticipation. She then bent her knees up to
her waist spreading her cheeks and presenting her holes
to me wonderfully; I leaned forward and kissed her
perineum, savoring this moment. I gave her ass a series
of firm smacks all over her voluptuous cheeks. Teri
squirmed as my hand slid through her creamy seam and
caressed her throbbing clit with my middle finger; she
was drenched with her juices. I gave her pussy a few
stern love-pats, which got her whimpering and

“My! We are enjoying this, aren’t we?”

I moved to her right side, raised my hand, and brought
it down on her sinewy cheeks harder this time; she
yelped as the blow landed with a crisp smack. Teri
writhed as I planted several more hard thwacks to her
majestic cheeks.

“Oh god, that feels so good, baby!”

Her back arched as my hand landed over her pussy a few
times, and her cheeks were getting pretty warm, so I
stopped to knead and caress her hot, stinging ass. Teri
slowly relaxed her back and shifted comfortably on the
bench as my hand parted her pussy lips and I pressed
into her clit with my middle finger. She cooed and
pushed back into my hand

“That’s it, baby, accept the sting, and relax you’re
so fuckin’ sexy.”

I softly stated as I lifted my hand away from her
rounded skin and reiterated my hard smacks. After
spanking her firmly for the next few moments; I could
feel her muscles relaxing just like I wanted. I opened
a cabinet in the bench’s right leg and pulled out a
cushioned paddle, rubbing little circles over her
enflamed skin. Teri cooed audibly as the cool leather
glided over her steamy flesh. She practically squealed
with delight,

“Oh, God, Daddy, I love that.”

I whacked her cheeks with the implement a few times;
the leather making a loud crack, as her skin was oily
and damp.

“What my baby wants, my baby gets!”

Teri gasped as the instrument struck her warmed skin
again and writhed, as it repeatedly landed against her
stinging ass; she held her muscles tense as I kept
striking her with the paddle, stopping when I saw her
shoulders waver a bit; she was nearly ready. I put the
paddle down and got a deerskin glove from the right
cabinet. Reaching up, I felt her pink buns, and they
were very warm to my touch. I got another tube of the
oil from the other cabinet, and put the glove on to
caress her radiant ass, kneading lovingly. Squirting
some more oil on her pink skin, rubbing it all over her
vibrant bum.

“Ready for the finale, baby?”

Teri looked over her shoulder with a smile and a wink
of her gorgeous eye, and arched her back again, bracing
herself. She waved her delicious ass at me.

“Hit me with your best shot, baby.”

Putting the glove back in the cabinet, I took hold of
the paddle, and thumped it against her voluptuous
cheeks; it landed with a loud smack. Teri yelped and
squirmed, but stayed on the bench ready for more
wallops. I reared back and let the paddle fly, striking
her buttocks with the face of the implement. She
grunted with every hard, stinging impact but didn’t try
to get away. After a few droning moments, Teri
collapsed on the bench with an audible sigh. Her
flaming, crimson buns were two majestic, red mounds
outlined beautifully in the streaming sunlight, and her
juices dripped copiously from her exhausted cunt as she
breathed in and out.

Her whole body was on fire as I ‘d hoped, and her
breathing was rapid and deep. I lay my head against her
right butt cheek and felt it’s red-hot radiance,
breathing deeply as I covered her cunt with my mouth;
my first two fingers on my right hand slid easily and
deeply into her relaxed, wet asshole, pumping her
tenderly as she came violently, and I drank every drop
I could get, milking her with my fingers. Teri looked
back at me through tired eyes and smiled broadly,

“Thanks, baby, I needed that.”

I kissed her anus and grinned, then helped her slide
off the bench into my lap, glad I was in a wheelchair,
so she could recline as I took her over to the bed and
lay her face down on the sheet, rubbing her butt and
whispering in her ear.

“Rest now, baby; you’ve earned it!”